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Subfamily Coreinae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Heteroptera - True Bugs
Infraorder Pentatomomorpha
Superfamily Coreoidea - Leatherbugs
Family Coreidae - Leaf-footed Bugs
Subfamily Coreinae

Tribe Acanthocephalini
Genus Acanthocephala
Species alata - Acanthocephala alata
Species declivis - Acanthocephala declivis
Species femorata - Acanthocephala femorata
Species terminalis - Acanthocephala terminalis
Species thomasi - Giant Agave Bug
Tribe Acanthocerini
Genus Acanthocerus
Species lobatus - Acanthocerus lobatus
Genus Euthochtha
Species galeator - Helmeted Squash Bug
Genus Sagotylus
Species confluens - Sagotylus confluens
Tribe Anisoscelini
Genus Anisoscelis
Species affinis - Flag-footed Bug
Genus Chondrocera
Species laticornis - Chondrocera laticornis
Genus Leptoglossus
Species ashmeadi - Leptoglossus ashmeadi
Species brevirostris - Leptoglossus brevirostris
Species clypealis - Western Leaf-footed Bug
Species concolor - Leptoglossus concolor
Species corculus - Leaf-footed Pine Seed Bug
Species fulvicornis - Leptoglossus fulvicornis
Species jacquelinae - Leptoglossus jacquelinae
Species gonagra - Passionvine Bug
Species occidentalis - Western Conifer Seed Bug
Species oppositus - Leptoglossus oppositus
Species phyllopus - Leptoglossus phyllopus
Species zonatus - Leptoglossus zonatus
Genus Narnia
Species femorata - Narnia femorata
Species snowi - Narnia snowi
Species wilsoni - Narnia wilsoni
Genus Phthiacnemia
Species picta - Phthiacnemia picta
Tribe Chariesterini
Genus Chariesterus
Species albiventris - Chariesterus albiventris
Species antennator - Euphorbia Bug
Species balli - Chariesterus balli
Species cuspidatus - Chariesterus cuspidatus
Tribe Chelinideini
Genus Chelinidea
Species canyona - Chelinidea canyona
Species hunteri - Chelinidea hunteri
Species tabulata - Chelinidea tabulata
Species vittiger - Cactus Coreid
Subspecies aequoris - Chelinidea vittiger aequoris
Tribe Coreini
Genus Centrocoris
Species variegatus - Centrocoris variegatus
Species volxemi - Centrocoris volxemi
Tribe Discogastrini
Genus Savius
Species jurgiosus - Savius jurgiosus
Tribe Hypselonotini
Genus Althos
Species obscurator - Althos obscurator
Genus Anasa - Squash Bugs
Species andresii - Anasa andresii
Species armigera - Anasa armigera
Species maculipes - Anasa maculipes
Species repetita - Anasa repetita
Species scorbutica - Anasa scorbutica
Species tristis - Squash Bug
Genus Catorhintha
Species apicalis - Catorhintha apicalis
Species flava - Catorhintha flava
Species divergens - Catorhintha divergens
Species guttula - Catorhintha guttula
Species mendica - Catorhintha mendica
Species selector - Catorhintha selector
Species texana - Catorhintha texana
Species viridipes - Catorhintha viridipes
Genus Cebrenistella
Species robusta - Cebrenistella robusta
Genus Cimolus
Species obscurus - Cimolus obscurus
Genus Hypselonotus
Species lineatus - Hypselonotus lineatus
Species punctiventris - Spot-sided Coreid
Genus Namacus
Species annulicornis - Namacus annulicornis
Genus Nisoscolopocerus
Species apiculatus - Nisoscolopocerus apiculatus
Species schuhi - Nisoscolopocerus schuhi
Genus Scolopocerus
Species granulosus - Scolopocerus granulosus
Species secundarius - Scolopocerus secundarius
Species uhleri - Scolopocerus uhleri
Genus Sethenira
Species ferruginea - Sethenira ferruginea
Genus Vazquezitocoris
Species repletus - Vazquezitocoris repletus
Genus Villasitocoris
Species inconspicuus - Villasitocoris inconspicuus
Genus Zicca
Species taeniola - Zicca taeniola
Tribe Nematopini
Genus Mamurius
Species mopsus - Mamurius mopsus
Genus Mozena
Species arizonensis - Mozena arizonensis
Species brunnicornis - Mozena brunnicornis
Species buenoi - Mozena buenoi
Species lunata - Mozena lunata
Species obesa - Mozena obesa
Species obtusa - Mozena obtusa
Species cf-pallisteri - Mozena cf-pallisteri
Genus Piezogaster
Species auriculatus - Piezogaster auriculatus
Species calcarator - Piezogaster calcarator
Species indecorus - Piezogaster indecorus
Species spurcus - Piezogaster spurcus
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Thasus
Species neocalifornicus - Giant Mesquite Bug
Tribe Spartocerini
Genus Eubule
Species spartocerana - Eubule spartocerana
Genus Sephina
Species gundlachii - Giant Milkweed Bug
Genus Spartocera
Species batatas - Giant Sweetpotato Bug
Species diffusa - Spartocera diffusa
Species fusca - Spartocera fusca