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Kyoto Moth - Hodges #1010.1  - Autosticha kyotensis

Kyoto Moth - Hodges #1010.1 - Autosticha kyotensis
Mobile (Dog River), Mobile County, Alabama, USA
June 13, 2011
Reasonably sure this is a Gold-striped Leaftier Moth - Hodges #0951 but would like a confirmation, please. Thank you.

Moved to Autosticha kyotensis
Moved from Glyphidocera.

Thanks, Steve. I had forgotten I made the guidepage after BP ID'd :)

1010.1 – Autosticha kyotensis?
Should this and possibly your other image here be moved to Autosticha kyotensis?

Moved from Gelechioidea.

I don't think it's Machimia tentoriferella or even in the same family but I could very well be wrong. See comments on a similar image below:

Thanks. As I regularly see this moth, I need to collect some vouchers for BOLD. BTW you going to Iowa?

re BTW
No, not that I don't want to go. Sounds like you all are in for a lot of fun. Went to Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas this spring and just got back from OH/PA this week and will be heading for Maine next month.

Have great time!