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Spider - Dysdera crocata

Spider - Dysdera crocata
Greenbrae, Marin County, California, USA
April 21, 2011
Size: 3/4"
Found under log in garden.

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White abdoman
Thanks for your help. One question. All others I've seen in this area had a brown abdoman. There are ones with a white abdoman on bugguide. Any thoughts on why this one is white? Subspecies?

was it just white in the photo?
could be weird lighting.
also could be a prey thing. seen some spiders turn green after eating green worms...


really white
Not an artifact of lighting, it was really white. Didn't know they could change color with what they ate. Cool!

some can, not saying all spid
some can, not saying all spiders can :)

maybe this one is just a slight color variation. seen them fairly pale before, maybe you just found a really really pale one!

check out this:

i agree
D. crocata

Those chelicerae (fangs)
make me think of the Woodlouse Hunter (Dysdera crocata):

However, there are similar species, so let's see if the spider experts agree.