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Aradus inornatus - male

Aradus inornatus - Male
Sanbornville, New Hampshire, USA
May 27, 2011
Found on an outside wall.

Aradus inornatus, adult male
Clavate second antennomere which is greater than three times the length of the third antennomere will help identify this species.

Moved from Aradus.

Pretty sure this is A. inornatus...
but the size is way off for that species. Is it possible this was closer to 10 mm?

I'm not sure
although I remember estimating the size on this one, so it may have been bigger.

Okay, good enough for me...
as long as I can properly justify my assignment with the morphology. You might want to remove the size estimate since it may be misleading.

Ok, done
Thanks again for your recent work in Aradus!

might well be new-to-BG sp.
tried hard but failed to fit it to any sp. treated in(1)
keep shooting them

Moved from True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies.