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Lasius umbratus - female

Lasius umbratus - Female
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA
April 10, 2011
Size: 4 mm
Lasius under a stone, with cattle. Those are root aphids (Eriosomatinae), right?

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Lasius umbratus - female Lasius umbratus - female

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Body length and eye proportio
Body length and eye proportions say L. umbratus to me. Check you key and see if you agree...
L. nearcticus is smaller, smaller-eyed, paler yellow, and more typically a forest inhabitant.

Length was a bit of a guess, and it was late. They could have been 3 mm. Fortunately, it was in the yard. I have no qualms with umbratus as an identification, and I see your point about the eye size. The habitat is actually mostly forested, and they should probably both be here.

I'll have to dust off the key. Is there something more current than Wilson?