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Photo taken when flyfishing - Litobrancha recurvata - male

Photo taken when flyfishing - Litobrancha recurvata - Male
Lac des Neiges, Laurentides Park, Charlevoix Region, Quebec, Canada
July 7, 2011
Size: around 25 mm

photo usage
Thanks for the usage! It is very much appreciated.


Hello Mr Alderman, Be my g
Hello Mr Alderman,

Be my guest and use the above photo as by your plan explained in your message.


Photo usage
I am a consulting forester from WV. I am doing a research project for a large ownership on how their forest management operations affect rare T&E species. Litobrancha recurvata is one of the species I am researching. I am needing a photo of this species to include in the report. The ownership will also be using the photo for identification purposes during their daily operations to better protect the species. Would it be okay to include your photo in the report?


Doug Alderman
Alderman Forest Management

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Litobrancha recurvata

Nice photo and great find. It's a (rarely photographed) Litobrancha recurvata male subimago.

Hi Roger ! Thanks a millio
Hi Roger !

Thanks a million for your message!


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