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Calliphora livida - female

Calliphora livida - Female
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA
April 14, 2011
I wasn't sure about this one. Could this be vomitoria? The yellowish setae on the postgena didn't seem very prominent, and weren't as brightly colored as the others present. The parafacials seem reddish, which brought to mind terraenovae.

UPDATE: Upon close scrutiny of the original images, I found this individual in fact has three postsutural intra-alar bristles. See this couplet of the Blow Flies of Eastern Canada photo key, and the livida species page here. This characteristic narrows the possibilities to coloradensis and livida. The black genal dialation should make this Calliphora livida. Compare to this specimen of livida (the top one, mislabeled in image as vomitoria) by Tony Thomas on forum.

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Calliphora livida - female Calliphora livida - female Calliphora livida - female Calliphora livida - female Calliphora livida - female

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T.L. Whitworth: "probably not vomitoria, possibly terraenovae"
"...I'm traveling and can't check against my specimens. Remind me later when I'm at my lab and I probably give you species."

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Did Dr. Whitworth get a chance to compare this to his collection?