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What kind of millipede? - Harpogonopus confluentus

What kind of millipede? - Harpogonopus confluentus
Topanga, Los Angeles County, California, USA
April 23, 2011
Size: Around 1 cm
Found under a rock. I don't know how far these can be identified, but anything is useful. Also, those white translucent guys towards the upper right were moving around - any clue what those are?

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From Topanga Cyn., a coastal-
From Topanga Cyn., a coastal-draining southern Calif. canyon within the species' range, I'm inclined to think that this is Harpogonopus confluentus Loomis, 1960 (Polydesmida: Macrosternodesmidae). This polydesmidan family is rarely photographed because in the SW US, all representatives or very small in size and hard to see. Macrosternodesmids also occur in Europe. Rowland Shelley

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Order Polydesmida, maybe family Polydesmidae.

i can't identify the millipede but the small white things are springtails, non-insect hexapods common in soil and near water:

Only you and the editors can see your full-size image, everyone else just sees mostly dirt. Please crop your images close to "just the bug".

Thanks for the advice, I'm st
Thanks for the advice, I'm still new here.