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fairy moth - Adela trigrapha - male

fairy moth - Adela trigrapha - Male
Mt. Diablo State park, Contra Costa County, California, USA
April 16, 2011
Size: 5/16 "
I love to find this little fellow and now know that it's favorite flower is the yellow daisy bush since that is the only flower that I find it on . I entered this kind of moth before in the Bugguide , but this fellow has curled antennae instead of straight and I was wondering if they can curl their antennae and straighten them or if this fellow is unusual . With the antennae curled , this little guy did not bob up and down so much while flying . I would love to know more about this little moth since it is so colorful and cute , thanks again , sincerely Beth

Moved from ID Request.

It's an Adelidae
Probably Adela trigrapha, but see note form Terry Harrison under this photo:

Males have very long antennae. Don't know whether or not there's any significance in the fact that they are curled in this photo.

likely A. trigrapha
The curled antennae are not significant.

I am downright jealous!
I'd love to see one of these. How on earth do they navigate without tripping on those antennae!