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Lebia  - Lebia grandis

Lebia - Lebia grandis
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
May 27, 2011
Size: 11mm
This one looks more like Lebia grandis, with more deeply impressed striae. But the size isn't quite up to par. Suggestions welcome :)

came to UV light

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Lebia  - Lebia grandis Lebia  - Lebia grandis


Moved from subgenus Loxopeza.

Double-check your measurement, but my choice would be L. atriventris based on size. L. grandis should be 8.5 to 10 mm. I do agree, however, the striae look more like L. grandis.

indeed, the elytra are rather grandis-like

certainly grand
You were right to question my measure. It appears I have a CM concern. After pulling this one out of the jar, it was clearly >10mm, and significantly bigger than the other Libra I posted. I measure most beetle virtually these days (some would say I've been virtually measuring all along, no doubt). But to do that accurately, one must use the correct measure. Turns out I switched cameras between the smaller Lebria and the larger one, to achieve a wider field, but used the same narrower field's measure on both beetles.

how grand it is.

thanks Tim
I blunder with measurements sometimes too. :)

Forgive my move, seems we both moved it at the same time.