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Clear Wing Moth - Synanthedon fatifera

Clear Wing Moth - Synanthedon fatifera
near Kingston, Leeds and Grenville, Ontario, Canada
June 10, 2011
I've got it down to Sesiidae, but I can't find anything that looks like this particular one.

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moth ID
This is a viburnum borer most likely (Synanthedon fatifera).

I'm no expert. To me is looks like one of the Synanthedon. By proximity of area maybe Willow Borer - Hodges#2572. This is the eastern sister to the Western Willow Borer which are the pics that look to me very close to yours.

Clear Wing Moth
Your suggestion got me looking in other places. I believe I've found it: Synanthedon albicornis. WRONG! I did find an image buried in Google that was an exact match and it was labelled cornis, but no other cornis images matched. And now I can't find the Google image. I didn't note the source. 1000 demerits. It does resemble the Willow Borer, but somewhere out there there's an exact match. Thanks for your input.

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