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Beetle larva? - Phengodes

Beetle larva? - Phengodes
Lady Lake, Lake County, Florida, USA
April 26, 2006
Size: 70mm
A Mockingbird was trying to get this, that is how I found it.

Moved from Glowworm Beetles.

duplicate comment, deleted

This is a glowworm.
At that size, I'd say it's a GIANT glowworm. It could be an adult female. They look like larvae with a few minor differences. Only the males fly in this family, Phengodidae.

Thank you,
It was very large, and it actually stretched out to be even larger. I looked at it in my bathroom with the lights out, and kind of jiggled it around, and it deffinately glowed. Thank you again.

I'm *always* looking at beetle larvae in my bathroom. That's where I keep my larval rearing containers and my bug photo studio.