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Greya piperella

Greya piperella
Hatfield Trail, Columbia River Gorge NSA, Hood River County, Oregon, USA
May 8, 2006
Found during daylight. Tentative ID by JV at Moth Photographers Group.

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Greya piperella Greya piperella

ID confirmed
It is nice to know that Dr. Pellmyr confirmed this ID, 5/14/09.

Moved from Ethmia.

Greya piperella
John, I'm not sure you saw it, but there's a bunch of your moths on this MPG page. `If you need new pages made for any of them, just put a note in the forums "Requests for Additional Guide Pages" with the photo number. For example, this is #51357.

Moved from Moths.

Looks Like an Ethmia (Oecophoridae)....
... but might be of some other micro family. I can find photos for about 16 of 50 speciea attributed to North America, but not this one.

Probably Tineidae
I would say that is a moth from the Tineidae family. Note tufted head. Oecophorids have smoothly scaled head.