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Small yellow butterfly? - Pieris marginalis

Small yellow butterfly? - Pieris marginalis
Skagway, Southeast Alaska (Panhandle) County, Alaska, USA
July 11, 2011
Size: approx. 2"
flower is michaelmas daisy (aster)

Based on location, this should be Pieris marginalis ssp. guppyi
P. marginalis segretated (with "P. oleracea" and "P. angelica") from the Eurasian P. napi (the 'Veined White' or 'Green-veined White'), and you will still see it called by that name in many (if not most) butterfly books. I personally tend to still think they are all just regional variants of P. napi, but the listing used for BugGuide separates them. Kind'a confusing actually.

Moved from ID Request.

Thank you for the quick response on the id. These are everywhere in my garden this year, thought I should know them by name.