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Adult Antlion - Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae - Brachynemurus sackeni - male

Adult Antlion - Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae - Brachynemurus sackeni - Male
Kerrville, Kerr County, Texas, USA
May 1, 2006
Size: 35 mm
This resembles a Dobson Fly, but the mouth parts are all wrong. What is it?

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#50262 Identification -- Brachynemurus sackeni (male)
This is the antlion Brachynemurus sackeni Hagen, 1888. The strongly lyriform male abdominal appendages, while not unique to this species, are a good spot character to narrow down the possibilities.

Ant Lion
This looks like an adult Ant Lion. Family Myrmeleontidae.

Jay Cossey

Thanks, Jay
At least I was in the correct order. I have confirmed fron other pictures in the guide and elswhere. I have edited the title accordingly.


Great find
A great find. I've never noticed the "appendages" at the tip of the abdomen before.

You handled the white wall background well, too, those can be tricky.


Stephen Cresswell
Buckhannon, WV

The specimen is a male. Males tend to have longer abdomens (exceeding the tips of the folded wings in some genera), adorned with the bracket-like claspers. The morphology of the claspers is probably one way (maybe the ONLY way) to determine the species. Very nice image!