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Emerald ash borer - Agrilus planipennis

Emerald ash borer - Agrilus planipennis
Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan, USA
May 21, 2006
Size: 12mm
This is Agrilus planipennis, the emerald ash borer. I was surprised that bugguide did not have an image. EAB is an Asian exotic poised to essentially eliminate ash in North America--it has had that impact in SE Michigan where it was introduced to the US. Info:

Well now we do :-)
Thanks for providing it. It is a beautiful bup, but then the Ja*panese Beetle is also well dressed but much reviled.

I think most of us amateur contributors don't keep up on the leading entomology news stories

Actually we have been waiting
fior this image for quite a while, for example in the Forums you can find a request. We have a pinned image at . Surprised you didn't find it.

Actually, I had seen that one, was unclear on the process for adding an image directly to the guide. I have now added a pic of EAB larvae.

I'll note here that for obsevers outside the EAB infested area in MI/OH/IN, an observation of D-shaped exit holes in ash, or of Agrilus larvae under the bark, would be important to report.