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Ant Alate - Pheidole obscurithorax

Ant Alate - Pheidole obscurithorax
Picayune, Pearl River County, Mississippi, USA
June 8, 2011
Size: 6-10 mm
Just wanted to know the gender and the term used to describe it. Is it a female because it's still alive after losing its wings and is it still called an alate after losing its wings?

A South American species, now established in Gulf Coast states from Florida to Mississippi.

@ Jody -- Correct spelling is Myrmicinae.

Cool, thanks.
I knew there was something weird about it. I had never seen an ant quite like it.

Queen (female) ant. I think t
Queen (female) ant. I think the correct term for this one is 'dealate' as it has lost its wings. It's something in myrmecinae, perhaps a Pogonomyrmex or Pheidole, but I don't know queens very well. A better size estimate would help (me at least)

Looking at a tape measure right now;
I suppose it was about 9mm. Sorry, I'm still getting used to the metric system.