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Bug ID

Bug ID
Norfolk, Virginia, USA
July 9, 2011
Size: ~2mm
Some kind of mealybug? Found on a toadstool.

Moved tentatively
Moved from ID Request.

You are correct sir.
What a cutie!

nah, this is beyond cute...
thanks a lot, Natter. wish your presence around here were more regular and conspicuous. how's stuff?

I try to do as much as I can :-P
I am super super busy. Had a little free time to check bugguide while my student hourly rolls some potato leaves so we can test them for PVY. Looks like its going to be a low aphid year againa though, I'm a little dissapointed :( Finally getting the hang of IDing the aphids to species though. They're so difficult, I love the challenge!

"Schlage die Trommel und f├╝rchte dich nicht"
do your thing and never mind my whining. maybe one day you'll be figuring out all the BG aphids, just like that...

cool! must be a beetle larva -- i wish i knew...

Thanks for the ID of the strange little critter.