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Hystrichophora taleana

Hystrichophora taleana
~10 miles SW of Mason City, Mason County, Illinois, USA
May 28, 2011
Size: Length, 9.0mm
Reared from leadplant, Amorpha canescens (Fabaceae); adult emerged 28 May, 2011. The larva encloses itself in the terminal leaflets of the host plant, early in the growing season, and feeds within the chamber thus formed. Less frequently, it does the same thing on our other Amorpha species, false wild indigo, A. fruticosa. In central Illinois, the larva matures in early to mid-May, then pupates and emerges straightaway, with most adults emerging in early to mid-June. The moth is univoltine, spending most of the year in the adult stage.

Moved from Hystrichophora.