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Water Mite - Hydryphantes

Water Mite - Hydryphantes
Harvard, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA
April 28, 2006
Size: 2.5mm
There were a bunch of these little red mites swimming under the water surface at the edge of a swamp. It looks like it has fins on it's third and fourth set of legs, a nice adaptation for life in the water.

Moved from Hydryphantoidea.

Moved from Hydrachnoidea.

Hydryphantes sp. (Hydryphantidae)
- the red one from Tom Murray is a Hydryphantes sp. (Hydryphantidae)

Dr. Heather Proctor
Microarthropod Laboratory, Earth Sciences Building 1-44
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2E9

thanks for all the work you're doing getting these mites identified and moved around in the new taxonomy!

Moved from Water Mites.