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Gall? - Hormaphis hamamelidis

Gall? - Hormaphis hamamelidis
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA
June 13, 2011
some type of gall? I turned it over and it seemed like it was almost hollow with what looked like a little silk in it.
Leaf was of a tree of some kind (sorry, I'm terrible at ID-ing trees too!)

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Gall? - Hormaphis hamamelidis Gall? - Hormaphis hamamelidis

Moved from ID Request.

Witch hazel cone gall aphid

The shot of the whole leaf also shows a leaf fold made by a tortricid moth, which I'm trying to raise currently to find out exactly which moth.

Photograph the tree and post the pix. We'll try to ID it, then frass the tree pix.

Would take time
Not sure when I'll have a chance to do that, but I do have a shot of a whole leaf if that would help?

Couldn't hurt