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Knockin' 'em dead - Berosus

Knockin' 'em dead - Berosus
Peters Canyon, Orange, Orange County, California, USA
March 24, 2006
About a dozen of these were DOMA (Dead On My Arrival) at the deck lid of my RX-8. While not a great backdrop for photography, the mica-flecked paint often attracts insects.

Berosus sp.
The long swimming setae on the legs can be seen, which with body form places this as a member of Berosus. An article in the New York Times reported some work by European researchers investigating the attraction of different colors on cars to flying aquatic insects. Different colors reflect different amounts of polarized light - those that reflect the most polarized light (such as red and black) appear to be pools of water for the dispersing insects. So we can now agitate for auto makers to start using only insect friendly colors on our vehicles - I believe pink isn't very attractive to insects. [Google under "insects car color polarized light"]

I had no idea. Will give it a Google.
The thing that's somewhat different about this paint is that it's has numerous gold flecks. (I think they're mica. Name of paint is Velocity Red, he adds with some humility.)

All the dead insects were on the deck lid, which was parked away from a relatively large body of water about 1/4 mile distant. I'm guessing they smacked down on the car and expired.

Now, one question remains: Should I paint my shirt to attract posable insects?

Water scavenger beetle.
That's right, reflective surfaces often fool aquatic beetles:-)

The car really is an insect magnet: mayflies on the hood, fly with matching red eyes on the roof, and jumping spiders on roof and windshield. Car was parked close to water when the beetles visited. Thanks for the i.d. and info, Eric.

sunflwers and RX-8s', thats how Ron rolls...

At least they're not on my windshield (LOL)
Omar, I am in the process of creating a new indoor studio called The TupperBowl. When it is complete, I'll send you a photo.

awesome, so ihave no idea what this beetle is. so ill just be quiet now.

Check your email...
...and you'll be quiet no longer. Thanks for the comic relief!