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Mayfly Larva - Ephemerella aurivillii

Mayfly Larva - Ephemerella aurivillii
Dixville, Coos County, New Hampshire, USA
May 8, 2006
Size: ~11mm

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Mayfly Larva - Ephemerella aurivillii Mayfly Larva - Ephemerella aurivillii


Ephemerellidae: Ephemerella subvaria
I can't see the characters as well as I would like, but it looks like E. subvaria. Our earliest emerging species of Ephemerella, and this one is a blackwing (will molt to winged subimago before too long).

Not so sure about subvaria
I've never heard of E. subvaria with that kind of middorsal stripe. I would guess aurivillii or needhami...

Your comment
has me secong-guessing. By far the most likely one is E. aurivillii, which is common in cold, smaller rivers of northern NH. Both E. subvaria and E. needhami are in larger and warmer rivers than would be found near Dixville, and E. needhami is scarce in northern NH (it does look most like that strongly patterned species). The color pattern doesn't look quite right to me for E. aurivillii, but I can see the long hind legs which are very typical of this species. Still not happy, but E. aurivillii I think is the best placement.

Spiny Crawler Mayfly
That's interesting seeing the wings developing. Thanks Don.