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Liposcelis pearmani Lienhard - Liposcelis pearmani - female

Liposcelis pearmani Lienhard - Liposcelis pearmani - Female
San Marcos, Hays County, Texas, USA
June 24, 2011
Size: 1.05 mm
Caught sweeping native grass. Keyed using Mockford (1). Eye has 6 ommatidia, and all prosternal bristles anterior to middle. Mockfors says: " The pale Liposcelis certainly could be L. pearmani. Distinction from L. decolor seems to depend entirely on number of ommatidia, very slight differences in cuticular sculpture, and relative lengths of S1 and S2. These are the humeral (outermost) bristles of the pronotum (S1) and the meso-metanotum (S2)". I checked and as described for this species, S1 and S2 about the same length.

Moved from Liposcelis.