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Fly with golden wings - Euthera tentatrix

Fly with golden wings - Euthera tentatrix
Fairfield, Wayne County, Illinois, USA
May 6, 2006
The contrast on this fly was startling. Unfortunately it did not appreciate my attentions and left before I could get a full set of images.

Moved from Euthera.

I believe this fly is in the subfamily Dexiinae. The egg shells are transparent.

Euthera sp., prob. tentatrix
Euthera sp., prob. tentatrix

Definitely Tachinidae: Euthera tentatrix
Definitely Tachinidae: Euthera tentatrix

A special Tachinidae
Based on the strong hairs (setae) on the sides of the abdomen. I ignored some of them (and more generally calyptrate flies at all) had such modified antennae. This should facilitate identification at the genus level.

This must be in the genus Euthera. Very marked wings and that erectile antenna must eliminate everything else. Only two species in the east. And E. tentatrix would be the Illinois species. What a lovely Tach.

to both of you for the help on the ID. I agree this is a lovely fly. NDSU site lists it as a parasitoid for the stink bug Podisus maculiventris.

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