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Class Insecta - Insects

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects

Order Microcoryphia - Bristletails
Family Machilidae - Jumping Bristletails
Subfamily Machilinae
Genus Mesomachilis
Genus Trigoniophthalmus
Species alternatus - Trigoniophthalmus alternatus
Subfamily Petrobiinae
Genus Pedetontus
Species saltator - Pedetontus (s.str.) saltator
Species submutans - Pedetontus (Verhoeffilis) submutans
Genus Petrobius
Species brevistylus - Petrobius brevistylus
Genus Petridiobius
Species arcticus - Petridiobius arcticus
Family Meinertellidae - Rock Bristletails
Genus Machiloides
Species banksi - Machiloides banksi
Genus Machilinus
Species aurantiacus - Machilinus aurantiacus
Order Zygentoma - Silverfish
Family Lepidotrichidae
Genus Tricholepidion
Species gertschi - Relict Silverfish
Family Lepismatidae
Genus Ctenolepisma
Species lineata - Four-lined Silverfish
Species longicaudata - Gray Silverfish
Genus Lepisma
Species saccharina - Common Silverfish
Genus Leucolepisma
Species arenaria - Leucolepisma arenaria
Genus Mirolepisma
Species deserticola - Mirolepisma deserticola
Genus Thermobia
Species domestica - Firebrat
Family Nicoletiidae
Genus Nicoletia
Species wheeleri - Nicoletia wheeleri
Genus Battigrassiella
Species wheeleri - Battigrassiella wheeleri
Order Ephemeroptera - Mayflies
Suborder Pisciforma
Family Ameletidae - Combmouthed Minnow Mayflies
Genus Ameletus
Species browni - Ameletus browni
Species cryptostimulus - Ameletus cryptostimulus
Species lineatus - Ameletus lineatus
Species ludens - Ameletus ludens
Species subnotatus - Ameletus subnotatus
Species tertius - Ameletus tertius
Species validus - Ameletus validus
Species vernalis - Ameletus vernalis
Family Ametropodidae - Sand Minnows
Genus Ametropus
Species ammophilus - Ametropus ammophilus
Family Baetidae - Small Minnow Mayflies
Genus Acentrella
Species insignificans - Acentrella insignificans
Species nadineae - Acentrella nadineae
Species turbida - Acentrella turbida
Genus Acerpenna
Species pygmaea - Acerpenna pygmaea
Species macdunnoughi - Acerpenna macdunnoughi
Genus Anafroptilum
Species asperatum - Anafroptilum asperatum
Species bifurcatum - Anafroptilum bifurcatum
Species conturbatum - Anafroptilum conturbatum
Species minor - Anafroptilum minor
Genus Baetis
Species alius - Baetis alius
Species bicaudatus - Baetis bicaudatus
Species brunneicolor - Baetis brunneicolor
Species flavistriga - Baetis flavistriga
Species intercalaris - Baetis intercalaris
Species notos - Baetis notos
Species pluto - Baetis pluto
Species tricaudatus - Baetis tricaudatus
Genus Callibaetis
Species californicus - Callibaetis californicus
Species ferrugineus - Callibaetis ferrugineus
Subspecies hageni - Callibaetis ferrugineus hageni
Subspecies ferrugineus - Callibaetis ferrugineus ferrugineus
Species floridanus - Callibaetis floridanus
Species fluctuans - Callibaetis fluctuans
Species montanus - Callibaetis montanus
Species pallidus - Callibaetis pallidus
Species pictus - Callibaetis pictus
Species pretiosus - Callibaetis pretiosus
Species skokianus - Callibaetis skokianus
Genus Camelobaetidius
Species warreni - Camelobaetidius warreni
Genus Centroptilum
Genus Cloeon
Species dipterum - Cloeon dipterum
Genus Diphetor
Species hageni - Diphetor hageni
Genus Fallceon - Blue-winged Olives
Species quilleri - Fallceon quilleri
Genus Heterocloeon
Species amplum - Heterocloeon amplum
Species petersi - Heterocloeon petersi
Species curiosum - Heterocloeon curiosum
Genus Iswaeon
Species anoka - Iswaeon anoka
Genus Labiobaetis
Species propinquus - Labiobaetis propinquus
Genus Neocloeon
Genus Paracloeodes
Species minutus - Paracloeodes minutus
Genus Plauditus
Species dubius - Plauditus dubius
Species punctiventris - Plauditus punctiventris
Genus Procloeon
Species mendax - Procloeon mendax
Species nelsoni - Procloeon nelsoni
Species rubropictum - Procloeon rubropictum
Species rufostrigatum - Procloeon rufostrigatum
Species viridoculare - Procloeon viridoculare
Family Metretopodidae - Cleftfooted Minnow Mayflies
Genus Siphloplecton
Species basale - Siphloplecton basale
Family Siphlonuridae - Primitive Minnow Mayflies
Genus Siphlonurus
Species alternatus - Siphlonurus alternatus
Species marshalli - Siphlonurus marshalli
Species mirus - Siphlonurus mirus
Species occidentalis - Siphlonurus occidentalis
Species quebecensis - Siphlonurus quebecensis
Species phyllis - Siphlonurus phyllis
Species rapidus - Siphlonurus rapidus
Species securifer - Siphlonurus securifer
Species spectabilis - Siphlonurus spectabilis
Species typicus - Siphlonurus typicus
Superfamily Heptagenioidea
Family Arthropleidae - Flatheaded Mayflies
Genus Arthroplea
Species bipunctata - Arthroplea bipunctata
Family Heptageniidae - Flatheaded Mayflies
Genus Cinygma
Genus Cinygmula
Species subaequalis - Cinygmula subaequalis
Genus Ecdyonurus
Species criddlei - Little Slate-Winged Dun
Genus Epeorus
Species albertae - Epeorus albertae
Species deceptivus - Epeorus deceptivus
Species dispar - Epeorus dispar
Species dulciana - Epeorus dulciana
Species fragilis - Epeorus fragilis
Species longimanus - Epeorus longimanus
Species namatus - Epeorus namatus
Species permagnus - Epeorus permagnus
Species pleuralis - Epeorus pleuralis
Species vitreus - Epeorus vitreus
Genus Heptagenia
Species elegantula - Heptagenia elegantula
Species flavescens - Heptagenia flavescens
Species marginalis - Heptagenia marginalis
Species solitaria - Heptagenia solitaria
Genus Ironodes
Genus Leucrocuta
Species aphrodite - Leucrocuta aphrodite
Species hebe - Leucrocuta hebe
Species jewetti - Leucrocuta jewetti
Species juno - Leucrocuta juno
Species maculipennis - Leucrocuta maculipennis
Species petersi - Leucrocuta petersi
Species thetis - Leucrocuta thetis
Species walshi - Leucrocuta walshi
Genus Maccaffertium
Species exiguum - Maccaffertium exiguum
Species ithaca - Maccaffertium ithaca
Species mediopunctatum - Maccaffertium mediopunctatum
Subspecies mediopunctatum - Maccaffertium mediopunctatum mediopunctatum
Species meririvulanum - Maccaffertium meririvulanum
Species mexicanum - Maccaffertium mexicanum
Subspecies integrum - Maccaffertium mexicanum integrum
Species modestum - Maccaffertium modestum
Species pudicum - Maccaffertium pudicum
Species pulchellum - Maccaffertium pulchellum
Species smithae - Maccaffertium smithae
Species terminatum - Maccaffertium terminatum
Subspecies terminatum - Maccaffertium terminatum terminatum
Species vicarium - Maccaffertium vicarium
Genus Nixe
Species inconspicua - Nixe inconspicua
Species lucidipennis - Nixe lucidipennis
Genus Raptoheptagenia
Species cruentata - Raptoheptagenia cruentata
Genus Rhithrogena
Species brunneotincta - Rhithrogena brunneotincta
Species flavianula - Rhithrogena flavianula
Species impersonata - Rhithrogena impersonata
Genus Spinadis
Species simplex - Spinadis simplex
Genus Stenacron
Species candidum - Stenacron candidum
Species carolina - Stenacron carolina
Species floridense - Stenacron floridense
Species gildersleevei - Stenacron gildersleevei
No Taxon interpunctatum complex
Species interpunctatum - Stenacron interpunctatum
Species minnetonka - Stenacron minnetonka
Species pallidum - Stenacron pallidum
Genus Stenonema
Species femoratum - Stenonema femoratum
Family Isonychiidae - Brushlegged Mayflies
Genus Isonychia
Species arida - Isonychia arida
Species bicolor - Isonychia bicolor
Species campestris - Isonychia campestris
Species georgiae - Isonychia georgiae
Species obscura - Isonychia obscura
Species rufa - Isonychia rufa
Species sicca - Isonychia sicca
Species tusculanensis - Isonychia tusculanensis
Species velma - Isonychia velma
Family Oligoneuriidae - Brushleg Mayflies
Genus Lachlania
Genus Homoeoneuria
Species ammophila - Homoeoneuria ammophila
Family Pseudironidae - Crabwalker Mayflies
Genus Pseudiron
Species centralis - Pseudiron centralis
Family Acanthametropodidae - Sand-dwelling Mayflies
Genus Analetris
Species eximia - Analetris eximia
Suborder Carapacea
Family Baetiscidae - Armored Mayflies
Genus Baetisca
Species berneri - Baetisca berneri
Species laurentina - Baetisca laurentina
Species lacustris - Baetisca lacustris
No Taxon missing taxa
Suborder Furcatergalia
Family Leptophlebiidae - Pronggilled Mayflies
Genus Choroterpes
Genus Habrophlebia
Species vibrans - Habrophlebia vibrans
Genus Habrophleboides
Species americana - Habrophleboides americana
Genus Leptophlebia
Species cupida - Early Brown Spinner
Species intermedia - Leptophlebia intermedia
Species johnsoni - Leptophlebia johnsoni
Species nebulosa - Leptophlebia nebulosa
Species pacifica - Leptophlebia pacifica
Genus Neoleptophlebia
Species assimilis - Neoleptophlebia assimilis
Species memorialis - Neoleptophlebia memorialis
Species mollis - Neoleptophlebia mollis
Genus Paraleptophlebia
Species bicornuta - Paraleptophlebia bicornuta
Species debilis - Paraleptophlebia debilis
Species guttata - Paraleptophlebia guttata
Species helena - Paraleptophlebia helena
Species praepedita - Paraleptophlebia praepedita
Species strigula - Paraleptophlebia strigula
Species vaciva - Paraleptophlebia vaciva
Genus Thraulodes
Species speciosus - Thraulodes speciosus
Genus Traverella
Species albertana - Traverella albertana
Infraorder Scapphodonta
Family Potamanthidae - Hacklegilled Burrower Mayflies
Genus Anthopotamus
Species distinctus - Anthopotamus distinctus
Species myops - Anthopotamus myops
Species neglectus - Anthopotamus neglectus
Species verticis - Anthopotamus verticis
Superfamily Ephemeroidea
Family Ephemeridae - Common Burrower Mayflies
Genus Ephemera
Species blanda - Ephemera blanda
Species guttulata - Green Drake
Species simulans - Ephemera simulans
Species varia - Yellow Drake
Genus Hexagenia
Species atrocaudata - Hexagenia atrocaudata
Species bilineata - Hexagenia bilineata
Species limbata - Hexagenia limbata
Species orlando - Hexagenia orlando
Species rigida - Hexagenia rigida
Genus Litobrancha
Species recurvata - Litobrancha recurvata
Family Palingeniidae - Riverbed Burrower Mayflies
Genus Pentagenia
Species vittigera - Pentagenia vittigera
Family Polymitarcyidae - Pale Burrower Mayflies
Genus Ephoron - White Flies
Species album - White Fly
Species leukon - White Fly
Genus Tortopsis
Species primus - Tortopsis primus
Genus Tortopus
Infraorder Pannota
Superfamily Caenoidea
Family Caenidae - Small Squaregilled Mayflies
Genus Brachycercus
Species nitidus - Brachycercus nitidus
Genus Caenis
Species latipennis - Caenis latipennis
Species tardata - Caenis tardata
Superfamily Ephemerelloidea
Family Ephemerellidae - Spiny Crawler Mayflies
Genus Attenella
Species attenuata - Attenella attenuata
Species delantala - Attenella delantala
Species margarita - Attenella margarita
Species soquele - Attenella soquele
Genus Caudatella
Species heterocaudata - Caudatella heterocaudata
Genus Drunella
Species coloradensis - Drunella coloradensis
Species cornuta - Drunella cornuta
Species cornutella - Drunella cornutella
Species doddsii - Drunella doddsii
Species flavilinea - Drunella flavilinea
Species grandis - Drunella grandis
Species lata - Drunella lata
Species pelosa - Drunella pelosa
Species spinifera - Drunella spinifera
Species tuberculata - Drunella tuberculata
Species walkeri - Drunella walkeri
Genus Ephemerella
Species aurivillii - Ephemerella aurivillii
Species dorothea - Ephemerella dorothea
Subspecies infrequens - Ephemerella dorothea infrequens
Subspecies dorothea - Ephemerella dorothea dorothea
Species excrucians - Ephemerella excrucians
Species invaria - Ephemerella invaria
Species maculata - Ephemerella maculata
Species subvaria - Ephemerella subvaria
Species tibialis - Ephemerella tibialis
Genus Eurylophella
Species aestiva - Eurylophella aestiva
Species funeralis - Eurylophella funeralis
Species prudentalis - Eurylophella prudentalis
Species verisimilis - Eurylophella verisimilis
Genus Matriella
Species teresa - Matriella teresa
Genus Penelomax
Species septentrionalis - Penelomax septentrionalis
Genus Serratella
Species levis - Serratella levis
Species micheneri - Serratella micheneri
Species serrata - Serratella serrata
Species serratoides - Serratella serratoides
Genus Teloganopsis
Species deficiens - Teloganopsis deficiens
Genus Timpanoga
Species hecuba - Timpanoga hecuba
Genus Tsalia
Species berneri - Tsalia berneri
Family Leptohyphidae - Little Stout Crawler Mayflies
Genus Tricorythodes
Species explicatus - Tricorythodes explicatus
Genus Leptohyphes
Family Neoephemeridae - Large Squaregill Mayfly
Genus Neoephemera - Large Squaregill Mayfly
Species purpurea - Neoephemera purpurea
Family Behningiidae - Sand-burrowing Mayfly
Genus Dolania - American Sand-burrowing Mayfly
Species americana - Dolania americana
Order Odonata - Dragonflies and Damselflies
Suborder Anisoptera - Dragonflies
Family Aeshnidae - Darners
Genus Aeshna - Mosaic Darners
Species canadensis - Canada Darner
Species clepsydra - Mottled Darner
Species constricta - Lance-tipped Darner
Species eremita - Lake Darner
Species interrupta - Variable Darner
Species juncea - Sedge Darner
Species palmata - Paddle-tailed Darner
Species persephone - Persephone's Darner
Species septentrionalis - Azure Darner
Species sitchensis - Zigzag Darner
Species subarctica - Subarctic Darner
Species tuberculifera - Black-tipped Darner
Species umbrosa - Shadow Darner
Species verticalis - Green-striped Darner
Species walkeri - Walker's Darner
Genus Anax
Species amazili - Amazon Darner
Species junius - Common Green Darner
Species longipes - Comet Darner
Species concolor - Blue-Spotted Comet
Species walsinghami - Giant Darner
Genus Basiaeschna - Springtime Darners
Species janata - Springtime Darner
Genus Boyeria - Spotted Darners
Species grafiana - Ocellated Darner
Species vinosa - Fawn Darner
Genus Coryphaeschna - Pilot Darners
Species adnexa - Blue-faced Darner
Species ingens - Regal Darner
Species viriditas - Mangrove Darner
Genus Epiaeschna
Species heros - Swamp Darner
Genus Gomphaeschna - Pygmy Darners
Species antilope - Taper-tailed Darner
Species furcillata - Harlequin Darner
Genus Gynacantha - Two-Spined Darners
Species mexicana - Bar-sided Darner
Species nervosa - Twilight Darner
Genus Nasiaeschna
Species pentacantha - Cyrano Darner
Genus Oplonaeschna - Riffle Darners
Species armata - Riffle Darner
Genus Remartinia
Species luteipennis - Malachite Darner
Species secreta - Remartinia secreta
Genus Rhionaeschna
Species californica - California Darner
Species dugesi - Arroyo Darner
Species multicolor - Blue-eyed Darner
Species mutata - Spatterdock Darner
Species psilus - Turquoise-tipped Darner
Genus Triacanthagyna - Three-spined Darners
Species caribbea - Caribbean Darner
Species septima - Pale-green Darner
Species trifida - Phantom Darner
No Taxon Unidentified nymphs and exuviae
Family Cordulegastridae - Spiketails
Genus Cordulegaster
Species bilineata - Brown Spiketail
Species diadema - Apache Spiketail
Species diastatops - Delta-spotted Spiketail
Species dorsalis - Pacific Spiketail
Species erronea - Tiger Spiketail
Species maculata - Twin-Spotted Spiketail
Species obliqua - Arrowhead Spiketail
Species sarracenia - Sarracenia Spiketail
Species sayi - Say's Spiketail
Family Corduliidae - Emeralds
Genus Cordulia - American Emerald
Species shurtleffii - American Emerald
Genus Dorocordulia - Little Emeralds
Species libera - Racket-tailed Emerald
Species lepida - Petite Emerald
Genus Epitheca - Baskettails
Species canis - Beaverpond Baskettail
Species costalis - Slender Baskettail
Species cynosura - Common Baskettail
Species petechialis - Dot-winged Baskettail
Species princeps - Prince Baskettail
Species semiaquea - Mantled Baskettail
Species sepia - Sepia Baskettail
Species spinigera - Spiny Baskettail
Species spinosa - Robust Baskettail
Species stella - Florida Baskettail
Genus Helocordulia - Sundragons
Species selysii - Selys' Sundragon
Species uhleri - Uhler's Sundragon
Genus Neurocordulia - Shadowdragons
Species michaeli - Broad-Tailed Shadowdragon
Species molesta - Smoky Shadowdragon
Species obsoleta - Umber Shadowdragon
Species virginiensis - Cinnamon Shadowdragon
Species xanthosoma - Orange Shadowdragon
Species yamaskanensis - Stygian Shadowdragon
Genus Somatochlora - Striped Emeralds
Species albicincta - Ringed Emerald
Species brevicincta - Quebec Emerald
Species cingulata - Lake Emerald
Species elongata - Ski-tipped Emerald
Species ensigera - Plains Emerald
Species filosa - Fine-lined Emerald
Species forcipata - Forcipate Emerald
Species franklini - Delicate Emerald
Species georgiana - Coppery Emerald
Species hineana - Hine's Emerald
Species hudsonica - Hudsonian Emerald
Species incurvata - Incurvate Emerald
Species kennedyi - Kennedy's Emerald
Species linearis - Mocha Emerald
Species margarita - Texas Emerald
Species minor - Ocellated Emerald
Species ozarkensis - Ozark Emerald
Species provocans - Treetop Emerald
Species semicircularis - Mountain Emerald
Species tenebrosa - Clamp-tipped Emerald
Species walshii - Brush-tipped Emerald
Species whitehousei - Whitehouse's Emerald
Species williamsoni - Williamson's Emerald
Genus Williamsonia - Boghaunters
Species fletcheri - Ebony Boghaunter
Species lintneri - Ringed Boghaunter
Family Gomphidae - Clubtails
Genus Aphylla - Forceptails
Species angustifolia - Broad-striped Forceptail
Species protracta - Narrow-striped Forceptail
Species williamsoni - Two-striped Forceptail
Genus Arigomphus - Pond Clubtails
Species cornutus - Horned Clubtail
Species furcifer - Lilypad Clubtail
Species lentulus - Stillwater Clubtail
Species maxwelli - Bayou Clubtail
Species pallidus - Gray-green Clubtail
Species submedianus - Jade Clubtail
Species villosipes - Unicorn Clubtail
Genus Dromogomphus - Spinylegs
Species armatus - Southeastern Spinyleg
Species spinosus - Black-shouldered Spinyleg
Species spoliatus - Flag-tailed Spinyleg
Genus Erpetogomphus - Ringtails
Species compositus - White-belted Ringtail
Species designatus - Eastern Ringtail
Species elaps - Straight-tipped Ringtail
Species eutainia - Blue-faced Ringtail
Species lampropeltis - Serpent Ringtail
Species crotalinus - Yellow-legged Ringtail
Genus Gomphurus
Species crassus - Handsome Clubtail
Species dilatatus - Blackwater Clubtail
Species externus - Plains Clubtail
Species fraternus - Midland Clubtail
Species gonzalezi - Tamaulipan Clubtail
Species hybridus - Cocoa Clubtail
Species lineatifrons - Splendid Clubtail
Species lynnae - Columbia Clubtail
Species modestus - Gulf Coast Clubtail
Species ozarkensis - Ozark Clubtail
Species septima - Septima's Clubtail
Species vastus - Cobra Clubtail
Species ventricosus - Skillet Clubtail
Genus Gomphus
Genus Hagenius
Species brevistylus - Dragonhunter
Genus Hylogomphus
Species abbreviatus - Spine-crowned Clubtail
Species adelphus - Mustached Clubtail
Species apomyius - Banner Clubtail
Species geminatus - Twin-striped Clubtail
Species parvidens - Piedmont Clubtail
Species viridifrons - Green-faced Clubtail
Genus Lanthus - Pygmy Clubtails
Species parvulus - Northern Pygmy Clubtail
Species vernalis - Southern Pygmy Clubtail
Genus Octogomphus
Species specularis - Grappletail
Genus Ophiogomphus - Snaketails
Species anomalus - Extra-striped Snaketail
Species arizonicus - Arizona Snaketail
Species aspersus - Brook Snaketail
Species australis - Southern Snaketail
Species bison - Bison Snaketail
Species carolus - Riffle Snaketail
Species colubrinus - Boreal Snaketail
Species edmundo - Edmund's Snaketail
Species howei - Pygmy Snaketail
Species incurvatus - Appalachian Snaketail
Species mainensis - Maine Snaketail
Species morrisoni - Great Basin Snaketail
Species occidentis - Sinuous Snaketail
Species rupinsulensis - Rusty Snaketail
Species severus - Pale Snaketail
Species smithi - Sioux Snaketail
Species susbehcha - St. Croix Snaketail
Species westfalli - Westfall's Snaketail
Genus Phanogomphus
Species australis - Clearlake Clubtail
Species borealis - Beaverpond Clubtail
Species cavillaris - Sandhill Clubtail
Subspecies brimleyi - Brimley's "Sandhill" Clubtail
Species descriptus - Harpoon Clubtail
Species diminutus - Diminutive Clubtail
Species exilis - Lancet Clubtail
Species graslinellus - Pronghorn Clubtail
Species hodgesi - Hodges' Clubtail
Species kurilis - Pacific Clubtail
Species lividus - Ashy Clubtail
Species militaris - Sulphur-tipped Clubtail
Species minutus - Cypress Clubtail
Species oklahomensis - Oklahoma Clubtail
Species quadricolor - Rapids Clubtail
Species spicatus - Dusky Clubtail
Species westfalli - Westfall's Clubtail
Genus Phyllocycla
Species breviphylla - Ringed Forceptail
Genus Phyllogomphoides - Leaftails
Species albrighti - Five-striped Leaftail
Species stigmatus - Four-striped Leaftail
Genus Progomphus - Sanddragons
Species alachuensis - Tawny Sanddragon
Species bellei - Belle's Sanddragon
Species borealis - Gray Sanddragon
Species obscurus - Common Sanddragon
Genus Stenogomphurus
Species consanguis - Cherokee Clubtail
Species rogersi - Sable Clubtail
Genus Stylogomphus
Species sigmastylus - Interior Least Clubtail
Species albistylus - Eastern Least Clubtail
Genus Stylurus
Species amnicola - Riverine Clubtail
Species intricatus - Brimstone Clubtail
Species ivae - Shining Clubtail
Species laurae - Laura's Clubtail
Species notatus - Elusive Clubtail
Species olivaceus - Olive Clubtail
Species plagiatus - Russet-tipped Clubtail
Species scudderi - Zebra Clubtail
Species spiniceps - Arrow Clubtail
Species townesi - Townes' Clubtail
Family Libellulidae - Skimmers
No Taxon Larvae and Exuviae
Genus Brachymesia - Pennants
Species furcata - Red-tailed Pennant
Species gravida - Four-spotted Pennant
Species herbida - Tawny Pennant
Genus Brechmorhoga - Clubskimmers
Species mendax - Pale-faced Clubskimmer
Species praecox - Slender Clubskimmer
Genus Cannaphila - Narrow-winged Skimmers
Species insularis - Gray-waisted Skimmer
Genus Celithemis - Pennants
Species amanda - Amanda's Pennant
Species bertha - Red-veined Pennant
Species elisa - Calico Pennant
Species eponina - Halloween Pennant
Species fasciata - Banded Pennant
Species martha - Martha's Pennant
Species ornata - Ornate Pennant
Species verna - Double-ringed Pennant
Genus Crocothemis - Skimmers
Species servilia - Scarlet Skimmer
Genus Dythemis - Setwings
Species fugax - Checkered Setwing
Species maya - Mayan Setwing
Species nigrescens - Black Setwing
Species velox - Swift Setwing
Genus Erythemis - Pondhawks
Species attala - Black Pondhawk
Species collocata - Western Pondhawk
Species mithroides - Claret Pondhawk
Species plebeja - Pin-tailed Pondhawk
Species simplicicollis - Eastern Pondhawk
Species vesiculosa - Great Pondhawk
Genus Erythrodiplax - Dragonlets
Species basifusca - Plateau Dragonlet
Species berenice - Seaside Dragonlet
Species fervida - Red-mantled Dragonlet
Species fusca - Red-faced Dragonlet
Species minuscula - Little Blue Dragonlet
Species umbrata - Band-winged Dragonlet
Genus Idiataphe - Metallic Pennants
Species cubensis - Metallic Pennant
Genus Ladona - Corporals
Species deplanata - Blue Corporal
Species exusta - White Corporal
Species julia - Chalk-fronted Corporal
Genus Leucorrhinia - Whitefaces
Species borealis - Boreal Whiteface
Species frigida - Frosted Whiteface
Species glacialis - Crimson-ringed Whiteface
Species hudsonica - Hudsonian Whiteface
Species intacta - Dot-tailed Whiteface
Species patricia - Canada Whiteface
Species proxima - Belted Whiteface
Genus Libellula
Species auripennis - Golden-winged Skimmer
Species axilena - Bar-winged Skimmer
Species comanche - Comanche Skimmer
Species composita - Bleached Skimmer
Species croceipennis - Neon Skimmer
Species cyanea - Spangled Skimmer
Species flavida - Yellow-sided Skimmer
Species forensis - Eight-spotted Skimmer
Species gaigei - Red-mantled Skimmer
Species incesta - Slaty Skimmer
Species jesseana - Purple Skimmer
Species luctuosa - Widow Skimmer
Species needhami - Needham's Skimmer
Species nodisticta - Hoary Skimmer
Species pulchella - Twelve-spotted Skimmer
Species quadrimaculata - Four-spotted Skimmer
Species saturata - Flame Skimmer
Species semifasciata - Painted Skimmer
Species vibrans - Great Blue Skimmer
Genus Macrodiplax
Species balteata - Marl Pennant
Genus Macrothemis - Sylphs
Species imitans - Ivory-striped Sylph
Species inacuta - Straw-Colored Sylph
Species inequiunguis - Jade-striped Sylph
Genus Miathyria
Species marcella - Hyacinth Glider
Genus Micrathyria - Dashers
Species aequalis - Spot-tailed Dasher
Species didyma - Three-striped Dasher
Species dissocians - Caribbean Dasher
Species hagenii - Thornbush Dasher
Genus Nannothemis
Species bella - Elfin Skimmer
Genus Orthemis
Species discolor - Carmine Skimmer
Species ferruginea - Roseate Skimmer
Species undescribed - Antillean Skimmer
Genus Pachydiplax
Species longipennis - Blue Dasher
Genus Paltothemis
Species lineatipes - Red Rock Skimmer
Genus Pantala - Rainpool Gliders
Species flavescens - Wandering Glider
Species hymenaea - Spot-winged Glider
Genus Perithemis - Amberwings
Species domitia - Slough Amberwing
Species intensa - Mexican Amberwing
Species tenera - Eastern Amberwing
Genus Planiplax
Species sanguiniventris - Mexican Scarlet-tail
Genus Plathemis - Whitetails
Species lydia - Common Whitetail
Species subornata - Desert Whitetail
Genus Pseudoleon
Species superbus - Filigree Skimmer
Genus Sympetrum - Meadowhawks
Species ambiguum - Blue-faced Meadowhawk
Species corruptum - Variegated Meadowhawk
Species costiferum - Saffron-winged Meadowhawk
Species danae - Black Meadowhawk
Species illotum - Cardinal Meadowhawk
Species internum - Cherry-faced Meadowhawk
Species madidum - Red-veined Meadowhawk
Species obtrusum - White-faced Meadowhawk
Species pallipes - Striped Meadowhawk
Species rubicundulum - Ruby Meadowhawk
Species semicinctum - Band-winged Meadowhawk
Subspecies semicinctum - Eastern Band-winged Meadowhawk
No Taxon Western subspecies (occidentale group)
Species signiferum - Spot-winged Meadowhawk
Species vicinum - Autumn Meadowhawk
No Taxon Orange, imm & females: internum, janeae, obtrusum, rubicundulum sp group
No Taxon Mature red adult: internum, janeae, obtrusum, rubicundulum species group
Genus Tauriphila
Species argo - Arch-tipped Glider
Species azteca - Aztec Glider
Genus Tholymis
Species citrina - Evening Skimmer
Genus Tramea - Saddlebags
Species abdominalis - Vermilion Saddlebags
Species calverti - Striped Saddlebags
Species carolina - Carolina Saddlebags
Species insularis - Antillean Saddlebags
Species lacerata - Black Saddlebags
Species onusta - Red Saddlebags
Family Macromiidae - Cruisers
Genus Didymops
Species floridensis - Florida Cruiser
Species transversa - Stream Cruiser
Genus Macromia
Species alleghaniensis - Allegheny River Cruiser
Species annulata - Bronzed River Cruiser
Species illinoiensis - Swift River Cruiser
Subspecies illinoiensis - Illinois River Cruiser
Subspecies georgina - Georgia River Cruiser
Species magnifica - Western River Cruiser
Species margarita - Mountain River Cruiser
Species taeniolata - Royal River Cruiser
Species pacifica - Gilded River Cruiser
Family Petaluridae - Petaltails
Genus Tachopteryx
Species thoreyi - Gray Petaltail
Genus Tanypteryx
Species hageni - Black Petaltail
No Taxon Fossil Dragons
No Taxon Unidentified Naiads and Exuviae
Suborder Zygoptera - Damselflies
Family Calopterygidae - Broad-winged Damselflies
Genus Hetaerina - Rubyspots
Species americana - American Rubyspot
Species titia - Smoky Rubyspot
No Taxon Larvae
Species vulnerata - Canyon Rubyspot
Genus Calopteryx - Jewelwings
Species aequabilis - River Jewelwing
Species amata - Superb Jewelwing
Species angustipennis - Appalachian Jewelwing
Species dimidiata - Sparkling Jewelwing
Species maculata - Ebony Jewelwing
No Taxon Larvae
No Taxon Larvae
Family Coenagrionidae - Narrow-winged Damselflies
Genus Amphiagrion - Red Damsels
Species abbreviatum - Western Red Damsel
Species saucium - Eastern Red Damsel
No Taxon intermediate
Genus Apanisagrion
Species lais - Black-and-white Damsel
Genus Argia - Dancers
Species agrioides - California Dancer
Species alberta - Paiute Dancer
Species anceps - Cerulean Dancer
Species apicalis - Blue-fronted Dancer
Species barretti - Comanche Dancer
Species bipunctulata - Seepage Dancer
Species cuprea - Coppery Dancer
Species emma - Emma's Dancer
Species extranea - Spine-tipped Dancer
Species fumipennis - Variable Dancer
Subspecies violacea - Violet Dancer
Subspecies fumipennis - Smoky-winged Dancer
Subspecies atra - Black Dancer
Species hinei - Lavender Dancer
Species immunda - Kiowa Dancer
Species lacrimans - Sierra Madre Dancer
Species leonorae - Leonora's Dancer
Species lugens - Sooty Dancer
Species moesta - Powdered Dancer
Species munda - Apache Dancer
Species nahuana - Aztec Dancer
Species oenea - Fiery-eyed Dancer
Species plana - Springwater Dancer
Species pallens - Amethyst Dancer
Species rhoadsi - Golden-winged Dancer
Species sedula - Blue-ringed Dancer
Species tarascana - Tarascan Dancer
Species tibialis - Blue-tipped Dancer
Species translata - Dusky Dancer
Species vivida - Vivid Dancer
Species tonto - Tonto Dancer
No Taxon Female moesta or apicalis
No Taxon vivida or plana
No Taxon Male alberta or sedula
No Taxon nymphs/exuviae
Species tezpi - Tezpi Dancer
Genus Chromagrion - Aurora Damsels
Species conditum - Aurora Damsel
Genus Coenagrion - Eurasian Bluets
Species angulatum - Prairie Bluet
Species interrogatum - Subarctic Bluet
Species resolutum - Taiga Bluet
Genus Enallagma - American Bluets
Species anna - River Bluet
Species annexum - Northern Bluet
Species antennatum - Rainbow Bluet
Species aspersum - Azure Bluet
Species basidens - Double-striped Bluet
Species boreale - Boreal Bluet
Species cardenium - Purple Bluet
Species carunculatum - Tule Bluet
Species civile - Familiar Bluet
Species clausum - Alkali Bluet
Species concisum - Cherry Bluet
Species daeckii - Attentuated Bluet
Species davisi - Sandhill Bluet
Species divagans - Turquoise Bluet
Species doubledayi - Atlantic Bluet
Species dubium - Burgundy Bluet
Species durum - Big Bluet
Species ebrium - Marsh Bluet
Species exsulans - Stream Bluet
Species geminatum - Skimming Bluet
Species hageni - Hagen's Bluet
Species laterale - New England Bluet
Species minusculum - Little Bluet
Species novaehispaniae - Neotropical Bluet
Species pallidum - Pale Bluet
Species pictum - Scarlet Bluet
Species pollutum - Florida Bluet
Species praevarum - Arroyo Bluet
Species recurvatum - Pine Barrens Bluet
Species signatum - Orange Bluet
Species sulcatum - Golden Bluet
Species traviatum - Slender Bluet
Species vernale - Vernal Bluet
Species vesperum - Vesper Bluet
Species weewa - Blackwater Bluet
No Taxon Mostly Blue Male Species Group
No Taxon Blue, Green, or Brown Females Species Group
Genus Hesperagrion - Painted Damsels
Species heterodoxum - Painted Damsel
Genus Ischnura - Forktails
Species barberi - Desert Forktail
Species cervula - Pacific Forktail
No Taxon female - cervula or denticollis
Species damula - Plains Forktail
No Taxon / cervula?
Species demorsa - Mexican Forktail
Species denticollis - Black-fronted Forktail
Species erratica - Swift Forktail
Species gemina - San Francisco Forktail
Species hastata - Citrine Forktail
Species kellicotti - Lilypad Forktail
Species perparva - Western Forktail
Species posita - Fragile Forktail
Species prognata - Furtive Forktail
Species ramburii - Rambur's Forktail
Species verticalis - Eastern Forktail
No Taxon Nymphs and exuviae
Genus Leptobasis - Swamp damsels
Species lucifer - Lucifer Swampdamsel
Species melinogaster - Cream-tipped Swampdamsel
Species vacillans - Red-tipped Swampdamsel
Genus Nehalennia - Sprites
Species gracilis - Sphagnum Sprite
Species integricollis - Southern Sprite
Species irene - Sedge Sprite
Species pallidula - Everglades Sprite
Genus Neoerythromma - Yellowfaces
Species cultellatum - Caribbean Yellowface
Genus Telebasis - Firetails
Species byersi - Duckweed Firetail
Species digiticollis - Marsh Firetail
Species salva - Desert Firetail
Genus Zoniagrion
Species exclamationis - Exclamation Damsel
No Taxon Not yet identified nymphs
Family Lestidae - Spreadwings
Genus Archilestes
Species californica - California Spreadwing
Species grandis - Great Spreadwing
Genus Lestes
Species alacer - Plateau Spreadwing
Species australis - Southern Spreadwing
Species congener - Spotted Spreadwing
Species disjunctus - Northern Spreadwing
Species dryas - Emerald Spreadwing
Species eurinus - Amber-winged Spreadwing
Species forcipatus - Sweetflag Spreadwing
Species forficula - Rainpool Spreadwing
Species inaequalis - Elegant Spreadwing
Species rectangularis - Slender Spreadwing
Species sigma - Chalky Spreadwing
Species spumarius - Antillean Spreadwing
Species stultus - Black Spreadwing
Species tenuatus - Blue-striped Spreadwing
Species unguiculatus - Lyre-tipped Spreadwing
Species vidua - Carolina Spreadwing
Species vigilax - Swamp Spreadwing
Family Platystictidae - Shadowdamsels
Genus Palaemnema
Species domina - Desert Shadowdamsel
Family Protoneuridae - Threadtails
Genus Protoneura
Species cara - Orange-striped Threadtail
Genus Neoneura - Robust Threadtails
Species aaroni - Coral-fronted Threadtail
Species amelia - Amelia's Threadtail
No Taxon Fossil Damsels
No Taxon Unidentified Naiads and Exuviae
No Taxon Teneral -- waiting for an expert
No Taxon No ID, but good for Info pages
Order Zoraptera - Zorapterans
Family Zorotypidae
Genus Zorotypus
Order Dermaptera - Earwigs
Family Anisolabididae
Genus Anisolabis
Species maritima - Maritime Earwig
Genus Euborellia
Species annulata - Euborellia annulata
Species arcanum - Euborellia arcanum
Species annulipes - Ring-legged Earwig
Species cincticollis - African Earwig
Family Chelisochidae
Genus Chelisoches
Species morio - Black Earwig
Family Forficulidae
Genus Doru
Species aculeatum - Spine-tailed Earwig
Species taeniatum - Lined Earwig
Genus Forficula
Species auricularia - European Earwig
No Taxon immature stages
Family Labiduridae - Striped Earwigs
Genus Labidura
Species riparia - Shore Earwig
Family Spongiphoridae - Little Earwigs
Genus Labia
Species minor - Lesser Earwig
Genus Marava
Species arachidis - Marava arachidis
Species pulchella - Marava pulchella
Genus Vostox
Species apicedentatus - Toothed Earwig
Species brunneipennis - Vostox brunneipennis
No Taxon immatures
No Taxon fossils
Order Plecoptera - Stoneflies
Superfamily Pteronarcyoidea
Family Peltoperlidae - Roach-like Stoneflies
Genus Peltoperla
Genus Sierraperla
Species cora - Giant Roachfly
Genus Soliperla
Species sierra - Soliperla sierra
Genus Tallaperla
Species maria - Tallaperla maria
Genus Yoraperla
Species nigrisoma - Yoraperla nigrisoma
Species mariana - Yoraperla mariana
Family Pteronarcyidae - Giant Stoneflies
Genus Pteronarcella
Species badia - Pteronarcella badia
Species regularis - Pteronarcella regularis
Genus Pteronarcys - Giant Stoneflies
Species biloba - Knobbed Salmonfly
Species californica - Giant Salmonfly
Species dorsata - American Salmonfly
Species princeps - Ebony Salmonfly
Species proteus - Appalachian Salmonfly
Species pictetii - Midwestern Salmonfly
Superfamily Perloidea
Family Chloroperlidae - Green Stoneflies
Subfamily Paraperlinae
Genus Kathroperla
Species takhoma - Kathroperla takhoma
Species perdita - Longhead Sallfly
Genus Paraperla
Species frontalis - Hyporheic Sallfly
Genus Utaperla
Species gaspesiana - Utaperla gaspesiana
Subfamily Chloroperlinae
Tribe Alloperlini
Genus Alloperla
Species concolor - Alloperla concolor
Species petasata - Alloperla petasata
Genus Sweltsa
Species borealis - Sweltsa borealis
Species coloradensis - Sweltsa coloradensis
Species lateralis - Sweltsa lateralis
Species naica - Sweltsa naica
Species onkos - Sweltsa onkos
Tribe Chloroperlini
Genus Haploperla
Species brevis - Haploperla brevis
Genus Suwallia
Species forcipata - Suwallia forcipata
Species marginata - Suwallia marginata
Family Perlidae - Common Stoneflies
Subfamily Perlinae
Genus Agnetina
Species annulipes - Southern Stone
Species capitata - Agnetina capitata
Species flavescens - Agnetina flavescens
Genus Claassenia
Species sabulosa - Claassenia sabulosa
Genus Neoperla
Species clymene - Neoperla clymene
Species coosa - Neoperla coosa
Species mainensis - Neoperla mainensis
Genus Paragnetina
Species fumosa - Paragnetina fumosa
Species immarginata - Beautiful Stone
Species media - Paragnetina media
Subfamily Acroneuriinae
Genus Acroneuria
Species abnormis - Common Stone
Species arenosa - Acroneuria arenosa
Species carolinensis - Acroneuria carolinensis
Species evoluta - Acroneuria evoluta
Species lycorias - Acroneuria lycorias
Genus Attaneuria
Species ruralis - Attaneuria ruralis
Genus Calineuria
Species californica - Calineuria californica
Genus Doroneuria
Species baumanni - Doroneuria baumanni
Genus Eccoptura
Species xanthenes - Eccoptura xanthenes
Genus Hesperoperla
Species hoguei - Hesperoperla hoguei
Species pacifica - Golden Stonefly
Genus Perlesta
Species nelsoni - Perlesta nelsoni
Species nitida - Perlesta nitida
Species xube - Perlesta xube
Genus Perlinella
Species ephyre - Vernal Stone
Species drymo - Striped Stone
Family Perlodidae - Perlodid Stoneflies
Subfamily Perlodinae - Springflies
Tribe Diploperlini
Genus Cultus
Species verticalis - Cultus verticalis
Genus Diploperla
Species duplicata - Diploperla duplicata
Genus Kogotus
Genus Remenus
Tribe Perlodini
Genus Diura
Genus Helopicus
Species subvarians - Helopicus subvarians
Genus Isogenoides
Species hansoni - Isogenoides hansoni
Species frontalis - Isogenoides frontalis
Genus Malirekus
Species hastatus - Malirekus hastatus
Species iroquois - Malirekus iroquois
Genus Susulus
Species venustus - Beautiful Springfly
Genus Yugus
Tribe Arcynopterygini
Genus Frisonia
Species picticeps - Frisonia picticeps
Genus Megarcys
Species subtruncata - Megarcys subtruncata
Genus Oroperla
Species barbara - Oroperla barbara
Genus Perlinodes
Species aurea - Perlinodes aurea
Genus Salmoperla
Species sylvanica - Salmoperla sylvanica
Genus Skwala
Species curvata - Skwala curvata
Species americana - American Springfly 0
Subfamily Isoperlinae - Green-winged Stoneflies
Genus Clioperla
Species clio - Clioperla clio
Genus Isoperla
Species bilineata - Isoperla bilineata
Species davisi - Isoperla davisi
Species dicala - Isoperla dicala
Species holochlora - Isoperla holochlora
Species lata - Isoperla lata
Species marlynia - Isoperla marlynia
Species marmorata - Isoperla marmorata
Species montana - Isoperla montana
Species namata - Isoperla namata
Species orata - Isoperla orata
Species pinta - Isoperla pinta
Species richardsoni - Isoperla richardsoni
Species signata - Isoperla signata
Species similis - Isoperla similis
Species transmarina - Isoperla transmarina
Genus Cosumnoperla
Species hypocrena - Cosumnoperla hypocrena
Superfamily Nemouroidea
Family Capniidae - Small Winter Stoneflies
Genus Allocapnia
Species maria - Allocapnia maria
Species minima - Allocapnia minima
Species nivicola - Allocapnia nivicola
Species pygmaea - Allocapnia pygmaea
Species recta - Allocapnia recta
Species vivipara - Allocapnia vivipara
Genus Capnura
Species manitoba - Capnura manitoba
Genus Paracapnia
Species humboldta - Paracapnia humboldta
Species opis - Paracapnia opis
Species angulata - Paracapnia angulata
Genus Eucapnopsis
Species brevicauda - Eucapnopsis brevicauda
Genus Utacapnia
Species trava - Utacapnia trava
Genus Bolshecapnia
Species maculata - Bolshecapnia maculata
Genus Capnia
Species umpqua - Capnia umpqua
Species zukeli - Capnia zukeli
Species lineata - Capnia lineata
Species promota - Capnia promota
Genus Mesocapnia
Family Leuctridae - Rolled-winged Stoneflies
Genus Paraleuctra
Species vershina - Paraleuctra vershina
Species sara - Paraleuctra sara
Genus Zealeuctra
Genus Moselia
Species infuscata - Hairy Needlefly
Genus Despaxia
Species augusta - Despaxia augusta
Genus Megaleuctra
Species complicata - Megaleuctra complicata
Genus Leuctra
Species duplicata - Leuctra duplicata
Species ferruginea - Leuctra ferruginea
Species laura - Leuctra laura
Species sibleyi - Leuctra sibleyi
Species tenella - Leuctra tenella
Species tenuis - Leuctra tenuis
Species truncata - Leuctra truncata
Species variabilis - Leuctra variabilis
Family Nemouridae - Spring Stoneflies
Subfamily Amphinemurinae
Genus Amphinemura
Species linda - Amphinemura linda
Species nigritta - Amphinemura nigritta
Species wui - Amphinemura wui
Genus Malenka
Subfamily Nemourinae
Genus Nemoura
Species trispinosa - Nemoura trispinosa
Genus Ostrocerca
Species albidipennis - Ostrocerca albidipennis
Species complexa - Ostrocerca complexa
Species dimicki - Ostrocerca dimicki
Species prolongata - Ostrocerca prolongata
Species truncata - Ostrocerca truncata
Genus Paranemoura
Species perfecta - Paranemoura perfecta
Genus Podmosta
Species macdunnoughi - Podmosta macdunnoughi
Species obscura - Podmosta obscura
Genus Prostoia
Species completa - Prostoia completa
Species similis - Prostoia similis
Genus Shipsa
Species rotunda - Shipsa rotunda
Genus Soyedina
Species interrupta - Soyedina interrupta
Species vallicularia - Soyedina vallicularia
Species washingtoni - Soyedina washingtoni
Genus Zapada
Species cordillera - Zapada cordillera
Species oregonensis - Zapada oregonensis
Species cinctipes - Zapada cinctipes
Species columbiana - Zapada columbiana
Family Taeniopterygidae - Winter Stoneflies
Genus Bolotoperla
Species rossi - Bolotoperla rossi
Genus Oemopteryx
Species contorta - Oemopteryx contorta
Species glacialis - Oemopteryx glacialis
Genus Strophopteryx
Species fasciata - Strophopteryx fasciata
Genus Taenionema
Species kincaidi - Taenionema kincaidi
Species atlanticum - Taenionema atlanticum
Species oregonense - Oregon Willowfly
Species californicum - Taenionema californicum
Genus Taeniopteryx
Species burksi - Taeniopteryx burksi
Species nivalis - Taeniopteryx nivalis
Species parvula - Taeniopteryx parvula
No Taxon missing taxa
Order Orthoptera - Grasshoppers, Crickets, Katydids
Suborder Ensifera - Long-horned Orthoptera
Infraorder Tettigoniidea - Katydids, Camel Crickets, and relatives
Family Anostostomatidae - Wetas & King Crickets
Genus Cnemotettix - Silk-spinning Crickets
Species bifasciatus - Cnemotettix bifasciatus
Species caudulus - Cnemotettix caudulus
Family Gryllacrididae - Raspy Crickets
Genus Camptonotus
Species carolinensis - Carolina Leaf-roller
Family Prophalangopsidae - Hump-winged Crickets
Genus Cyphoderris
Species buckelli - Buckell’s grig
Species monstrosa - Great Grig
Species strepitans - Sagebrush Grig
Family Rhaphidophoridae - Camel Crickets
Subfamily Aemodogryllinae
Genus Diestrammena
Species asynamora - Greenhouse Camel Cricket
Species japanica - Japanese Camel Cricket
Subfamily Ceuthophilinae
Genus Ammobaenetes - Sand-treader Crickets
Species arenicolus - White Sand-treader Cricket
Species lariversi - Nevada Sand-treader Cricket
Species phrixocnemoides - Mesilla Sand-treader Cricket
Genus Ceuthophilus
Species agassizii - Ceuthophilus agassizii
Species alpinus - Ceuthophilus alpinus
Species arizonensis - Arizona Camel Cricket
Species brevipes - Boreal Camel Cricket
Species californianus - California Camel Cricket
Species caudelli - Ceuthophilus caudelli
Species chiricahuae - Chiricahua Cave Cricket
Species conicaudus - Ceuthophilus conicaudus
Species divergens - Ceuthophilus divergens
Species fossor - Ceuthophilus fossor
Species fusiformis - Fusiform Camel Cricket
Species guttulosus - Ceuthophilus guttulosus
Subspecies angulosus - Ceuthophilus guttulosus angulosus
Subspecies guttulosus - Ceuthophilus guttulosus guttulosus
Subspecies nigricans - Yellow-bellied Camel Cricket
Subspecies thomasi - Ceuthophilus guttulosus thomasi
Species gracilipes - Ceuthophilus gracilipes
Species hebardi - Ceuthophilus hebardi
Species hesperus - San Diego Camel Cricket
Species inyo - Ceuthophilus inyo
Species lamellipes - Ceuthophilus lamellipes
Species latens - Black-sided Camel Cricket
Species maculatus - Ceuthophilus maculatus
Species meridionalis - Ceuthophilus meridionalis
Species mississippi - Mississippi Camel Cricket
Species nodulosus - Ceuthophilus nodulosus
Species pallidipes - Ceuthophilus pallidipes
Species pallidus - Plains Camel Cricket
Species paucispinosus - Huachuca Camel Cricket
Species secretus - Texas Cave Cricket
Species seclusus - Secluded Camel Cricket
Species stygius - Kentucky Cave Cricket
Species uhleri - Ceuthophilus uhleri
Species utahensis - Utah Camel Cricket
Species variegatus - Ceuthophilus variegatus
Species williamsoni - Ozark Cave Cricket
Species yavapai - Yavapai Camel Cricket
Genus Daihinia
Species brevipes - Great Plains Camel Cricket
Genus Daihinibaenetes - Sand-treader Crickets
Species giganteus - Giant Sand-treader Cricket
Species tanneri - Utah Sand-treader Cricket
Species arizonensis - Painted Desert Sand-treader Cricket
Genus Daihiniella - Sand-treader Crickets
Species bellicosa - Colorado Sand-treader Cricket
Genus Daihiniodes - Sand-treader Crickets
Species larvale - Stohecker's Sand-treader Cricket
Species hastifera - Arizona Sand-treader Cricket
Genus Macrobaenetes - Sand-treader Crickets
Species algodonensis - Algodones Sand Treader Cricket
Species kelsoensis - Kelso Dunes Giant Sand-treader Cricket
Species sierrapintae - Sierra Pinta Giant Sand-treader Cricket
Species valgum - Coachella Giant Sand-treader Cricket
Genus Phrixocnemis
Species truculentus - Truculent Camel Cricket
Genus Pristoceuthophilus
Species arizonae - Pristoceuthophilus arizonae
Species celatus - Pristoceuthophilus celatus
Species cercalis - Pristoceuthophilus cercalis
Genus Rhachocnemis - Sand-treader Crickets
Species validus - Coast Sand-treader Cricket
Genus Styracosceles
Species neomexicanus - Styracosceles neomexicanus
Genus Udeopsylla
Species robusta - Robust Camel Cricket
Genus Utabaenetes - Sand-treader Crickets
Species tanneri - San Rafael Sand-treader Cricket
Subfamily Dolichopodainae
Genus Euhadenoecus
Species puteanus - Puteanus Camel Cricket
Species fragilis - Tawney's Cave Cricket
Species insolitus - McCluney Cave Cricket
Species adelphus - Adelphos Camel Cricket
Genus Hadenoecus
Species barri - Barr's Cave Cricket
Species cumberlandicus - Cumberland Cave Cricket
Species jonesi - Limrock Blowing Cave Cricket
Species opilionides - Tennessee Cave Cricket
Species subterraneus - Common Cave Cricket
Subfamily Gammarotettiginae
Genus Gammarotettix
Species genitalis - Gammarotettix genitalis
Species aesculus - Gammarotettix aesculus
Species bilobatus - Gammarotettix bilobatus
Subfamily Tropidischiinae
Genus Tropidischia
Species xanthostoma - Square-legged Camel Cricket
Family Stenopelmatidae - Jerusalem Crickets
Genus Ammopelmatus
Species kelsoensis - Kelso Dunes Jerusalem Cricket
Species muwu - Point Conception Jerusalem Cricket
Genus Stenopelmatus - Jerusalem Cricket
No Taxon Mahogany Jerusalem Cricket
Species monahanensis - Stenopelmatus monahanensis
Species nigrocapitatus - Black-headed Jerusalem Cricket
Species mescaleroensis - Mescalero Jerusalem Cricket
Species pictus - Stenopelmatus pictus
No Taxon unnamed dark Jerusalem Cricket - se. Arizona
Family Tettigoniidae - Katydids
Subfamily Conocephalinae - Coneheads and Meadow Katydids
Tribe Conocephalini - Meadow Katydids
Genus Conocephalus - Lesser Meadow Katydids
Species aigialus - Seashore Meadow Katydid
Species attenuatus - Long-tailed Meadow Katydid
Species brevipennis - Short-winged Meadow Katydid
Species cinereus - Caribbean Meadow Katydid
Species fasciatus - Slender Meadow Katydid
Subspecies fasciatus - Conocephalus fasciatus fasciatus
Subspecies vicinus - Conocephalus fasciatus vicinus
Species gracillimus - Graceful Meadow Katydid
Species nemoralis - Woodland Meadow Katydid
Species nigropleurum - Black-sided Meadow Katydid
Species occidentalis - Pacific Meadow Katydid
Species resacensis - Brownsville Meadow Katydid
Species saltans - Prairie Meadow Katydid
Species spartinae - Saltmarsh Meadow Katydid
Species spinosus - San Diego Meadow Katydid
Species stictomerus - Spot-legged Meadow Katydid
Species strictus - Straight-lanced Meadow Katydid
Genus Odontoxiphidium
Species apterum - Wingless Meadow Katydid
Genus Orchelimum - Greater Meadow Katydids
Species agile - Agile Meadow Katydid
Species bullatum - Texas Meadow Katydid
Species campestre - Dusky-faced Meadow Katydid
Species concinnum - Stripe-faced Meadow Katydid
Species delicatum - Delicate Meadow Katydid
Species erythrocephalum - Red-headed Meadow Katydid
Species fidicinium - Seaside Meadow Katydid
Species gladiator - Gladiator Meadow Katydid
Species militare - Military Meadow Katydid
Species minor - Lesser Pine Katydid
Species nigripes - Black-legged Meadow Katydid
Species pulchellum - Handsome Meadow Katydid
Species silvaticum - Long-spurred Meadow Katydid
Species superbum - Superb Meadow Katydid
Species unispina - Arizona Meadow Katydid
Species vulgare - Common Meadow Katydid
Tribe Copiphorini - Coneheads
Genus Belocephalus - Short-winged Coneheads
Species sabalis - Palmetto Conehead
Species davisi - Davis’s Conehead
Genus Bucrates
Species malivolans - Cattail Conehead
Species weissmani - Weissman's Conehead
Genus Neoconocephalus - Common Coneheads
Species bivocatus - False Robust Conehead
Species caudellianus - Caudell's Conehead
Species ensiger - Sword-bearing Conehead
Species exiliscanorus - Slightly Musical Conehead
Species melanorhinus - Black-nosed Conehead
Species nebrascensis - Nebraska Conehead
Species palustris - Marsh Conehead
Species retusus - Round-tipped Conehead
Species robustus - Robust Conehead
Species triops - Broad-tipped Conehead
Species velox - Swift Conehead
Genus Pyrgocorypha
Species uncinata - Hook-faced Conehead
Subfamily Listroscelidinae - Spiny Predatory Katydids
Genus Phlugis - Alien Raptorial Katydid
Genus Neobarrettia
Species victoriae - Lesser Arid-land Katydid
Species spinosa - Greater Arid-land Katydid
Subfamily Meconematinae - Quiet-calling Katydids
Genus Meconema
Species meridionale - Southern Oak Bush-Cricket
Species thalassinum - Drumming Katydid
Subfamily Phaneropterinae - Phaneropterine Katydids
Genus Amblycorypha - Round-headed Katydids
Species alexanderi - Clicker Round-winged Katydid
Species arenicola - Sandhill Virtuoso Katydid
Species carinata - Carinate Katydid
Species bartrami - Bartram's Round-winged Katydid
Species floridana - Florida Oblong-winged Katydid
Species huasteca - Texas Oblong-winged Katydid
Species insolita - Big Bend Oblong-winged Katydid
Species longinicta - Common Virtuoso Katydid
Species oblongifolia - Oblong-winged Katydid
Species parvipennis - Western Round-winged Katydid
Species rotundifolia - Rattler Round-winged Katydid
Species uhleri - Uhler's Virtuoso Katydid
Species cajuni - Cajun Virtuoso Katydid
Genus Arethaea - Thread-legged Katydids
Species ambulator - Hill Country Thread-leg Katydid
Species arachnopyga - Big Bend Thread-leg Katydid
Species brevicauda - California Thread-leg Katydid
Species carita - Carita Thread-leg Katydid
Species coyotero - Mojave Thread-leg Katydid
Species constricta - Prairie Thread-leg Katydid
Species gracilipes - Thin-footed Thread-leg Katydid
Species grallator - Stilt-walker Katydid
Species mescalero - Mescalero Thread-leg Katydid
Species phantasma - Rio Grande Thread-leg Katydid
Species phalangium - Eastern Thread-leg Katydid
Species polingi - Poling Thread-leg Katydid
Species sellata - Sellate Thread-leg Katydid
Species semialata - Chihuahuan Thread-leg Katydid
Genus Brachyinsara
Species hemiptera - Least Katydid
Genus Dichopetala - Short-wing Katydids
Species brevihastata - Common Short-wing Katydid
Species castanea - Chestnut Short-wing Katydid
Species catinata - Spoon-tailed Short-wing Katydid
Species emarginata - Spoon-tail Short-wing Katydid
Species oreoeca - Mountain-dwelling short-winged katydid
Genus Insara - Western Bush Katydids
Species apache - Apache Bush Katydid
Species covilleae - Creosote Bush Katydid
Species elegans - Elegant Bush Katydid
Species gemmicula - Gemmate Bush Katydid
Species juniperi - Juniper Bush Katydid
Species tessellata - Tessellate Bush Katydid
Genus Inscudderia - Cypress Katydids
Species strigata - Guinea-cypress Katydid
Species taxodii - Western cypress Katydid
Species walkeri - Eastern cypress Katydid
Genus Leptophyes
Species punctatissima - Speckled Bush-Cricket
Genus Microcentrum - Angle-wing Katydids
Species californicum - California Angle-winged Katydid
Species latifrons - Southwestern Angle-wing Katydid
Species minus - Microcentrum minus
Species retinerve - Lesser Angle-winged Katydid
Species rhombifolium - Greater Angle-wing Katydid
No Taxon eggs
Genus Montezumina
Species modesta - Modest Katydid
Genus Obolopteryx
Species gladiator - Gladiator Short-winged Katydid
Genus Phaneroptera
Species nana - Mediterranean Katydid
Genus Planipollex
Species pollicifer - Planipollex pollicifer
Genus Platylyra
Species californica - Chaparral Katydid
Genus Scudderia - Bush Katydids
Species cuneata - Southeastern Bush Katydid
Species curvicauda - Curve-tailed Bush Katydid
Species fasciata - Treetop Bush Katydid
Species furcata - Fork-tailed Bush Katydid
Species mexicana - Mexican Bush Katydid
Species pistillata - Broad-winged Bush Katydid
Species septentrionalis - Northern Bush Katydid
Species texensis - Texas Bush Katydid
No Taxon Nymphs
Genus Stilpnochlora
Species couloniana - Giant Katydid
Genus Turpilia
Species rostrata - Narrow-Beaked Katydid
Genus Turpiliodes
Species mexicanum - Texas turp
Subfamily Pseudophyllinae - True Katydids
Genus Lea
Species floridensis - Florida True Katydid
Genus Paracyrtophyllus - Western True Katydids
Species robustus - Red Katydid
Species excelsus - Chisos Katydid
Genus Pterophylla
Species camellifolia - Common True Katydid
Subfamily Tettigoniinae - Shield-backed Katydids
Genus Acrodectes
Species philopagus - Alpine Shieldback
Genus Aglaothorax - Ovate Shieldback
Species diminutiva - Diminutive Shieldback
Species gurneyi - Gurney's Shieldback
Species longipennis - Malibu Shieldback
Species morsei - Morse's Shieldback
Species ovata - Ovate Shieldback
Genus Anabrus
Species cerciata - Big-tooth Anabrus
Species longipes - Long-legged Anabrus
Species simplex - Mormon Cricket
Genus Apote
Species robusta - Robust Apote
Species notabilis - Notable Apote
Genus Ateloplus
Species coconino - Ateloplus coconino
Species luteus - Yellow Shieldback
Species schwarzi - Ateloplus schwarzi
Species splendidus - Ateloplus splendidus
Genus Atlanticus - Eastern Shieldbacks
Species americanus - American Shieldback
Species davisi - Davis's Shieldback
Species gibbosus - Robust Shieldback
Species monticola - Least Shieldback
Species pachymerus - Southern Protean Shieldback
Species testaceus - Protean Shieldback
Genus Capnobotes
Species arizonensis - Arizona Longwing
Species attenuatus - Slender Longwing
Species bruneri - Bruner Longwing
Species fuliginosus - Sooty Longwing
Species granti - Grant Longwing
Species occidentalis - Western Longwing
Species spatulatus - Spatulate Longwing
Species unodontus - One-tooth Longwing
Genus Clinopleura
Species melanopleura - Black-sided shieldback
Species minuta - Minute shieldback
Genus Cyrtophyllicus
Species chlorum - Chaparral Shield-back
Genus Decticita
Species balli - Ball's Little Shieldback
Species brevicauda - Short-winged Shieldback
Species yosemite - Yosemite Shieldback
Genus Eremopedes
Species balli - Ball’s Shieldback
Species bilineatus - Two-lined Shieldback
Species covilleae - Eremopedes covilleae
Species ephippiatus - Eremopedes ephippiatus
Species kelsoensis - Kelso Shieldback
Species scudderi - Eremopedes scudderi
Genus Hubbellia
Species marginifera - Pine Katydid
Genus Idionotus
Species tehachapi - Tehachapi Shielback
Species siskiyou - Siskiyou Shieldback
Genus Idiostatus
Species aequalis - Uniform Shieldback
Species apollo - Apollo Shieldback
Species californicus - Pictet's Shieldback
Species gurneyi - Gurney's Shieldback
Species hermannii - Herman’s shieldback
Species variegatus - Variegated Shield-back
Species fuscus - Idiostatus fuscus
Genus Metrioptera
Species roeselii - Roesel’s Katydid
Species sphagnorum - Bog Katydid
Genus Neduba
Species convexa - Neduba convexa
Species diabolica - Neduba diabolica
Species macneilli - MacNeill’s shieldback
Species propsti - Catalina Shield-back Cricket
Species sierranus - Sierra Shieldback
Species steindachneri - Steindachner’s shieldback
Genus Pediodectes
Species bruneri - Bruner Shieldback
Species daedalus - Daedalus Shieldback
Species grandis - Grand Shieldback
Species haldemanii - Haldeman's Shieldback
Species nigromarginatus - Black-margined Shieldback
Species stevensonii - Stevenson's Shieldback
Species tinkhami - Tinkham's Shieldback
Genus Peranabrus
Species scabricollis - Coulee Cricket
Genus Phymonotus
Species jacintotopos - San Jacinto Shieldback
Genus Plagiostira
Species albonotata - White-marked Shieldback
Species gillettei - Gillette’s Shieldback
Subspecies gillettei - Plagiostira gillettei gillettei
Subspecies utahensis - Plagiostira gillettei utahensis
Species mescaleroensis - Mescalero Shieldback
Genus Platyoplus
Species gilaensis - Gila shieldback
Genus Steiroxys
Species pallidipalpus - Steiroxys pallidipennis
Species strepens - Noisy Shieldback
Species trilineatus - Three-lined Shieldback
Genus Tessellana
Species tessellata - Brown-spotted Bush-cricket
Infraorder Gryllidea - Crickets
Family Gryllotalpidae - Mole Crickets
Genus Gryllotalpa
Species gryllotalpa - European Mole Cricket
Species major - Prairie Mole Cricket
Genus Neocurtilla - Northern Mole Crickets
Species hexadactyla - Northern Mole Cricket
Genus Neoscapteriscus - Two-clawed Mole Crickets
Species abbreviatus - Lesser Short-winged Mole Cricket
Species borellii - Southern Mole Cricket
Species didactylus - Changa Mole Cricket
Species vicinus - Tawny Mole Cricket
Family Gryllidae - True Crickets
Subfamily Gryllinae - Field Crickets
Genus Acheta
Species domesticus - House Cricket
Genus Anurogryllus - Short-tailed Crickets
Species celerinictus - Indies short-tailed cricket
Species arboreus - Common Short-tailed Cricket
Genus Gryllita
Species arizonae - Arizona Cricket
Genus Gryllodes
Species sigillatus - Tropical House Cricket
Genus Gryllus - Field Crickets
Species alogus - Damp-loving Field Cricket
Species assimilis - Jamaican Field Cricket
Species brevicaudus - Short-tailed Field Cricket
Species cayensis - Keys Wood Cricket
Species firmus - Sand Field Cricket
Species fultoni - Southern Wood Cricket
Species integer - Western Trilling Cricket
Species lineaticeps - Variable Field Cricket
Species multipulsator - Long-chirp Field Cricket
Species ovisopis - Taciturn Wood Cricket
Species pennsylvanicus - Fall Field Cricket
Species personatus - Badlands Cricket
Species rubens - Eastern Trilling Cricket
Species texensis - Texas Trilling Cricket
Species veletis - Spring Field Cricket
Species vernalis - Northern Wood Cricket
Species vocalis - Vocal Field Cricket
No Taxon ?unnamed species
Genus Miogryllus - Striped Crickets
Species lineatus - Western Striped Cricket
Species saussurei - Eastern Striped Cricket
Genus Velarifictorus
Species micado - Japanese Burrowing Cricket
Subfamily Hapithinae - Bush Crickets
Genus Antillicharis
Species oriobates - Indies bush cricket
Genus Hapithus - Flightless Bush Crickets
Species agitator - Restless Bush Cricket
Species brevipennis - Short-winged Bush Cricket
Species melodius - Musical Bush Cricket
Genus Orocharis - Loud-singing Bush Crickets
Species luteolira - False Jumping Bush Cricket
Species saltator - Jumping Bush Cricket
Genus Tafalisca - Silent Bush Crickets
Species eleuthera - Silent Bush Cricket
Subfamily Nemobiinae - Ground Crickets
Genus Allonemobius - Robust Ground Crickets
Species allardi - Allard’s Ground Cricket
Species fasciatus - Striped Ground Cricket
Species maculatus - Spotted Ground Cricket
Species socius - Southern Ground Cricket
Species tinnulus - Tinkling Ground Cricket
Genus Eunemobius - Even-spurred Ground Crickets
Species carolinus - Carolina Ground Cricket
Species melodius - melodious ground cricket
Genus Neonemobius - Small Ground Crickets
Species cubensis - Cuban Ground Cricket
Species mormonius - Mormon Ground Cricket
Species near-to-mormonius - Collared Ground Cricket
Species palustris - Sphagnum Ground Cricket
Species variegatus - Variegated Ground Cricket
Genus Pictonemobius - Bar-Faced Ground Crickets
Subfamily Oecanthinae - Tree Crickets
Genus Neoxabea - Smooth-legged Tree Crickets
Species bipunctata - Two-spotted Tree Cricket
Genus Oecanthus - Common Tree Crickets
No Taxon Nigricornis Group
Species argentinus - Prairie Tree Cricket
Species celerinictus - Fast-calling Tree Cricket
Species forbesi - Forbes' Tree Cricket
Species laricis - Tamarack Tree Cricket
Species nigricornis - Black-horned Tree Cricket
Species pini - Pine Tree Cricket
Species quadripunctatus - Four-spotted Tree Cricket
No Taxon forbesi vs nigricornis
Species walkeri - Walker's Tree Cricket
No Taxon Niveus Group
Species exclamationis - Davis' Tree Cricket
Species niveus - Narrow-winged Tree Cricket
No Taxon Rileyi Group
Species alexanderi - Alexander's Tree Cricket
Species fultoni - Snowy Tree Cricket
Species rileyi - Riley's Tree Cricket
No Taxon Varicornis Group
Species californicus - Western Tree Cricket
No Taxon californicus - brown form
No Taxon californicus - pale form
Subspecies pictipennis - Oecanthus californicus pictipennis
Species latipennis - Broad-winged Tree Cricket
Species major - great tree cricket
Species texensis - Texas Tree Cricket
Species varicornis - Different-horned Tree Cricket
No Taxon unidentified nymphs, eggs or oviposited twigs
No Taxon Undetermined species - special interest
Subfamily Pentacentrinae - Anomalous Crickets
Genus Trigonidomimus
Species belfragei - Belfrage's cricket
Subfamily Trigonidiinae - Winged Bush Crickets, Trigs
Genus Anaxipha - Brown Trigs
Species delicatula - Chirping Trig
Species exigua - Say's Trig
Species fultoni - Fulton's Trig
Species hyalicetra - Anaxipha hyalicetra
Species rosamacula - Pink-spotted Trig
Species tinnula - Tidewater Trig
Species tinnulacita - fast-tinkling trig
Species vernalis - Spring Trig
Genus Cyrtoxipha - Green Trigs
Species columbiana - Columbian Trig
Genus Falcicula
Species hebardi - Hebard's Trig
Genus Phyllopalpus
Species pulchellus - Handsome Trig
Family Mogoplistidae - Scaly Crickets
Genus Cycloptilum - Common Scaly Crickets
Species bidens - two-toothed scaly cricket
Species comprehendens - syncopated scaly cricket
Subspecies fortior - Desert Syncopated Scaly Cricket
Species slossoni - Slosson's scaly cricket
Species squamosum - Scudder's Scaly Cricket
Species trigonipalpum - Forest Scaly Cricket
Genus Hoplosphyrum
Species boreale - Western Bush Cricket
Family Myrmecophilidae - Ant Crickets
Genus Myrmecophilus
Species americanus - Old World Ant Cricket
Species manni - Desert Ant Cricket
Species nebrascensis - Nebraska Ant Cricket
Species oregonensis - Oregon Ant Cricket
Species pergandei - Eastern Ant Cricket
Suborder Caelifera - Grasshoppers
Family Acrididae - Short-horned Grasshoppers
Subfamily Copiocerinae
Genus Clematodes
Species larreae - Gray Creosotebush Grasshopper
Species vanduzeei - Papago Creosotebush Grasshopper
Subfamily Cyrtacanthacridinae - Bird Grasshoppers
Genus Schistocerca - Bird Grasshoppers
Species americana - American Bird Grasshopper
Species nitens - Gray Bird Grasshopper
Species camerata - Schistocerca camerata
Species damnifica - Mischievous Bird Grasshopper
Species rubiginosa - Rusty Bird Grasshopper
Species alutacea - Leather-colored Bird Grasshopper
Species lineata - Spotted Bird Grasshopper
No Taxon "venusta" type
No Taxon Aposematic form
No Taxon "typical"
No Taxon East Coastal segregate
Species shoshone - Green Bird Grasshopper
Species albolineata - White-lined Bird Grasshopper
Species obscura - Obscure Bird Grasshopper
Species ceratiola - Rosemary Grasshopper
Subfamily Gomphocerinae - Slant-faced Grasshoppers
No Taxon Achurum Group - Spine-knee Toothpick Grasshoppers
Genus Achurum
Species carinatum - Long-headed Toothpick Grasshopper
Species minimipenne - Tamaulipan Toothpick Grasshopper
Species sumichrasti - Sumichrast Toothpick Grasshopper
No Taxon Acrolophitus Group
Genus Acrolophitus - Point-head Grasshoppers
Species maculipennis - Texas Point-head Grasshopper
Species hirtipes - Green Fool Grasshopper
Species pulchellus - Idaho Point-headed Grasshopper
Species nevadensis - Nevada Point-Head Grasshopper
Genus Bootettix
Species argentatus - Creosote Bush Grasshopper
No Taxon Amblytropidia Group
Genus Amblytropidia
Species mysteca - Brown Winter Grasshopper
Genus Amphitornus
Species coloradus - Striped Slant-face Grasshopper
Genus Eritettix
Species abortivus - Texas Short-winged Slant-face Grasshopper
Species obscurus - Obscure Grasshopper
Species simplex - Velvet-striped Grasshopper
Genus Opeia
Species atascosa - Atascosa Grasshopper
Species obscura - Obscure Grasshopper
Genus Syrbula
Species montezuma - Montezuma's Grasshopper
Species admirabilis - Admirable Grasshopper
No Taxon Aulocara Group
Genus Ageneotettix
Species brevipennis - Short-wing Big-headed Grasshopper
Species deorum - White-whiskered Grasshopper
Species salutator - Ageneotettix salutator
Genus Aulocara
Species elliotti - Big-headed Grasshopper
Species femoratum - White-crossed Grasshopper
Genus Boopedon - Boopies
Species auriventris - Short-winged Boopie
Species flaviventris - Yellow-belly Boopie
Species gracile - Prairie Boopie
Species nubilum - Ebony Grasshopper
Genus Bruneria
Species shastana - Shasta Slant-faced Grasshopper
Species brunnea - Bruner Slant-faced Grasshopper
Species yukonensis - Yukon Slant-faced Grasshopper
Genus Cordillacris
Species crenulata - Crenulated Grasshopper
Species occipitalis - Spot-winged Grasshopper
Genus Eupnigodes
Species sierranus - Sierran White-whiskered Grasshopper
Species megacephala - Big-headed Grasshopper
Genus Heliaula
Species rufa - Rufous Grasshopper
Genus Horesidotes
Species cinereus - Ash-gray Range Grasshopper
Genus Phlibostroma
Species quadrimaculatum - Four-spotted Grasshopper
Genus Psoloessa
Species delicatula - Brown-spotted Range Grasshopper
Species texana - Texas Spotted Range Grasshopper
No Taxon Chrysochraon Group
Genus Chloealtis
Species abdominalis - Chloealtis abdominalis
Species aspasma - Siskiyou Slant-face Grasshopper
Species conspersa - Sprinkled Grasshopper
Species dianae - Diana Black-side Grasshopper
Species gracilis - Graceful Slant-face Grasshopper
Genus Chrysochraon
Species petraea - Chrysochraon petraea
No Taxon Cibolacris Group
Genus Cibolacris
Species parviceps - Cream Grasshopper
Subspecies parviceps - Cibolacris parviceps parviceps
Subspecies californica - Cibolacris parviceps californica
No Taxon affinis samalayucae
Species samalayucae - Samalayuca Dune Grasshopper
No Taxon affinis crypticus
Genus Ligurotettix - Clicker grasshoppers
Species coquilletti - Desert Clicker Grasshopper
Species planum - Pecos Clicker Grasshopper
Genus Xeracris
Species minimus - Least Desert Grasshopper
Species snowi - Snow's Desert Grasshopper
No Taxon Esselenia Group
Genus Esselenia
Species vanduzeei - Vanduzee's Grasshopper
Subspecies violae - Esselenia vanduzeei violae
Subspecies vanduzeei - Esselenia vanduzeei vanduzeei
No Taxon Gomphocerus Group
Genus Aeropedellus
Species arcticus - Aeropedellus arcticus
Species clavatus - Club-horned Grasshopper
Genus Chorthippus
Species curtipennis - Marsh Meadow Grasshopper
No Taxon affinis brunneus
No Taxon Hyalopteryx Group
Genus Metaleptea
Species brevicornis - Clip-wing Grasshopper
No Taxon Mermiria Group - Toothpick Grasshoppers
Genus Acantherus
Species piperatus - Slender Range Grasshopper
Genus Mermiria
Species bivittata - Two-striped Mermiria
Subspecies bivittata - Mermiria bivittata bivittata
Subspecies maculipennis - Mermiria bivittata maculipennis
Species texana - Texas Mermiria
Species intertexta - Eastern Mermiria
Species picta - Lively Mermiria
Genus Paropomala
Species virgata - Virgata Toothpick Grasshopper
Species wyomingensis - Wyoming Toothpick Grasshopper
Species pallida - Pale Toothpick Grasshopper
Genus Prorocorypha
Species snowi - Snow's toothpick grasshopper
Genus Pseudopomala
Species brachyptera - Short-winged Toothpick Grasshopper
No Taxon Orphulella Group
Genus Dichromorpha
Species elegans - Elegant Grasshopper
Species viridis - Short-winged Green Grasshopper
Genus Orphulella
Species pelidna - Spotted-winged Grasshopper
Species speciosa - Slant-faced Pasture Grasshopper
No Taxon Rhammatocerus Group
Genus Rhammatocerus
Species viatorius - Traveller Grasshopper
Subfamily Leptysminae - Spur-throat Toothpick Grasshoppers
Genus Leptysma
Species marginicollis - Cattail Toothpick Grasshopper
Subspecies marginicollis - Leptysma marginicollis marginicollis
Subspecies hebardi - Leptysma marginicollis hebardi
Genus Stenacris
Species vitreipennis - Glassy-winged Toothpick Grasshopper
Subfamily Melanoplinae - Spur-throated Grasshoppers
Tribe Conalcaeini
Genus Aptenopedes
Species aptera - Wingless Florida Grasshopper
Species sphenarioides - Linear-winged Grasshopper
Genus Barytettix
Species humphreysii - Humphrey's Grasshopper
Subspecies cochisei - Barytettix humphreysii cochisei
Subspecies humphreysii - Barytettix humphreysii humphreysii
Genus Conalcaea
Species huachucana - Huachuca Grasshopper
Species cantralli - Conalcaea cantralli
Tribe Dactylotini
Genus Aztecacris
Species gloriosus - Atascosa Gem Grasshopper
Genus Dactylotum
Species bicolor - Rainbow Grasshopper
Tribe Dichroplini
Genus Dichroplus
Species notatus - Mexican Dichroplus
Tribe Melanoplini
Genus Aeoloplides
Species californicus - California Saltbush Grasshopper
Species chenopodii - Colorado Plateaus Saltbush Grasshopper
Species elegans - Elegant Saltbush Grasshopper
Species fratercula - Northern Coast Bush Grasshopper
Species fuscipes - Southern Coast Bush Grasshopper
Species minor - Little Saltbush Grasshopper
Species rotundipennis - Rio Grande Saltbush Grasshopper
Species tenuipennis - Narrow-winged Saltbush Grasshopper
Species turnbulli - Thistle Grasshopper
Genus Agroecotettix
Species modestus - Modest Grasshopper
Genus Aidemona
Species azteca - Aztec Spur-throat
Genus Eotettix
Species signatus - Handsome Florida Grasshopper
Species palustris - Little Swamp Grasshopper
Species pusillus - Little Eastern Grasshopper
Genus Melanoplus
Species adelogyrus - St. Johns Short-wing Grasshopper
Species alabamae - Alabama Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species alpinus - Alpine Grasshopper
Species angularis - Angularis Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species angustipennis - Narrow-winged Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species apalachicolae - Apalachicola Short-wing Grasshopper
Species aridus - Arid Lands Spur-Throat Grasshopper
Species arizonae - Arizona Spur-Throat Grasshopper
Species artemisiae - Sagebrush Short-wing Grasshopper
Species ascensus - Shasta Short-wing Grasshopper
Species aspasmus - Striking Short-wing Grasshopper
Species attenuatus - Slender-bodied Short-wing Grasshopper
Species bispinosus - Two-spined Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species bivittatus - Two-Striped Grasshopper
Subspecies femoratus - Melanoplus bivittatus femoratus
Subspecies bivittatus - Melanoplus bivittatus bivittatus
Species borealis - Northern Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species bowditchi - Sagebrush Grasshopper
Species bruneri - Bruner's Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species calidus - Sacramento Short-wing Grasshopper
Species cameronis - Brownsville Short-wing Grasshopper
Species carnegiei - Carnegie Short-wing Grasshopper
Species celatus - Sylvan Short-wing Grasshopper
Species chiricahuae - Chiricahua Short-wing Grasshopper
Species cinereus - Grayish Sagebrush Grasshopper
Subspecies cyanipes - Melanoplus cinereus cyanipes
Species clypeatus - Shield-tailed Grasshopper
Species complanatipes - Western Sagebrush Grasshopper
Species confusus - Pasture Grasshopper
Species davisi - Davis' Oak Grasshopper
Species dawsoni - Dawson's Grasshopper
Species decorus - Decorated Short-wing Grasshopper
Species devastator - Devastating Grasshopper
Species devius - Devious Short-wing Grasshopper
Species differentialis - Differential Grasshopper
Species discolor - Contrasting Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species dodgei-species-group - Dodge's Short-wing Grasshopper, and others
Species divergens - Lobecercus Short-wing Grasshopper
Species eumera - Canyon Grasshopper
Species fasciatus - Huckleberry Grasshopper
Species femurnigrum - Black-legged Grasshopper
Species femurrubrum - Red-legged Grasshopper
Species flabellatus - Dallas Short-wing Grasshopper
Species flavidus - Yellowish Spur-Throat Grasshopper
Subspecies elongatus - Melanoplus flavidus elongatus
Subspecies favidus - Melanoplus flavidus favidus
Species fluviatilis - Sandbar Grasshopper
Species foedus - Striped Sand Grasshopper
Species forcipatus - Toothcercus Shortwing Grasshopper
Species foxi - Fox's Short-wing Grasshopper
Species franciscanus - San Francisco Short-wing Grasshopper
Species frigidus - Nordic Mountain Grasshopper
Species fricki - Melanoplus fricki
Species furcatus - Larger Fork-tail Grasshopper
Species gladstoni - Gladston's Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species glaucipes - Glaucus-legged Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species gracilipes - Slender-legged Grasshopper
Species gracilis - Graceful Grasshopper
Species gurneyi - Gurney's Short-wing Grasshopper
Species herbaceus - Arrowweed Grasshopper
Species huroni - Huron Short-wing Grasshopper
Species immunis - Melanoplus immunis
Species impudicus - Immodest Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species inconspicuus - Inconspicuous Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species indicifer - Spinecercus Short-wing Grasshopper
Species infantilis - Little Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species islandicus - Island Short-wing Grasshopper
Species keeleri - Keeler's Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species lakinus - Lakin Grasshopper
Species lemhiensis - Lemhi Short-wing Grasshopper
Species ligneolus - Wood-colored Short-wing Grasshopper
Species macclungi - Kansas Juniper Grasshopper
Species magdalenae - Magdalena Short-wing Grasshopper
Species mancus - Smith's Short-wing Grasshopper
Species marginatus - Margined Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species militaris - Military Spur-throat Gasshopper
Species mirus - Weldon Short-wing Grasshopper
Species montanus - Montana Short-wing Grasshopper
Species nanciae - Ocala Clawcercus Grasshopper
Species nigrescens - Dark-sided Grasshopper
Species nubilus - Nubile Short-wing Grasshopper
Species occidentalis - Flabellate Grasshopper
Species oklahomae - Oklahoma Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species ordwayae - Trail Ridge Scrub Grasshopper
Species oregonensis - Oregon Short-wing Grasshopper
Species oreophilus - Mount Hood Short-wing Grasshopper
Species ottei - Melanoplus ottei
Species packardii - Packard's Grasshopper
Species payettei - Payette's Short-wing Grasshopper
Species pictus - Pictured Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species pinaleno - Pinaleno Short-wing Grasshopper
Species platycercus - Whitney Short-wing Grasshopper
Species plebejus - Plebeian Short-wing Grasshopper
Species ponderosus - Ponderous Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species puer - Least Short-wing Grasshopper
Species punctulatus - Pine Tree Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species pygmaeus - Pygmy Short-wing Grasshopper
Species quercicola - Oak-loving Short-wing Grasshopper
Species querneus - Oak Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species regalis - Regal Grasshopper
Species rileyanus - Riley's Short-wing Grasshopper
Species rotundipennis - Round-winged Grasshopper
Species rugglesi - Nevada Sage Grasshopper
Species rusticus-decoratus-species-group - Obovate-winged Grasshopper
Species saltator - Willamette Short-wing Grasshopper
Species sanguinipes - Migratory Grasshopper
Species scapularis - Lesser Fork-tail Grasshopper
Species scudderi - Scudder's Short-wing Grasshopper
Species serrulatus - Nantahala Short-wing Grasshopper
Species snowi - Snow's Short-wing Grasshopper
Species splendidus - Juniper Grasshopper
Species spretus - Rocky Mountain Locust
Species stegocercus - Stegocercus Short-wing Grasshopper
Species stonei - Stone's Grasshopper
Species strumosus - Swollen Short-wing Grasshopper
Species tequestae - Tequestae Scrub Grasshopper
Species texanus - Texas Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species texensis - Melanoplus texensis
Species thomasi - Thomas's Two-striped Grasshopper
Species tribulus - Tribulus Short-wing Grasshopper
Species truncatus - Truncate-cercus Short-wing Grasshopper
Species tuberculatus - Quanah Grasshopper
Species tumidicercus - Broadcercus Short-wing Grasshopper
Species tunicae - Tunica Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species viridipes-species-group - Green-legged Grasshopper
Species walshii - Walsh's Short-wing Grasshopper
Species warneri - Warner's Spur-throat Grasshopper
Species washingtonius - Washington Short-wing Grasshopper
Species withlacoocheenisis - Withlacoochee Grasshopper
Species yarrowii - Yarrow's Grasshopper
Species unknown-species - from Georgia & Carolina
No Taxon Probable Hybrids
No Taxon Unidentified Eastern Short-winged Melanoplus
No Taxon Unidentified Western Short-winged Melanoplus
No Taxon Unidentified Long-winged Melanoplus
No Taxon Unidentified Melanoplus Nymphs
Genus Netrosoma
Species fusiformis - Netrosoma fusiformis
Species nigropleura - Black-striped Desert Grasshopper
Genus Oedaleonotus
Species borckii - Oedaleonotus borckii
Species enigma - Valley Grasshopper
Species orientis - Oedaleonotus orientis
Species pacificus - Oedaleonotus pacificus
Species phryneicus - Oedaleonotus phryneicus
Species tenuipennis - Oedaleonotus tenuipennis
Genus Paraidemona
Species species-a - Paraidemona species-a
Species species-b - Paraidemona species - b
Species species-c - P. mimica ?
Species fratercula - Paraidemona fratercula
Species latifurcula - Paraidemona latifurcula
Species mimica - Paraidemona mimica
Species nuttingi - Paraidemona nuttingi
Species olsoni - Paraidemona olsoni
Species punctata - Paraidemona punctata
Genus Paratylotropidia
Species morsei - Paratylotropidia morsei
Species beutenmuelleri - Paratylotropidia beutenmuelleri
Species brunneri - Paratylotropidia brunneri
Genus Paroxya
Species atlantica - Atlantic Grasshopper
Species clavuliger - Olive-green Swamp Grasshopper
Genus Phaedrotettix
Species accola - Phaedrotettix accola
Species concinnus - Phaedrotettix concinnus
Species dumicola - Phaedrotettix dumicola
Species palmeri - Phaedrotettix palmeri
Genus Phaulotettix
Species compressus - Phaulotettix compressus
Species eurycercus - Sotol Grasshopper
Genus Philocleon
Species nigrovittatus - Black-striped Grasshopper
Genus Phoetaliotes
Species nebrascensis - Large-headed Grasshopper
Tribe Podismini
Genus Agnostokasia
Species sublima - Agnostokasia sublima
Genus Appalachia
Species arcana - Appalachia arcana
Genus Asemoplus
Species sierranus - Asemoplus sierranus
Species montanus - Asemoplus montanus
Genus Booneacris
Species alticola - Marys Peak Wingless Grasshopper
Species glacialis - Wingless Mountain Grasshopper
Species polita - Willamette Wingless Grasshopper
Genus Bradynotes
Species obesa - Slow Mountain Grasshopper
Genus Buckellacris
Species chilcotinae - Buckellacris chilcotinae
Species nuda - Buckell's Timberline Grasshopper
Genus Dendrotettix
Species zimmermanni - Carolina Oak Grasshopper
Species australis - Scrub Pine Grasshopper
Species quercus - Post Oak Grasshopper
Genus Hebardacris
Species albida - Hebardacris albida
Species mono - Hebardacris mono
Species excelsa - Hebardacris excelsa
Genus Hypsalonia
Species rentzi - Hypsalonia rentzi
Species satur - Hypsalonia satur
Species tioga - Hypsalonia tioga
Species merga - Hypsalonia merga
Species miwoki - Hypsalonia miwoki
Species petasata - Hypsalonia petasata
Genus Karokia
Species memorialis - Karokia memorialis
Species blanci - Karokia blanci
Genus Nisquallia
Species olympica - Olympic grasshopper
Genus Prumnacris
Species rainierensis - Cascade Timberline Grasshopper
No Taxon Hesperotettix genus group
Genus Campylacantha
Species olivacea - Fuzzy Olive-Green Grasshopper
Subspecies olivacea - Campylacantha olivacea olivacea
Subspecies vivax - Campylacantha olivacea vivax
Genus Gymnoscirtetes
Species morsei - Morse's Wingless Grasshopper
Species pusillus - Little Wingless Grasshopper
Genus Chloroplus
Species cactocaetes - Texas Cholla Grasshopper
Genus Hesperotettix
Species curtipennis - Hesperotettix curtipennis
Species osceola - Osceola grasshopper
Species pacificus - Hesperotettix pacificus
Species viridis - Hesperotettix viridis
Subspecies brevipennis - Hesperotettix viridis brevipennis
Subspecies nevadensis - Short-winged Snakeweed Grasshopper
Subspecies pratensis - Purple-striped Grasshopper
Subspecies viridis - Snakeweed Grasshopper
Species floridensis - Florida Purple-striped Grasshopper
Species speciosus - Showy Grasshopper
Genus Hypochlora
Species alba - Mugwort Grasshopper
Genus Poecilotettix
Species pantherinus - Panther-spotted Grasshopper
Species sanguineus - Red-lined Grasshopper
Subfamily Oedipodinae - Band-winged Grasshoppers
Tribe Parapleurini
Genus Stethophyma
Species celata - Southern Sedge Grasshopper
Species gracilis - Graceful Sedge Grasshopper
Species lineata - Striped Sedge Grasshopper
Tribe Chortophagini
Genus Chimarocephala
Species californica - California Clouded Grasshopper
Species elongata - Chimarocephala elongata
Species pacifica - Painted Meadow Grasshopper
Subspecies incisa - Chimarocephala pacifica incisa
Subspecies pacifica - Chimarocephala pacifica pacifica
Genus Chortophaga
Species mendocino - Mendocino Green-striped Grasshopper
Species viridifasciata - Green-striped Grasshopper
Subspecies australior - Southern Green-striped Grasshopper
Subspecies viridifasciata - Northern Green-striped Grasshopper
Genus Encoptolophus
Species costalis - Western Clouded Grasshopper
Species pallidus - Pale Clouded Grasshopper
Species robustus - Coast Clouded Grasshopper
Species sordidus - Clouded Grasshopper
Species subgracilis - Southwestern Dusky Grasshopper
Genus Machaerocera
Species mexicana - Mexican Blue-wing Grasshopper
Genus Shotwellia
Species isleta - Shotwellia isleta
Tribe Arphiini
Genus Arphia
Species behrensi - California Sulphur-winged Grasshopper
Species conspersa - Speckle-winged Rangeland Grasshopper
Species granulata - Southern Yellow-winged Grasshopper
Species pecos - Pecos Arphia
Species pseudonietana - Red-winged Grasshopper
Species ramona - California Orange-winged Grasshopper
Species simplex - Plains Yellow-winged Grasshopper
Species sulphurea - Sulphur-winged Grasshopper
Species xanthoptera - Autumn Yellow-winged Grasshopper
Species saussureana - California Red-winged Grasshopper
Genus Lactista
Species azteca - Aztec Grasshopper
Species gibbosa - Trailside Grasshopper
Species elota - Lactista elota
Genus Leuronotina
Species ritensis - Lichen Grasshopper
Genus Tomonotus
Species mexicanus - Mexican Oak-leaf Grasshopper
Species ferruginosus - Oak-leaf Grasshopper
Tribe Hippiscini
Genus Agymnastus
Species ingens - Lubberly Band-winged Grasshopper
Species venerabilis - Agymnastus venerabilis
Genus Camnula
Species pellucida - Clear-winged Grasshopper
Genus Cratypedes
Species lateritius - Nevada Red-winged Grasshopper
No Taxon olancha
Subspecies lateritius - Cratypedes lateritius lateritius
Species neglectus - Pronotal Range Grasshopper
Genus Hadrotettix
Species magnificus - Hadrotettix magnificus
Species trifasciatus - Three-banded Grasshopper
Genus Heliastus
Species subroseus - Rose-wing Beach Grasshopper
Species benjamini - Arroyo Grasshopper
Genus Hippiscus
Species ocelote - Wrinkled Grasshopper
Genus Leprus
Species intermedius - Saussure's Blue-winged Grasshopper
Species wheeleri - Wheeler's Blue-winged Grasshopper
Genus Pardalophora
Species apiculata - Coral-winged Grasshopper
Species haldemanii - Haldeman's Grasshopper
Species phoenicoptera - Orange-winged grasshopper
Species saussurei - Saussure's Grasshopper
No Taxon intermediates
Genus Sticthippus
Species californicus - Sticthippus californicus
Genus Xanthippus
Species aquilonius - Xanthippus aquilonius
Species brooksi - Xanthippus brooksi
Species corallipes - Red-shanked Grasshopper
Subspecies altivolus - Xanthippus corallipes altivolus
Subspecies affrictus - Xanthippus corallipes affrictus
Subspecies buckelli - Xanthippus corallipes buckelli
Subspecies corallipes - Xanthippus corallipes corallipes
Subspecies latifasciatus - Xanthippus corallipes latifasciatus
Subspecies leprosus - Xanthippus corallipes leprosus
Subspecies pantherinus - Red-shanked grasshopper
No Taxon mountains of Mojave and southern California
Species montanus - Sandhills Band-wing Grasshopper
Species sierra - Sierra Grasshopper
No Taxon Canadian sand population
Tribe Psinidiini
Genus Derotmema
Species delicatulum - Derotmema delicatulum
Species haydeni - Derotmema haydeni
Species laticinctum - Derotmema laticinctum
Species piute - Derotmema piute
Species saussureanum - Saussure's Desert Grasshopper
Genus Hippopedon
Species gracilipes - Rehn's slender grasshopper
Species capito - Hippopedon capito
Genus Mestobregma
Species impexum - Mestobregma impexum
Species plattei - Platte Range Grasshopper
Species terricolor - Mestobregma terricolor
Genus Metator
Species nevadensis - Metator nevadensis
Species pardalinus - Blue-legged Grasshopper
Genus Psinidia
Species amplicornus - Caudell's Longhorn Grasshopper
Species fenestralis - Longhorn Band-wing Grasshopper
Genus Trachyrhachys
Species aspera - Trachyrhachys aspera
Species coronata - Trachyrhachys coronata
Species kiowa - Kiowa Grasshopper
Genus Trepidulus
Species hyalinus - Trepidulus hyalinus
Species rosaceus - Trepidulus rosaceus
Tribe Trimerotropini
Genus Anconia
Species integra - Alkali Grasshopper
Species hebardi - Hebard's Blue-winged Desert Grasshopper
Genus Circotettix
Species carlinianus - Carlinian Snapper
Species coconino - Coconino Wrangler Grasshopper
Species crotalum - Rattling Grasshopper
Species maculatus - Dancing Grasshopper
Species rabula - Wrangler Grasshopper
Species shastanus - Shasta Grasshopper
Species splendidus - San Gabriel Wrangler Grasshopper
Species stenometopus - Circotettix stenometopus
Species undulatus - Undulant-Winged Grasshopper
Genus Conozoa
Species carinata - Ridged Grasshopper
Species clementina - San Clemente Grasshopper
Species hyalina - Central Valley Grasshopper
Species nicola - San Nicolas Grasshopper
Species rebellis - White-lined Grasshopper
Species sulcifrons - Groove-headed Grasshopper
Species texana - Cristate Grasshopper
Genus Dissosteira
Species carolina - Carolina Grasshopper
Species longipennis - High Plains Grasshopper
Species spurcata - Spurcate Grasshopper
Species pictipennis - California Rose-Winged Grasshopper
Genus Microtes
Species occidentalis - Little Buzzer Grasshopper
Species pogonata - Microtes pogonata
Genus Spharagemon
Species bolli - Boll's Grasshopper
Species campestris - Campestral Grasshopper
Species collare - Mottled Sand Grasshopper
Species crepitans - Crepitating Grasshopper
Species cristatum - Ridgeback grasshopper
Species equale - Say's Grasshopper
Subspecies humile - Spharagemon equale humile
Subspecies equale - Spharagemon equale equale
Species marmoratum - Marbled Grasshopper
Subspecies marmoratum - Northern Marbled Grasshopper
Subspecies pictum - Southern Marbled Grasshopper
Species saxatile - Ledge Grasshopper
Species bunites - Spharagemon bunites
Genus Trimerotropis
Species agrestis - Toothed Dune Grasshopper
Subspecies barnumi - Trimerotropis agrestis barnumi
Subspecies agrestis - Trimerotropis agrestis agrestis
Species albescens - McNeill's White Grasshopper
Species arenacea - Rehn's Dune Grasshopper
Species arizonensis - Colorado River Blue-wing Grasshopper
Species bernardi - Forest Falls Grasshopper
Species bifasciata - Two-banded Grasshopper
Species californica - Strenuous Grasshopper
Species cincta - Masked Grasshopper
Species cyaneipennis - Blue-winged Grasshopper
Species diversellus - Geyser Grasshopper
Species fontana - Fontana Grasshopper
Species fratercula - Pine Bluffs Grasshopper
Species gracilis - Thomas' Slender Grasshopper
Species helferi - Helfer's Dune Grasshopper
Species huroniana - Lake Huron Locust
Species inconspicua - Inconspicuous Grasshopper
Species infantilis - Zayante Sandhills Grasshopper
Species inyo - Inyo Grasshopper
Species koebelei - Koebele's Grasshopper
Species latifasciata - Broad-banded Grasshopper
Species leucophaea - Inyo Blue-wing Grasshopper
Species maritima - Seaside Grasshopper
Species melanoptera - Black-winged Grasshopper
Species modesta - Modest Grasshopper
Species occidentalis - Occidental Grasshopper
Species occidentiloides - Trimerotropis occidentiloides
Species occulens - Lompoc Grasshopper
Species pacifica - Trimerotropis pacifica
Species pallidipennis - Pallid-winged Grasshopper
Species pallidipennis-b - Trimerotropis pallidipennis-B
Species pallidipennis-c - Trimerotropis pallidipennis-c
Species pistrinaria - Barren Land Grasshopper
Species pseudofasciata - Caerulean-winged Grasshopper
Species salina - Alkali Grasshopper
Species santabarbara - Trimerotropis santabarbara
Species saxatilis - Lichen Grasshopper
Species schaefferi - Gulf Dune Grasshopper
Species sparsa - Badlands Grasshopper
Species titusi - Titus' Grasshopper
Species thalassica - Thalassica Grasshopper
Species topanga - Topanga Grasshopper
Species verruculata - Crackling Forest Grasshopper
Subspecies verruculata - Crackling Locust
Subspecies suffusa - Crackling Forest Grasshopper
Species whitei - White's Dune Grasshopper
Species undescribed-species-a - Great Basin Grasshopper
Species undescribed-species-b - Gypsum Grasshopper
Species undescribed-species-c - Limestone Grasshopper
Genus Tropidolophus
Species formosus - Great Crested Grasshopper
Subfamily Romaleinae - Lubber Grasshoppers
Genus Brachystola - Grassland Lubbers
Species magna - Plains Lubber Grasshopper
Genus Dracotettix - Dragon Lubbers
Species monstrosus - Dracotettix monstrosus
Genus Phrynotettix - Toad Lubbers
Species robustus - Robust Toad Lubber
Species tshivavensis - Chihuahua Lubber
Genus Romalea - Lubber Grasshoppers
Species microptera - Eastern Lubber Grasshopper
Genus Spaniacris - Spanistic Desert Grasshopper
Species deserticola - Spanistic Desert Grasshopper
Genus Taeniopoda - Horse Lubbers
Species eques - Horse Lubber
Genus Tytthotyle - Furnace Heat Lubber
Species maculata - Furnace Heat Lubber
Family Eumastacidae - Monkey Grasshoppers
Genus Eumorsea
Species balli - Huachuca Monkey Grasshopper
Species pinaleno - Eumorsea pinaleno
Genus Morsea
Species tamalpaisensis - Tamalpais Monkey Grasshopper
Species kaibabensis - Kaibab Monkey Grasshopper
Species californica - Chaparral Monkey Grasshopper
Species catalinae - Catalina Monkey Grasshopper
Species dumicola - Yavapai Monkey Grasshopper
Species islandica - Island Monkey Grasshopper
Species piute - Piute Monkey Grasshopper
Genus Psychomastax
Species deserticola - Desert Monkey Grasshopper
Species inyo - White Mountain Grasshopper
Species psylla - San Jacinto Monkey Grasshopper
Species robusta - Robust Monkey Grasshopper
Family Tanaoceridae - Desert Long-horned Grasshoppers
Genus Mohavacris
Species timberlakei - Mohavacris timberlakei
Genus Tanaocerus
Species koebelei - Tanaocerus koebelei
Family Tetrigidae - Pygmy Grasshoppers
Subfamily Tetriginae
Genus Neotettix
Species femoratus - Short-leg Pygmy Grasshopper
Species nullisinus - Sinusless Pygmy Grasshopper
Species proavus - Fork-face Pygmy Grasshopper
Genus Nomotettix
Species parvus - Low-ridged Pygmy Grasshopper
Species cristatus - Crested Pygmy Grasshopper
Genus Paratettix
Species aztecus - Aztec Pygmy Grasshopper
Species brevipennis - Short-winged Pygmy Grasshopper
Species cucullatus - Hooded Grouse Locust
Species mexicanus - Mexican Pygmy Grasshopper
Species rugosus - Rough-back Pygmy Grasshopper
Species schochi - Broad-legged Pygmy Grasshopper
Species toltecus - Toltec Pygmy Grasshopper
Genus Tetrix
Species arenosa - Obscure Pygmy Grasshopper
Species brunneri - Brunner Pygmy Grasshopper
Species ornata - Ornate Pygmy Grasshopper
Species sierrana - Sierra Pygmy Grasshopper
Species subulata - Awl-shaped Pygmy Grasshopper
Subfamily Batrachideinae
Genus Tettigidea
Species acuta - Acute Pygmy Grasshopper
Species armata - Armored Pygmy Grasshopper
Species empedonepia - Neotenic Pygmy Grasshopper
Species lateralis - Black-sided Pygmy Grasshopper
Species prorsa - Cone-head Pygmy Grasshopper
Family Tridactylidae - Pygmy Mole 'Crickets'
Genus Ellipes
Species eisneri - Eisner's Pygmy Mole Cricket
Species minuta - Smaller Sand Cricket
Species monticolus - Ellipes monticolus
Species nr-eisneri - Ellipes nr-eisneri
Genus Neotridactylus
Species apicialis - Larger Pygmy Mole Grasshopper
Species archboldi - Archbold Pygmy Mole Grasshopper
Order Notoptera - Rock Crawlers
Suborder Grylloblattodea - Rock Crawlers
Family Grylloblattidae
Genus Grylloblatta
Species bifratrilecta - Grylloblatta bifratrilecta
Species campodeiformis - Northern Rock Crawler
Species chirurgica - Grylloblatta chirurgica
Species chintimini - Grylloblatta chintimini
Order Embiidina - Webspinners
Family Anisembiidae
Genus Anisembia
Species texana - Anisembia texana
Family Oligotomidae
Genus Haploembia
Species solieri - Haploembia solieri
Genus Oligotoma
Species saundersii - Saunders' Embiid
Species nigra - Black Webspinner
Family Teratembiidae
Genus Diradius
Species vandykei - Diradius vandykei
Order Phasmida - Walkingsticks
Family Diapheromeridae
Genus Diapheromera
Species arizonensis - Arizona Walkingstick
Species carolina - Carolina Walkingstick
Species covilleae - Creosote Bush Walkingstick
Species femorata - Northern Walkingstick
Species persimilis - Diapheromera persimilis
Species tamaulipensis - Tamaulipan Walkingstick
Species velii - Prairie Walkingstick
Genus Manomera
Species blatchleyi - Blatchley Walkingstick
Species brachypyga - Short-Rumped Walkingstick
Species tenuescens - Slender-bodied Walkingstick
Genus Megaphasma
Species denticrus - Giant Walkingstick
Genus Pseudosermyle
Species catalinae - Catalina Walkingstick
Species straminea - Straw-colored Walkingstick
Species strigata - Striped Walkingstick
Genus Sermyle
Species mexicana - Mexican Walkingstick
Family Heteronemiidae
Genus Parabacillus - Short-horn Walkingsticks
Species coloradus - Colorado Short-horn walkingstick
Species hesperus - Western Short-horn Walkingstick
Family Phasmatidae
Genus Haplopus
Species scabricollis - Mayer's Walkingstick
Genus Carausius
Species morosus - Indian Stick Insect
Family Pseudophasmatidae - Striped Walkingsticks
Genus Anisomorpha
Species buprestoides - Southern Two-striped Walkingstick
Species ferruginea - Northern Two-striped Walkingstick
Genus Peruphasma
Species schultei - Peruphasma schultei
Family Timematidae
Genus Timema
Species bartmani - Timema bartmani
Species boharti - Timema boharti
Species californicum - Timema californicum
Species chumash - Timema chumash
Species cristinae - Timema cristinae
Species genevievae - Timema genevievae
Species knulli - Timema knulli
Species monikense - Timema monikense
Species nevadense - Timema nevadense
Species podura - Timema podura
Species poppense - Timema poppense
No Taxon indeterminate poppense/douglasi females
Species ritense - Timema ritense
No Taxon undescribed sp. 'Cuesta Ridge'
Order Mantodea - Mantids
Family Coptopterygidae
Genus Brunneria - Brunner's Stick Mantis
Species borealis - Brunner's Mantis
Family Liturgusidae
Genus Gonatista
Species grisea - Grizzled Mantid
Genus Liturgusa - Lichen Mantises
Species maya - Liturgusa maya
Family Mantidae
Genus Stagmomantis
Species californica - California Mantis
Species carolina - Carolina Mantis
Species floridensis - Larger Florida Mantis
Species gracilipes - Arizona Tan Mantis
Species limbata - Bordered Mantis
Subfamily Vatinae
Genus Phyllovates
Species chlorophaea - Texas Unicorn Mantis
Genus Pseudovates
Species arizonae - Arizona Unicorn Mantis
Subfamily Amelinae
Genus Litaneutria - Ground Mantids
Species minor - Litaneutria minor
Species obscura - Litaneutria obscura
Species ocularis - Litaneutria ocularis
Species pacifica - Litaneutria pacifica
Species skinneri - Litaneutria skinneri
Species elongata - Litaneutria elongata
Species emarginata - Litaneutria emarginata
Genus Yersiniops - Grasshopper Mantids
Species solitarius - Yersiniops solitarius
Species sophronicus - Yersin's ground mantis
Subfamily Mantinae
Genus Mantis
Species religiosa - European Mantis
Genus Tenodera
Species angustipennis - Narrow-winged Mantis
Species sinensis - Chinese Mantis
Subspecies sinensis - Chinese Mantis
Genus Statilia
Species maculata - Asian Jumping Mantis
Family Mantoididae
Genus Mantoida
Species maya - Little Yucatan Mantid
Family Tarachodidae
Genus Iris
Species oratoria - Mediterranean Mantis
Family Thespidae
Genus Bactromantis
Species mexicana - Bactromantis mexicana
Species virga - Bactromantis virga
Genus Oligonicella
Species scudderi - Oligonicella scudderi
Genus Thesprotia
Species graminis - Grass-like Mantid
No Taxon Unidentified Oothecae and Hatchlings
Order Blattodea - Cockroaches and Termites
Superfamily Blaberoidea
Family Blaberidae
Genus Blaberus
Species discoidalis - Blaberus discoidalis
Species craniifer - Death's Head Cockroach
Species atropos - Blaberus atropos
Genus Epilampra
Species maya - Epilampra maya
Genus Hemiblabera - Broad Keys Cockroaches
Species tenebricosa - Broad Keys Cockroach
Genus Nauphoeta
Species cinerea - Lobster Cockroach
Genus Panchlora
Species nivea - Green Banana Cockroach
Genus Pycnoscelus
Species surinamensis - Surinam Cockroach
Family Ectobiidae
Subfamily Blattellinae
Genus Attaphila
Species fungicola - Ant Cockroach
Genus Blattella
Species germanica - German Cockroach
Species asahinai - Asian Cockroach
Species vaga - Field Cockroach
Genus Ischnoptera
Species bilunata - Ischnoptera bilunata
Species deropeltiformis - Dark Wood Cockroach
Genus Parcoblatta - Wood Cockroaches
Species americana - American Wood Cockroach
Species bolliana - Boll's Wood Cockroach
Species caudelli - Caudell's Wood Cockroach
Species desertae - Desert Wood Cockroach
Species divisa - Southern Wood Cockroach
Species fulvescens - Fulvous Wood Cockroach
Species lata - Broad Wood Cockroach
Species notha - Arizona Wood Roach
Species pennsylvanica - Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach
Species uhleriana - Uhler's Wood Cockroach
Species virginica - Virginia Wood Cockroach
Species zebra - Zebra Wood Cockroach
Genus Pseudomops
Species septentrionalis - Pale Bordered Field Cockroach
Genus Symploce
Species morsei - Symploce morsei
Subfamily Ectobiinae
Genus Ectobius
Species lapponicus - Dusky Cockroach
Species lucidus - Ectobius lucidus
Species pallidus - Spotted Mediterranean Cockroach
Species sylvestris - Forest Cockroach
Genus Luridiblatta
Species trivittata - Luridiblatta trivittata
Subfamily Pseudophyllodromiinae
Genus Aglaopteryx
Species gemma - Little Gem Cockroach
Genus Cariblatta
Species lutea - Small Yellow Cockroach
Species minima - Least Yellow Cockroach
Genus Chorisoneura
Species parishi - Chorisoneura parishi
Species texensis - Small Yellow Texas Cockroach
Genus Euthlastoblatta
Species abortiva - Fragile Cockroach
Genus Latiblattella
Species lucifrons - Latiblattella lucifrons
Species rehni - Latiblattella rehni
Genus Neoblattella
Species detersa - Neoblattella detersa
Genus Plectoptera
Species poeyi - Florida Beetle Roach
Species picta - Plectoptera picta
Genus Supella
Species longipalpa - Brown-banded cockroach
Superfamily Blattoidea
Family Blattidae
Genus Blatta
Species orientalis - Oriental Cockroach
Genus Eurycotis
Species lixa - Eurycotis lixa
Species floridana - Florida Woods Cockroach
Genus Neostylopyga
Species rhombifolia - Harlequin Roach
Genus Periplaneta
Species americana - American Cockroach
Species australasiae - Australian Cockroach
Species brunnea - Brown Cockroach
Species fuliginosa - Smoky Brown Cockroach
Genus Shelfordella
Species lateralis - Turkestan Cockroach
Family Cryptocercidae
Genus Cryptocercus
Species clevelandi - Cryptocercus clevelandi
Species darwini - Cryptocercus darwini
Species garciai - Cryptocercus garciai
Species punctulatus - Brown-hooded Cockroach
Species wrighti - Cryptocercus wrighti
No Taxon Epifamily Termitoidae - Termites
Family Archotermopsidae - Rottenwood Termites
Genus Zootermopsis - Dampwood termites
Species laticeps - Arizona Dampwood Termite
Species angusticollis - Pacific Dampwood Termite
Species nevadensis - Nevada Dampwood Termite
Subspecies nevadensis - Zootermopsis nevadensis nevadensis
Subspecies nuttingi - Zootermopsis nevadensis nuttingi
Family Kalotermitidae - Drywood and Dampwood Termites
Genus Calcaritermes
Species nearcticus - Calcaritermes nearcticus
Genus Cryptotermes - Powderpost Termites
Species cavifrons - Cryptotermes cavifrons
Genus Incisitermes - Drywood Termites
Species minor - Western Drywood Termite
Species schwarzi - Incisitermes schwarzi
Species snyderi - Light Southeastern Drywood Termite
Species banksi - Incisitermes banksi
Genus Kalotermes - Drywood Termites
Species approximatus - Dark Southern Drywood Termite
Genus Marginitermes
Species hubbardi - Light Western Drywood Termite
Genus Neotermes - Dampwood Termites
Species jouteli - Coastal Florida Dampwood Termite
Species castaneus - Florida Dampwood Termite
Genus Paraneotermes - Desert Dampwood Termite
Species simplicicornis - Desert Dampwood Termite
Genus Pterotermes
Species occidentis - Pterotermes occidentis
Family Rhinotermitidae - Subterranean Termites
Genus Coptotermes
Species formosanus - Formosan Subterranean Termite
Genus Reticulitermes
Species flavipes - Eastern Subterranean Termite
Species hageni - Light Southern Subterranean Termite
Species hesperus - Western Subterranean Termite
Species tibialis - Arid-Land Subterranean Termite
Family Termitidae - Higher Termites
Subfamily Nasutitermitinae - Nasute Termites
Genus Tenuirostritermes
Species tenuirostris - Tenuirostritermes tenuirostris
Species cinereus - Tenuirostritermes cinereus
Subfamily Termitinae
Genus Amitermes - Desert Termites
Species minimus - Amitermes minimus
Species wheeleri - Wheeler's Desert Termite
Species parvulus - Amitermes parvulus
Genus Gnathamitermes - Long-jawed Desert Termites
Species perplexus - Long-jawed Desert Termites
Subfamily Apicotermitinae
Genus Anoplotermes - Soldierless termites
Species fumosus - Anoplotermes fumosus
Superfamily Corydioidea
Family Corydiidae
Genus Arenivaga
Species apacha - Arenivaga apacha
Species bolliana - Boll's Sandroach
Species erratica - Arenivaga erratica
Species floridensis - Florida Sand Cockroach
Species gaiophanes - Arenivaga gaiophanes
Species genitalis - Arenivaga genitalis
Species hopkinsorum - Arenivaga hopkinsorum
Species investigata - Arenivaga investigata
Species tenax - Arenivaga tenax
Species tonkawa - Arenivaga tonkawa
Species sequoia - Arenivaga sequoia
Genus Compsodes
Species schwarzi - Schwarz's Hooded Cockroach
Genus Eremoblatta
Species subdiaphana - Eremoblatta subdiaphana
No Taxon Unidentified Cockroach Oothecae
Order Thysanoptera - Thrips
Family Aeolothripidae - Predatory Thrips
Genus Aeolothrips
Species collaris - Aeolothrips collaris
Species kuwanaii - Aeolothrips kuwanaii
Genus Erythrothrips
Species keeni - Erythrothrips keeni
Genus Franklinothrips
Species vespiformis - Franklinothrips vespiformis
Genus Orothrips
Species kelloggi - Orothrips kelloggi
Family Heterothripidae
Genus Heterothrips
Species aesculi - Heterothrips aesculi
Family Melanthripidae
Genus Ankothrips
Species yuccae - Ankothrips yuccae
Family Merothripidae
Genus Merothrips
Species floridensis - Merothrips floridensis
Family Phlaeothripidae - Tube-tailed Thrips
Subfamily Idolothripinae
Genus Compsothrips
Genus Elaphrothrips
Species tuberculatus - Elaphrothrips tuberculatus
Subfamily Phlaeothripinae
Genus Gynaikothrips
Species ficorum - Cuban Laurel Thrips
Genus Klambothrips
Species myopori - Myoporum Thrips
Genus Haplothrips
Species leucanthemi - Clover thrips
Genus Hoplothrips
Genus Leptothrips
Genus Neurothrips
Species magnafemoralis - Neurothrips magnafemoralis
Genus Torvothrips
Species kosztarabi - Torvothrips kosztarabi
Genus Liothrips
Species ilex - Toyon Thrips
Family Thripidae
Subfamily Panchaetothripinae
Genus Parthenothrips
Species dracaenae - Parlour Palm Thrips
Genus Heliothrips
Species haemorrhoidalis - Greenhouse Thrips
Genus Selenothrips
Species rubrocinctus - Red-banded Thrips
Genus Caliothrips
Subfamily Sericothripinae
Genus Neohydatothrips
Species samayunkur - Marigold Thrips
Species variabilis - Soybean Thrips
Subfamily Thripinae
Genus Arorathrips
Genus Ctenothrips
Species bridwelli - Ctenothrips bridwelli
Genus Echinothrips
Species americanus - Echinothrips americanus
Genus Frankliniella
Species tritici - Frankliniella tritici
No Taxon bispinosa or cephalica
Genus Megalurothrips
Genus Psilothrips
Species pardalotus - Psilothrips pardalotus
Genus Salpingothrips
Species aimotofus - Salpingothrips aimotofus
Genus Scirtothrips
Species dorsalis - Chilli thrips
Genus Scolothrips
Genus Thrips
Species tabaci - Onion Thrips
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Auchenorrhyncha - Free-living Hemipterans
Superfamily Cercopoidea - Spittlebugs
Family Aphrophoridae - Spittlebugs
Genus Aphrophora
No Taxon Subgenus Aphrophora
Species alni - European Alder Spittlebug
Species quadrinotata - Four-spotted Spittlebug
Species salicina - Willow Spittlebug
No Taxon Subgenus Peuceptyelus
Species princeps - Cone Spittlebug
No Taxon Subgenus Pinimber
Species cribrata - Pine Spittlebug
No Taxon Subgenus Plesiommata
Species gelida - Boreal Spittlebug
Species parallella - Spruce spittlebug
Species permutata - Douglas-fir Spittlebug
Species saratogensis - Saratoga Spittlebug
Genus Lepyronia
Species angulifera - Angular Spittlebug
Species coleoptrata - Lepyronia coleoptrata
Species gibbosa - Hill-Prairie Spittlebug
Species quadrangularis - Diamondback Spittlebug
Genus Neophilaenus
Species lineatus - Lined Spittlebug
Genus Philaenarcys
Species bilineata - Prairie Spittlebug
Genus Philaenus
Species spumarius - Meadow Spittlebug
Genus Philaronia
Species canadensis - Philaronia canadensis
Species abjecta - Philaronia abjecta
No Taxon nymphs
Family Clastopteridae
Genus Clastoptera
Species achatina - Pecan Spittlebug
Species arborina - Red Cedar Spittlebug
Species arizonana - Clastoptera arizonana
Species binotata - Clastoptera binotata
Species brunnea - Clastoptera brunnea
Species delicata - Clastoptera delicata
Species doeringae - Mountain-juniper Spittlebug
Species hyperici - Clastoptera hyperici
Species juniperina - Juniper Spittlebug
Species laevigata - Clastoptera laevigata
Species lawsoni - Clastoptera lawsoni
Species lineatocollis - Clastoptera lineatocollis
Species lugubris - Clastoptera lugubris
Species obtusa - Alder Spittlebug
Species octonotata - Clastoptera octonotata
Species ovata - Clastoptera ovata
Species proteus - Dogwood Spittlebug
Species saintcyri - Heath Spittlebug
Species siskiyou - Clastoptera siskiyou
Species testacea - Clastoptera testacea
Species xanthocephala - Sunflower Spittlebug
Species undescribed - Clastoptera undescribed
No Taxon lineatocollis species-group
No Taxon obtusa species-group
No Taxon Florida type
No Taxon probable undescribed genus
Family Cercopidae - Froghoppers
Genus Aeneolamia
Species albofasciata - Aeneolamia albofasciata
Genus Prosapia
Species bicincta - Two-lined Spittlebug
Species ignipectus - Red-legged Spittlebug
No Taxon undescribed sp.
Superfamily Cicadoidea - Cicadas, Leafhoppers, and Treehoppers
Family Cicadellidae - Leafhoppers
Subfamily Aphrodinae
Genus Anoscopus
Species albifrons - Anoscopus albifrons 0
Species albiger - Anoscopus albiger
Species flavostriatus - Anoscopus flavostriatus
Species serratulae - Anoscopus serratulae
Genus Aphrodes
Species bicinctus - Girdled Leafhopper
Species costatus - Aphrodes costatus
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Driotura
Species robusta - Driotura robusta
Species gammaroides - Driotura gammaroides
Genus Planaphrodes
Species bifasciata - Planaphrodes bifasciata
Genus Stroggylocephalus
Species mixtus - Stroggylocephalus mixtus
Genus Xestocephalus
Species brunneus - Brown Xestocephalus
Species bulbus - Xestocephalus bulbus
Species desertorum - Xestocephalus desertorum
Species fulvocapitatus - Xestocephalus fulvocapitatus
Species lunatus - Xestocephalus lunatus
Species nigrifrons - Xestocephalus nigrifrons
Species piceus - Xestocephalus piceus
Species provancheri - Xestocephalus provancheri
Species similis - Xestocephalus similis
Species superbus - Xestocephalus superbus
Species tesselatus - Xestocephalus tesselatus
Species tucsoni - Xestocephalus tucsoni
Species n-species - Undescribed Xestocephalus Species
Subfamily Cicadellinae - Sharpshooters
Tribe Cicadellini
Genus Apogonalia
Species mediolineata - Apogonalia mediolineata
Species omani - Apogonalia omani
Genus Ciminius
Species hartii - Ciminius hartii
Genus Decua
Species curta - Decua curta
Genus Draeculacephala - Sharpshooters
Species angulifera - Draeculacephala angulifera
Species antica - Draeculacephala antica
Species balli - Draeculacephala balli
Species bradleyi - Draeculacephala bradleyi
Species constricta - Draeculacephala constricta
Species crassicornis - Draeculacephala crassicornis
Species floridana - Draeculacephala floridana
Species inscripta - Waterlettuce Leafhopper
Species manitobiana - Draeculacephala manitobiana
Species minerva - Grass Sharpshooter
Species mollipes - Draeculacephala mollipes
Species navicula - Draeculacephala navicula
Species noveboracensis - Draeculacephala noveboracensis
Species paludosa - Draeculacephala paludosa
Species portola - Draeculacephala portola
Species prasina - Draeculacephala prasina
Species producta - Draeculacephala producta
Species robinsoni - Draeculacephala robinsoni
Species savannahae - Draeculacephala savannahae
Species septemguttata - Draeculacephala septemguttata
No Taxon mollipes or robinsoni
No Taxon antica or constricta
Genus Graphocephala
No Taxon Subgenus Graphocephala
Species coccinea - Red-banded Leafhopper
Subspecies coccinea - Graphocephala coccinea coccinea
Subspecies quadrivittata - Graphocephala coccinea quadrivittata
Species constricta - Graphocephala constricta
Species fennahi - Rhododendron Leafhopper
Species picta - Graphocephala picta
Species teliformis - Graphocephala teliformis
Species versuta - Graphocephala versuta
No Taxon coccinea or teliformis
No Taxon constricta or coccinea
No Taxon picta or fennahi
Species ignava - Graphocephala ignava
Species minuenda - Graphocephala minuenda
Species uhleri - Graphocephala uhleri
Genus Graphogonalia
Species evagorata - Graphogonalia evagorata
Genus Helochara
Species communis - Bog Leafhopper
Species deltoides - Helochara deltoides
Genus Hordnia
Species atropunctata - Blue-green Sharpshooter
Species aurora - Hordnia aurora
Species cythura - Hordnia cythura
Genus Hortensia
Species similis - Common Green Leafhopper
Genus Neokolla
Species aridella - Neokolla aridella
Species confluens - Willow Leafhopper
Species dolobrata - Graphocephala hieroglyphica var. dolobrata
Species hieroglyphica - Graphocephala gothica
Species lugubris - Neokolla lugubris
Species severini - Neokolla severini
Species subrufa - Neokolla subrufa
Species subrufula - Neokolla subrufula
Species uhleri - Graphocephala hieroglyphica
Genus Provancherana
Species tripunctata - Provancherana tripunctata
Genus Sibovia
Species compta - Sibovia compta
Species occatoria - Sibovia occatoria
No Taxon Sibovia occatoria var. "Brownsville"
Genus Tylozygus
Species bifidus - Tylozygus bifidus
Species fasciatus - Tylozygus fasciatus
Species geometricus - Tylozygus geometricus
Genus Xyphon
Species flaviceps - Xyphon flaviceps
Species reticulatum - Bermudagrass Leafhopper
No Taxon fulgidum or nudum
Species triguttatum - Xyphon triguttatum
Tribe Proconiini
Genus Cuerna
Species alpina - Cuerna alpina
Species arida - Cuerna arida
Species costalis - Cuerna costalis
Species fenestella - Cuerna fenestella
Species obesa - Cuerna obesa
Species occidentalis - Cuerna occidentalis
Species sayi - Cuerna sayi
Species striata - Cuerna striata
Species unica - Cuerna unica
Species yuccae - Cuerna yuccae
No Taxon striata or septentrionalis
Genus Homalodisca
Species elongata - Homalodisca elongata
Species liturata - Smoketree Sharpshooter
Species vitripennis - Glassy-winged Sharpshooter
Genus Oncometopia
No Taxon subgenus Similitopia
Species alpha - Oncometopia alpha
No Taxon subgenus Oncometopia
Species clarior - Oncometopia clarior
Species nigricans - Florida Sharpshooter
Species orbona - Broad-headed Sharpshooter
Genus Paraulacizes
Species irrorata - Speckled Sharpshooter
Species sparsa - Paraulacizes sparsa
Genus Phera
Species insolita - Phera insolita
Subfamily Coelidiinae
Genus Jikradia
Species melanota - Jikradia melanota
Species olitoria - Jikradia olitoria
Subspecies olitoria - Jikradia olitoria olitoria
Genus Tinobregmus
Species vittatus - Tinobregmus vittatus
Subfamily Deltocephalinae
Tribe Acinopterini
Genus Acinopterus
Species acuminatus - Acinopterus acuminatus
Species angulatus - Angulate Leafhopper
Species aridellus - Acinopterus aridellus
Species inornatus - Acinopterus inornatus
Species pulchellus - Acinopterus pulchellus
No Taxon Acinopterus n. sp. California
Species viridis - Acinopterus viridis
Tribe Athysanini
Genus Aligia
Species dellana - Aligia dellana
Species meridiana - Aligia meridiana
Genus Allygianus
Genus Aplanus
Species albidus - Aplanus albidus
Genus Atanus
Species perspicillatus - Atanus perspicillatus
Genus Ballana
Species atridorsum - Ballana atridorsum
Species chiragrica - Ballana chiragrica
Species venditaria - Ballana venditaria
Species vesca - Ballana vesca
Genus Bandara
Species curvata - Bandara curvata
Species inflata - Bandara inflata
Species johnsoni - Bandara johnsoni
Genus Bonneyana
Species terminalis - Bonneyana terminalis
Genus Caladonus
Species coquilletti - Caladonus coquilletti
Genus Calanana
Species rubralineata - Calanana rubralineata
Genus Cetexa
Species undescribed-on-junipers - Cetexa undescribed-on-junipers
Genus Chlorotettix
No Taxon subgenus Chlorotettix
Species viridius - Chlorotettix viridius
Species balli - Chlorotettix balli
Species fallax - Chlorotettix fallax
Species galbanatus - Chlorotettix galbanatus
Species iridescens - Chlorotettix iridescens
Species limosus - Chlorotettix limosus
Species lusorius - Chlorotettix lusorius
Species meriscus - Chlorotettix meriscus
Species melanotus - Chlorotettix melanotus
Species necopinus - Chlorotettix necopinus
Species nudatus - Chlorotettix nudatus
Species orbonatus - Chlorotettix orbonatus
Species rugicollis - Chlorotettix rugicollis
Species similis - Chlorotettix similis
Species spatulatus - Chlorotettix spatulatus
Species tergatus - Chlorotettix tergatus
Species unicolor - Chlorotettix unicolor
Genus Coulinus
Species usnus - Coulinus usnus
Genus Crassana
Species goniana - Crassana goniana
Genus Dixianus
Species utahnus - Dixianus utahnus
Genus Doleranus
Species longulus - Doleranus longulus
Species vividus - Doleranus vividus
Genus Eusama
Species amanda - Eusama amanda
Genus Eutettix
Species borealis - Eutettix borealis
Species latus - Eutettix latus
Species luridus - Eutettix luridus
Species marmoratus - Eutettix marmoratus
Species pictus - Eutettix pictus
Species tristis - Eutettix tristis
Species variabilis - Eutettix variabilis
No Taxon Eutettix n. sp.
Genus Extrusanus
Species oryssus - Extrusanus oryssus
Species ovatus - Extrusanus ovatus
Species extrusus - Extrusanus extrusus
Genus Floridonus
Species taxodii - Floridonus taxodii
Genus Gloridonus
Genus Limbanus
Species deltus - Limbanus deltus
Genus Lycioides
Species condalianus - Lycioides condalianus
Genus Mesamia
Species diana - Mesamia diana
Species divisa - Mesamia divisa
Species nigridorsum - Mesamia nigridorsum
Species straminea - Mesamia straminea
Genus Ollarianus
Species armus - Ollarianus armus
Species kinoanus - Ollarianus kinoanus
Species strictus - Ollarianus strictus
Genus Omanana
Species tortolita - Omanana tortolita
Genus Orientus
Species ishidae - Japanese Leafhopper
Genus Phlepsanus
Species vanduzeei - Phlepsanus vanduzeei
Genus Sobara
Species palliolata - Sobara palliolata
Genus Spathanus
Species acuminatus - Spathanus acuminatus
Subtribe Allygidiina
Genus Allygus
Species mixtus - Allygus mixtus
Species atomarius - Allygus atomarius
Genus Graphocraerus
Species ventralis - Graphocraerus ventralis
Subtribe Athysanina
Genus Athysanus
Species argentarius - Silver Leafhopper
Genus Doliotettix
Species lunulatus - Doliotettix lunulatus
Genus Euscelidius
Species variegatus - Euscelidius variegatus
Genus Euscelis
Species aemulans - Euscelis aemulans
Species maculipennis - Euscelis maculipennis
Species sordidus - Euscelis sordidus
Genus Stenometopiellus
Species cookei - Stenometopiellus cookei
Genus Streptanus
Species relativus - Streptanus relativus
Subtribe Platymetopiina
Genus Colladonus
Species aureolus - Colladonus aureolus
Species belli - Colladonus belli
Species brunneus - Colladonus brunneus
Species eburatus - Colladonus eburatus
Species clitellarius - Saddleback Leafhopper
Species flavocapitatus - Colladonus flavocapitatus
Species holmesi - Colladonus holmesi
Species geminatus - Geminate Leafhopper
Species mendicus - Colladonus mendicus
Species montanus - Mountain Leafhopper
Species reductus - Colladonus reductus
Species setaceus - Colladonus setaceus
Species youngi - Colladonus youngi
Genus Fitchana
Species vitellina - Fitchana vitellina
Genus Idiodonus
Species brittoni - Idiodonus brittoni
Species kennecottii - Idiodonus kennecottii
Species morsei - Idiodonus morsei
Genus Norvellina
Species bicolorata - Norvellina bicolorata
Species chenopodii - Norvellina chenopodii
Species columbiana - Norvellina columbiana
Species helenae - Norvellina helenae
Species mildredae - Norvellina mildredae
Species novica - Norvellina novica
Species pannosa - Norvellina pannosa
Species perelegantis - Norvellina perelegantis
Species pulchella - Norvellina pulchella
Species pullata - Norvellina pullata
Species rubida - Norvellina rubida
Species scitula - Norvellina scitula
Species seminuda - Norvellina seminuda
Species snowi - Norvellina snowi
Species undescribed-az - Norvellina undescribed-az
Genus Thamnotettix
Species confinis - Thamnotettix confinis
Species zelleri - Thamnotettix zelleri
Genus Twiningia
Species fasciata - Twiningia fasciata
Species pellucida - Twiningia pellucida
No Taxon new genus Calif.
Tribe Bahitini
Genus Menosoma
Species cincta - Menosoma cincta
Tribe Chiasmini
Genus Athysanella
Genus Doratura
Species stylata - Doratura stylata
Genus Exitianus
Species exitiosus - Gray Lawn Leafhopper
Species picatus - Exitianus picatus
Tribe Cicadulini
Genus Cicadula
Species cyperacea - Cicadula cyperacea
Species longiseta - Cicadula longiseta
Species melanogaster - Cicadula melanogaster
Species ornata - Cicadula ornata
Species saliens - Cicadula saliens
Species smithii - Cicadula smithii
Species straminea - Cicadula straminea
Species subcupraea - Cicadula subcupraea
Genus Elymana
Species acuma - Elymana acuma
Species inornata - Elymana inornata
Species sulphurella - Elymana sulphurella
Genus Knullana
Species huachuca - Knullana huachuca
Genus Paluda
Species gladiola - Paluda gladiola
Genus Pasaremus
Species concentricus - Pasaremus concentricus
Tribe Cochlorhinini
Genus Cochlorhinus
Species opertus - Cochlorhinus opertus
Species pasadenus - Cochlorhinus pasadenus
Species pluto - Cochlorhinus pluto
Species unispinosus - Cochlorhinus unispinosus
Species stygicus - Cochlorhinus stygicus
Genus Huleria
Genus Pasadenus
Tribe Deltocephalini
Genus Amblysellus
Species curtisii - Amblysellus curtisii
Species grex - Amblysellus grex
Species punctatus - Amblysellus punctatus
No Taxon Amblysellus n. sp. California
Genus Amplicephalus
Species osborni - Amplicephalus osborni
Genus Arundanus
Species arundineus - Arundanus arundineus
Species latidens - Arundanus latidens
Species marginellus - Arundanus marginellus
Species rubralineus - Arundanus rubralineus
Genus Crumbana
Species arundinea - Crumbana arundinea
Genus Deltanus
Species bicolor - Deltanus bicolor
Species texanus - Deltanus texanus
Genus Deltocephalus
Species fuscinervosus - Deltocephalus fuscinervosus
Species minutus - Deltocephalus minutus
Species pulicaris - Deltocephalus pulicaris
Species simplex - Deltocephalus simplex
Genus Planicephalus
Species flavicosta - Deltocephalus flavicosta
Species flavocostatus - Planicephalus flavocostatus
Genus Destria
Species crocea - Destria crocea
Genus Endria
Species lassa - Endria lassa
Species inimica - Painted Leafhopper
Genus Graminella
Species aureovittata - Graminella aureovittata
Species cognita - Graminella cognita
Species fitchii - Graminella fitchii
Species nigrifrons - Black-faced Leafhopper
Species oquaka - Graminella oquaka
Species pallidula - Graminella pallidula
Species plana - Graminella plana
Species sonora - Graminella sonora
Species villica - Graminella villica
Genus Haldorus
Species australis - Haldorus australis
Genus Hebecephalus
Species signatifrons - Hebecephalus signatifrons
Genus Kansendria
Species kansiensis - Kansendria kansiensis
Genus Lonatura
Species megalopa - Lonatura megalopa
Species salsura - Lonatura salsura
Genus Mendozellus
Species laredanus - Mendozellus laredanus
Genus Polyamia
Species weedi - Polyamia weedi
No Taxon subgenus Copolyamia
Species alboneura - White-veined Polyamia
Species apicata - Polyamia apicata
Species brevipennis - Polyamia brevipennis
Species caperata - Polyamia caperata
Species interrupta - Polyamia interrupta
Species lobata - Polyamia lobata
Species obtecta - Polyamia obtecta
Genus Reventazonia
Species lawsoni - Reventazonia lawsoni
Genus Sanctanus
No Taxon subgenus Cruciatanus
Species cruciatus - Sanctanus cruciatus
No Taxon subgenus Sanctanus
Species sanctus - Sanctanus sanctus
Species aestuarium - Sanctanus aestuarium
Species fasciatus - Sanctanus fasciatus
Species limicolus - Sanctanus limicolus
Species orbiculatus - Sanctanus orbiculatus
Species tectus - Sanctanus tectus
Genus Tideltellus
Species marinus - Tideltellus marinus
Genus Unoka
Species dramatica - Unoka dramatica
Species gillettei - Unoka gillettei
Tribe Dorycephalini
Genus Attenuipyga
Species vanduzeei - Attenuipyga vanduzeei
Species platyrhyncha - Attenuipyga platyrhyncha
Species minor - Attenuipyga minor
Species knulli - Attenuipyga knulli
Genus Neoslossonia
Species putnami - Neoslossonia putnami
Tribe Faltalini
Genus Hecullus
Species bracteatus - Hecullus bracteatus
Tribe Fieberiellini
Genus Fieberiella
Species florii - Privet Leafhopper
Tribe Hecalini
Genus Dicyphonia
Species ornata - Dicyphonia ornata
Genus Hecalus
Species montanus - Hecalus montanus
Genus Memnonia
Species brunnea - Memnonia brunnea
Species flavida - Memnonia flavida
Species purpurea - Memnonia purpurea
Genus Neohecalus
Species magnificus - Neohecalus magnificus
Species lineatus - Neohecalus lineatus
Genus Spangbergiella
Species mexicana - Spangbergiella mexicana
Species quadripunctata - Spangbergiella quadripunctata
Species viridis - Spangbergiella viridis
Species vulnerata - Spangbergiella vulnerata
Tribe Koebeliini
Genus Grypotes
Species puncticollis - Grypotes puncticollis
Genus Koebelia
Species coronata - Koebelia coronata
Species californica - Koebelia californica
Tribe Limotettigini
Genus Frigartus
Species frigidus - Frigartus frigidus
Genus Limotettix
No Taxon Subgenus Limotettix
Species ferganensis - Limotettix ferganensis
Species nigrax - Limotettix nigrax
No Taxon Subgenus Neodrylix
Species parallelus - Limotettix parallelus
No Taxon Subgenus Scleroracus
Species anthracinus - Limotettix anthracinus
Species arctostaphyli - Limotettix arctostaphyli
Species kryptus - Limotettix kryptus
Species obesura - Limotettix obesura
Species osborni - Limotettix osborni
Species plutonius - Limotettix plutonius
Species varus - Limotettix varus
Tribe Macrostelini
Genus Balclutha
Species abdominalis - Balclutha abdominalis
Species confluens - Balclutha confluens
Species impicta - Balclutha impicta
Species impunctata - Balclutha impunctata
Species incisa - Balclutha incisa
Species manitou - Balclutha manitou
Species punctata - Balclutha punctata
Species rosea - Balclutha rosea
Species rubrostriata - Balclutha rubrostriata
No Taxon subgenus Nesosteles
Species neglecta - Balclutha neglecta
Species rosacea - Balclutha rosacea
Genus Dalbulus
Species maidis - Corn Leafhopper
Genus Macrosteles
Species americanus - Macrosteles americanus
Species binotata - Macrosteles binotata
Species borealis - Macrosteles borealis
Species fascifrons - Macrosteles fascifrons
Species guttatus - Macrosteles guttatus
Species lepidus - Macrosteles lepidus
Species parvidens - Macrosteles parvidens
Species quadrilineatus - Aster Leafhopper
Species scriptus - Macrosteles scriptus
Species slossonae - Macrosteles slossonae
Tribe Opsiini
Genus Hishimonus
Species sellatus - Hishimonus sellatus
Genus Neoaliturus
Species tenellus - Beet Leafhopper
Genus Opsius
Species stactogalus - Tamarix Leafhopper
Tribe Paralimnini
Genus Alapus
Species elongatus - Alapus elongatus
Genus Auridius
Species cosmeticus - Auridius cosmeticus
Genus Diplocolenus
Species configuratus - Diplocolenus configuratus
No Taxon Subgenus Verdanus
Species abdominalis - Diplocolenus abdominalis
Species evansi - Diplocolenus evansi
Genus Flexamia
Species abbreviata - Flexamia abbreviata
Species albida - Flexamia albida
Species areolata - Flexamia areolata
Species pyrops - Flexamia pyrops
Species sandersi - Flexamia sandersi
Species stylata - Flexamia stylata
Genus Giprus
Genus Laevicephalus
Species melsheimerii - Laevicephalus melsheimerii
Species minimus - Laevicephalus minimus
Species peronatus - Laevicephalus peronatus
Species pravus - Laevicephalus pravus
Species sylvestris - Laevicephalus sylvestris
Species unicoloratus - Laevicephalus unicoloratus
Genus Lebradea
Species flavovirens - Lebradea flavovirens
Genus Mocuellus
Species americanus - Mocuellus americanus
Genus Orocastus
Species labeculus - Orocastus labeculus
Genus Peconus
Species scriptanus - Peconus scriptanus
Genus Pinumius
Species sexmaculatus - Pinumius sexmaculatus
Genus Rosenus
Species cruciatus - Rosenus cruciatus
Genus Spartopyge
Species miranda - Spartopyge miranda
Subtribe Paralimnina
Genus Arthaldeus
Species pascuellus - Arthaldeus pascuellus
Genus Commellus
Species comma - Commellus comma
Species cedilla - Commellus cedilla
Genus Cosmotettix
Species bilineatus - Cosmotettix bilineatus
Genus Latalus
Species ocellaris - Latalus ocellaris
Species personatus - Latalus personatus
Species sayii - Latalus sayii
Species sobrinus - Latalus sobrinus
Genus Paramesus
Species major - Paramesus major
Genus Psammotettix
Species dentatus - Psammotettix dentatus
Species lividellus - Psammotettix lividellus
Genus Sorhoanus
Species orientalis - Sorhoanus orientalis
Tribe Pendarini
Genus Dorydiella
Species kansana - Kansas Prairie Leafhopper
Genus Paraphlepsius
No Taxon continuus species group
Species continuus - Paraphlepsius continuus
No Taxon subgenus Strephonius
Species dentatus - Paraphlepsius dentatus
Species rossi - Paraphlepsius rossi
No Taxon subgenus Sabix
Species apertinus - Paraphlepsius apertinus
Species apertus - Paraphlepsius apertus
Species irroratus - Bespeckled Leafhopper
No Taxon subgenus Paraphlepsius
Species eburneolus - Paraphlepsius eburneolus
Species occidentalis - Paraphlepsius occidentalis
Species solidaginis - Paraphlepsius solidaginis
Species texanus - Paraphlepsius texanus
No Taxon subgenus Gamarex
Species bifidus - Paraphlepsius bifidus
Species collitus - Paraphlepsius collitus
Species fulvidorsum - Paraphlepsius fulvidorsum
Species tennessus - Paraphlepsius tennessus
Species varispinus - Paraphlepsius varispinus
No Taxon subgenus Paraphysius
Species lascivius - Paraphlepsius lascivius
Species micronotatus - Paraphlepsius micronotatus
Genus Pendarus
No Taxon subgenus Pendarus
Species auroalbus - Gold and White Leafhopper
Species punctiscriptus - Pendarus punctiscriptus
No Taxon subgenus Remadosus
Species magnus - Pendarus magnus
Species osborni - Pendarus osborni
Species palustris - Pendarus palustris
Tribe Penthimiini
Genus Penthimia
Species americana - Penthimia americana
Species floridana - Penthimia floridana
Species picta - Penthimia picta
Species vicaria - Penthimia vicaria
Tribe Phlepsiini
Genus Excultanus
Species dorothyae - Excultanus dorothyae
Species excultus - Excultanus excultus
Genus Texananus
No Taxon Subgenus Iowanus
Species caducus - Texananus caducus
Species longipennis - Texananus longipennis
Species majestus - Texananus majestus
No Taxon Subgenus Texananus
Species decorus - Texananus decorus
Species denticulus - Texananus denticulus
Species latipex - Texananus latipex
Species oregonus - Texananus oregonus
Species ovatus - Texananus ovatus
No Taxon Subgenus Zioninus
Species areolatus - Texananus areolatus
Tribe Scaphoideini
Genus Cantura
Species jucunda - Cantura jucunda
Genus Osbornellus
Species alatus - Osbornellus alatus
Species auronitens - Osbornellus auronitens
Species borealis - Osbornellus borealis
Species clarus - Osbornellus clarus
Species consors - Osbornellus consors
Species limosus - Osbornellus limosus
Species rotundus - Osbornellus rotundus
Species scalaris - Osbornellus scalaris
Species unicolor - Osbornellus unicolor
No Taxon Osbornellus n. sp. #1 California
No Taxon Osbornellus n. sp. #2 California
No Taxon auronitens, limosus or rotundus
Genus Prescottia
Species lobata - Prescottia lobata
Genus Scaphoideus
Species intricatus - Scaphoideus (Lonenus) intricatus
No Taxon subgenus Latenus
Species bifurcatus - Scaphoideus bifurcatus
Species carinatus - Scaphoideus carinatus
Species cylindratus - Scaphoideus cylindratus
Species minor - Scaphoideus minor
Species ochraceus - Scaphoideus ochraceus
Species productus - Scaphoideus productus
Species soleus - Scaphoideus soleus
Species veterator - Scaphoideus veterator
No Taxon subgenus Scaphoideus
Species atlantus - Scaphoideus atlantus
Species camurus - Scaphoideus camurus
Species crassus - Scaphoideus crassus
Species cyprius - Scaphoideus cyprius
Species forceps - Scaphoideus forceps
Species immistus - Scaphoideus immistus
Species incisus - Scaphoideus incisus
Species luteolus - Scaphoideus luteolus
Species melanotus - Scaphoideus melanotus
Species nigrellus - Scaphoideus nigrellus
Species obtusus - Scaphoideus obtusus
Species opalinus - Scaphoideus opalinus
Species pullus - Scaphoideus pullus
Species tergatus - Scaphoideus tergatus
Species titanus - Vine Leafhopper
No Taxon unidentified nymphs
Tribe Scaphytopiini
Genus Japananus
Species hyalinus - Japanese Maple Leafhopper
Genus Scaphytopius
No Taxon subgenus Cloanthanus
Species acutus - Sharp-nosed Leafhopper
Species angustatus - Scaphytopius angustatus
Species argutus - Scaphytopius argutus
Species cinereus - Scaphytopius cinereus
Species cinnamoneus - Scaphytopius cinnamoneus
Species frontalis - Yellowfaced Leafhopper
Species fulvus - Scaphytopius fulvus
Species latus - Scaphytopius latus
Species loricatus - Scaphytopius loricatus
Species magdalensis - Blueberry Leafhopper
Species nigrifrons - Scaphytopius nigrifrons
Species oregonensis - Scaphytopius oregonensis
Species rubellus - Scaphytopius rubellus
Species triangularis - Scaphytopius triangularis
Species verecundus - Scaphytopius verecundus
No Taxon Unknown "Red-striped" Scaphytopius
No Taxon subgenus Convelinus
Species desertanus - Scaphytopius desertanus
Species nigricollis - Scaphytopius nigricollis
No Taxon subgenus Scaphytopius
Species elegans - Scaphytopius elegans
Species cf-majestus - Scaphytopius cf. majestus, so.CA
Species unnamed-cf-elegans - Scaphytopius unnamed-cf-elegans
Species majestus - Scaphytopius majestus
Tribe Stenometopiini
Genus Gillettiella
Species labiata - Gillettiella labiata
Genus Kinonia
Species elongata - Kinonia elongata
Genus Penestirellus
Species catalinus - Penestirellus catalinus
Genus Stirellus
Species bicolor - Stirellus bicolor
Subfamily Eurymelinae
Tribe Idiocerini
Genus Balcanocerus
Species crataegi - Balcanocerus crataegi
Species fitchi - Balcanocerus fitchi
Species provancheri - Balcanocerus provancheri
Genus Idiocerus
No Taxon subgenus Idiocerus
Species albolinea - Idiocerus albolinea
Species alternatus - Idiocerus alternatus
Species n-species - Undescribed Idiocerus Species
Species amoenus - Idiocerus amoenus
Species apache - Idiocerus apache
Species cingulatus - Idiocerus cingulatus
Species couleanus - Idiocerus couleanus
Species ensiger - Idiocerus ensiger
Species freytagi - Idiocerus freytagi
Species iodes - Idiocerus iodes
Species moniliferae - Idiocerus moniliferae
Species musteus - Idiocerus musteus
Species nervatus - Idiocerus nervatus
Species pericalis - Idiocerus pericalis
Species raphus - Idiocerus raphus
Species setaceus - Idiocerus setaceus
Species stigmaticalis - Idiocerus stigmaticalis
No Taxon subgenus Populicerus
Species formosus - Idiocerus formosus
Species fulgidus - Idiocerus fulgidus
Species gillettei - Idiocerus gillettei
Species lachrymalis - Idiocerus lachrymalis
Species lunaris - Idiocerus lunaris
Species maximus - Idiocerus maximus
Species pallidus - Idiocerus pallidus
Species stellaris - Idiocerus stellaris
Species suturalis - Idiocerus suturalis
Species venosus - Idiocerus venosus
Species ramentosus - Idiocerus ramentosus
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Rhytidodus
Species decimaquartus - Rhytidodus decimaquartus
Tribe Macropsini
Genus Macropsis
No Taxon subgenus Macropsis
Species fuscula - Brambleberry Leafhopper
Species graminea - Macropsis graminea
Species infuscata - Macropsis infuscata
Species mendax - Macropsis mendax
Species notata - Macropsis notata
Species ocellata - Macropsis ocellata
No Taxon subgenus Neomacropsis
Species basalis - Macropsis basalis
Species bifasciata - Macropsis bifasciata
Species canadensis - Macropsis canadensis
Species decisa - Macropsis decisa
Species deviridis - Macropsis deviridis
Species ferrugineoides - Macropsis ferrugineoides
Species fumipennis - Macropsis fumipennis
Species osborni - Macropsis osborni
Species robusta - Macropsis robusta
Species rufescens - Macropsis rufescens
Species rufocephalus - Macropsis rufocephalus
Species sordida - Macropsis sordida
Species tunicata - Macropsis tunicata
Species viridis - Macropsis viridis
Genus Oncopsis
Species abietis - Oncopsis abietis
Species albicollis - Oncopsis albicollis
Species californica - Oncopsis californica
Species cinctifrons - Oncopsis cinctifrons
Species citra - Oncopsis citra
Species citrella - Oncopsis citrella
Species concurrens - Oncopsis concurrens
Species crispae - Oncopsis crispae
Species deluda - Oncopsis deluda
Species dorsalis - Oncopsis dorsalis
Species flavicollis - Oncopsis flavicollis
Species flavidorsum - Oncopsis flavidorsum
Species interior - Oncopsis interior
Species minor - Oncopsis minor
Species nigrinasi - Oncopsis nigrinasi
Species quebecensis - Oncopsis quebecensis
Species sobria - Oncopsis sobria
Species truncatus - Oncopsis truncatus
Species variabilis - Oncopsis variabilis
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Pediopsis
Species tiliae - Pediopsis tiliae
Genus Pediopsoides
Species distinctus - Pediopsoides distinctus
Genus Reticopsis
Species nubila - Reticopsis nubila
Species udrobates - Reticopsis udrobates
Subfamily Evacanthinae
Genus Ankosus
Species filamentus - Ankosus filamentus
Genus Carsonus
Species aridus - Carsonus aridus
Genus Errhomus
Species montanus - Errhomus montanus
Genus Evacanthus
Species bellaustralis - Evacanthus bellaustralis
Species grandipes - Evacanthus grandipes
Species nigramericanus - Evacanthus nigramericanus
Species orbitalis - Evacanthus orbitalis
Species ustanucha - Evacanthus ustanucha
No Taxon subgenus Evacanthus
Species emilus - Evacanthus emilus
Species interruptus - Evacanthus interruptus
Genus Hylaius
Species oregonensis - Hylaius oregonensis
Genus Lystridea
Species uhleri - Lystridea uhleri
Genus Pagaronia
Species furcata - Pagaronia furcata
Species triunata - Pagaronia triunata
No Taxon subgenus Pagaronia
Species minor - Pagaronia minor
Genus Sophonia
Species orientalis - Two-spotted Leafhopper
Genus Thatuna
Species gilletti - Thatuna gilletti
Subfamily Iassinae
Tribe Hyalojassini
Genus Momoria
Species magna - Momoria magna
Genus Penestragania
Species robusta - Penestragania robusta
Genus Stragania
Species alabamensis - Stragania alabamensis
Species apicalis - Stragania apicalis
Species bisignata - Stragania bisignata
Tribe Gyponini
Genus Acusana
Species vereprecula - Acusana vereprecula
Genus Dragonana
Species dracontea - Dragonana dracontea
Genus Gypona
Species bimaculata - Gypona bimaculata
Species melanota - Gypona melanota
Species contana - Gypona contana
Species verticalis - Gypona verticalis
Species vexana - Gypona vexana
Genus Gyponana
No Taxon Subgenus Gyponana
Species angulata - Gyponana angulata
Species cacumina - Gyponana cacumina
Species cana - Gyponana cana
Species castor - Gyponana castor
Species expanda - Gyponana expanda
Species geminata - Gyponana geminata
Species gladia - Gyponana gladia
Species hasta - Gyponana hasta
Species octolineata - Gyponana octolineata
Species offula - Gyponana offula
Species ortha - Gyponana ortha
Species praelonga - Gyponana praelonga
Species procera - Gyponana procera
Species protenta - Gyponana protenta
Species quebecensis - Gyponana quebecensis
Species salsa - Gyponana salsa
Species serpenta - probably?
Species striata - Gyponana striata
Species tenella - Gyponana tenella
Species tubera - Gyponana tubera
Species vasta - Gyponana vasta
Species vincula - Gyponana vincula
No Taxon Gyponana possibly-unnamed
No Taxon nymphs
No Taxon gladia or octolineata
Genus Hamana
Species gelbata - Hamana gelbata
Species manifesta - Hamana manifesta
Genus Marganana
Species undescribed - Marganana undescribed
Species suilla - Marganana suilla
Genus Polana
Species quadrinotata - Polana quadrinotata
Genus Ponana
Species citrina - Ponana citrina
Species hieroglyphica - Ponana hieroglyphica
Species limbatipennis - Ponana limbatipennis
Species pectoralis - Ponana pectoralis
Species puncticollis - Ponana puncticollis
Species quadralaba - Ponana quadralaba
Species rubida - Ponana rubida
Species scarlatina - Ponana scarlatina
No Taxon "Arizona-type" Ponana
Genus Prairiana
Species orizaba - Prairiana orizaba
Species sidana - Prairiana sidana
No Taxon Subgenus Negosiana
Species dualis - Prairiana dualis
Species negotiosa - Prairiana negotiosa
Species miliaris - Prairiana miliaris
Species longiora - Prairiana longiora
Genus Rugosana
Species manua - Rugosana manua
Species querci - Rugosana querci
Tribe Iassini
Genus Iassus
Species lanio - Iassus lanio
Tribe Selenomorphini
Genus Pachyopsis
Subfamily Ledrinae
Genus Xerophloea
Species majesta - Xerophloea majesta
Species major - Xerophloea major
Species peltata - Xerophloea peltata
Species viridis - Xerophloea viridis
Species zionis - Xerophloea zionis
Subfamily Megophthalminae
Genus Agallia
Species barretti - Agallia barretti
Species constricta - Constricted Leafhopper
Species deleta - Agallia deleta
Species lingula - Agallia lingula
Species lingulata - Agallia lingulata
Species modesta - Agallia modesta
Species quadripunctata - Four-spotted Clover Leafhopper
No Taxon nymphs
No Taxon constricta or quadripunctata
Genus Agalliopsis
Species ancistra - Agalliopsis ancistra
No Taxon subgenus Agallaria
Species cervina - Agalliopsis cervina
Species peneoculata - Agalliopsis peneoculata
No Taxon subgenus Agalliopsis
Species novella - Agalliopsis novella
Species novellina - Agalliopsis novellina
Genus Brenda
Species arborea - Brenda arborea
Genus Ceratagallia
Species agricola - Ceratagallia agricola
Species californica - Ceratagallia californica
Species cristula - Ceratagallia cristula
Species harrisi - Ceratagallia harrisi
Species humilis - Canadian Clover Leafhopper
Species nanella - Ceratagallia nanella
Species robusta - Ceratagallia robusta
Subspecies whitcombi - Ceratagallia robusta whitcombi
Species sanguinolenta - Clover Leafhopper
Species uhleri - Ceratagallia uhleri
Species viator - Ceratagallia viator
Genus Tiaja
Species arenaria - Tiaja arenaria
Subfamily Neobalinae
Subfamily Neocoelidiinae
Genus Neocoelidia
Species distincta - Neocoelidia distincta
Species fuscovittata - Neocoelidia fuscovittata
Species lineata - Neocoelidia lineata
Species obscura - Neocoelidia obscura
Species tripunctata - Neocoelidia tripunctata
Species tuberculata - Neocoelidia tuberculata
Species tumidifrons - Neocoelidia tumidifrons
Subfamily Nioniinae
Genus Nionia
Species palmeri - Nionia palmeri
Subfamily Typhlocybinae
Tribe Alebrini
Genus Alebra
Species aurea - Alebra aurea
Species bicincta - Alebra bicincta
Species eburnea - Alebra eburnea
Species elegans - Alebra elegans
Species floridae - Alebra floridae
Species fumida - Alebra fumida
Species rubrafrons - Alebra rubrafrons
Species thoracica - Alebra thoracica
Species wahlbergi - Alebra wahlbergi
Genus Protalebrella
Species conica - Protalebrella conica
Species brasiliensis - Brazilian Leafhopper
Genus Trypanalebra
Species maculata - Trypanalebra maculata
Tribe Dikraneurini
Genus Alconeura
Species dodonana - Alconeura dodonana
Species dorsalis - Alconeura dorsalis
Species luculenta - Alconeura luculenta
Species macra - Alconeura macra
Species quadrimaculata - Sycamore leafhopper
Species unipuncta - Alconeura unipuncta
Genus Dikraneura
Species abnormis - Dikraneura abnormis
Species absenta - Dikraneura absenta
Species angustata - Dikraneura angustata
Species arizona - Dikraneura arizona
Species mali - Dikraneura mali
Species rufula - Dikraneura rufula
Species cf-urbana - Dikraneura cf-urbana
Genus Dikrella
Species californica - Blackberry Leafhopper
Species cruentata - Dikrella cruentata
Species maculata - Dikrella maculata
Genus Kunzeana
Species kunzei - Kunzeana kunzei
Genus Typhlocybella
Species minima - Typhlocybella minima
Subtribe Dikraneurina
Tribe Empoascini
Genus Chlorita
Species nearctica - Chlorita nearctica
Genus Empoasca
No Taxon Subgenus Empoasca
Species bifurcata - Empoasca bifurcata
Species coccinea - Empoasca coccinea
Species convergens - Empoasca convergens
Species elongella - Empoasca elongella
Species erigeron - Empoasca erigeron
Species esuma - Empoasca esuma
Species fabae - Potato Leafhopper
Species junipera - Empoasca junipera
Species kittelbergeri - Empoasca kittelbergeri
Species murrayi - Empoasca murrayi
Species radiata - Empoasca radiata
Species recta - Empoasca recta
Species vincula - Empoasca vincula
Species zanclus - Empoasca zanclus
No Taxon Subgenus Hebata
Species alboneura - Empoasca alboneura
Species nigroscuta - Empoasca nigroscuta
No Taxon ensiformis or pelecana
Genus Joruma
Species pisca - Joruma pisca
Genus Kyboasca
Species atrolabes - Kyboasca atrolabes
Species papyriferae - Kyboasca papyriferae
Species splendida - Kyboasca splendida
Species trilobata - Kyboasca trilobata
Genus Kybos
Species copula - Kybos copula
Species hartzelli - Kybos hartzelli
Species luda - Kybos luda
Species petiolaridis - Kybos petiolaridis
Species trifasciatus - Kybos trifasciatus
Tribe Erythroneurini
Genus Erasmoneura
Species atra - Erasmoneura atra
Species fulmina - Erasmoneura fulmina
Species nigerrima - Erasmoneura nigerrima
Species nigra - Erasmoneura nigra
Species vulnerata - Erasmoneura vulnerata
No Taxon atra or nigra
Genus Eratoneura
Species acantha - Eratoneura acantha
Species affinis - Eratoneura affinis
Species ardens - Eratoneura ardens
Species arpegia - Eratoneura arpegia
Species basilaris - Eratoneura basilaris
Species beeri - Eratoneura beeri
Species bella - Eratoneura bella
Species bigemina - Eratoneura bigemina
Species carmini - Eratoneura carmini
Species comoides - Eratoneura comoides
Species confirmata - Eratoneura confirmata
Species emquu - Eratoneura emquu
Species era - Eratoneura era
Species externa - Eratoneura externa
Species forfex - Eratoneura nr. forfex
Species fulleri - Eratoneura fulleri
Species hartii - Eratoneura hartii
Species hymac - Eratoneura hymac
Species imbricariae - Eratoneura imbricariae
Species lenta - Eratoneura lenta
Species ligata - Eratoneura ligata
Species lunata - Eratoneura lunata
Species lundi - Eratoneura lundi
Species hymettana - Eratoneura hymettana
Species micheneri - Eratoneura micheneri
Species mira - Eratoneura mira
Species morgani - Eratoneura morgani
Species nigriventer - Eratoneura nigriventer
Species noncuspidis - Eratoneura noncuspidis
Species opulenta - Eratoneura opulenta
Species osborni - Eratoneura osborni
Species paraesculi - Eratoneura paraesculi
Species parva - Eratoneura parva
Species restricta - Eratoneura restricta
Species rubraza - Eratoneura rubraza
Species stephensoni - Eratoneura stephensoni
Species stoveri - Eratoneura stoveri
Species trivittata - Eratoneura trivittata
Species ungulata - Eratoneura ungulata
No Taxon arpegia, amethica or trivittata
No Taxon "Dotted" Eratoneura
Genus Erythridula
Species abolla - Erythridula abolla
Species amabilis - Erythridula amabilis
Species bitincta - Erythridula bitincta
Species brundusa - Erythridula brundusa
Species clavata - Erythridula clavata
Species cotidiana - Erythridula cotidiana
Species crataegi - Erythridula crataegi
Species crevecoeuri - Erythridula crevecoeuri
Species diffisa - Erythridula diffisa
Species divisa - Erythridula divisa
Species electa - Erythridula electa
Species fumida - Erythridula fumida
Species hamata - Erythridula hamata
Species infinita - Erythridula infinita
Species insigna - Erythridula insigna
Species kanza - Erythridula kanza
Species lawsoniana - Erythridula lawsoniana
Species lemnisca - Erythridula lemnisca
Species minuta - Erythridula minuta
Species nitida - Erythridula nitida
Species noeva - Erythridula noeva
Species nondescripta - Erythridula nondescripta
Species ohioensis - Erythridula ohioensis
Species penenoeva - Erythridula penenoeva
Species pfrimmeri - Erythridula pfrimmeri
Species plena - Erythridula plena
Species praecisa - Erythridula praecisa
Species rubrataeniensis - Erythridula rubrataeniensis
Species rufostigmosa - Erythridula rufostigmosa
Species similalis - Erythridula similalis
Species stolata - Erythridula stolata
Species tenebrosa - Erythridula tenebrosa
Species ulmosa - Erythridula ulmosa
Species verdana - Erythridula verdana
Species volucris - Erythridula volucris
Species wysongi - Erythridula wysongi
No Taxon aesculella or rubroscuta
No Taxon divisa, rufostigmosa or stolata
Genus Erythroneura
Species aclys - Erythroneura aclys
Species acuticephala - Erythroneura acuticephala
Species anfracta - Erythroneura anfracta
Species aza - Erythroneura aza
Species bakeri - Erythroneura bakeri
Species beameri - Erythroneura beameri
Species bidens - Erythroneura bidens
Species bistrata - Erythroneura bistrata
Species caetra - Erythroneura caetra
Species calycula - Erythroneura calycula
Species cancellata - Erythroneura cancellata
Species carinata - Erythroneura carinata
Species coloradensis - Erythroneura coloradensis
Species comes - Grape Leafhopper
Species corni - Erythroneura corni
Species cymbium - Erythroneura cymbium
Species delicata - Erythroneura delicata
Species diva - Erythroneura diva
Species elegans - Erythroneura elegans
Species elegantula - Western Grape Leafhopper
Species festiva - Erythroneura festiva
Species fraxa - Erythroneura fraxa
Species infuscata - Erythroneura infuscata
Species integra - Erythroneura integra
Species kanwakae - Erythroneura kanwakae
Species nudata - Erythroneura nudata
Species octonotata - Erythroneura octonotata
Species palimpsesta - Erythroneura palimpsesta
Species pontifex - Erythroneura pontifex
Species prima - Erythroneura prima
Species prosata - Erythroneura prosata
Species reflecta - Erythroneura reflecta
Species rosa - Erythroneura rosa
Species rubra - Erythroneura rubra
Species rubrella - Erythroneura rubrella
Species triapitsyni - Erythroneura triapitsyni
Species tricincta - Three-banded Leafhopper
Species vaga - Erythroneura vaga
Species vagabunda - Erythroneura vagabunda
Species vitifex - Erythroneura vitifex
Species vitis - Grapevine Leafhopper
Species ziczac - Virginia Creeper Leafhopper
No Taxon w/out Interconnected Orange Lines
No Taxon w/ Interconnected Orange Lines
Genus Hymetta
Species anthisma - Hymetta anthisma
Species balteata - Hymetta balteata
Species trifasciata - Hymetta trifasciata
Species kansasensis - Hymetta kansasensis
Genus Illinigina
Species illinoiensis - Illinigina illinoiensis
Genus Neozygina
Species veracruzensis - Neozygina veracruzensis
Species balli - Neozygina balli
Genus Rossmoneura
Species calva - Rossmoneura calva
Species carbonata - Rossmoneura carbonata
Genus Zygina
Species flammigera - Zygina flammigera
Genus Zyginama
Species aucta - Zyginama aucta
Species rossi - Zyginama rossi
Tribe Forcipatini
Genus Forcipata
Species loca - Forcipata loca
Tribe Typhlocybini
Subtribe Typhlocybina
Genus Edwardsiana
Species commissuralis - Edwardsiana commissuralis
Species prunicola - Edwardsiana prunicola
Species rosae - Rose Leafhopper
Genus Empoa
No Taxon Subgenus Empoa
Species albicans - Empoa albicans
Species apicata - Empoa apicata
Species casta - Empoa casta
Species gillettei - Empoa gillettei
Species latifasciata - Empoa latifasciata
Species rubricola - Empoa rubricola
Species russeola - Empoa russeola
Species saffrana - Empoa saffrana
Species scripta - Empoa scripta
Species venusta - Empoa venusta
Species vestita - Empoa vestita
Genus Eupterella
Species huachucae - Eupterella huachucae
Genus Fagocyba
Species douglasi - European Beech Leafhopper
Genus Ossiannilssonola
Species appendiculata - Ossiannilssonola appendiculata
Species australis - Ossiannilssonola australis
Species berenice - Ossiannilssonola berenice
Species clymene - Ossiannilssonola clymene
Species duplicata - Ossiannilssonola duplicata
Species flavomarginata - Ossiannilssonola flavomarginata
Species hinei - Ossiannilssonola hinei
Species mcateei - Ossiannilssonola mcateei
Species phryne - Ossiannilssonola phryne
Species quadrata - Ossiannilssonola quadrata
Species serrula - Ossiannilssonola serrula
Species tunicarubra - Ossiannilssonola tunicarubra
Species ulmi - Ossiannilssonola ulmi
Species volans - Ossiannilssonola volans
Genus Ribautiana
Species tenerrima - Bramble Leafhopper
Species ulmi - European Elm Leafhopper
Species unca - Ribautiana unca
Genus Typhlocyba
Species arsinoe - Typhlocyba arsinoe
Species quercus - Typhlocyba quercus
Species transviridis - Typhlocyba transviridis
Genus Zonocyba
Species hockingensis - Zonocyba hockingensis
Genus Henribautia
Species nigricephala - Henribautia nigricephala
Subtribe Eupterygina
Genus Aguriahana
Species stellulata - Aguriahana stellulata
Genus Eupteryx
Species atropunctata - Eupteryx atropunctata
Species decemnotata - Ligurian Leafhopper
Species flavoscuta - Eupteryx flavoscuta
Species melissae - Sage Leafhopper
Species nigra - Eupteryx nigra
Species omani - Eupteryx omani
Species vittata - Eupteryx vittata
No Taxon Unidentified immature stages
Family Cicadidae - Cicadas
Subfamily Cicadettinae
Genus Cicadetta - Small Grass Cicadas
Species calliope - Cicadetta calliope
Species camerona - Cicadetta camerona
Species floridensis - Cicadetta floridensis
Species kansa - Cicadetta kansa
Species texana - Cicadetta texana
Genus Magicicada - Periodical Cicadas
Species cassinii - Cassin's Periodical Cicada
Species tredecassini - Magicicada tredecassini
Species septendecim - Septemdecim Periodical Cicada
Species tredecim - Magicicada tredecim
Species neotredecim - 13 Year Periodical Cicada
Species septendecula - Decula Periodical Cicada
Species tredecula - Magicicada tredecula
Subfamily Cicadinae
Genus Beameria
Species venosa - Beameria venosa
Species wheeleri - Beameria wheeleri
Genus Cacama - Cactus Dodgers
Species californica - Cacama californica
Species carbonaria - Cacama carbonaria
Species crepitans - Cacama crepitans
Species collinaplaga - Cacama collinaplaga
Species dissimilis - Cacama dissimilis
Species furcata - Cacama furcata
Species longirostris - Cacama longirostris
Species maura - Cacama maura
Species moorei - Moore's Cactus Dodger
Species pygmaea - Cacama pygmaea
Species valvata - Common Cactus Dodger
Species variegata - Variegated Cactus Dodger
Genus Cornuplura
Species nigroalbata - Cornuplura nigroalbata
Genus Diceroprocta - Scrub Cicadas
Species apache - Citrus Cicada
Species apache-cinctifera-semicincta - apache-cinctifera-semicincta (Unsorted)
Species azteca - Diceroprocta azteca
Species arizona - Diceroprocta arizona
Species aurantiaca - Diceroprocta aurantiaca
Species averyi - Diceroprocta averyi
Species bequaerti - Diceroprocta bequaerti
Species biconica - The Key's Cicada
Species cinctifera - Diceroprocta cinctifera
Species delicata - Diceroprocta delicata
Subspecies aurantiaca - Diceroprocta delicata aurantiaca
Species eugraphica - Diceroprocta eugraphica
Species knighti - Diceroprocta knighti
Species marevagans - Diceroprocta marevagans
Species olympusa - Olympic Scrub Cicada
Species semicincta - Diceroprocta semicincta
Species swalei - Diceroprocta swalei
Species texana - Diceroprocta texana
Species viridifascia - Salt Marsh Cicada
Species vitripennis - Green Winged Cicada
No Taxon Undetermined Diceroprocta Casts, Molts & Nymphs
Genus Hadoa - "Western Annual Cicadas"
Species duryi - Hadoa duryi
Species chisosensis - Hadoa chisosensis
Species bifida - Hadoa bifida
Species simplex - Hadoa simplex
Species townsendii - Hadoa townsendii
Species chiricahua - Hadoa chiricahua
Species neomexicensis - Hadoa neomexicensis
Species inaudita - Hadoa inaudita
Species texana - Hadoa texana
Species longiopercula - Hadoa longiopercula
Species montezuma - Hadoa montezuma
Species parallela - Hadoa parallela
Genus Neocicada
Species chisos - Chisos Cicada
Species hieroglyphica - Hieroglyphic Cicada
Genus Neotibicen - Annual or Dogday Cicadas
Species canicularis - Dog-day Cicada
Species linnei - Linne's Annual Cicada
Species pruinosus - Scissor(s) Grinder
Species winnemanna - "Eastern Scissor(s) Grinder"
Species latifasciatus - "Coastal Scissor(s) Grinder"
Species robinsonianus - Robinson's Annual Cicada
No Taxon "Green Group" of Questionable ID - (incl. "Odd Geographic Variants" & "Suspected Blend Zones/Interspecific Hybrids???")
No Taxon nr. canicularis
No Taxon nr. linnei
No Taxon nr. pruinosus
No Taxon nr. robinsonianus
Species lyricen - Lyric Cicada
Subspecies lyricen - Lyric Cicada ("ssp. lyricen var. lyricen")
No Taxon Lyric Cicada (ssp. lyricen "Western form lyricen")
Subspecies engelhardti - Dark Lyric Cicada ("ssp. lyricen var. engelhardti")
Subspecies virescens - Coastal Lyric Cicada ("ssp. virescens")
No Taxon Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series
Species tibicen - Swamp Cicada
Subspecies tibicen - Swamp Cicada
No Taxon "Southern & Mid-Atlantic Phenotypes"
No Taxon "Odd Western Fringe / Plains Phenotypes"
No Taxon "Intergrade zones with australis (?)"
Subspecies australis - "Southern Dusky-winged cicada" or "Southern Swamp Cicada"
No Taxon Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series
Species similaris - "Similar Dog-Day Cicada"
Species superbus - Superb Dog-Day Cicada
Species davisi - Davis' Southeastern Dog-Day Cicada
Subspecies davisi - Davis' Southeastern Dog-Day Cicada
Subspecies harnedi - Neotibicen davisi harnedi
No Taxon Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series
No Taxon davisi-harnedi-auriferus transition zone
Species auriferus - Plains Dog-day Cicada
No Taxon Undetermined "Oddities"
No Taxon Tenerals with uncertain id's ("Newly Emerged Adults")
No Taxon Unidentified Tibicen Casts/Molts & Nymphs
Genus Megatibicen
Species auletes - Northern Dusk Singing Cicada
Species resh - Suggested: "Western Dusk Singing Cicada"
Species resonans - "Southern Resonant Cicada"
Species figuratus - Fall Southeastern Dusk-singing Cicada
Species dorsatus - Bush Cicada
Species tremulus - "Western Bush Cicada" or "Cole's Bush Cicada"
Species harenosus - "harenosus" (Megatibicen harenosus)
Species dorsatus-tremulus - Undetermined (dorsatus/tremulus group)
Species cultriformis - Grand Western Flood Plain Cicada
Species pronotalis - Walker's Cicada
Species dealbatus - "Plains Harvest-fly"
Genus Pacarina
Species puella - "Little Mesquite Cicada"
Species shoemakeri - "Little Juniper Cicada"
Genus Quesada
Species gigas - Giant Cicada
Genus Tibicen - Annual Cicadas (refer to Neotibicen & Hadoa)
Tribe Fidicini
No Taxon Cicada Molts and Nymphs
Subfamily Tettigadinae
Genus Okanagana
Species annulata - Okanagana annulata
Species aurora - Okanagana aurora
Species balli - Okanagana balli
Species bella - Mountain Cicada
Species canadensis - Okanagana canadensis
Species catalina - Okanagana catalina
Species cruentifera - Okanagana cruentifera
Species davisi - Okanagana davisi
Species fratercula - Okanagana fratercula
Species fumipennis - Okanagana fumipennis
Species hesperia - Okanagana hesperia
Species lurida - Okanagana lurida
Species luteobasalis - Okanagana luteobasalis
Species magnifica - Okanagana magnifica
Species mariposa - Okanagana mariposa
Species nigriviridis - Okanagana nigriviridis
Species nigrodorsata - Okanagana nigrodorsata
Species occidentalis - Okanagana occidentalis
Species opacipennis - Okanagana opacipennis
Species oregona - Okanagana oregona
Species ornata - Okanagana ornata
Species pallidula - Okanagana pallidula
Species rimosa - Okanagana rimosa
Species rubrovenosa - Okanagana rubrovenosa
Species schaefferi - Okanagana schaefferi
Species simulata - Okanagana simulata
Species synodica - Walking Cicada
Species tanneri - Okanagana tanneri
Species tristis - Okanagana tristis
Subspecies rubrobasalis - Okanagana tristis rubrobasalis
Species triangulata - Okanagana triangulata
Species uncinata - Okanagana uncinata
Species utahensis - Okanagana utahensis
Species vanduzeei - Okanagana vanduzeei
Species vandykei - Okanagana vandykei
Species venusta - Okanagana venusta
Species villosa - Okanagana villosa
Species viridis - Okanagana viridis
Species wymorei - Okanagana wymorei
No Taxon Undetermined Okanagana "Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series"
Species canescens - Okanagana canescens
Species ferrugomaculata - Okanagana ferrugomaculata
Species gibbera - Okanagana gibbera
Species striatipes - Okanagana striatipes
Species arboraria - Okanagana arboraria
Genus Okanagodes
Species gracilis - Okanagodes gracilis
Genus Clidophleps
Species beameri - Clidophleps beameri
Species distanti - Clidophleps distanti
Species vagans - Clidophleps vagans
Genus Tibicinoides
Species cupreosparsa - Tibicinoides cupreosparsa
Species minuta - Tibicinoides minuta
Species mercedita - Tibicinoides mercedita
Genus Platypedia
Species areolata - Salmonfly
Species barbata - Platypedia barbata
Species bernardinoensis - Platypedia bernardinoensis
Species minor - Platypedia minor
Species mohavensis - Platypedia mohavensis
Species putnami - Platypedia putnami
Subspecies keddiensis - Platypedia putnami keddiensis
No Taxon Undetermined Platypedia "Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series"
Genus Neoplatypedia
Species constricta - Neoplatypedia constricta
No Taxon Unidentified Early Instar Nymphs
Family Membracidae - Treehoppers
Subfamily Stegaspidinae
Genus Microcentrus
Species caryae - Microcentrus caryae
Species perditus - Microcentrus perditus
Subfamily Smiliinae
Tribe Acutalini
Genus Acutalis
Species tartarea - Acutalis tartarea
Tribe Amastrini
Genus Bajulata
Species bajula - Bajulata bajula
Genus Amastris
Species lycioda - Amastris lycioda
Genus Idioderma
Species varia - Idioderma varia
Species virescens - Idioderma virescens
Genus Vanduzea
Species arquata - Black Locust Treehopper
Species segmentata - Vanduzea segmentata
Species triguttata - Three-spotted Treehopper
Species sp-cf-arquata - Vanduzea sp-cf-arquata
Species laeta - Vanduzea laeta
Tribe Ceresini
Genus Anisostylus
Species gillettei - Anisostylus gillettei
Genus Hadrophallus
Species bubalus - Hadrophallus bubalus
Genus Parantonae
Species hispida - Parantonae hispida
Genus Spissistilus
Species festinus - Three-cornered Alfalfa Hopper
Genus Stictocephala - Buffalo Treehoppers
Species albescens - Ceresa albescens
Species albidosparsa - Ceresa albidosparsa
Species alta - Stictocephala alta
Species ancora - Ceresa ancora
Species basalis - Ceresa basalis
Species bisonia - Buffalo Treehopper
Species borealis - =use data and delete=
Species brevis - Ceresa brevis
Species brevitylus - Ceresa brevitylus
Species diceros - Two-horned Treehopper
Species franciscanus - Ceresa franciscanus
Species inermis - Ceresa inermis
Species lutea - Ceresa lutea
Species militaris - Ceresa militaris
Species nigricans - Ceresa nigricans
Species pacifica - Ceresa pacifica
Species palmeri - Ceresa palmeri
Species stimulea - Stictocephala stimulea
Species taurina - Ceresa taurina
Species tauriniformis - Ceresa tauriniformis
Species possibly-undescribed - Ceresa possibly-undescribed
Genus Stictolobus
Species subulatus - Stictolobus subulatus
Species minutus - Stictolobus minutus
Genus Trichaetipyga
Species juniperina - Trichaetipyga juniperina
No Taxon nymphs
Tribe Micrutalini
Genus Micrutalis
Species calva - Honeylocust Treehopper
Species dorsalis - Micrutalis dorsalis
Species occidentalis - Micrutalis occidentalis
Species parva - Micrutalis parva
Tribe Polyglyptini
Genus Bryantopsis
Species ensigera - Bryantopsis ensigera
Genus Entylia
Species carinata - Entylia carinata
Subspecies concisa - Entylia carinata concisa
Species emarginata - Entylia emarginata
Species turrita - Entylia turrita
Genus Polyglypta
Species dorsalis - Polyglypta dorsalis
Genus Publilia
Species brunnea - Publilia brunnea
Species concava - Publilia concava
Species reticulata - Publilia reticulata
Species modesta - Modest Treehopper
Tribe Smiliini
Genus Atymna
Species distincta - Atymna distincta
Species helena - Atymna helena
Species inornata - Atymna inornata
Species querci - Atymna querci
Species simplex - Atymna simplex
Genus Cyrtolobus
Species arcuatus - Cyrtolobus arcuatus
Species auroreus - Cyrtolobus auroreus
Species clarus - Cyrtolobus clarus
Species discoidalis - Cyrtolobus discoidalis
Species dixianus - Cyrtolobus dixianus
Species fenestratus - Cyrtolobus fenestratus
Species flavolatus - Cyrtolobus flavolatus
Species fuliginosus - Cyrtolobus fuliginosus
Species funkhouseri - Cyrtolobus funkhouseri
Species fuscipennis - Cyrtolobus fuscipennis
Species gramatanus - Cyrtolobus gramatanus
Species griseus - Cyrtolobus griseus
Species inermis - Cyrtolobus inermis
Species maculifrontis - Cyrtolobus maculifrontis
Species ovatus - Cyrtolobus ovatus
Species pallidifrontis - Cyrtolobus pallidifrontis
Species parvulus - Cyrtolobus parvulus
Species pulchellus - Cyrtolobus pulchellus
Species puritanus - Cyrtolobus puritanus
Species tuberosus - Cyrtolobus tuberosus
Species vanduzii - Cyrtolobus vanduzii
Species vau - Cyrtolobus vau
No Taxon nymphs and exuviae
No Taxon images ID'd by experts as Cyrtolobus sp.
Genus Grandolobus
Species grandis - Grandolobus grandis
Genus Ophiderma
Species definita - Ophiderma definita
Species evelyna - Ophiderma evelyna
Species flava - Ophiderma flava
Species flavicephala - Ophiderma flavicephala
Species grisea - Ophiderma grisea
Species pubescens - Ophiderma pubescens
Species salamandra - Ophiderma salamandra
No Taxon pubescens or definita, per M.S. Wallace
Species stonei - Ophiderma stonei
Genus Smilia
Species camelus - Smilia camelus
Species fasciata - Smilia fasciata
Genus Xantholobus
Species intermedius - Xantholobus intermedius
Species lateralis - Xantholobus lateralis
Species muticus - Xantholobus muticus
No Taxon Cyrtolobus or Xantholobus
Tribe Telamonini
Genus Archasia
Species auriculata - Archasia auriculata
Species belfragei - Archasia belfragei
Species pallida - Archasia pallida
Genus Carynota
Species marmorata - Marbled Treehopper
Species mera - Carynota mera
Species stupida - Stupid Treehopper
Species probably-undescribed-prope-marmorata - Carynota probably-undescribed-prope-marmorata
Genus Glossonotus
Species acuminatus - Glossonotus acuminatus
Species crataegi - Quince Treehopper
Species turriculatus - Glossonotus turriculatus
Species univittatus - Glossonotus univittatus
Genus Heliria
Species clitella - Heliria clitella
Species cornutula - Heliria cornutula
Species cristata - Heliria cristata
Species fitchi - Heliria fitchi
Species gibberata - Heliria gibberata
Species mexicana - Heliria mexicana
Species sinuata - Heliria sinuata
Genus Palonica
Species nogalana - Palonica nogalana
Species pyramidata - Palonica pyramidata
Species tremulata - Aspen Treehopper
Species viridia - Palonica viridia
Genus Telamona
Species agrandata - Telamona agrandata
Species ampelopsidis - Virginia Creeper Treehopper
Species ampliata - Telamona ampliata
Species archboldi - Telamona archboldi
Species collina - Telamona collina
Species compacta - Telamona compacta
Species concava - Telamona concava
Species decorata - Telamona decorata
Species dubiosa - Telamona dubiosa
Species excelsa - Telamona excelsa
Species extrema - Telamona extrema
Species gemma - Telamona gemma
Species maculata - Telamona maculata
Species molaris - Telamona molaris
Species monticola - Telamona monticola
Species praealta - Telamona praealta
Species projecta - Telamona projecta
Species reclivata - Telamona reclivata
Species salvini - Telamona salvini
Species scalaris - Telamona scalaris
Species spreta - Telamona spreta
Species stephani - Telamona stephani
Species tigrina - Telamona tigrina
Species tiliae - Basswood Treehopper
Species tristis - Telamona tristis
Species vestita - Telamona vestita
Species westcotti - Telamona westcotti
Genus Telamonanthe
Species pulchella - Telamonanthe pulchella
Genus Telonaca
Species alta - Telonaca alta
Species ramona - Telonaca ramona
Genus Thelia
Species bimaculata - Locust Treehopper
Species uhleri - Thelia uhleri
Genus Antianthe
Species expansa - Keeled Tree Hopper
Genus Tropidarnis
Species tectigera - Tropidarnis tectigera
No Taxon nymphs and exuviae
Subfamily Centrotinae
Genus Gargara
Genus Selenacentrus
Species wallacei - Selenacentrus wallacei
Tribe Centrodontini
Genus Centrodontus
Species atlas - Centrodontus atlas
Genus Multareis
Species cornutus - Multareis cornutus
Genus Multareoides
Species bifurcatus - Multareoides bifurcatus
Tribe Centrotini
Genus Centrotus
Species cornutus - Centrotus cornutus
Tribe Platycentrini
Genus Platycentrus
Species acuticornis - Platycentrus acuticornis
Genus Tylocentrus
Species quadricornis - Tylocentrus quadricornis
Species reticulatus - Tylocentrus reticulatus
Subfamily Membracinae
Genus Aconophora
Species compressa - Lantana Treehopper
Tribe Hoplophorionini
Genus Platycotis
Species maritima - Platycotis maritima
Species minax - Platycotis minax
Species tuberculata - Platycotis tuberculata
Species vittata - Oak Treehopper
Genus Umbonia
Species crassicornis - Thorn Treehopper
Tribe Hypsoprorini
Genus Hypsoprora
Species nogolata - Hypsoprora nogolata
Genus Philya
Species lowryi - Philya lowryi
Species californiensis - Philya californiensis
Species ferruginosa - Philya ferruginosa
Tribe Membracini
Genus Campylenchia
Species latipes - Wide-footed Treehopper
Species rugosa - Campylenchia rugosa
Genus Enchenopa
Species binotata - Two-marked Treehopper
Species brevis - Enchenopa brevis
Species on-cercis - undescribed species that feeds on Redbud
Species on-juglans - undescribed species that feeds on walnut
Species on-ptelea - undescribed species that feeds on Ptelea
Species on-viburnum - undescribed species that feeds on viburnum
Species sericea - Enchenopa sericea
Species permutata - Enchenopa permutata
Genus Leioscyta
Species ferruginipennis - Leioscyta ferruginipennis
Genus Tylopelta
Species gibbera - Tylopelta gibbera
Subfamily Darninae
Genus Stictopelta
Species marmorata - Stictopelta marmorata
Species nova - Stictopelta nova
Species pulchella - Stictopelta pulchella
Species varians - Stictopelta varians
Family Aetalionidae
Genus Aetalion
Species nervosopunctatum - Aetalion nervosopunctatum
Superfamily Fulgoroidea - Planthoppers
Family Acanaloniidae - Acanaloniid Planthoppers
Genus Acanalonia
Species bivittata - Two-striped Planthopper
No Taxon Nymphs
Species clypeata - Acanalonia clypeata
Species conica - Acanalonia conica
Species fasciata - Acanalonia fasciata
Species immaculata - Acanalonia immaculata
Species invenusta - Acanalonia invenusta
Species laticosta - Acanalonia laticosta
Species parva - Acanalonia parva
Species pumila - Acanalonia pumila
Species servillei - Acanalonia servillei
Species similis - Acanalonia similis
Genus Philatis
Species tuberculata - Philatis tuberculata
Family Achilidae - Achilid Planthoppers
Genus Cixidia
Species brittoni - Cixidia brittoni
Species colorata - Cixidia colorata
Species fusca - Cixidia fusca
Species fusiformis - Cixidia fusiformis
Species henshawi - Cixidia henshawi
Species opaca - Cixidia opaca
Species septentrionalis - Cixidia septentrionalis
Species shoshone - Cixidia shoshone
Species slossonae - Cixidia slossonae
Species variegata - Cixidia variegata
Tribe Plectoderini
Genus Catonia
Species bicinctura - Catonia bicinctura
Species carolina - Catonia carolina
Species cinctifrons - Catonia cinctifrons
Species lunata - Catonia lunata
Species nava - Catonia nava
Species picta - Catonia picta
Species pini - Catonia pini
Species pumila - Dwarf Catonia
Species texana - Catonia texana
Genus Juniperthia
Species producta - Juniperthia producta
Species succinea - Juniperthia succinea
Genus Momar
Species fumidus - Momar fumidus
Species maculifrons - Momar maculifrons
Genus Opsiplanon
Species luella - Opsiplanon luella
Genus Synecdoche
Species cara - Synecdoche cara
Species constellata - Synecdoche constellata
Species dimidiata - Synecdoche dimidiata
Species grisea - Synecdoche grisea
Species helenae - Synecdoche helenae
Species impunctata - Synecdoche impunctata
Species irrorata - Synecdoche irrorata
Species nemoralis - Synecdoche nemoralis
Species rubella - Synecdoche rubella
Family Caliscelidae - Piglet Bugs
Subfamily Caliscelinae
Tribe Caliscelini
Genus Asarcopus
Species palmarum - Asarcopus palmarum
Genus Caliscelis
Species bonellii - Caliscelis bonellii
Tribe Peltonotellini
Genus Aphelonema
Species bivittata - Aphelonema bivittata
Species confragosa - Aphelonema confragosa
Species histrionica - Aphelonema histrionica
Species orbiculata - Aphelonema orbiculata
Species rugosa - Aphelonema rugosa
Species simplex - Aphelonema simplex
Genus Bruchomorpha
Species abrupta - Bruchomorpha abrupta
Species beameri - Bruchomorpha beameri
Species decorata - Bruchomorpha decorata
Species dorsata - Bruchomorpha dorsata
Species extensa - Bruchomorpha extensa
Species jocosa - Bruchomorpha jocosa
Species nodosa - Bruchomorpha nodosa
Species pallidipes - Bruchomorpha pallidipes
Species oculata - Bruchomorpha oculata
Species rosea - Bruchomorpha rosea
Species rugosa - Bruchomorpha rugosa
Species tristis - Bruchomorpha tristis
Species vittata - Bruchomorpha vittata
Genus Fitchiella
Species albifrons - Fitchiella albifrons
Species melichari - Fitchiella melichari
Species robertsoni - Fitch's Elephanthopper
Species rufipes - Fitchiella rufipes
Species rugosa - Fitchiella rugosa
Genus Papagona
Species papoosa - Papagona papoosa
Family Cixiidae - Cixiid Planthoppers
Genus Bothriocera
Species cognita - Bothriocera cognita
Species drakei - Bothriocera drakei
Species maculata - Bothriocera maculata
Subfamily Cixiinae
Tribe Pintaliini
Genus Monorachis
Species sordulentus - Monorachis sordulentus
Genus Pintalia
Species delicata - Pintalia delicata
Species vibex - Pintalia vibex
Tribe Oecleini
Genus Haplaxius
Species catalinus - Haplaxius catalinus
Species fulvus - Haplaxius fulvus
Species ovatus - Haplaxius ovatus
Species pictifrons - Haplaxius pictifrons
Species pusillus - Haplaxius pusillus
Species radicis - Haplaxius radicis
Species truncatus - Haplaxius truncatus
Species xyron - Haplaxius xyron
Genus Nymphocixia
Species unipunctata - Nymphocixia unipunctata
Genus Oecleus
Species borealis - Oecleus borealis
Species lyra - Oecleus lyra
Species nolinus - Oecleus nolinus
Species perpictus - Oecleus perpictus
Species snowi - Oecleus snowi
Tribe Pentastirini
Genus Melanoliarus
Species acicus - Melanoliarus acicus 0
Species aridus - Melanoliarus aridus
Species humilis - Melanoliarus humilis
Species placitus - Melanoliarus placitus
Species vicarius - Melanoliarus vicarius
Genus Oliaronus
Species tontonus - Oliaronus tontonus
Genus Pentastiridius
Species cinnamomeus - Pentastiridius cinnamomeus
Genus Reptalus
Tribe Cixiini
Genus Cixius
Species apicalis - Cixius apicalis
Species basalis - Cixius basalis
Species coloepeum - Cixius coloepeum
Species cultus - Cixius cultus
Species meridionalis - Cixius meridionalis
Species misellus - Cixius misellus
Species nervosus - Cixius nervosus
Species nike - Cixius nike
Species pini - Cixius pini
Species stigmatus - Cixius stigmatus
Genus Microledrida
Species fuscata - Microledrida fuscata
Species olor - Microledrida olor
Genus Platycixius
Species calvus - Platycixius calvus
Family Delphacidae - Delphacid Planthoppers
Subfamily Asiracinae
Genus Copicerus
Species irroratus - Copicerus irroratus
Genus Pentagramma
Species variegata - Pentagramma variegata
Species vittatifrons - Pentagramma vittatifrons
Species bivittata - Pentagramma bivittata
Subfamily Delphacinae
Genus Aethodelphax
Genus Bostaera
Species balli - Bostaera balli
Species nasuta - Bostaera nasuta
Genus Caenodelphax
Genus Chloriona
Species sicula - Chloriona sicula
Genus Criomorphus
Species inconspicuus - Criomorphus inconspicuus
Genus Delphacodes
Species acuministyla - Delphacodes acuministyla
Species balli - Delphacodes balli
Species caerulata - Delphacodes caerulata 0
Species detecta - Delphacodes detecta
Species pacifica - Delphacodes pacifica
Species puella - Delphacodes puella
Species recurvata - Delphacodes recurvata
Species trimaculata - Delphacodes trimaculata
Genus Eurysa
Genus Falcotoya
Species sagae - Falcotoya sagae
Genus Flavoclypeus
Species andromedus - Flavoclypeus andromedus
Species latidens - Flavoclypeus latidens 0
Species nitens - Flavoclypeus nitens
Genus Isodelphax
Species basivitta - Isodelphax basivitta
Species nigridorsum - Isodelphax nigridorsum
Genus Javesella
Species atrata - Javesella atrata
Species pellucida - Javesella pellucida
Genus Kosswigianella
Species analis - Kosswigianella analis
Species lutulenta - Kosswigianella lutulenta
Species perusta - Kosswigianella perusta
Genus Laccocera
Species flava - Laccocera flava
Species vanduzeei - Laccocera vanduzeei
Species vittipennis - Laccocera vittipennis
Genus Liburniella
Species ornata - Liburniella ornata
Genus Megamelanus
Species bicolor - Megamelanus bicolor
Genus Megamelus
Species davisi - Megamelus davisi
Species distinctus - Megamelus distinctus
Species gracilis - Megamelus gracilis
Species lunatus - Megamelus lunatus
Species metzaria - Megamelus metzaria
Species palaetus - Megamelus palaetus
Genus Metadelphax
Species wetmorei - Metadelphax wetmorei
Species propinqua - Metadelphax propinqua
Genus Muellerianella
Species laminalis - Muellerianella laminalis
Genus Muirodelphax
Species parvulus - Muirodelphax parvulus
Species arvensis - Muirodelphax arvensis
Species atralabis - Muirodelphax atralabis
Genus Neomegamelanus
Species elongatus - Neomegamelanus elongatus
Species spartini - Neomegamelanus spartini
Species lautus - Neomegamelanus lautus
Genus Nothodelphax
Species consimilis - Nothodelphax consimilis
Species lineatipes - Nothodelphax lineatipes
Species venusta - Nothodelphax venusta
Species slossonae - Nothodelphax slossonae
Genus Paraliburnia
Species kilmani - Paraliburnia kilmani
Genus Pareuidella
Species weedi - Pareuidella weedi
Genus Penepissonotus
Species bicolor - Penepissonotus bicolor
Genus Peregrinus
Species maidis - Corn Delphacid
Genus Perkinsiella
Species saccharicida - Sugarcane Planthopper
Genus Phrictopyga
Species occidentalis - Phrictopyga occidentalis
Genus Phyllodinus
Species nervatus - Phyllodinus nervatus
Genus Pissonotus
Species albivultus - Pissonotus albivultus
Species albovenosus - Pissonotus albovenosus
Species aphidioides - Pissonotus aphidioides
Species basalis - Pissonotus basalis
Species binotatus - Pissonotus binotatus
Species brunneus - Pissonotus brunneus
Species delicatus - Pissonotus delicatus
Species divergens - Pissonotus divergens
Species dorsalis - Pissonotus dorsalis
Species flabellatus - Pissonotus flabellatus
Species guttatus - Pissonotus guttatus
Species marginatus - Pissonotus marginatus
Species melanurus - Pissonotus melanurus
Species niger - Pissonotus niger
Species nitens - Pissonotus nitens
Species piceus - Pissonotus piceus
Species quadripustulatus - Pissonotus quadripustulatus
Species tumidus - Pissonotus tumidus
Genus Prokelisia
Species dolus - Prokelisia dolus
Species crocea - Prokelisia crocea
Species marginata - Prokelisia marginata
Genus Pygospina
Species spinata - Pygospina spinata
Genus Ribautodelphax
Genus Saccharosydne
Species saccharivora - West Indian Canefly
Genus Sogatella
Species molina - Sogatella molina
Species kolophon - Sogatella kolophon
Genus Spartidelphax
Species penedetectus - Spartidelphax penedetectus
No Taxon detectus or penedetectus
Genus Stobaera
Species caldwelli - Stobaera caldwelli
Species concinna - Stobaera concinna
Species pallida - Stobaera pallida
Species tricarinata - Stobaera tricarinata
Genus Syndelphax
Species alexanderi - Syndelphax alexanderi
Species fulvidorsum - Syndelphax fulvidorsum
Species pseudoseminigra - St. Augustine Grass Planthopper
Genus Tagosodes
Species orizicolus - Tagosodes orizicolus 0
Genus Tarophagus
Species colocasiae - Taro Planthopper
Genus Toya
Species idonea - Toya idonea
Genus Tumidagena
Species minuta - Tumidagena minuta
Species propinqua - Tumidagena propinqua
Species terminalis - Tumidagena terminalis
Genus Yukonodelphax
Species bifurca - Yukonodelphax bifurca
Genus Kelisia
Species axialis - Kelisia axialis
Species flagellata - Kelisia flagellata
Species curvata - Kelisia curvata
Species pectinata - Kelisia pectinata
Species spinosa - Kelisia spinosa
Genus Stenocranus
Species acutus - Stenocranus acutus
Species dorsalis - Stenocranus dorsalis
Species brunneus - Stenocranus brunneus
Species felti - Stenocranus felti
Species lautus - Stenocranus lautus
Species similis - Stenocranus similis
Species unipunctatus - Stenocranus unipunctatus
Species vittatus - Stenocranus vittatus
No Taxon nymphs
No Taxon images reviewed by Dr Hamilton [temp. page]
Family Derbidae - Derbid Planthoppers
Subfamily Derbinae
Tribe Derbini
Genus Dysimia
Species pseudomaculata - Dysimia pseudomaculata
Genus Paramysidia
Species mississippiensis - Paramysidia mississippiensis
Tribe Cenchreini
Genus Neocenchrea
Species heidemanni - Neocenchrea heidemanni
Genus Omolicna
Species fulva - Omolicna fulva
Species joi - Omolicna joi
Species mcateei - Omolicna mcateei
Species uhleri - Omolicna uhleri
Genus Persis
Species arizonensis - Persis arizonensis
Subfamily Otiocerinae
Genus Euklastus
Species harti - Euklastus harti
Genus Patara
Species vanduzeei - Patara vanduzeei
Tribe Otiocerini
Genus Anotia
Species bonnetii - Anotia bonnetii
Species caliginosa - Anotia caliginosa
Species fitchi - Anotia fitchi
Species kirkaldyi - Anotia kirkaldyi
Species mcateei - Anotia mcateei
Species robertsonii - Anotia robertsonii
Species uhleri - Anotia uhleri
Species westwoodii - Anotia westwoodii
Genus Apache
Species degeeri - Apache degeeri
Species californicum - Apache californicum
Genus Otiocerus
Species abbotii - Otiocerus abbotii
Species amyotii - Otiocerus amyotii
Species coquebertii - Otiocerus coquebertii
No Taxon var. rubidus
Species francilloni - Otiocerus francilloni
Species kirbyii - Otiocerus kirbyii
Species reaumurii - Otiocerus reaumurii
Species stollii - Otiocerus stollii
Species wolfii - Otiocerus wolfii
Genus Sayiana
Species sayi - Sayiana sayi
Genus Shellenius
Species ballii - Shellenius ballii
Species schellenbergii - Shellenius schellenbergii
Subfamily Cedusinae
Genus Cedusa
Species californica - Cedusa californica
Species edentula - Cedusa edentula
Species incisa - Cedusa incisa
Species maculata - Cedusa maculata
Species mallochi - Cedusa mallochi
Species obscura - Cedusa obscura
Species redusa - Cedusa redusa
Species vulgaris - Cedusa vulgaris
Species widisca - Cedusa widisca
Species zaxoza - Cedusa zaxoza
Family Dictyopharidae - Dictyopharid Planthoppers
Subfamily Dictyopharinae
Genus Phylloscelis
Species pennata - Phylloscelis pennata
Species atra - Black Leaf-Leg
Species pallescens - Phylloscelis pallescens
Genus Scolops
No Taxon Subgenus Scolops
Species angustatus - Scolops angustatus
Species cockerelli - Scolops cockerelli
Species excultus - Scolops excultus
Species grossus - Scolops grossus
Species hesperius - Scolops hesperius
Species immanis - Scolops immanis
Species perdix - Scolops perdix
Species pungens - Scolops pungens
Species sulcipes - The Partridge Bug
Species texanus - Scolops texanus
Species uhleri - Scolops uhleri
No Taxon Subgenus Belonocharis
Species abnormis - Scolops abnormis
Species californicus - Scolops californicus
Species fumidus - Scolops fumidus
Species pallidus - Scolops pallidus
Tribe Nersiini
Genus Mitrops
Genus Nersia
Species florida - Nersia florida
Genus Rhynchomitra
Species lingula - Rhynchomitra lingula
Species microrhina - Rhynchomitra microrhina
Species recurva - Rhynchomitra recurva
Subfamily Orgeriinae
Genus Acinaca
Species lurida - Acinaca lurida
Genus Orgamara
Species acuta - Orgamara acuta
Genus Orgerius
Genus Ticida
Species miracula - Ticida miracula
Species dammersi - Ticida dammersi
Family Flatidae - Flatid Planthoppers
Subfamily Flatinae
Genus Siphanta
Species acuta - Torpedo Bug
Tribe Nephesini
Genus Euhyloptera
Genus Flatormenis
Species proxima - Northern Flatid Planthopper
Species saucia - Flatormenis saucia
Genus Melormenis
Species basalis - West Indian Flatid Planthopper
Genus Metcalfa
Species pruinosa - Citrus Flatid Planthopper
Genus Ormenaria
Species barberi - Ormenaria barberi
Species rufifascia - Palm Flatid Planthopper
Genus Ormenoides
Species venusta - Ormenoides venusta
Tribe Selizini
Genus Cyarda
Species melichari - Cyarda melichari
Species walkeri - Cyarda walkeri
No Taxon Cyarda (KGAH) n. sp.
No Taxon melichari or sordida
Genus Mistharnophantia
Species sonorana - Mistharnophantia sonorana
Subfamily Flatoidinae
Genus Flataloides
Species scabrosus - Flataloides scabrosus
Species signata - Flataloides signata
Genus Flatoides
Genus Flatoidinus
Species acutus - Flatoidinus acutus
Species punctatus - Flatoidinus punctatus
Genus Metcracis
Species fusca - Metcracis fusca
Species probably-new-to-the-us - Metcracis probably-new-to-the-us
Family Fulgoridae - Fulgorid Planthoppers
Subfamily Aphaeninae<