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Spider Genera of North America with Keys to Families and Genera and a Guide to Literature (2nd edition)
By Vincent D. Roth
American Arachnological Society, Gainesville, Florida, 1985
Cite: 546364 with citation markup [cite:546364]
First edition published in 1982 as Handbook for Spider Identification, copyright 1985 by author.

Third edition published in 1993 with same title as this second edition, copyright 1993 by author. (This is listed as 1994 in the World Spider Catalog, not sure why.)

All editions are out of print, so these can be tough to acquire. This book says that copies are available from Jon Reiskind, Dept. Zool., Univ. of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611, but I contacted him a long time ago and I don't think he has any more. I had to buy my 1985 version from a used book dealer, and the 3rd edition was given to me as a gift.

Troy has entered one of these into the system already (see(1)) but I don't know what edition that was (all are different from each other), so I am making another entry that has the publication year and edition info. I also made an entry for the 3rd edition here.