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Order Trichoptera - Caddisflies

Caddisfly larva - Phylocentropus carolinus Caddisfly? Polycentropodidae, genus Polycentropus - Polycentropus Philopotamidae, genus Dolophilodes - Dolophilodes Dolophilodes dorca Hydropsyche sp. - pupal cases and pupae - voucher specimens, in alcohol - Hydropsyche Stonefly? - Chimarra Smicridea

Caddis Fly Buffalo Creek Caddis - Limnephilus caddisfly - Limnephilus rhombicus - male Microcaddisfly Is this a moth? - Limnephilus Trichoptera, White Miller - Nectopsyche Agraylea multipunctata - female What Species is this? (Binomial name please)

Single egg from gelatinous egg mass of a caddisfly Tail of first instar caddisfly. Head of first instar caddisfly. unknown egg mass Caddisfly Egg Mass Egg Mass Caddis Fly Eggs? gelatinous mass with larvae

Aquatic larva

Trichoptera? caddisfly Unknown Caddisfly Micro Moth? East Wenatchee Caddis II Caddisfly Caddis species.  Genus? Caddisfly cases