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Euclidia ardita

Euclidia ardita
Major Creek, Rocky Flats, Klickitat County, Washington, USA
May 2, 2006
Dayflying moth. Nectaring on Brodiaea howellii. I think this is Euclidia cuspidea, MONA 8731, but maybe someone can verify. Moth is actually Euclidia ardita per Paul Hammond.

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Euclidia ardita Euclidia ardita

Moved from Euclidia.

Moved from Toothed Somberwing.

Matches Jim Vargo's Specimen.....
....and several photos from eastern Canada which are quite gray but identically marked. I wonder if the species is dimorphic.

This moth is Euclidia ardita, MONA 8732. ID by Paul Hammond at Oregon State University.