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Genus Tricorythodes

The mayflies of Europe (Ephemeroptera)
By Bauernfeind E., Soldán T.
Brill Academic Publishers. 781 pp., 2012

The mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of the southeastern United States
By Mccafferty W.P., Lenat D.R., Jacobus L.M., Meyer M.D.
Trans. Am. Ent. Soc. 136: 221-233, 2010

Guide to the mayfly (Ephemeroptera) nymphs of Florida
By Pescador M.L., Richard B.A.
Dept Envir. Prot., Div. Water Resource Management, Tallahassee. 168 pp., 2004
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simplified version of the key here

The Mayflies of Florida: Revised edition
By Berner L., Pescador M.L.
University Presses of Florida. 431 pp., 1988

Ephemeroptera of South America (Aquatic Biodiversity of Latin America Series, Vol. 2.)
By Dominguez E., Molineri C., Pescador M.L., Hubbard M.D., Nieto C.
Pensoft Publishers. 646 pp., 2006

The Ephemeroptera of North Carolina: A biologist’s handbook with standard taxonomic effort levels. Version 3.3
By S.R. Beaty
North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. 48 + 9 pp., 2011

Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of North Carolina and South Carolina: An update
By M.L. Pescador, D.R. Lenat, M.D. Hubbard
Florida Entomologist 82(2): 316-332, 1999
Important and thorough work, listing over 200 spp. for the Carolinas -- but some taxonomy has become obsolete due to rapid advances in the study of mayflies. (Consult Mayfly Central(1) for taxonomy updates.)
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Global diversity of mayflies (Ephemeroptera, Insecta) in freshwater
By Barber-James, H.M., Gattolliat, J.L., Sartori, M. & Hubbard, M.D.
Hydrobiologia, 595: 339–350, 2008