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Fastastic resource for planthoppers!
Current URL as of 6/7/22:

I haven't thoroughly explored this web site recently...just now revisited it for the 1st time in a long while to update dead links within some old Laccocera posts of mine. But from that brief encounter my impression is the site has undergone significant development and provides wonderful coverage for this large & interesting taxonomic group! The site seems very well-organized and full of useful info & resources (like the searchable bibliography link here...which helped me update my earlier dead links to reference papers.

Seems the site has changed servers repeatedly in the past, which caused links I'd made to it previously to "die"...and perhaps also contributed to the earlier "Java" & other complications referred to in comments below? But as of 6/6/22 the site is easily accessible without any complications :-)

Blocked on Mac with Java
The key to Delphacidae (and perhaps others?) on the above site requires Java but it links to an "http" site. I get multiple security warnings for such an attempt. In my minimal understanding of this situation, the ID key either needs to be reconfigured to use something other than Java or migrated to an "https" secure page. (Same result on both Safari 8.0.8 and Firefox 40.0.2 for Mac.)

The site seems secure now, bu
The site seems secure now, but I don't see a java key.