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Robber Fly - Diogmites neoternatus

Robber Fly - Diogmites neoternatus
Springfield, Virginia, USA
July 23, 2004
Some type of robberfly. It was very fast and very camera shy. Big bluish eyes. Any help in identifying is appreciated.

This is likely the only Diogmites species in Virginia with the contraction of the abdomen up front giving it the waisted look.

Diogmites ternatus occurs only south of this.

Compare Diogmites neoternatus, perhaps
This looks identical to what Giff Beaton believes is Diogmites neoternatus--a very orange species.

Patrick Coin
Durham, North Carolina

Looks like Diogmites
Diogmites, I think. Called "hanging thieves" by some. Several species in our area, I've not really tried to get further than the genus.

Patrick Coin
Durham, North Carolina

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