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National Moth Week photos of insects and people. Here's how to add your images.

Photos of insects and people from the 2019 BugGuide Gathering in Louisiana, July 25-27

Discussion, insects and people from the 2018 gathering in Virginia, July 27-29

Photos of insects and people from the 2015 gathering in Wisconsin, July 10-12

Photos of insects and people from the 2014 gathering in Virginia, June 4-7.

Photos of insects and people from the 2013 gathering in Arizona, July 25-28

Photos of insects and people from the 2012 gathering in Alabama

Photos of insects and people from the 2011 gathering in Iowa


Order Diptera - Flies

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Diptera - Flies

No Taxon "Nematocera" (Non-Brachycera)
Family Ptychopteridae - Phantom and Fold-winged Crane Flies
Genus Bittacomorpha
Species clavipes - Phantom Crane Fly
Species occidentalis - Bittacomorpha occidentalis
Genus Bittacomorphella - Pygmy Phantom Crane Flies
Species jonesi - Pygmy Phantom Crane Fly
Genus Ptychoptera - Fold-winged Crane Flies
Species sculleni - Ptychoptera sculleni
Species quadrifasciata - Ptychoptera quadrifasciata
Species townesi - Ptychoptera townesi
Infraorder Bibionomorpha - Gnats, Gall Midges, and March Flies
Family Anisopodidae - Wood Gnats
Subfamily Mycetobiinae
Genus Mycetobia
Species divergens - Mycetobia divergens
Subfamily Anisopodinae
Genus Olbiogaster
Genus Sylvicola
No Taxon subgenus Sylvicola
Species alternatus - Sylvicola alternatus
Species fenestralis - Window Gnat
No Taxon subgenus Anisopus
Species fuscatus - Sylvicola fuscatus
Species notialis - Sylvicola notialis
Species punctatus - Sylvicola punctatus
Family Axymyiidae
Genus Axymyia
Species furcata - Axymyia furcata
Family Bibionidae - March Flies
Genus Bibio
Species abbreviatus - Bibio abbreviatus
Species albipennis - Bibio albipennis
No Taxon cf. alexanderi
Species alienus - Bibio alienus
Species articulatus - Bibio articulatus
Species femoratus - Bibio femoratus
Species rufithorax - Bibio rufithorax
No Taxon pomonae group
Species holtii - Bibio holtii
Species siebkei - Bibio siebkei
Species superfluus - Bibio superfluus
Species townesi - Bibio townesi
Species vestitus - Bibio vestitus
No Taxon Fall species (longipes and slossonae)
Species longipes - Bibio longipes
Species slossonae - Bibio slossonae
No Taxon larvae
Species brunnipes - Bibio brunnipes
No Taxon xanthopus group
Species xanthopus - Bibio xanthopus
Genus Bibiodes
Species halteralis - Bibiodes halteralis
Genus Dilophus
Species arizonaensis - Dilophus arizonaensis
Species occipitalis - Dilophus occipitalis
Species orbatus - Dilophus orbatus
Species serotinus - Dilophus serotinus
Species spinipes - Dilophus spinipes
Species stigmaterus - Dilophus stigmaterus
Species strigilatus - Dilophus strigilatus
Species tingi - Dilophus tingi
Genus Hesperinus
Species brevifrons - Hesperinus brevifrons
Genus Penthetria
Species heteroptera - Penthetria heteroptera
Genus Plecia - Lovebugs
Species americana - Plecia americana
Species nearctica - Lovebug
No Taxon Larvae
Family Canthyloscelidae
Genus Synneuron
Species decipiens - Synneuron decipiens
Genus Exiliscelis
Species californiensis - Exiliscelis californiensis
Family Pachyneuridae
Genus Cramptonomyia
Species spenceri - Cramptonomyia spenceri
Family Scatopsidae - Minute Black Scavenger Flies
Genus Aspistes
Genus Colobostema
Species varicorne - Colobostema varicorne
Genus Coboldia
Species fuscipes - Coboldia fuscipes
Genus Psectrosciara
Genus Scatopse
Species notata - Scatopse notata
Genus Swammerdamella
Superfamily Sciaroidea - Fungus Gnats and Gall Midges
Family Bolitophilidae
Family Cecidomyiidae - Gall Midges and Wood Midges
Subfamily Cecidomyiinae - Gall Midges
Supertribe Cecidomyiidi
Tribe Asphondyliini
Genus Ampelomyia
Species viticola - Grape Tube Gallmaker
Species vitiscoryloides - Ampelomyia vitiscoryloides
Species vitispomum - Ampelomyia vitispomum
Genus Asphondylia
No Taxon creosote bush feeding species
Species auripila - Asphondylia auripila
Species resinosa - Creosote Resin Gall Midge
No Taxon goldenrod and aster feeding species
Species monacha - Asphondylia monacha
Species pseudorosa - Asphondylia pseudorosa
Species solidaginis - Asphondylia solidaginis
No Taxon saltbush feeding species
Species floccosa - Woolly Stem Gall Midge
Species neomexicana - Asphondylia neomexicana
No Taxon sunflower feeding species
Species helianthiflorae - Asphondylia helianthiflorae
Species helianthiglobulus - Asphondylia helianthiglobulus
Species ambrosiae - Asphondylia ambrosiae
Species antennariae - Asphondylia antennariae
Species betheli - Asphondylia betheli
Species ceanothi - Ceanothus Bud Gall Midge
Species diervillae - Asphondylia diervillae
Species lacinariae - Asphondylia lacinariae
Species prosopidis - Mesquite Gall Midge
Species ratibidae - Prairie Coneflower Gall Midge
Species rudbeckiaeconspicua - Asphondylia rudbeckiaeconspicua
Species uvarum - Asphondylia uvarum
Species websteri - Asphondylia websteri
Genus Bruggmanniella
Species bumeliae - Bruggmanniella bumeliae
Genus Polystepha
Species globosa - Polystepha globosa
Species pilulae - Polystepha pilulae
Species quercifolia - Polystepha quercifolia
Genus Schizomyia
Species eupatoriflorae - Schizomyia eupatoriflorae
Species impatientis - Schizomyia impatientis
Species macrofila - Schizomyia macrofila
Species racemicola - Schizomyia racemicola
Species verbesinae - Schizomyia verbesinae
Species umbellicola - Schizomyia umbellicola
Genus Stephomyia
Species eugeniae - Stephomyia eugeniae
Tribe Cecidomyiini
Genus Caryomyia - Hickory Gall Midges
Species aggregata - Hickory Aggregate Gall Midge
Species albipilosa - Hickory White-haired Gall Midge
Species arcuata - Hickory Sombrero Gall Midge
Species asteris - Hickory Starburst Gall Midge
Species caryae - Hickory Sticky Globe Gall Midge
Species caryaecola - Hickory Onion Gall Midge
Species cilidolium - Hickory Fuzzy Ginger Jar Gall Midge
Species conoidea - Caryomyia conoidea
Species cucurbitata - Hickory Pumpkin Gall Midge
Species flaticrustum - Hickory Puff Tart Gall Midge
Species glauciglobus - Hickory Blue-powder Gall Midge
Species hirtiglobus - Hickory Woody Globe Gall Midge
Species inflata - Caryomyia inflata
Species lenta - Hickory Popover Gall Midge
Species persicoides - Hickory Peach-haired Gall Midge
Species purpurea - Hickory Purple Gumdrop Gall Midge
Species sanguinolenta - Hickory Smooth Gumdrop Gall Midge
Species shmoo - Caryomyia shmoo
Species spiniglobus - Hickory Spiny Ball Gall Midge
Species stellata - Hickory Starry-base Gall Midge
Species subulata - Hickory Awl-shaped Gall Midge
Species thompsoni - Hickory Placenta Gall Midge
Species tuberculata - Hickory Bumpy Woody Gall Midge
Species tubicola - Hickory Bullet Gall Midge
Species urnula - Hickory Urn Gall Midge
Species viscidolium - Hickory Sticky Ginger Jar Gall Midge
Genus Cecidomyia - Pine Pitch Midges
Genus Contarinia
Species catalpae - Contarinia catalpae
Species cerasiserotinae - Contarinia cerasiserotinae
Species citrina - Contarinia citrina
Species coloradensis - Contarinia coloradensis
Species negundinis - Boxelder Gall Midge
Species partheniicola - Contarinia partheniicola
Species sorghicola - Sorghum Midge
Species verrucicola - Linden Wart Gall Midge
Species virginianiae - Chokecherry Midge
Species zauschneriae - Contarinia zauschneriae
Species undescribed-species-on-acacia - Contarinia undescribed-species-on-acacia
Species undescribed-species-on-boxelder - Contarinia undescribed-species-on-boxelder
Species undescribed-species-on-incense-cedar - Contarinia undescribed-species-on-incense-cedar
Species undescribed-species-on-milkweed - Contarinia undescribed-species-on-milkweed
Species undescribed-species-on-oak - Contarinia undescribed-species-on-oak
Genus Coquillettomyia
Genus Paradiplosis
Species tumifex - Balsam Gall Midge
Genus Pinyonia
Species edulicola - Pinyonia edulicola
Genus Prodiplosis
Species violicola - Prodiplosis violicola
Genus Stenodiplosis
Genus Taxodiomyia - Cypress Gall Midges
Species cupressiananassa - Taxodiomyia cupressiananassa
Species taxodii - Cypress Leaf Gall Midge
Genus Thecodiplosis
Species brachynteroides - Thecodiplosis brachynteroides
Tribe Lestodiplosini
Tribe Lopesiini
Genus Lopesia
Genus Obolodiplosis
Species robiniae - Black Locust Gall Midge
Genus Apagodiplosis
Species papyriferae - Apagodiplosis papyriferae
Genus Aphidoletes
Species aphidimyza - Aphid Midge
Genus Blaesodiplosis
Species crataegifolia - Blaesodiplosis crataegifolia
Genus Clinodiplosis
Species rhododendri - Clinodiplosis rhododendri
Genus Ctenodactylomyia
Species watsoni - Ctenodactylomyia watsoni
Genus Dicrodiplosis
Species californica - mealybug-destroying predaceous gall midge
Genus Harmandia
Genus Karshomyia
Genus Macrodiplosis
Species castaneae - Macrodiplosis castaneae
Species erubescens - Macrodiplosis erubescens
Species majalis - Macrodiplosis majalis
Species niveipila - Macrodiplosis niveipila
Species qoruca - Macrodiplosis qoruca
Genus Monarthropalpus
Species flavus - Boxwood Leafminer
Genus Mycodiplosis
Genus Olpodiplosis
Species helianthi - Olpodiplosis helianthi
Genus Parallelodiplosis
Species subtruncata - Parallelodiplosis subtruncata
Genus Pilodiplosis
Species helianthibulla - Pilodiplosis helianthibulla
Genus Planetella
Genus Resseliella
Species clavula - Resseliella clavula
Species globosa - Resseliella globosa
Species liriodendri - Resseliella liriodendri
No Taxon Unidentified species causing symmetrical leaf folds on leadplant
Supertribe Lasiopteridi
Tribe Alycaulini
Genus Asteromyia
Species carbonifera - Asteromyia carbonifera
Species euthamiae - Asteromyia euthamiae
Species gutierreziae - Asteromyia gutierreziae
Species modesta - Asteromyia modesta
Species tumifica - Asteromyia tumifica
No Taxon clarkeae or laeviana
Genus Astictoneura
Species muhlenbergiae - Astictoneura muhlenbergiae
Genus Calamomyia
Genus Chilophaga
Species virgati - Switchgrass Gall Midge
Genus Meunieriella
Species on-smilax - Undescribed species that causes Smilax leaf spot galls
Genus Neolasioptera
Species allioniae - Neolasioptera allioniae
Species boehmeriae - Neolasioptera boehmeriae
Species clematidis - Neolasioptera clematidis
Species convolvuli - Neolasioptera convolvuli
Species cornicola - Neolasioptera cornicola
Species desmodii - Neolasioptera desmodii
Species eupatorii - Neolasioptera eupatorii
Species farinosa - Neolasioptera farinosa
Species impatientifolia - Neolasioptera impatientifolia
Species imprimata - Neolasioptera imprimata
Species lathami - Neolasioptera lathami
Species lycopi - Neolasioptera lycopi
Species monardi - Neolasioptera monardi
Species nodulosa - Nodular Stem Gall Midge
Species perfoliata - Neolasioptera perfoliata
Species truncata - Neolasioptera truncata
Species verbesinae - Neolasioptera verbesinae
Species vernoniae - Neolasioptera vernoniae
Species vitinea - Neolasioptera vitinea
Species willistoni - Neolasioptera willistoni
No Taxon Species Causing Aster Stem Swellings
Species undescribed-species-on-erechtites - Neolasioptera undescribed-species-on-erechtites
Species possible-new-species-on-galium - Neolasioptera possible-new-species-on-galium
Species species-on-lithospermum - Neolasioptera species-on-lithospermum
Tribe Dasineurini
Genus Dasineura
Species carbonaria - Dasineura carbonaria
Species communis - Dasineura communis
Species crataegibedeguar - Dasineura crataegibedeguar
Species gleditchiae - Dasineura gleditchiae
Species investita - Dasineura investita
Species lupinorum - Lupine Leaf Gall Midge
Species parthenocissi - Dasineura parthenocissi
Species pellex - Dasineura pellex
Species pilosa - Dasineura pilosa
Species pudibunda - Dasineura pudibunda
Species salicifoliae - Dasineura salicifoliae
Species serrulatae - Dasineura serrulatae
Species trifolii - Dasineura trifolii
Species tumidosae - Dasineura tumidosae
Species undescribed-symphoricarpos - Undescribed species on snowberry
No Taxon Pteridium marginal leaf folds
Genus Janetiella
Species ulmii - Janetiella ulmii
Genus Rabdophaga
Species rigidae - Willow Beaked-Gall Midge
Species salicisbrassicoides - Willow Rosette Gall Midge
Species strobiloides - Willow Pinecone Gall Midge
Genus Vitisiella
Species brevicauda - Vitisiella brevicauda
No Taxon "Dasineura" silvestrii
Tribe Lasiopterini
Genus Hybolasioptera
Species elymi - Hybolasioptera elymi
Genus Lasioptera
Species ephedrae - Lasioptera ephedrae
Species lorrainae - Lasioptera lorrainae
Species solidaginis - Lasioptera solidaginis
Species vitis - Lasioptera vitis
Genus Ozirhincus
Species millefolii - Ozirhincus millefolii
Tribe Oligotrophini
Genus Lonicerae
Species lonicera - Lonicerae lonicera
Genus Rhopalomyia
Species anthophila - Rhopalomyia anthophila
Species audibertiae - Sage Leaf Gall Midge
Species baccharis - Coyote Brush Twisted Stem Gall Midge
Species californica - Coyote Brush Bud Gall Midge
Species chrysothamni - Rhopalomyia chrysothamni
Species clarkei - Rhopalomyia clarkei
Species ericameriae - Rhopalomyia ericameriae
Species fusiformae - Rhopalomyia fusiformae
Species grossulariae - Gooseberry gall midge
Species hirtipes - Rhopalomyia hirtipes
Species inquisitor-maybe - Rhopalomyia inquisitor, maybe
Species lobata - Rhopalomyia lobata
Species pedicellata - Rhopalomyia pedicellata
Species pomum - Sponge Gall Midge
Species solidaginis - Goldenrod Bunch Gall
Species undescribed-species-on-amorpha - Rhopalomyia undescribed-species-on-amorpha
No Taxon undescribed species on Salvia
Genus Walshomyia
Genus Acericecis
Species ocellaris - Ocellate Gall Midge
Genus Camptoneuromyia
Genus Celticecis - Hackberry Gall Midges
Species aciculata - Hackberry Aciculate Gall Midge
Species capsularis - Hackberry Rosette Gall Midge
Species celtiphyllia - Hackberry Acorn Gall Midge
Species connata - Hackberry Aggregate Gall Midge
Species cornuata - Hackberry Horn Gall Midge
Species globosa - Hackberry Globular Leaf Gall Midge
Species ovata - Hackberry Tenpin Gall Midge
Species oviformis - Hackberry Spherical Stem Gall Midge
Species pubescens - Hackberry Pubescent Gall Midge
Species pyriformis - Hackberry Pear-shaped Gall Midge
Species ramicola - Hackberry Columnar Stem Gall Midge
Species spiniformis - Hackberry Thorn Gall Midge
Species subulata - Hackberry Awl-shaped Gall Midge
Genus Craneiobia
Species tuba - Craneiobia tuba
Genus Cupressatia
Species thujae - Redcedar Cone Midge
Genus Cystiphora
Species sonchi - Cystiphora sonchi
Species schmidti - Rush skeletonweed gall midge
Genus Iteomyia
Genus Gliaspilota
Species glutinosa - Hickory Sticky Leaf Spot Midge
Genus Mayetiola
Species destructor - Hessian Fly
Genus Piceacecis - Spruce Shoot Gall Midges
Species tsugae - White Spruce Shoot Gall Midge
Genus Primavera
Species porrecta - Elm Samara Midge
Genus Procystiphora
Genus Ribesia
Genus Sackenomyia
Species commota - Sackenomyia commota
Genus Trotteria
No Taxon Liliales Galls Caused by Undescribed Midges
No Taxon unidentified midge galls and immature stages
Subfamily Lestremiinae - Wood Midges
Genus Allarete
Genus Anarete
Genus Conarete
Genus Cratotocha
Species ampliata - Cratotocha ampliata
Genus Lestremia
Subfamily Micromyinae - Wood Midges
Tribe Campylomyzini
Tribe Micromyini
Genus Monardia
Species multiarticulata - Monardia multiarticulata
Genus Amedia
Species floridana - Amedia floridana
Genus Catocha
Species barberi - Catocha barberi
Species betsyae - Catocha betsyae
Genus Peromyia
Genus Mycophila
Species speyeri - Mycophila speyeri
Subfamily Porricondylinae
Subfamily Winnertziinae
Genus Haplusia
Species rubra - Haplusia rubra
Genus Winnertzia
Species solidaginis - Winnertzia solidaginis
Tribe Heteropezini
Genus Heteropeza
Species pygmaea - Heteropeza pygmaea
Genus Leptosyna
Genus Miastor
Species metraloas - Miastor metraloas
Genus Neostenoptera
Species appalachiensis - Neostenoptera appalachiensis
Genus Catotricha
Species americana - Catotricha americana
No Taxon unidentified midges on spider webs
No Taxon larvae
Family Diadocidiidae
Genus Diadocidia
Species ferruginosa - Diadocidia ferruginosa
Family Ditomyiidae
Genus Symmerus
Species vockerothi - Symmerus vockerothi
Species lautus - Symmerus lautus
Genus Ditomyia
Family Keroplatidae - Predatory Fungus Gnats
Tribe Keroplatini
Genus Heteropterna
Species cressoni - Heteropterna cressoni
Genus Keroplatus
Species clausus - Keroplatus clausus
Species militaris - Keroplatus militaris
Genus Setostylus
Tribe Orfeliini
Genus Asindulum
Genus Macrorrhyncha
Species coxalis - Macrorrhyncha coxalis
Genus Orfelia
Species fultoni - Orfelia fultoni
Genus Paleoplatyura
Species johnsoni - Paleoplatyura johnsoni
Genus Platyura
Genus Proceroplatus
Species elegans - Proceroplatus elegans
Genus Macrocera
Species formosa - Macrocera formosa
Family Lygistorrhinidae - Long-beaked fungus gnats
Genus Lygistorrhina
Species sanctaecatharinae - Lygistorrhina sanctaecatharinae
Family Mycetophilidae - Fungus Gnats
Subfamily Eudicraninae
Genus Eudicrana
Species obumbrata - Eudicrana obumbrata
Subfamily Gnoristinae
Genus Aglaomyia
Species gatineau - Aglaomyia gatineau
Genus Boletina
Genus Gnoriste
Species megarrhina - Gnoriste megarrhina
Genus Coelosia
Genus Ectrepesthoneura
Species laffooni - Ectrepesthoneura laffooni
Subfamily Leiinae
Genus Greenomyia
Genus Leia
Species bivittata - Leia bivittata
Species oblectabilis - Leia oblectabilis
Species opima - Leia opima
Species sublunata - Leia sublunata
Species varia - Leia varia
Species ventralis - Leia ventralis
Genus Rondaniella
Species dimidiata - Rondaniella dimidiata
Genus Docosia
Subfamily Mycetophilinae
Tribe Exechiini
Genus Allodia
Genus Brevicornu
Genus Cordyla
Species manca - Cordyla manca
Genus Exechia
Species cincinnata - Exechia cincinnata
Genus Exechiopsis
Genus Rymosia
No Taxon larvae
Tribe Mycetophilini
Genus Epicypta
Genus Mycetophila
Species fisherae - Mycetophila fisherae
No Taxon fungorum group
Species sigmoides - Mycetophila sigmoides
Species unipunctata - Mycetophila unipunctata
Genus Phronia
Genus Sceptonia
Genus Trichonta
Genus Zygomyia
Subfamily Mycomyinae
Genus Mycomya
Species dichaeta - Mycomya dichaeta
Species imitans - Mycomya imitans
Genus Neoempheria
Species balioptera - Neoempheria balioptera
Species illustris - Neoempheria illustris
Species macularis - Neoempheria macularis
Subfamily Sciophilinae
Genus Acnemia
Genus Leptomorphus
Species bifasciatus - Leptomorphus bifasciatus
Species hyalinus - Leptomorphus hyalinus
Species nebulosus - Leptomorphus nebulosus
Genus Monoclona
Species rufilatera - Monoclona rufilatera
Genus Sciophila
No Taxon larvae
Family Sciaridae - Dark-winged Fungus Gnats
Genus Bradysia
Species giraudii - Bradysia giraudii
Genus Epidapus
Genus Eugnoriste
Genus Odontosciara
Species nigra - Odontosciara nigra
Genus Phytosciara
Species greylockensis - Phytosciara greylockensis
Genus Pnyxia
Species scabiei - Potato Scab Gnat
Genus Sciara
Species sciophila - Sciara sciophila
Genus Zygoneura
Species flavicoxa - Zygoneura flavicoxa
Species calthella - Zygoneura calthella
No Taxon Acuatella or Zygoneura
No Taxon Unidentified Sciarid Larvae and Pupae
Genus Corynoptera
No Taxon immature stages and wingless adults
Infraorder Culicomorpha - Mosquitoes and Midges
Family Ceratopogonidae - Biting Midges
Subfamily Ceratopogoninae
Genus Culicoides
Species crepuscularis - Culicoides crepuscularis
Species variipennis - Culicoides variipennis
No Taxon guttipennis group
Species villosipennis - Culicoides villosipennis
Tribe Ceratopogonini - Predaceous Midges
Genus Allohelea
Species johannseni - Allohelea johannseni
Genus Alluaudomyia
Species needhami - Alluaudomyia needhami
Species paraspina - Alluaudomyia paraspina
Genus Ceratopogon
Genus Downeshelea
Species stonei - Downeshelea stonei
Genus Monohelea
Genus Stilobezzia
Species antennalis - Stilobezzia antennalis
Species beckae - Stilobezzia beckae
Species coquilletti - Stilobezzia coquilletti
Species sybleae - Stilobezzia sybleae
No Taxon subgenus Acanthohelea
Species lutea - Stilobezzia lutea
Species viridis - Stilobezzia viridis
Tribe Heteromyiini
Genus Clinohelea
Species bimaculata - Clinohelea bimaculata
Species currei - Clinohelea currei
Genus Heteromyia
Species fasciata - Heteromyia fasciata
Species prattii - Heteromyia prattii
Tribe Palpomyiini
Genus Bezzia
Species varicolor - Bezzia varicolor
Species nobilis - Bezzia nobilis
Genus Palpomyia
Species rufa - Palpomyia rufa
Genus Phaenobezzia
Species opaca - Phaenobezzia opaca
Tribe Sphaeromiini
Genus Jenkinshelea
Species albaria - Jenkinshelea albaria
Genus Johannsenomyia
Species annulicornis - Johannsenomyia annulicornis
Species argentata - Johannsenomyia argentata
Genus Mallochohelea
Species atripes - Mallochohelea atripes
Species albibasis - Mallochohelea albibasis
Genus Nilobezzia
Species mallochi - Nilobezzia mallochi
Species schwarzii - Nilobezzia schwarzii
Genus Probezzia
Species albitibia - Probezzia albitibia
Species pallida - Probezzia pallida
Species infuscata - Probezzia infuscata
Species xanthogaster - Probezzia xanthogaster
Genus Sphaeromias
Species longipennis - Sphaeromias longipennis
Species bifidus - Sphaeromias bifidus
Tribe Stenoxenini
Genus Dasyhelea
Subfamily Forcipomyiinae
Genus Atrichopogon
Species fusculus - Atrichopogon fusculus
Species levis - Atrichopogon levis
Species minutus - Atrichopogon minutus
Species peregrinus - Atrichopogon peregrinus
No Taxon species "A"
No Taxon subgenus Meloehelea
Genus Forcipomyia
No Taxon subgenus Forcipomyia
Species bipunctata - Forcipomyia bipunctata
Species brevipennis - Forcipomyia brevipennis
Species macswaini - Forcipomyia macswaini
Species pictoni - Forcipomyia pictoni
No Taxon larvae and pupae
Species bystraki - Forcipomyia bystraki
Species genualis - Forcipomyia genualis
No Taxon subgenus Trichohelea
Species eques - Forcipomyia eques
Species cinctipes - Forcipomyia cinctipes
Species fairfaxensis - Forcipomyia fairfaxensis
Species fuliginosa - Forcipomyia fuliginosa
Species glauca - Forcipomyia glauca
Species pluvialis - Forcipomyia pluvialis
No Taxon species "Z"
No Taxon ectoparasites on wings
No Taxon ectoparasites
No Taxon larvae
Genus Leptoconops
No Taxon Unidentified Eggs, Larvae and Pupae
Family Chironomidae - Midges
Subfamily Chironominae
Tribe Chironomini
No Taxon Chironomus group
Genus Axarus
No Taxon rogersi species group
No Taxon festivus species group
Species festivus - Axarus festivus
No Taxon sp. "varvestris"
Genus Benthalia
Genus Chironomus
No Taxon subgenus Camptochironomus
Species dilutus - Chironomus dilutus
No Taxon subgenus Chaetolabis
Species atroviridis - Chironomus atroviridis
Species ochreatus - Chironomus ochreatus
No Taxon subgenus Chironomus
Species atrella - Chironomus atrella
Species crassicaudatus - Chironomus crassicaudatus
No Taxon decorus group
Species melanescens - Chironomus melanescens
Species plumosus - Chironomus plumosus
Species staegeri - Chironomus staegeri
Species tuberculatus - Chironomus tuberculatus
Species whitseli - Chironomus whitseli
No Taxon subgenus Lobochironomus
No Taxon larvae
Genus Demeijerea
Species atrimanus - Demeijerea atrimanus
Species brachialis - Demeijerea brachialis
Genus Dicrotendipes
Genus Einfeldia
Species pagana - Einfeldia pagana
Genus Glyptotendipes
Species barbipes - Glyptotendipes barbipes
Species paripes - Glyptotendipes paripes
Species testaceus - Glyptotendipes testaceus
No Taxon lobiferus complex
Genus Goeldichironomus
Species carus - Goeldichironomus carus
Genus Kiefferulus
Species dux - Kiefferulus dux
No Taxon Harnischia complex
No Taxon Lauterborniella group
Genus Apedilum
Species elachistus - Apedilum elachistus
Genus Kribiodorum
Species perpulchrum - Kribiodorum perpulchrum
Genus Microtendipes
Genus Omisus
Species pica - Omisus pica
Genus Paratendipes
Species albimanus - Paratendipes albimanus
Species fuscitibia - Paratendipes fuscitibia
Species nitidulus - Paratendipes nitidulus
Genus Zavreliella
Species marmorata - Zavreliella marmorata
No Taxon Polypedilum Group
Genus Endochironomus
Species subtendens - Endochironomus subtendens
Species nigricans - Endochironomus nigricans
Genus Hyporhygma
Species quadripunctatum - Hyporhygma quadripunctatum
Genus Phaenopsectra
Species flavipes - Phaenopsectra flavipes
Species obediens - Phaenopsectra obediens
Species profusa - Phaenopsectra profusa
Species punctipes - Phaenopsectra punctipes
Genus Polypedilum
No Taxon subgenus Pentapedilum
Species sordens - Polypedilum sordens
Species tritum - Polypedilum tritum
No Taxon subgenus Polypedilum
Species braseniae - Polypedilum braseniae
Species fallax - Polypedilum fallax
Species trigonus - Polypedilum trigonus
No Taxon subgenus Tripodura
Species scalaenum - Polypedilum scalaenum
Species ontario - Polypedilum ontario
Genus Stictochironomus
Genus Tribelos
Species jucundum - Tribelos jucundum
No Taxon Probably Polypedilum group
Genus Stenochironomus
Species colei - Stenochironomus colei
Species hilaris - Stenochironomus hilaris
Species macateei - Stenochironomus macateei
Species poecilopterus - Stenochironomus poecilopterus
Species pulchripennis - Stenochironomus pulchripennis
Species woodi - Stenochironomus woodi
No Taxon eggs and larvae
No Taxon banded wing Texas midge
Genus Pseudochironomus
Species richardsoni - Pseudochironomus richardsoni
Tribe Tanytarsini
Genus Cladotanytarsus
Genus Rheotanytarsus
Genus Tanytarsus - Green Midges
Genus Micropsectra
No Taxon larvae
Subfamily Diamesinae
Genus Diamesa - Snow Midges
Species nivoriunda - Diamesa nivoriunda
Genus Protanypus
Genus Boreoheptagyia
Subfamily Orthocladiinae
No Taxon Primitive Orthocladiinae
Genus Brillia
Genus Xylotopus
Species par - Xylotopus par
Genus Diplocladius
Species cultriger - Diplocladius cultriger
Genus Bryophaenocladius
Genus Cardiocladius
Species fulvus - Cardiocladius fulvus
Species obscurus - Cardiocladius obscurus
Genus Chasmatonotus
Species atripes - Chasmatonotus atripes
Species bicolor - Chasmatonotus bicolor
Species maculipennis - Chasmatonotus maculipennis
Species unimaculatus - Chasmatonotus unimaculatus
Genus Clunio
Species californiensis - Clunio californiensis
Genus Corynoneura
Species lobata - Corynoneura lobata
Genus Cricotopus
No Taxon subgenus Isocladius
Species lebetis - Hydrilla Tip-mining Midge
Species sylvestris - Cricotopus sylvestris
No Taxon subgenus Cricotopus
Species bicinctus - Cricotopus bicinctus
No Taxon tremulus group
No Taxon subgenus Nostococladius
Genus Hydrobaenus
Genus Krenosmittia
Genus Limnophyes
Genus Lopescladius
Genus Metriocnemus
Species eurynotus - Metriocnemus eurynotus
Genus Orthocladius
Genus Parachaetocladius
Genus Parakiefferiella
Genus Parametriocnemus
Genus Paraphaenocladius
Species exagitans - Paraphaenocladius exagitans
Genus Psectrocladius
Genus Pseudosmittia
Genus Symbiocladius
Genus Thalassosmittia
No Taxon Unidentified leaf-mining orthocladiines
Subfamily Prodiamesinae
Subfamily Tanypodinae
Tribe Clinotanypodini
Genus Clinotanypus
Genus Coelotanypus
Species atus - Coelotanypus atus
Species concinnus - Coelotanypus concinnus
Species scapularis - Coelotanypus scapularis
Species tricolor - Coelotanypus tricolor
Genus Tanypus
No Taxon subgenus Apelopia
Species grodhausi - Tanypus grodhausi
Species neopunctipennis - Tanypus neopunctipennis
No Taxon subgenus Tanypus
Species punctipennis - Tanypus punctipennis
Tribe Macropelopiini
Genus Alotanypus
Species venustus - Alotanypus venustus
Genus Apsectrotanypus
Species johnsoni - Apsectrotanypus johnsoni
Genus Psectrotanypus
Species dyari - Psectrotanypus dyari
Genus Radotanypus
Species florens - Radotanypus florens
Tribe Procladiini
Genus Djalmabatista
Species pulcher - Djalmabatista pulcher
Genus Procladius
Species bellus - Procladius bellus
No Taxon subgenus Holotanypus
Tribe Pentaneurini
Genus Ablabesmyia
Species annulata - Ablabesmyia annulata
No Taxon subgenus Ablabesmyia
No Taxon subgenus Karelia
Species cinctipes - Ablabesmyia cinctipes
Species peleensis - Ablabesmyia peleensis
Genus Zavrelimyia
Species fragilis - Zavrelimyia fragilis
Genus Guttipelopia
Genus Larsia
Genus Labrundinia
Genus Thienemannimyia
Subfamily Telmatogetoninae
Genus Telmatogeton
Species japonicus - Telmatogeton japonicus
Species alaskensis - Telmatogeton alaskensis
Genus Thalassomya
Species bureni - Thalassomya bureni
No Taxon Eggs, Larvae, and Exuviae
No Taxon Pseudochironomus or Orthocladiinae
No Taxon Winter midges unidentified to subfamily
Family Simuliidae - Black Flies
Tribe Prosimuliini
Genus Prosimulium
Species mixtum - Prosimulium mixtum
Genus Cnephia
Genus Ectemnia
Species invenusta - Ectemnia invenusta
Genus Simulium
No Taxon subgenus Aspathia
No Taxon subgenus Eusimulium
Species donovani - Simulium donovani
No Taxon subgenus Psilopelmia
Species bivittatum - Simulium bivittatum
Species clarum - Simulium clarum
Species longithallum - Simulium longithallum
No Taxon subgenus Psilozia
No Taxon (Simulium) jenningsi species group
Species fibrinflatum - Simulium (Simulium) fibrinflatum
Species annulus - Loon Blackfly
Species decorum - Simulium decorum
Species tuberosum - Simulium (Simulium) tuberosum
Genus Stegopterna
Species mutata - mutata/duplomutata group
Genus Greniera
Family Thaumaleidae - Trickle Midges
Genus Thaumalea
Family Chaoboridae - Phantom Midges
Genus Mochlonyx
Genus Chaoborus
No Taxon subgenus Chaoborus
Species flavicans - Chaoborus flavicans
No Taxon subgenus Sayomyia
Species albatus - Chaoborus albatus
Species astictopus - Chaoborus astictopus
Species festivus - Chaoborus festivus
Species maculipes - Chaoborus maculipes
Species punctipennis - Chaoborus punctipennis
No Taxon subgenus Schadonophasma
Species trivittatus - Chaoborus trivittatus
Species cooki - Chaoborus cooki
No Taxon Larvae and Pupae
Genus Eucorethra
Species underwoodi - Eucorethra underwoodi
Family Culicidae - Mosquitoes
Genus Anopheles
Species atropos - Anopheles atropos
Species crucians - Anopheles crucians
Species earlei - Anopheles earlei
Species franciscanus - Anopheles franciscanus
Species perplexens - Anopheles perplexens
Species punctipennis - Anopheles punctipennis
Species quadrimaculatus - North American Malaria Mosquito
Species walkeri - Anopheles walkeri
Species freeborni - Anopheles freeborni
Species pseudopunctipennis - Anopheles pseudopunctipennis
Tribe Aedini
Genus Aedes
Species aegypti - Yellow Fever Mosquito
Species albopictus - Asian Tiger Mosquito
Species cinereus - Aedes cinereus
Species vexans - Inland Floodwater Mosquito
Genus Ochlerotatus
Species abserratus - Ochlerotatus abserratus
Species atlanticus - Ochlerotatus atlanticus
Species atropalpus - Ochlerotatus atropalpus
Species bimaculatus - Ochlerotatus bimaculatus
Species campestris - Ochlerotatus campestris
Species canadensis - Ochlerotatus canadensis
Subspecies mathesoni - Ochlerotatus canadensis mathesoni
Subspecies canadensis - Ochlerotatus canadensis canadensis
Species cantator - Brown Saltmarsh Mosquito
Species communis - Ochlerotatus communis
Species diantaeus - Ochlerotatus diantaeus
Species dorsalis - Ochlerotatus dorsalis
Species excrucians - Ochlerotatus excrucians
Species fitchii - Ochlerotatus fitchii
Species fulvus - Ochlerotatus fulvus
Subspecies pallens - Ochlerotatus fulvus pallens
Species grossbecki - Ochlerotatus grossbecki
Species hendersoni - Ochlerotatus hendersoni
Species implicatus - Ochlerotatus implicatus
Species infirmatus - Ochlerotatus infirmatus
Species intrudens - Ochlerotatus intrudens
Species japonicus - Asian Rock Pool Mosquito
Species nigromaculis - Ochlerotatus nigromaculis
Species provocans - Ochlerotatus provocans
Species pullatus - Ochlerotatus pullatus
Species punctor - Ochlerotatus punctor
Species scapularis - Ochlerotatus scapularis
Species sierrensis - Western Treehole Mosquito
Species sollicitans - Eastern Saltmarsh Mosquito
Species squamiger - California Salt Marsh Mosquito
Species sticticus - Ochlerotatus sticticus
Species stimulans - Woodland Mosquito
Species taeniorhynchus - Black Saltmarsh Mosquito
Species thibaulti - Ochlerotatus thibaulti
Species togoi - Ochlerotatus togoi
Species tormentor - Ochlerotatus tormentor
Species triseriatus - Eastern Treehole Mosquito
Species trivittatus - Ochlerotatus trivittatus
Genus Psorophora
Species ciliata - Gallinipper
Species columbiae - Dark Ricefield Mosquito
Species cyanescens - Psorophora cyanescens
Species ferox - Psorophora ferox
Species horrida - Psorophora horrida
Species howardii - Psorophora howardii
Species longipalpus - Psorophora longipalpus
Species varipes - Psorophora varipes
Tribe Culicini
Genus Culex
Species pipiens - Northern House Mosquito
Species quinquefasciatus - Southern House Mosquito
Species nigripalpus - Culex nigripalpus
Species restuans - Culex restuans
Species salinarius - Culex salinarius
Species tarsalis - Western Encephalitis Mosquito
Species erraticus - Culex erraticus
Species territans - Culex territans
Species coronator - Culex coronator
Species peccator - Culex peccator
Genus Deinocerites
Species cancer - Deinocerites cancer
Tribe Mansoniini
Genus Coquillettidia
Species perturbans - Coquillettidia perturbans
Genus Mansonia
Species titillans - Mansonia titillans
Species dyari - Mansonia dyari
Genus Culiseta
Species impatiens - Culiseta impatiens
Species incidens - Culiseta incidens
Species inornata - Culiseta inornata
Species melanura - Culiseta melanura
Species minnesotae - Culiseta minnesotae
Genus Orthopodomyia
Species signifera - Orthopodomyia signifera
Genus Toxorhynchites
Species rutilus - Elephant Mosquito
Genus Uranotaenia
Species lowii - Uranotaenia lowii
Species sapphirina - Uranotaenia sapphirina
Genus Wyeomyia
Species haynei - Southern Pitcher-Plant Mosquito
Species mitchellii - Wyeomyia mitchellii
Species vanduzeei - Wyeomyia vanduzeei
Species smithii - Northern Pitcher-Plant Mosquito
No Taxon unidentified mosquito larvae and pupae
Family Dixidae - Meniscus Midges
Genus Dixa
Genus Dixella
Species californica - Dixella californica
Species dorsalis - Dixella dorsalis
Species nova - Dixella nova
Family Corethrellidae - Frog-biting midges
Genus Corethrella - Frog-biting midges
Species brakeleyi - Corethrella brakeleyi
Infraorder Psychodomorpha
Family Blephariceridae - Net-winged Midges
Genus Agathon
Species comstocki - Agathon comstocki
Genus Bibiocephala
Species grandis - Bibiocephala grandis
Genus Blepharicera
Genus Philorus
Family Psychodidae - Moth Flies and Sand Flies
Subfamily Bruchomyiinae
Genus Nemopalpus
Species nearcticus - Nemopalpus nearcticus
Subfamily Phlebotominae
Genus Lutzomyia - Sand Flies
Genus Micropygomyia
Species vexator - Micropygomyia vexator
Subfamily Psychodinae - Moth Flies
Tribe Psychodini
Genus Psychoda
Species alternata - Psychoda alternata
Genus Threticus
Species bicolor - Threticus bicolor
Tribe Paramormiini
Genus Clogmia
Species albipunctata - Filter Fly
Genus Paramormia
Species furcata - Paramormia furcata
Tribe Pericomini
Genus Pericoma
Species signata - Pericoma signata
Genus Stupkaiella
Tribe Setomimini
Genus Setomima
Species nitida - Setomima nitida
Genus Clytocerus
Species americana - Clytocerus americana
Genus Eurygarka
Genus Lepiseodina
Species superba - Lepiseodina superba
Species conspicua - Lepiseodina conspicua
Genus Maruina
Species lanceolata - Maruina lanceolata
Genus Quatiella
No Taxon unidentified genus / species A
No Taxon unidentified genus / species B
No Taxon unidentified genus / species C
No Taxon unidentified genus / species D
No Taxon larvae
Subfamily Trichomyiinae
Genus Trichomyia
Family Tanyderidae - Primitive Crane Flies
Genus Protanyderus
Species margarita - Protanyderus margarita
Species vipio - Protanyderus vipio
Genus Protoplasa
Species fitchii - Protoplasa fitchii
Infraorder Tipulomorpha - Crane Flies
Family Cylindrotomidae - Cylindrotomid Crane Flies
Genus Liogma
Species nodicornis - Liogma nodicornis
Genus Phalacrocera
Genus Cylindrotoma
Species distinctissima - Cylindrotoma distinctissima
Family Limoniidae - Limoniid Crane Flies
Tribe Limoniini
Genus Antocha
Species saxicola - Antocha saxicola
Genus Dicranoptycha
Species sobrina - Dicranoptycha sobrina
Species nigripes - Dicranoptycha nigripes
Species elsa - Dicranoptycha elsa
Genus Elephantomyia
Species westwoodi - Elephantomyia westwoodi
Genus Limonia
No Taxon subgenus Dicranomyia
Species venusta - Limonia venusta
Species liberta - Limonia liberta
Species ypsilon - Limonia ypsilon
Species humidicola - Limonia humidicola
Species simulans - Limonia simulans
No Taxon subgenus Discobola
Species annulata - Limonia annulata
No Taxon subgenus Geranomyia
Species canadensis - Limonia canadensis
Species communis - Limonia communis
Species rostrata - Limonia rostrata
No Taxon subgenus Idioglochina
Species marmorata - Limonia marmorata
No Taxon subgenus Limonia
Species indigena - Limonia indigena
Species nubeculosa - Limonia nubeculosa
Species parietina - Limonia parietina
Species tristigma - Limonia tristigma
No Taxon subgenus Metalimnobia
Species cinctipes - Limonia cinctipes
Species hudsonica - Limonia hudsonica
Species immatura - Limonia immatura
Species triocellata - Limonia triocellata
Species novaeangliae - Limonia novaeangliae
Species solitaria - Limonia solitaria
Species triphaea - Limonia triphaea
No Taxon subgenus Neolimonia
Species rara - Limonia rara
No Taxon subgenus Rhipidia
Species domestica - Limonia domestica
Species duplicata - Limonia duplicata
Species fidelis - Limonia fidelis
Species shannoni - Limonia shannoni
Species bryanti - Limonia bryanti
Species maculata - Limonia maculata
Genus Helius
Species flavipes - Helius flavipes
Genus Orimarga
Species mirabilis - Orimarga mirabilis
Genus Toxorhina
Species magna - Toxorhina magna
Genus Elliptera
Species tennessa - Elliptera tennessa
Tribe Eriopterini
Genus Cheilotrichia
Species stigmatica - Cheilotrichia stigmatica
Genus Chionea - Snow Flies
Species albertensis - Chionea albertensis
Species alexandriana - Chionea alexandriana
Species carolus - Chionea carolus
Species scita - Chionea scita
Species stoneana - Chionea stoneana
Species valga - Snow Fly
Species obtusa - Chionea obtusa
Genus Cladura
Species flavoferruginea - Cladura flavoferruginea
Genus Cryptolabis
Genus Erioptera
No Taxon subgenus Erioptera
No Taxon chlorophylla species group
Species chlorophylla - Erioptera chlorophylla
Species septemtrionis - Erioptera septemtrionis
Species vespertina - Erioptera vespertina
No Taxon subgenus Ilisia
Species graphica - Erioptera graphica
Species venusta - Erioptera venusta
No Taxon subgenus Mesocyphona
Species caliptera - Erioptera caliptera
Species distincta - Erioptera distincta
Species femoraatra - Erioptera femoraatra
Species needhami - Erioptera needhami
Species parva - Erioptera parva
Species tantilla - Erioptera tantilla
Species armata - Erioptera armata
No Taxon chlorophylla group (old page)
Genus Eugnophomyia
Species luctuosa - Eugnophomyia luctuosa
Genus Gnophomyia
Species tristissima - Gnophomyia tristissima
Genus Gonomyia
Species pleuralis - Gonomyia pleuralis
No Taxon subgenus Gonomyia
No Taxon subgenus Idiocera
No Taxon subgenus Idiocerodes
No Taxon subgenus Leiponeura
Species puer - Gonomyia puer
Species sulphurella - Gonomyia sulphurella
No Taxon subgenus Neolipophleps
Species alexanderi - Gonomyia alexanderi
Genus Molophilus
Genus Neocladura
Species delicatula - Neocladura delicatula
Genus Neolimnophila
Species ultima - Neolimnophila ultima
Genus Ormosia
Species romanovichiana - Ormosia romanovichiana
Genus Symplecta
No Taxon subgenus Trimicra
Species pilipes - Symplecta pilipes
No Taxon subgenus Symplecta
Species cana - Symplecta cana
Genus Teucholabis
Species carolinensis - Teucholabis carolinensis
Species immaculata - Teucholabis immaculata
Species rubescens - Teucholabis rubescens
Species complexa - Teucholabis complexa
Genus Hesperoconopa
Tribe Hexatomini
Genus Atarba
Species picticornis - Atarba picticornis
Genus Austrolimnophila
Species toxoneura - Austrolimnophila toxoneura
Genus Dactylolabis
Species cubitalis - Dactylolabis cubitalis
Species hudsonica - Dactylolabis hudsonica
Species montana - Dactylolabis montana
Species vestigipennis - Dactylolabis vestigipennis
Genus Epiphragma
Species fasciapenne - Epiphragma fasciapenne
Species solatrix - Epiphragma solatrix
Genus Euphylidorea
Species niveitarsis - Euphylidorea niveitarsis
Genus Hexatoma
No Taxon subgenus Eriocera
Species brachycera - Hexatoma brachycera
Species brevioricornis - Hexatoma brevioricornis
Species longicornis - Hexatoma longicornis
Species sculleni - Hexatoma sculleni
Species spinosa - Hexatoma spinosa
Species wilsonii - Hexatoma wilsonii
Genus Limnophila
Species fasciolata - Limnophila fasciolata
Species macrocera - Limnophila macrocera
Species marchandi - Limnophila marchandi
No Taxon subgenus Prionolabis
Species antennata - Limnophila antennata
Species rufibasis - Limnophila rufibasis
Species munda - Limnophila munda
No Taxon subgenus Dicranophragma
Species angustula - Limnophila angustula
Species fuscovaria - Limnophila fuscovaria
Genus Pilaria
Species quadrata - Pilaria quadrata
Species recondita - Pilaria recondita
Species tenuipes - Pilaria tenuipes
Genus Polymera
Species rogersiana - Polymera rogersiana
Genus Prolimnophila
Species areolata - Prolimnophila areolata
Genus Pseudolimnophila
Species australina - Pseudolimnophila australina
Species luteipennis - Pseudolimnophila luteipennis
Species inornata - Pseudolimnophila inornata
Genus Shannonomyia
Species lenta - Shannonomyia lenta
Genus Ulomorpha
Genus Phyllolabis
Species flavida - Phyllolabis flavida
Species myriosticta - Phyllolabis myriosticta
Genus Eloeophila
Family Pediciidae - Hairy-eyed Crane Flies
Genus Dicranota
No Taxon subgenus Dicranota
No Taxon subgenus Paradicranota
Species rivularis - Dicranota rivularis
No Taxon subgenus Rhaphidolabis
Species cayuga - Dicranota cayuga
Species rubescens - Dicranota rubescens
Species flaveola - Dicranota flaveola
Species maculata - Dicranota maculata
Genus Ula
Species elegans - Ula elegans
Genus Pedicia
No Taxon subgenus Pedicia
Species contermina - Pedicia contermina
Species parvicellula - Pedicia parvicellula
Species procteriana - Pedicia procteriana
No Taxon albivitta or goldsworthyi
Species albivitta - Giant Eastern Crane Fly
Species goldsworthyi - Pedicia goldsworthyi
No Taxon subgenus Tricyphona
Species auripennis - Pedicia (Tricyphona) auripennis
Species autumnalis - Pedicia (Tricyphona) autumnalis
Species calcar - Pedicia calcar
No Taxon constans group
Species gigantea - Pedicia gigantea
Species inconstans - Pedicia (Tricyphona) inconstans
Species septentrionalis - Pedicia septentrionalis
No Taxon simplicistyla group
Family Tipulidae - Large Crane Flies
Subfamily Ctenophorinae
Genus Ctenophora
Species apicata - Ctenophora apicata
Species nubecula - Ctenophora nubecula
Genus Phoroctenia
Species vittata - Phoroctenia vittata
Subspecies angustipennis - Ctenophora vittata angustipennis
Genus Tanyptera
Species dorsalis - Tanyptera dorsalis
Genus Dolichopeza
Species carolus - Dolichopeza carolus
Species subalbipes - Dolichopeza subalbipes
Species walleyi - Dolichopeza walleyi
Subfamily Tipulinae
Genus Angarotipula
Species illustris - Angarotipula illustris
Genus Brachypremna
Species dispellens - Brachypremna dispellens
Genus Holorusia
Species hespera - Giant Western Crane Fly
Genus Leptotarsus
Species testaceus - Leptotarsus testaceus
Genus Megistocera
Species longipennis - Megistocera longipennis
Genus Nephrotoma - Tiger Crane Flies
Species alterna - Nephrotoma alterna
No Taxon brevipennis species group
Species ferruginea - Nephrotoma ferruginea
Species suturalis - Nephrotoma suturalis
Species wulpiana - Nephrotoma wulpiana
Species cingulata - Nephrotoma cingulata
Species eucera - Nephrotoma eucera
No Taxon lundbecki species group
Species altissima - Nephrotoma altissima
Species byersi - Nephrotoma byersi
Species macrocera - Nephrotoma macrocera
Species occipitalis - Nephrotoma occipitalis
Species pedunculata - Nephrotoma pedunculata
Species tenuis - Nephrotoma tenuis
Species virescens - Nephrotoma virescens
Species okefenoke - Nephrotoma okefenoke
Genus Prionocera
Genus Tipula
No Taxon subgenus Arctotipula
Species williamsiana - Tipula williamsiana
No Taxon subgenus Bellardina
Species schizomera - Tipula schizomera
No Taxon subgenus Beringotipula
Species borealis - Tipula borealis
No Taxon subgenus Hesperotipula
Species californica - Tipula californica
Species chlorion - Tipula chlorion
No Taxon subgenus Lindnerina
Species senega - Tipula senega
No Taxon subgenus Lunatipula
Species apicalis - Tipula apicalis
Species atrisumma - Tipula atrisumma
Species bicornis - Tipula bicornis
Species dietziana - Tipula dietziana
Species disjuncta - Tipula disjuncta
Species dorsimacula - Tipula dorsimacula
Species duplex - Tipula duplex
Species fuliginosa - Sooty Crane Fly
Species grahamina - Tipula grahamina
Species hirsuta - Tipula hirsuta
Species inusitata - Tipula inusitata
Species megaura - Tipula megaura
Species monticola - Tipula monticola
Species morrisoni - Tipula morrisoni
Species rossmani - Tipula rossmani
Species valida - Tipula valida
No Taxon Lunatipula larvae
No Taxon submaculata group
Species submaculata - Tipula submaculata
No Taxon subgenus Nippotipula
Species abdominalis - Giant Crane Fly
Species metacomet - Tipula metacomet
No Taxon subgenus Nobilotipula
Species collaris - Tipula collaris
No Taxon Subgenus Odonatisca
Species optiva
No Taxon subgenus Platytipula
Species ultima - Tipula ultima
Species paterifera - Tipula paterifera
No Taxon subgenus Pterelachisus
Species carinifrons - Tipula carinifrons carinifrons
Species trivittata - Tipula trivittata
No Taxon subgenus Savtshenkia
Species ignobilis - Tipula ignobilis
Species fragilis - Tipula fragilis
No Taxon subgenus Schummelia
Species hermannia - Tipula hermannia
No Taxon subgenus Sinotipula
Species pacifica - Tipula pacifica
No Taxon subgenus Trichotipula
Species algonquin - Tipula algonquin
Species cahuilla - Tipula cahuilla
Species oropezoides - Tipula oropezoides
No Taxon subgenus Triplicitipula
Species colei - Tipula colei
Species doaneiana - Tipula doaneiana
Species flavoumbrosa - Tipula flavoumbrosa
Species praecisa - Tipula praecisa
Species pubera - Tipula pubera
Species silvestra - Tipula silvestra
No Taxon subgenus Vestiplex
Species longiventris - Tipula longiventris
No Taxon subgenus Yamatotipula
Species aprilina - Tipula aprilina
Species caloptera - Tipula caloptera
Species fraterna - Tipula fraterna
Species furca - Tipula furca
Species jacobus - Tipula jacobus
Species jacintoensis - Tipula jacintoensis
Species lanei - Tipula lanei
Species noveboracensis - Tipula noveboracensis
Species sackeniana - Tipula sackeniana
Species sayi - Tipula sayi
Species subeluta - Tipula subeluta
Species tephrocephala - Tipula tephrocephala
Species tricolor - Tipula tricolor
Species xanthostigma - Tipula xanthostigma
No Taxon Yamatotipula larvae
No Taxon European Crane Flies
Species paludosa - Common European Crane Fly
Species oleracea - Marsh Crane Fly
No Taxon tmp
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Family Trichoceridae - Winter Crane Flies
Genus Paracladura
Species trichoptera - Paracladura trichoptera
Genus Trichocera
Species annulata - Trichocera annulata
Species bimacula - Trichocera bimacula
Species garretti - Trichocera garretti
No Taxon unidentified crane fly larvae and pupae
Family Deuterophlebiidae - Mountain Midges
Genus Deuterophlebia
Species shasta - Deuterophlebia shasta
Family Nymphomyiidae
Genus Nymphomyia
No Taxon Orthorrhapha
Infraorder Stratiomyomorpha
Family Stratiomyidae - Soldier flies
Subfamily Antissinae
Genus Exodontha
Species luteipes - Exodontha luteipes
Subfamily Beridinae
Genus Actina
Species viridis - Actina viridis
Genus Allognosta
Species fuscitarsis - Allognosta fuscitarsis
Species obscuriventris - Allognosta obscuriventris
Genus Beris
Species fuscipes - Beris fuscipes
Genus Exaireta
Species spinigera - Garden Soldier Fly
Subfamily Chiromyzinae
Genus Inopus
Species rubriceps - Sugarcane Soldier Fly
Subfamily Clitellariinae
Genus Adoxomyia
Species rustica - Adoxomyia rustica
Species subulata - Adoxomyia subulata
Species tenuicornis - Adoxomyia tenuicornis
Genus Cyphomyia
Species pilosissima - Cyphomyia pilosissima
Species erecta - Cyphomyia erecta
Genus Dicyphoma
Species schaefferi - Dicyphoma schaefferi
Genus Dieuryneura
Species stigma - Dieuryneura stigma
Genus Euryneura
Species propinqua - Euryneura propinqua
Subfamily Hermetiinae
Genus Hermetia
Species comstocki - Hermetia comstocki
Species concinna - Hermetia concinna
Species hunteri - Hermetia hunteri
Species illucens - Black Soldier Fly
Species reinhardi - Hermetia reinhardi
Species sexmaculata - Hermetia sexmaculata
No Taxon aurata species group
Species chrysopila - Hermetia chrysopila
Species melanderi - Hermetia melanderi
Species subpellucida - Hermetia subpellucida
Subfamily Nemotelinae
Genus Brachycara
Species slossonae - Brachycara slossonae
Genus Nemotelus
No Taxon subgenus Nemotelus
Species albirostris - Nemotelus albirostris
Species bonnarius - Nemotelus bonnarius
Species bruesii - Nemotelus bruesii
Species kansensis - Nemotelus kansensis
No Taxon subgenus Camptopelta
Subfamily Pachygastrinae
Genus Berkshiria
Species albistylum - Berkshiria albistylum
Genus Cosmariomyia
Species pallidipennis - Cosmariomyia pallidipennis
Genus Eidalimus
Species henshawi - Eidalimus henshawi
Genus Gowdeyana
Species punctifera - Gowdeyana punctifera
Genus Neopachygaster
Species maculicornis - Neopachygaster maculicornis
Genus Pachygaster
Species pulchra - Pachygaster pulchra
Species montana - Pachygaster montana
Genus Zabrachia
Species magnicornis - Zabrachia magnicornis
Species polita - Zabrachia polita
Subfamily Sarginae
Genus Cephalochrysa
Species nigricornis - Cephalochrysa nigricornis
Species similis - Cephalochrysa similis
Species canadensis - Cephalochrysa canadensis
Genus Chloromyia
Species formosa - Green Soldier Fly
Genus Merosargus
Species beameri - Merosargus beameri
Species caeruleifrons - Merosargus caeruleifrons
Genus Microchrysa
Species flavicornis - Microchrysa flavicornis
Species flaviventris - Microchrysa flaviventris
Species polita - Microchrysa polita
No Taxon flavicornis or flaviventris --tmp. page
Genus Ptecticus
Species furcatus - Ptecticus furcatus
Species sackenii - Ptecticus sackenii
Species trivittatus - Ptecticus trivittatus
Genus Sargus
Species bipunctatus - Twin-spot Centurion Soldier Fly
Species cuprarius - Sargus cuprarius
Species decorus - Sargus decorus
Species elegans - Sargus elegans
Species fasciatus - Sargus fasciatus
Species viridis - Sargus viridis
No Taxon images reviewed by Dr Woodley [tmp. page]
Subfamily Stratiomyinae
Tribe Oxycerini
Genus Caloparyphus
Species crotchi - Caloparyphus crotchi
Species crucigerus - Caloparyphus crucigerus
Species decemmaculatus - Caloparyphus decemmaculatus
Species mariposa - Caloparyphus mariposa
Species tetraspilus - Caloparyphus tetraspilus
Species flaviventris - Caloparyphus flaviventris
Genus Euparyphus
Species albipilosus - Euparyphus albipilosus
Species arizonae - Euparyphus arizonae
Species brevicornis - Euparyphus brevicornis
Species cinctus - Euparyphus cinctus
Species stigmaticalis - Euparyphus stigmaticalis
Species tricolor - Euparyphus tricolor
Genus Oxycera
Species albovittata - Oxycera albovittata
Species variegata - Oxycera variegata
Tribe Prosopochrysini
Genus Myxosargus
Species knowltoni - Myxosargus knowltoni
Species nigricormis - Myxosargus nigricormis
Species fasciatus - Myxosargus fasciatus
Genus Nothomyia
Species calopus - Nothomyia calopus
Tribe Stratiomyini
Genus Anoplodonta
Species nigrirostris - Anoplodonta nigrirostris
Genus Hedriodiscus
Species leucogaster - Hedriodiscus leucogaster
Species trivittatus - Hedriodiscus trivittatus
Species vertebratus - Hedriodiscus vertebratus
No Taxon dorsalis or trivittatus
No Taxon binotatus group
Species binotatus - Hedriodiscus binotatus
Species truquii - Hedriodiscus truquii
Species varipes - Hedriodiscus varipes
Genus Hoplitimyia
Species constans - Hoplitimyia constans
Species subalba - Hoplitimyia subalba
Species mutabilis - Hoplitimyia mutabilis
Genus Odontomyia
Species aldrichi - Odontomyia aldrichi
No Taxon Odontomyia arcuata-group
Species cincta - Odontomyia cincta
Species hirtocculata - Odontomyia hirtocculata
Species tumida - Odontomyia tumida
Species hoodiana - Odontomyia hoodiana
Species interrupta - Odontomyia interrupta
Species nigerrima - Odontomyia nigerrima
Species pilosa - Odontomyia pilosa
Species profuscata - Odontomyia profuscata
Species pubescens - Odontomyia pubescens
Species rufipes - Odontomyia rufipes
Species virgo - Odontomyia virgo group
Genus Psellidotus
Species annamariae - Psellidotus annamariae
Species defectus - Psellidotus defectus
Species hieroglyphicus - Psellidotus hieroglyphicus
Species johnsoni - Psellidotus johnsoni
Species novella - Psellidotus novella
Genus Stratiomys
Species badia - Stratiomys badia
Species laticeps - Stratiomys laticeps
Species maculosa - Stratiomys maculosa
Species meigenii - Stratiomys meigenii
Species norma - Stratiomys norma
Species normula - Stratiomys normula
Species obesa - Stratiomys obesa
No Taxon adelpha or discalis
No Taxon barbata species group
Species melastoma - Stratiomys melastoma
Species barbata - Stratiomys barbata
No Taxon hulli species group
No Taxon Hedriodiscus or Odontomyia
No Taxon Larvae
Family Xylomyidae
Genus Solva
Species pallipes - Solva pallipes
Genus Xylomya
Species aterrima - Xylomya aterrima
Species americana - Xylomya americana
Species pallidifemur - Xylomya pallidifemur
Species parens - Xylomya parens
Species simillima - Xylomya simillima
Species tenthredinoides - Xylomya tenthredinoides
Species terminalis - Xylomya terminalis
Infraorder Tabanomorpha
Family Athericidae - Watersnipe Flies
Genus Suragina
Species concinna - Suragina concinna
Genus Atherix
Species variegata - Atherix variegata
Species pachypus - Atherix pachypus
Species lantha - Atherix lantha
Family Bolbomyiidae
Genus Bolbomyia
Family Pelecorhynchidae
Genus Pseudoerinna
Species jonesi - Pseudoerinna jonesi
Genus Glutops
Family Rhagionidae - Snipe Flies
Genus Arthroceras
Species fulvicorne - Arthroceras fulvicorne
Genus Chrysopilus
Species andersoni - Chrysopilus andersoni
Species basilaris - Chrysopilus basilaris
Species connexus - Chrysopilus connexus
Species fasciatus - Chrysopilus fasciatus
Species foedus - Chrysopilus foedus
Species griffithi - Chrysopilus griffithi
Species modestus - Chrysopilus modestus
Species ornatus - Ornate Snipe Fly
Species pilosus - Chrysopilus pilosus
Species proximus - Chrysopilus proximus
Species quadratus - Chrysopilus quadratus
Species rotundipennis - Chrysopilus rotundipennis
Species thoracicus - Golden-backed Snipe Fly
Species tomentosus - Chrysopilus tomentosus
Species velutinus - Chrysopilus velutinus
Species dilatus - Chrysopilus dilatus
Genus Rhagio
Species albicornis - Rhagio albicornis
Species gracilis - Rhagio gracilis
Species hirtus - Rhagio hirtus
Species lineola - Small Fleck-winged Snipe Fly
Species mystaceus - Common Snipe Fly
Species punctipennis - Lesser Variegated Snipe Fly
Species scolopaceus - Downlooker Snipefly
Species tringarius - Marsh Snipe Fly
Species vertebrata - Rhagio vertebrata
No Taxon larvae
No Taxon resemble punctipennis but not separated from plumbeus
Genus Symphoromyia - Rocky Mountain Bite Flies
Species sackeni - Symphoromyia sackeni
Species hirta - Symphoromyia hirta
Species cinerea - Symphoromyia cinerea
Family Tabanidae - Horse and Deer Flies
Subfamily Chrysopsinae - Deer Flies
Genus Merycomyia
Species whitneyi - Merycomyia whitneyi
Tribe Chrysopsini
Genus Chrysops
Species abatus - Chrysops abatus
No Taxon aberrans and striatus
Species aberrans - Chrysops aberrans
Species striatus - Chrysops striatus
No Taxon asbestos, frigidus, and venus
Species asbestos - Chrysops asbestos
Species frigidus - Chrysops frigidus
Species venus - Chrysops venus
Species beameri - Chrysops beameri
Species brimleyi - Chrysops brimleyi
No Taxon callidus group
Species aestuans - Chrysops aestuans
Species bishoppi - Chrysops bishoppi
Species callidus - Chrysops callidus
Species sackeni - Chrysops sackeni
No Taxon calvus and niger
Species calvus - Chrysops calvus
Species niger - Chrysops niger
No Taxon carbonarius group
Species ater - Chrysops ater
Species carbonarius - Chrysops carbonarius
Species cincticornis - Chrysops cincticornis
Species mitis - Chrysops mitis
Species clavicornis - Chrysops clavicornis
Species coquilletti - Chrysops coquilletti
Species cuclux - Chrysops cuclux
Species delicatulus - Chrysops delicatulus
Species dimmocki - Chrysops dimmocki
Species discalis - Chrysops discalis
Species divisus - Chrysops divisus
Species dorsovittatus - Chrysops dorsovittatus
Species excitans - Chrysops excitans
No Taxon flavidus group
Species atlanticus - Chrysops atlanticus
Species brunneus - Chrysops brunneus
Species celatus - Chrysops celatus
Species dixianus - Chrysops dixianus
Species flavidus - Chrysops flavidus
Species pudicus - Chrysops pudicus
Species reicherti - Chrysops reicherti
Species fuliginosus - Chrysops fuliginosus
Species fulvaster - Chrysops fulvaster
Species fulvistigma - Chrysops fulvistigma
No Taxon furcatus group
Species coloradensis - Chrysops coloradensis
Species furcatus - Chrysops furcatus
Species proclivis - Chrysops proclivis
Species surdus - Chrysops surdus
Species geminatus - Chrysops geminatus
Species hinei - Chrysops hinei
Species hirsuticallus - Chrysops hirsuticallus
Species impunctus - Chrysops impunctus
Species indus - Chrysops indus
Species lateralis - Chrysops lateralis
Species moechus - Chrysops moechus
Species montanus - Chrysops montanus
No Taxon obsoletus and dacne and parvulus
Species obsoletus - Chrysops obsoletus
Species dacne - Chrysops dacne
Species parvulus - Chrysops parvulus
Species noctifer - Chrysops noctifer
No Taxon pachycerus or latifrons
Species latifrons - Chrysops latifrons
Species pikei - Chrysops pikei
Species sequax - Chrysops sequax
Species shermani - Chrysops shermani
Species sordidus - Chrysops sordidus
No Taxon univittatus, upsilon, and macquarti
Species macquarti - Chrysops macquarti
Species univittatus - Chrysops univittatus
Species upsilon - Chrysops upsilon
Species virgulatus - Chrysops virgulatus
Species vittatus - Chrysops vittatus
No Taxon unidentified male deer flies
No Taxon vittatus group
Genus Neochrysops
Species globosus - Neochrysops globosus
Genus Silvius
Species abdominalis - Silvius abdominalis
Species gigantulus - Silvius gigantulus
Species pollinosus - Silvius pollinosus
Species quadrivittatus - Silvius quadrivittatus
Species sayi - Silvius sayi
Subfamily Pangoniinae
Tribe Pangoniini
Genus Apatolestes
Species actites - Apatolestes actites
Species hinei - Apatolestes hinei
Genus Esenbeckia
Species delta - Esenbeckia delta
Species incisuralis - Esenbeckia incisuralis
Species tinkhami - Esenbeckia tinkhami
Genus Pegasomyia
Species ruficornis - Pegasomyia ruficornis
Genus Stonemyia
Species californica - Stonemyia californica
Species fera - Stonemyia fera
Species isabellina - Stonemyia isabellina
Species rasa - Stonemyia rasa
Species tranquilla - Stonemyia tranquilla
Tribe Goniopsini
Genus Goniops
Species chrysocoma - Goniops chrysocoma
Subfamily Tabaninae - Horse Flies
Tribe Tabanini
Genus Atylotus
Species calcar - Atylotus calcar
Species bicolor - Atylotus bicolor
Species palus - Atylotus palus
Species duplex - Atylotus duplex
Species tingaureus - Atylotus tingaureus
Genus Agkistrocerus
Species megerlei - Agkistrocerus megerlei
Species finitimus - Agkistrocerus finitimus
Genus Hamatabanus
Species exilipalpis - Hamatabanus exilipalpis
Species carolinensis - Hamatabanus carolinensis
Genus Hybomitra
Species affinis - Hybomitra affinis
Species arpadi - Hybomitra arpadi
Species astuta - Hybomitra astuta
Species aurilimba - Hybomitra aurilimba
Species californica - Hybomitra californica
Species captonis - Hybomitra captonis
Species cincta - Hybomitra cincta
Species criddlei - Hybomitra criddlei
Species difficilis - Hybomitra difficilis
Species epistates - Hybomitra epistates
Species frontalis - Hybomitra frontalis
Species hinei - Hybomitra hinei
Species illota - Hybomitra illota
Species lasiophthalma - Hybomitra lasiophthalma
Species lurida - Hybomitra lurida
Species melanorhina - Hybomitra melanorhina
Species microcephala - Hybomitra microcephala
Species minuscula - Hybomitra minuscula
Species nuda - Hybomitra nuda
Species pediontis - Hybomitra pediontis
Species procyon - Hybomitra procyon
Species sodalis - Hybomitra sodalis
Species sonomensis - Hybomitra sonomensis
Species trepida - Hybomitra trepida
Species trispila - Hybomitra trispila
Species zonalis - Hybomitra zonalis
No Taxon enigmatica/sonomensis complex
Genus Poeciloderas
Species quadripunctatus - Poeciloderas quadripunctatus
Genus Tabanus
Species abdominalis - Tabanus abdominalis
Species aegrotus - Tabanus aegrotus
Species americanus - Tabanus americanus
Species atratus - Black Horse Fly
Species calens - Tabanus calens
Species catenatus - Tabanus catenatus
Species commixtus - Tabanus commixtus
Species conterminus - Tabanus conterminus
Species dorsifer - Tabanus dorsifer
Species eadsi - Tabanus eadsi
Species endymion - Tabanus endymion
Species equalis - Tabanus equalis
Species erythraeus - Tabanus erythraeus
Species fairchildi - Tabanus fairchildi
Species fulivicallus - Tabanus fulivicallus
Species fulvulus - Tabanus fulvulus
Species fumipennis - Tabanus fumipennis
Species fusconervosus - Tabanus fusconervosus
Species fuscopunctatus - Tabanus fuscopunctatus
Species gladiator - Tabanus gladiator
Species gracilis - Tabanus gracilis
Species hinellus - Tabanus hinellus
Species imitans - Tabanus imitans
Species kesseli - Tabanus kesseli
Species laticeps - Tabanus laticeps
Species laticornis - Tabanus laticornis
Species limbatinevris - Tabanus limbatinevris
No Taxon lineola complex
Species lineola - Striped Horse Fly
Species longiusculus - Tabanus longiusculus
Species marginalis - Tabanus marginalis
Species melanocerus - Tabanus melanocerus
Species mixis - Tabanus mixis
Species moderator - Tabanus moderator
Species molestus - Tabanus molestus
Species monoensis - Tabanus monoensis
Species mularis - Tabanus mularis
Species nigrescens - Tabanus nigrescens
Species nigripes - Tabanus nigripes
No Taxon Tabanus nigrovittatus complex
Species nigrovittatus - Greenhead
Species novaescotiae - Tabanus novaescotiae
Species pallidescens - Tabanus pallidescens
Species petiolatus - Tabanus petiolatus
Species proximus - Tabanus proximus
Species pumilus - Tabanus pumilus
Species punctifer - Western Horse Fly
Species quinquevittatus - Tabanus quinquevittatus
Species reinwardtii - Tabanus reinwardtii
Species rufofrater - Tabanus rufofrater
Species sackeni - Tabanus sackeni
Species sagax - Tabanus sagax
Species similis - Tabanus similis
Species sparus - Tabanus sparus
Subspecies milleri - Tabanus sparus milleri
Species stygius - Tabanus stygius
Species subsimilis - Tabanus subsimilis
Species sulcifrons - Tabanus sulcifrons
Species sublongus - Tabanus sublongus
Species subniger - Tabanus subniger
Species superjumentarius - Tabanus superjumentarius
Species trijunctus - Tabanus trijunctus
Species trimaculatus - Tabanus trimaculatus
Species turbidus - Tabanus turbidus
Species venustus - Tabanus venustus
Species vivax - Tabanus vivax
Species yucatanus - Tabanus yucatanus
Species zythicolor - Tabanus zythicolor
No Taxon larval images
Genus Whitneyomyia
Species beatifica - Whitneyomyia beatifica
Tribe Haematopotini
Genus Haematopota - Clegs
Species americana - Haematopota americana
Species rara - Haematopota rara
Tribe Diachlorini
Genus Anacimas
Species limbellatus - Anacimas limbellatus
Genus Chlorotabanus
Species crepuscularis - Chlorotabanus crepuscularis
Genus Diachlorus
Species ferrugatus - Yellow Fly of the Dismal Swamp
Genus Leucotabanus
Species ambiguus - Leucotabanus ambiguus
Species annulatus - Leucotabanus annulatus
Genus Microtabanus
Species pygmaeus - Microtabanus pygmaeus
Genus Stenotabanus
Species psammophilus - Stenotabanus psammophilus
No Taxon Unidentified Deer and Horse Fly Eggs
Family Vermileonidae - Wormlions
Genus Vermileo - wormlion
Species opacus - Vermileo opacus
Species comstocki - Sierra Wormlion
Family Oreoleptidae
Genus Oreoleptis
Species torrenticola - Oreoleptis torrenticola
Superfamily Asiloidea
Family Apioceridae
Genus Apiocera - Flower-loving flies
Species barri - Apiocera barri
Species haruspex - Apiocera haruspex
Subspecies martinorum - Apiocera haruspex martinorum
Species mexicana - Apiocera mexicana
Species macswaini - Apiocera macswaini
Species chrysolasia - Apiocera chrysolasia
Species painteri - Apiocera painteri
Family Apsilocephalidae
Genus Apsilocephala
Species longistyla - Apsilocephala longistyla
Family Apystomyiidae
Genus Apystomyia
Species elinguis - Apystomyia elinguis
Family Asilidae - Robber Flies
Subfamily Asilinae
Genus Asilus
Species sericeus - Asilus sericeus
Genus Dicropaltum
Species rubicundus - Dicropaltum rubicundus
Genus Eccritosia
Species zamon - Eccritosia zamon
Genus Efferia
No Taxon Albibarbis group
Species albibarbis - Efferia albibarbis
Species armata - Efferia armata
Species bicolor - Efferia bicolor
Species duncani - Efferia duncani
Species leucocoma - Efferia leucocoma
Species tagax - Efferia tagax
No Taxon Anomala group
Species candida - Efferia candida
Species tricella - Efferia tricella
Species triton - Efferia triton
No Taxon Arida group
Species cuervana - Efferia cuervana
Species okanagana - Okanagan Efferia
Species snowi - Efferia snowi
No Taxon Nerax group
Species aestuans - Efferia aestuans
Species apicalis - Efferia apicalis
Species prairiensis - Efferia prairiensis
Species tabescens - Efferia tabescens
No Taxon Pogonias group
Species benedicti - Efferia benedicti
Species bicaudata - Efferia bicaudata
Species bryanti - Efferia bryanti
Species mortensoni - Efferia mortensoni
Species pogonias - Efferia pogonias
Species plena - Efferia plena
No Taxon Staminea group
Species inflata - Efferia inflata
Species nemoralis - Efferia nemoralis
Species rapax - Efferia rapax
Species varipes - Efferia varipes
No Taxon Tuberculata group
Species tuberculata - [Tuberculefferia] tuberculata
No Taxon Carinata group
Species jubata - [Carinefferia] jubata
Species latruncula - Efferia latruncula
Genus Machimus
Species adustus - Machimus adustus
Species antimachus - Machimus antimachus
Species blantoni - Machimus blantoni
Species callidus - Machimus callidus
Species delusus - Machimus delusus
Species erythocnemius - Machimus erythocnemius
Species fattigi - Machimus fattigi
Species formosus - Machimus formosus
Species griseus - Machimus griseus
Species latipex - Machimus latipex
Species lecythus - Machimus lecythus
Species maneei - Machimus maneei
Species novaescotiae - Machimus novaescotiae
Species notatus - Machimus notatus
Species paropus - Machimus paropus
Species occidentalis - Machimus occidentalis
Species sadyates - Machimus sadyates
Species snowii - Machimus snowii
Species virginicus - Machimus virginicus
Genus Mallophora - Bee Killers
Species atra - Black Bee Killer
Species bomboides - Mallophora bomboides
Species fautrix - Mallophora fautrix
Species leschenaulti - Mallophora leschenaulti
Species orcina - Southern Bee Killer
No Taxon bomboides or orcina
Genus Megaphorus
Species acrus - Megaphorus acrus
Species clausicellus - Megaphorus clausicellus
Species flavidus - Megaphorus flavidus
Species frustrus - Megaphorus frustrus
Species laphroides - Megaphorus laphroides
Species megachile - Megaphorus megachile
Species minutus - Megaphorus minutus
Species pallidus - Megaphorus pallidus
Species prudens - Megaphorus prudens
Species willistoni - Megaphorus willistoni
Genus Negasilus
Species astutus - Negasilus astutus
Genus Neoitamus
Species coquillettii - Neoitamus coquillettii
Species flavofemoratus - Neoitamus flavofemoratus
Species orphne - Neoitamus orphne
Genus Neomochtherus
Species auricomus - Neomochtherus auricomus
Species californicus - Neomochtherus californicus
Species comosus - Neomochtherus comosus
Species latipennis - Neomochtherus latipennis
Species pallipes - Devon Red-legged Robber Fly
Species willistoni - Neomochtherus willistoni
Genus Nevadasilus
Species auriannulatus - Nevadasilus auriannulatus
Species blantoni - Nevadasilus blantoni
Genus Ommatius
Species baboquivari - Ommatius baboquivari
Species bromleyi - Ommatius bromleyi
Species floridensis - Ommatius floridensis
Species gemma - Ommatius gemma
Species ouachitensis - Ommatius ouachitensis
Species parvulus - Ommatius parvulus
Species tibialis - Ommatius tibialis
Species wilcoxi - Ommatius wilcoxi
Genus Philonicus
Species fuscatus - Philonicus fuscatus
Species plebeius - Philonicus plebeius
Species rufipennis - Philonicus rufipennis
Genus Polacantha
Species arcuata - Polacantha arcuata
Species composita - Polacantha composita
Species gracilis - Polacantha gracilis
Species grossa - Polacantha grossa
Genus Proctacanthella
Species cacopiloga - Proctacanthella cacopiloga
Species exquisita - Proctacanthella exquisita
Species leucopogon - Proctacanthella leucopogon
Species robusta - Proctacanthella robusta
Species willistoni - Proctacanthella willistoni
Species wilcoxi - Proctacanthella wilcoxi
Genus Proctacanthus
Species brevipennis - Proctacanthus brevipennis
Species coquillettii - Proctacanthus coquillettii
Species duryi - Proctacanthus duryi
Species fulviventris - Proctacanthus fulviventris
Species gracilis - Proctacanthus gracilis
Species heros - Proctacanthus heros
Species hinei - Proctacanthus hinei
Species longus - Proctacanthus longus
Species micans - Proctacanthus micans
Species milbertii - Milbert's Proctacanthus
Species nearno - Proctacanthus nearno
Species nigriventris - Proctacanthus nigriventris
Species occidentalis - Proctacanthus occidentalis
Species philadelphicus - Proctacanthus philadelphicus
Species rufus - Proctacanthus rufus
Species rodecki - Proctacanthus rodecki
Genus Promachella
Species pilosa - Promachella pilosa
Genus Promachus - Giant Robber Flies
Species albifacies - Promachus albifacies
Species aldrichii - Promachus aldrichii
Species atrox - Promachus atrox
Species bastardii - Promachus bastardii
Species dimidiatus - Promachus dimidiatus
Species fitchii - Promachus fitchii
Species giganteus - Promachus giganteus
Species hinei - Promachus hinei
Species nigrialbus - Promachus nigrialbus
Species painteri - Promachus painteri
Species princeps - Promachus princeps
Species rufipes - Red-footed Cannibalfly
Species sackeni - Promachus sackeni
Species truquii - Promachus truquii
Species vertebratus - Promachus vertebratus
No Taxon possibly albifacies [temporary page]
Species quadratus - Promachus quadratus
Genus Rhadiurgus
Species variabilis - Rhadiurgus variabilis
Genus Tolmerus
Species vescus - Tolmerus vescus
Genus Triorla
Species interrupta - Triorla interrupta
Genus Wyliea
Species mydas - Wyliea mydas
Subfamily Dasypogoninae
Genus Blepharepium
Species sonorensis - Blepharepium sonorensis
Genus Comantella
Species pacifica - Comantella pacifica
Genus Cophura
Species ameles - Cophura ameles
Species arizonensis - Cophura arizonensis
Species bella - Cophura bella
Species brevicornis - Cophura brevicornis
Species caca - Cophura caca
Species dora - Cophura dora
Species fur - Cophura fur
Species getzendaneri - Cophura getzendaneri
Species hennei - Cophura hennei
Species painteri - Cophura painteri
Species pollinosa - Cophura pollinosa
Species sculleni - Cophura sculleni
Species sodalis - Cophura sodalis
Species texana - Cophura texana
Species tolandi - Cophura tolandi
Species vandykei - Cophura vandykei
Genus Diogmites - Hanging-thieves
Species angustipennis - Diogmites angustipennis
Species basalis - Diogmites basalis
Species coloradensis - Diogmites coloradensis
Species contortus - Diogmites contortus
Species crudelis - Diogmites crudelis
Species discolor - Diogmites discolor
Species esuriens - Diogmites esuriens
Species misellus - Diogmites misellus
Species missouriensis - Diogmites missouriensis
Species neoternatus - Diogmites neoternatus
Species platypterus - Diogmites platypterus
Species properans - Diogmites properans
Species sallei - Diogmites sallei
Species salutans - Diogmites salutans
Species ternatus - Diogmites ternatus
Species texanus - Diogmites texanus
Genus Hodophylax
Species basingeri - Hodophylax basingeri
Species tolandi - Hodophylax tolandi
Species aridus - Hodophylax aridus
Genus Lestomyia
Species n-sp - Lestomyia n. sp.
Species strigipes - Lestomyia strigipes
Genus Nicocles
Species abdominalis - Nicocles abdominalis
Species aemulator - Nicocles aemulator
Species bromleyi - Nicocles bromleyi
Species canadensis - Nicocles canadensis
Species dives - Nicocles dives
Species engelhardti - Nicocles engelhardti
Species pictus - Nicocles pictus
Species politus - Nicocles politus
Species rufus - Nicocles rufus
Species utahensis - Nicocles utahensis
Genus Omninablautus
Species arenosus - Omninablautus arenosus
Genus Parataracticus
Species wyliei - Parataracticus wyliei
Genus Saropogon
Species abbreviatus - Saropogon abbreviatus
Species albifrons - Saropogon albifrons
Species bryanti - Saropogon bryanti
Species combustus - Saropogon combustus
Species coquilletti - Saropogon coquilletti
Species dispar - Saropogon dispar
Species hypomelas - Saropogon hypomelas
Species luteus - Saropogon luteus
Species mohawki - Saropogon mohawki
Species nitidus - Saropogon nitidus
Species pritchardi - Saropogon pritchardi
Species purus - Saropogon purus
Species semiustus - Saropogon semiustus
Species senex - Saropogon senex
Species undescribed - Saropogon undescribed
Genus Taracticus
Species paulus - Taracticus paulus
Species ruficaudus - Taracticus ruficaudus
Species octopunctatus - Taracticus octopunctatus
Subfamily Laphystiinae
Genus Zabrops
Species wilcoxi - Zabrops wilcoxi
Species flavipilis - Zabrops flavipilis
Species tagax - Zabrops tagax
Genus Psilocurus
Species birdi - Psilocurus birdi
Species puellus - Psilocurus puellus
Species nudiusculus - Psilocurus nudiusculus
Genus Laphystia
Species flavipes - Laphystia flavipes
Species howlandi - Laphystia howlandi
Species litoralis - Laphystia litoralis
Species notata - Laphystia notata
Species ochreifrons - Laphystia ochreifrons
Species texensis - Laphystia texensis
Species tolandi - Laphystia tolandi
Subfamily Laphriinae
Genus Andrenosoma
Species hesperium - Andrenosoma hesperium
Species fulvicaudum - Andrenosoma fulvicaudum
Species igneum - Andrenosoma igneum
Species xanthocnemum - Andrenosoma xanthocnemum
Genus Atomosia
Species arkansensis - Atomosia arkansensis
Species glabrata - Atomosia glabrata
Species melanopogon - Atomosia melanopogon
Species mucida - Atomosia mucida
Species puella - Atomosia puella
Species rufipes - Atomosia rufipes
Species sayii - Atomosia sayii
Genus Atomosiella
Species antennata - Atomosiella antennata
Genus Atoniomyia
Species duncani - Atoniomyia duncani
Genus Cerotainia
Species albipilosa - Cerotainia albipilosa
Species macrocera - Cerotainia macrocera
Genus Cerotainiops
Species abdominalis - Cerotainiops abdominalis
Species wilcoxi - Cerotainiops wilcoxi
Species omus - Cerotainiops omus
Genus Dasylechia
Species atrox - Dasylechia atrox
Genus Lampria
Species rubriventris - Lampria rubriventris
Species bicolor - Lampria bicolor
Genus Laphria - Bee-like Robber Flies
Species affinis - Laphria affinis
Species aktis - Laphria aktis
Species altitudinum - Laphria altitudinum
Species apila - Laphria apila
Species asackeni - Laphria asackeni
Species astur - Laphria astur
Species asturina - Laphria asturina
Species canis - Laphria canis
Species champlainii - Laphria champlainii
Species cinerea - Laphria cinerea
Species columbica - Laphria columbica
Species coquillettii - Laphria coquillettii
Species divisor - Laphria divisor
Species engelhardti - Laphria engelhardti
Species felis - Laphria felis
Species fernaldi - Laphria fernaldi
Species ferox - Laphria ferox
Species flavicollis - Laphria flavicollis
Species franciscana - Laphria franciscana
Species gilva - Laphria gilva
Species grossa - Laphria grossa
Species huron - Laphria huron
Species index - Laphria index
Species insignis - Laphria insignis
Species ithypyga - Laphria ithypyga
Species janus - Laphria janus
Species lata - Laphria lata
Species macquarti - Laphria macquarti
Species partitor - Laphria partitor
Species posticata - Laphria posticata
Species sackeni - Laphria sackeni
Species sacrator - Laphria sacrator
Species sadales - Laphria sadales
Species saffrana - Laphria saffrana
Species scorpio - Laphria scorpio
Species sericea - Laphria sericea
Species sicula - Laphria sicula
Species thoracica - Laphria thoracica
Species trux - Laphria trux
Species unicolor - Laphria unicolor
Species ventralis - Laphria ventralis
Species virginica - Laphria virginica
Species vorax - Laphria vorax
Species vultur - Laphria vultur
Species winnemana - Laphria winnemana
No Taxon near macquarti
No Taxon undescribed species near franciscana
No Taxon undescribed species near sericea
No Taxon canis complex
No Taxon index or ithypyga
No Taxon sericea complex
No Taxon Larvae and Pupae
Genus Orthogonis
Species stygia - Orthogonis stygia
Genus Pogonosoma
Species dorsatum - Pogonosoma dorsatum
Species ridingsi - Pogonosoma ridingsi
Tribe Laphriini
Subfamily Leptogastrinae
Genus Apachekolos
Species tenuipes - Apachekolos tenuipes
Species scapularis - Apachekolos scapularis
Genus Beameromyia
Genus Leptogaster
Species brevicornis - Leptogaster brevicornis
Species flavipes - Leptogaster flavipes
Species murina - Leptogaster murina
Species virgata - Leptogaster virgata
Genus Leptopteromyia
Species americana - Leptopteromyia americana
Genus Psilonyx
Species annulatus - Psilonyx annulatus
Genus Tipulogaster
Species glabrata - Tipulogaster glabrata
Subfamily Stenopogoninae
Genus Ablautus
Species coquilletti - Ablautus coquilletti
Species flavipes - Ablautus flavipes
Species mimus - Ablautus mimus
Species rufotibialis - Ablautus rufotibialis
Species schlingeri - Oso Flaco robber fly
Species vanduzeei - Ablautus vanduzeei
Genus Archilestris
Species magnificus - Archilestris magnificus
Genus Backomyia
Genus Callinicus
Species calcaneus - Callinicus calcaneus
Species pictitarsis - Callinicus pictitarsis
Species pollenius - Callinicus pollenius
Species vittatus - Callinicus vittatus
Genus Ceraturgus
Species aurulentus - Ceraturgus aurulentus
Species cruciatus - Ceraturgus cruciatus
Species elizabethae - Ceraturgus elizabethae
Species fasciatus - Ceraturgus fasciatus
Species mitchelli - Ceraturgus mitchelli
Species nigripes - Ceraturgus nigripes
Genus Coleomyia
Species alticola - Coleomyia alticola
Genus Cyrtopogon
Species alleni - Cyrtopogon alleni
Species auratus - Cyrtopogon auratus
Species aurifex - Cyrtopogon aurifex
Species auripilosus - Cyrtopogon auripilosus
Species banksi - Cyrtopogon banksi
Species beameri - Cyrtopogon beameri
Species bimacula - Cyrtopogon bimacula
Species callipedilus - Cyrtopogon callipedilus
Species dasyllis - Cyrtopogon dasyllis
Species evidens - Cyrtopogon evidens
Species falto - Cyrtopogon falto
Species inversus - Cyrtopogon inversus
Species jemezi - Cyrtopogon jemezi
Species laphriformis - Cyrtopogon laphriformis
Species longimanus - Cyrtopogon longimanus
Species lutatius - Cyrtopogon lutatius
Species lyratus - Cyrtopogon lyratus
Species marginalis - Cyrtopogon marginalis
Species montanus - Cyrtopogon montanus
Species plausor - Cyrtopogon plausor
Species stenofrons - Cyrtopogon stenofrons
Species sudator - Cyrtopogon sudator
Species willistoni - Cyrtopogon willistoni
Species vandykei - Cyrtopogon vandykei
Genus Dicolonus
Species simplex - Dicolonus simplex
Genus Dioctria
Species hyalipennis - Dioctria hyalipennis
Species pleuralis - Dioctria pleuralis
Species pusio - Dioctria pusio
Genus Echthodopa
Species pubera - Echthodopa pubera
Species formosa - Echthodopa formosa
Genus Eucyrtopogon
Species diversipilosis - Eucyrtopogon diversipilosis
Genus Eudioctria
Species albius - Eudioctria albius
Species brevis - Eudioctria brevis
Species media - Eudioctria media
Species nitida - Eudioctria nitida
Species propinqua - Eudioctria propinqua
Species sackeni - Eudioctria sackeni
Species tibialis - Eudioctria tibialis
Genus Hadrokolos
Species texanus - Hadrokolos texanus
Genus Heteropogon
Species cazieri - Heteropogon cazieri
Species cirrhatus - Heteropogon cirrhatus
Species currani - Heteropogon currani
Species davisi - Heteropogon davisi
Species divisus - Heteropogon divisus
Species duncani - Heteropogon duncani
Species johnsoni - Heteropogon johnsoni
Species lautus - Heteropogon lautus
Species macerinus - Heteropogon macerinus
Species maculinervis - Heteropogon maculinervis
Species patruelis - Heteropogon patruelis
Species paurosomus - Heteropogon paurosomus
Species phoenicurus - Heteropogon phoenicurus
Species spatulatus - Heteropogon spatulatus
Species stonei - Heteropogon stonei
Genus Holopogon
Species guttulus - Holopogon guttulus
Species mica - Holopogon mica
Species oriens - Holopogon oriens
Species phaeonotus - Holopogon phaonotus
Species sapphirus - Holopogon sapphirus
Species seniculus - Holopogon seniculus
Species snowi - Holopogon snowi
Species wilcoxi - Holopogon wilcoxi
Genus Itolia
Species timberlakei - Itolia timberlakei
Species maculata - Itolia maculata
Genus Metadioctria
Species parvula - Metadioctria parvula
Species rubida - Metadioctria rubida
Genus Metapogon
Species carinatus - Metapogon carinatus
Species gibber - Metapogon gibber
Species punctipennis - Metapogon punctipennis
Species amargosae - Metapogon amargosae
Genus Microstylum
Species galactodes - Microstylum galactodes
Species morosum - Microstylum morosum
Genus Myelaphus
Species melas - Myelaphus melas
Genus Nannocyrtopogon
Species aristatus - Nannocyrtopogon aristatus
Species atripes - Nannocyrtopogon atripes
Species inyoi - Nannocyrtopogon inyoi
Species irvinei - Nannocyrtopogon irvinei
Species vanduzeei - Nannocyrtopogon vanduzeei
Genus Nannodioctria
Species seminole - Nannodioctria seminole
Genus Ospriocerus
Species aeacidinus - Ospriocerus aeacidinus
Species aeacus - Ospriocerus aeacus
Species arizonensis - Ospriocerus arizonensis
Species brevis - Ospriocerus brevis
Species latipennis - Ospriocerus latipennis
Species longulus - Ospriocerus longulus
Species minos - Ospriocerus minos
Species tenebrosus - Ospriocerus tenebrosus
Species tequilae - Ospriocerus tequilae
Species vallensis - Ospriocerus vallensis
Genus Plesiomma
Species unicolor - Plesiomma unicolor
Genus Pritchardomyia
Species vespoides - Pritchardomyia vespoides
Genus Prolepsis
Species tristis - Prolepsis tristis
Genus Scleropogon
Species bradleyi - Scleropogon bradleyi
Species cinerascens - Scleropogon cinerascens
Species coyote - Scleropogon coyote
Species dispar - Scleropogon dispar
Species floridensis - Scleropogon floridensis
Species duncani - Scleropogon duncani
Species haigi - Scleropogon haigi
Species helvolus - Scleropogon helvolus
Species huachucanus - Scleropogon huachucanus
Species indistinctus - Scleropogon indistinctus
Species kelloggi - Scleropogon kelloggi
Species picticornis - Scleropogon picticornis
Species subulatus - Scleropogon subulatus
Species texanus - Scleropogon texanus
Species neglectus - Scleropogon neglectus
Genus Sintoria
Species pappi - Sintoria pappi
Species cyanea - Sintoria cyanea
Species emeralda - Sintoria emeralda
Genus Stenopogon
Species boharti - Stenopogon boharti
Species breviusculoides - Stenopogon breviusculoides
Species breviusculus - Stenopogon breviusculus
Species californiae - Stenopogon californiae
Species cazieri - Stenopogon cazieri
Species engelhardti - Stenopogon engelhardti
Species inquinatus - Stenopogon inquinatus
Species lomae - Stenopogon lomae
Species obispae - Stenopogon obispae
Species rufibarbis - Stenopogon rufibarbis
Species utahensis - Stenopogon utahensis
Species tolandi - Stenopogon tolandi
Genus Wilcoxia
Species forbesi - Wilcoxia forbesi
Genus Willistonina
Species bilineata - Willistonina bilineata
Subfamily Stichopogoninae
Genus Lasiopogon
Species actius - Lasiopogon actius
Species aldrichii - Lasiopogon aldrichii
Species apache - Lasiopogon apache
Species appalachensis - Lasiopogon appalachensis
Species bitumineus - Lasiopogon bitumineus
Species bivittatus - Lasiopogon bivittatus
Species canningsi - Lasiopogon canningsi
Species cinereus - Lasiopogon cinereus
Species currani - Lasiopogon currani
Species drabicola - Lasiopogon drabicola
Species fumipennis - Lasiopogon fumipennis
Species gabrieli - Lasiopogon gabrieli
Species hinei - Lasiopogon hinei
Species littoris - Lasiopogon littoris
Species monticola - Lasiopogon monticola
Species oklahomensis - Lasiopogon oklahomensis
Species quadrivittatus - Lasiopogon quadrivittatus
Species schizopygus - Lasiopogon schizopygus
Species slossonae - Lasiopogon slossonae
Species terricola - Lasiopogon terricola
Species tetragrammus - Lasiopogon tetragrammus
Species willametti - Lasiopogon willametti
Genus Stichopogon
Species abdominalis - Stichopogon abdominalis
Species argenteus - Stichopogon argenteus
Species catulus - Stichopogon catulus
Species colei - Stichopogon colei
Species fragilis - Stichopogon fragilis
Species trifasciatus - Three-banded Robber Fly
Species coquillettii - Stichopogon coquillettii
Genus Townsendia
Species albomacula - Townsendia albomacula
Species arenicola - Townsendia arenicola
Species nigra - Townsendia nigra
Subfamily Trigonomiminae
Genus Haplopogon
Species dicksoni - Haplopogon dicksoni
Species erinus - Haplopogon erinus
Genus Holcocephala
Species abdominalis - Holcocephala abdominalis
Species calva - Holcocephala calva
Species fusca - Holcocephala fusca
No Taxon Asilid Pupal Cases/Larvae/Eggs
Family Bombyliidae - Bee Flies
Subfamily Usiinae
Genus Apolysis
Species sigma - Apolysis sigma
Subfamily Phthiriinae
Tribe Poecilognathini
Genus Poecilognathus
Species punctipennis - Poecilognathus punctipennis
Species unimaculatus - Poecilognathus unimaculatus
Genus Relictiphthiria
Genus Tmemophlebia
Species coquilletti - Tmemophlebia coquilletti
Tribe Phthiriini
Genus Acreophthiria
Genus Neacreotrichus
Species diversus - Neacreotrichus diversus
Subfamily Toxophorinae
Genus Geron
No Taxon Subgenus Geron
Species vitripennis - Geron vitripennis
No Taxon Subgenus Empidigeron
Species calvus - Geron calvus
Genus Toxophora
Species amphitea - Toxophora amphitea
Species leucopyga - Toxophora leucopyga
Species maxima - Toxophora maxima
Species pellucida - Toxophora pellucida
Species virgata - Toxophora virgata
Tribe Systropodini
Genus Dolichomyia
Species gracilis - Dolichomyia gracilis
Genus Systropus
Species angulatus - Systropus angulatus
Species arizonicus - Systropus arizonicus
Species bicornis - Systropus bicornis
Species macer - Systropus macer
Subfamily Bombyliinae
Tribe Bombyliini
Genus Anastoechus
Species barbatus - Anastoechus barbatus
Species hessei - Anastoechus hessei
Species melanohalteralis - Anastoechus melanohalteralis
Genus Bombylius
No Taxon Subgenus Bombylius
Species albicapillus - Bombylius albicapillus
Species anthophilus - Bombylius anthophilus
Species atriceps - Bombylius atriceps
Species aurifer - Bombylius aurifer
Species breviabdominalis - Bombylius breviabdominalis
Species comanche - Bombylius comanche
Species curtirhynchus - Bombylius curtirhynchus
Species diegoensis - Bombylius diegoensis
Species fraudulentus - Bombylius fraudulentus
Species fulvibasoides - Bombylius fulvibasoides
Species helvus - Bombylius helvus
Species heximaculatus - Bombylius heximaculatus
Species lancifer - Bombylius lancifer
Species major - Greater Bee Fly
Species mexicanus - Bombylius mexicanus
Species mohavensis - Bombylius mohavensis
Species pulchellus - Bombylius pulchellus
Species pygmaeus - Bombylius pygmaeus
Species texanus - Bombylius texanus
Species validus - Bombylius validus
Species varius - Bombylius varius
No Taxon lancifer or facialis
No Taxon Subgenus Parabombylius
Species ater - Bombylius ater
Species coquilletti - Bombylius (Parabombylius) coquilletti
Species iphiculus - Bombylius iphiculus
Species pulcher - Bombylius pulcher
Species incanus - Bombylius (Zephyrectes) incanus
Genus Heterostylum
Species croceum - Heterostylum croceum
Species robustum - Bomber Fly
Genus Systoechus
Species candidulus - Systoechus candidulus
Species oreas - Systoechus oreas
Species solitus - Systoechus solitus
Species vulgaris - Systoechus vulgaris
Genus Triploechus
Species novus - Triploechus novus
Tribe Conophorini
Genus Aldrichia
Species auripuncta - Aldrichia auripuncta
Species ehrmanii - Aldrichia ehrmanii
Genus Conophorus
Species atratulus - Conophorus atratulus
Species collini - Conophorus collini
Species cristatus - Conophorus cristatus
Species fallax - Conophorus fallax
Species fenestratus - Conophorus fenestratus
Species melanoceratus - Conophorus melanoceratus
Species nigripennis - Conophorus nigripennis
Species obesulus - Conophorus obesulus
Species sackenii - Conophorus sackenii
Genus Geminaria
Species canalis - Geminaria canalis
Species pellucida - Geminaria pellucida
Genus Lordotus
No Taxon Lordotus diplasus or diversus
Species divisus - Lordotus divisus
Species gibbus - Lordotus gibbus
Species junceus - Lordotus junceus
Species planus - Lordotus planus
Species pulchrissimus - Lordotus pulchrissimus
Species striatus - Lordotus striatus
Species zona - Lordotus zona
Genus Sparnopolius
Species confusus - Sparnopolius confusus
Subfamily Ecliminae
Genus Lepidophora
Species lepidocera - Scaly Bee Fly
Species vetusta - Lepidophora vetusta
Species lutea - Lepidophora lutea
Genus Thevenetimyia
Species accedens - Thevenetimyia accedens
Species affinis - Thevenetimyia affinis
Species californica - Thevenetimyia californica
Species canuta - Thevenetimyia canuta
Species celer - Thevenetimyia celer
Species culiciformis - Thevenetimyia culiciformis
Species funesta - Thevenetimyia funesta
Species harrisi - Thevenetimyia harrisi
Species lotus - Thevenetimyia lotus
Species luctifera - Thevenetimyia luctifera
Species maculipennis - Thevenetimyia maculipennis
Species magna - Thevenetimyia magna
Species muricata - Thevenetimyia muricata
Species nigra - Thevenetimyia nigra
Species notata - Thevenetimyia notata
Species phalantha - Thevenetimyia phalantha
Species sodalis - Thevenetimyia sodalis
Species speciosa - Thevenetimyia speciosa
Species tridentata - Thevenemyia (Arthroneura) tridentata
No Taxon resemble luctifera
Subfamily Cythereinae
Genus Pantarbes
Species capito - Pantarbes capito
Species earinus - Pantarbes earinus
Species megistus - Pantarbes megistus
Species willistoni - Pantarbes willistoni
Subfamily Lomatiinae
Genus Ogcodocera
Species analis - Ogcodocera analis
Species leucoprocta - Ogcodocera leucoprocta
Subfamily Tomomyzinae
Genus Metacosmus
Species mancipennis - Metacosmus mancipennis
Genus Amphicosmus
Species arizonensis - Amphicosmus arizonensis
Species arizonicus - Amphicosmus arizonicus
Genus Paracosmus
Species edwardsii - Paracosmus edwardsii
Species insolens - Paracosmus insolens
Species morrisoni - Paracosmus morrisoni
Species rubicundus - Paracosmus rubicundus
Subfamily Anthracinae
Tribe Xeramoebini
Genus Desmatoneura
Species argentifrons - Desmatoneura argentifrons
Tribe Exoprosopini
Genus Exoprosopa
Species albifrons - Exoprosopa albifrons
Species anomala - Exoprosopa anomala
Species butleri - Exoprosopa butleri
Species caliptera - Exoprosopa caliptera
Species decora - Exoprosopa decora
Species divisa - Exoprosopa divisa
Species dorcadion - Exoprosopa dorcadion
Species doris - Exoprosopa doris
Species eremita - Exoprosopa eremita
No Taxon fasciata-group
Species argentifasciata - Exoprosopa argentifasciata
Species agassizii - Exoprosopa agassizii
Species bifurca - Exoprosopa bifurca
Species brevirostris - Exoprosopa brevirostris
Species clarki - Exoprosopa clarki
Species dodrans - Exoprosopa dodrans
Species dodrina - Exoprosopa dodrina
Species fasciata - Exoprosopa fasciata
Species parda - Exoprosopa parda
Species rostrifera - Exoprosopa rostrifera
Species fascipennis - Exoprosopa fascipennis
Species fumosa - Exoprosopa fumosa
Species ingens - Exoprosopa ingens
Species iota - Exoprosopa iota
Species jonesi - Exoprosopa jonesi
Species meigenii - Exoprosopa meigenii
Species painterorum - Exoprosopa painterorum
Species pueblensis - Exoprosopa pueblensis
Species rhea - Exoprosopa rhea
No Taxon sp. "Chihuahua 1"
No Taxon sp. "Chihuahua 2"
No Taxon sp. "Sonora"
No Taxon sp. "Spotted-wing"
No Taxon sp. "Texas"
No Taxon sp. "near butleri"
No Taxon sp. "Ramsey Canyon"
Genus Ligyra
Species cerberus - Ligyra cerberus
Species gazophylax - Ligyra gazophylax
Tribe Anthracini
Genus Anthrax
Species albofasciatus - Anthrax albofasciatus
Species argyropygus - Anthrax argyropygus
Species artemesia - Anthrax artemesia
Species aterrimus - Anthrax aterrimus
Species atriplex - Anthrax atriplex
Species cascadensis - Anthrax cascadensis
Species cintalpa - Anthrax cintalpa
Species daphne - Anthrax daphne
Species georgicus - Anthrax georgicus
Species irroratus - Anthrax irroratus
Species larrea - Anthrax larrea
Species nigriventris - Anthrax nigriventris
Species pauper - Anthrax pauper
Species pluto - Anthrax pluto
Species striatipennis - Anthrax striatipennis
Species varicolor - Anthrax varicolor
Species vierecki - Anthrax vierecki
No Taxon oedipus subgroup species not identifiable from photos
No Taxon pluto or stellans
Genus Dicranoclista
Species fasciata - Dicranoclista fasciata
Genus Xenox
Species delila - Xenox delila
Species habrosus - Xenox habrosus
Species tigrinus - Tiger Bee Fly
Species xylocopae - Xenox xylocopae
Tribe Aphoebantini
Genus Aphoebantus
Species borealis - Aphoebantus borealis
Species conurus - Aphoebantus conurus
Species desertus - Aphoebantus desertus
Species fumosus - Aphoebantus fumosus
Species interruptus - Aphoebantus interruptus
Species leucospilus - Aphoebantus leucospilus
Species mus - Aphoebantus mus
Species rattus - Aphoebantus rattus
Species scalaris - Aphoebantus scalaris
Species transitus - Aphoebantus transitus
Genus Epacmus
Species nitidus - Epacmus nitidus
Genus Eucessia
Species rubens - Eucessia rubens
Genus Exepacmus
Species johnsoni - Exepacmus johnsoni
Tribe Villini
Genus Astrophanes
Species adonis - Astrophanes adonis
Genus Chrysanthrax
Species arenosus - Chrysanthrax arenosus
Species crocinus - Chrysanthrax crocinus
Species cypris - Chrysanthrax cypris
Species dispar - Chrysanthrax dispar
Species edititius - Chrysanthrax edititius
Species eudorus - Chrysanthrax eudorus
Species junctura - Chrysanthrax junctura
Species lepidotoides - Chrysanthrax lepidotoides
Species vanus - Chrysanthrax vanus
Genus Diochanthrax
Species morulus - Diochanthrax morulus
Genus Dipalta
Species serpentina - Dipalta serpentina
Species banksi - Huron Shore Bee Fly
Genus Hemipenthes
Species blanchardiana - Hemipenthes blanchardiana
Species catulina - Hemipenthes catulina
Species celeris - Hemipenthes celeris
Species curta - Hemipenthes curta
Species edwardsii - Hemipenthes edwardsii
Species inops - Hemipenthes inops
Species jaennickeana - Hemipenthes jaennickeana
Species lepidota - Hemipenthes lepidota
Species morioides - Hemipenthes morioides
Species pullata - Hemipenthes pullata
Species scylla - Hemipenthes scylla
Species seminigra - Hemipenthes seminigra
Species sinuosa - Sinuous Bee Fly
Species webberi - Hemipenthes webberi
Genus Lepidanthrax
Species angulus - Lepidanthrax angulus
Species arnaudi - Lepidanthrax arnaudi
Species californicus - Lepidanthrax californicus
No Taxon disjunctus species group
Species disjunctus - Lepidanthrax disjunctus
Species rauchi - Lepidanthrax rauchi
Species homologus - Lepidanthrax homologus
Species eremicus - Lepidanthrax eremicus
Species inauratus - Lepidanthrax inauratus
Species linsdalei - Lepidanthrax linsdalei
Species oribates - Lepidanthrax oribates
Genus Neodiplocampta
Species astrella - Neodiplocampta astrella
Species mirella - Neodiplocampta mirella
Species miranda - Neodiplocampta miranda
Species mira - Neodiplocampta mira
Genus Paradiplocampta
Species tabeti - Paradiplocampta tabeti
Genus Paravilla
Species aridula - Paravilla aridula
Species californica - Paravilla californica
Species cinerea - Paravilla cinerea
Species cunicula - Paravilla cunicula
Species deserta - Paravilla deserta
Species edititoides - Paravilla edititoides
Species fulvicoma - Paravilla fulvicoma
Species fumida - Paravilla fumida
Species fumosa - Paravilla fumosa
Species mercedis - Paravilla mercedis
Species mexicana - Paravilla mexicana
Species montivaga - Paravilla montivaga
Species separata - Paravilla separata
Species splendida - Paravilla splendida
Species syrtis - Paravilla syrtis
Species tricellula - Paravilla tricellula
Genus Poecilanthrax
Species alcyon - Poecilanthrax alcyon
Species alpha - Poecilanthrax alpha
Species apache - Poecilanthrax apache
Species arethusa - Poecilanthrax arethusa
Species bicellata - Poecilanthrax bicellata
Species californicus - Poecilanthrax californicus
Species effrenus - Poecilanthrax effrenus
Species eremicus - Poecilanthrax eremicus
Species fasciatus - Poecilanthrax fasciatus
Species fuliginosus - Poecilanthrax fuliginosus
Species hyalinipennis - Poecilanthrax hyalinipennis
Species ingens - Poecilanthrax ingens
Species litoralis - Poecilanthrax litoralis
Species lucifer - Poecilanthrax lucifer
Species monticola - Poecilanthrax monticola
Species nigripennis - Poecilanthrax nigripennis
Species poecilogaster - Poecilanthrax poecilogaster
Species sackenii - Poecilanthrax sackenii
Species tegminipennis - Poecilanthrax tegminipennis
Species varius - Poecilanthrax varius
Species willistonii - Poecilanthrax willistonii
Genus Rhynchanthrax
Species parvicornis - Rhynchanthrax parvicornis
Species capreus - Rhynchanthrax capreus
Genus Stonyx
Species clelia - Stonyx clelia
Genus Thyridanthrax
Species andrewsi - Thyridanthrax andrewsi
Species atratus - Thyridanthrax atratus
Species fenestratoides - Thyridanthrax fenestratoides
Species luminis - Thyridanthrax luminis
Species melanopterus - Thyridanthrax melanopterus
Species nugator - Thyridanthrax nugator
Species pallidus - Thyridanthrax pallidus
Species selene - Thyridanthrax selene
Genus Villa
Species agrippina - Villa agrippina
Species arenicola - Villa arenicola
Species chromolepida - Villa chromolepida
Species fulviana - Tawny-tailed Bee Fly
Species harveyi - Villa harveyi
Species hypomelas - Villa hypomelas
Species lateralis - Villa lateralis
Species miscella - Villa miscella
Species nigra - Villa nigra
Species nigricauda - Villa nigricauda
Species nigropecta - Villa nigropecta
No Taxon Group of agrippina and molitor
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae and Pupae
Family Hilarimorphidae
Family Mythicomyiidae - Micro Bee Flies
Genus Mythenteles
Species propleuralis - Mythenteles propleuralis
Genus Mythicomyia
Genus Glabellula
Species crassicornis - Glabellula crassicornis
Family Mydidae - Mydas Flies
Subfamily Leptomydinae
Genus Nemomydas
Species brachyrhynchus - Nemomydas brachyrhynchus
Species desideratus - Nemomydas desideratus
Species melanopogon - Nemomydas melanopogon
Species pantherinus - Nemomydas pantherinus
Species tenuipes - Nemomydas tenuipes
Species venosus - Nemomydas venosus
Genus Pseudonomoneura
Species californica - Pseudonomoneura californica
Species hirta - Pseudonomoneura hirta
Species micheneri - Pseudonomoneura micheneri
Species nelsoni - Pseudonomoneura nelsoni
Species tinkhami - Pseudonomoneura tinkhami
Subfamily Rhaphiomidinae
Genus Rhaphiomidas
Species acton - Rhaphiomidas acton
Species aitkeni - Rhaphiomidas aitkeni
Species hasbroucki - Rhaphiomidas hasbroucki
Species nigricaudis - Rhaphiomidas nigricaudis
Species parkeri - Rhaphiomidas parkeri
Species terminatus - Rhaphiomidas terminatus
Subfamily Ectyphinae
Genus Heteromydas
Species bicolor - Heteromydas bicolor
Genus Opomydas
Species limbatus - Opomydas limbatus
Species townsendi - Opomydas townsendi
Subfamily Mydinae
Genus Messiasia
Species pertenuis - Messiasia pertenuis
Genus Mydas
Species arizonensis - Mydas arizonensis
Species atratus - Mydas atratus
Species audax - Mydas audax
Species boonei - Mydas boonei
Species brunneus - Mydas brunneus
Species chrysostomus - Mydas chrysostomus
Species clavatus - Mydas clavatus
Species davidsoni - Mydas davidsoni
Species floridensis - Mydas floridensis
Species fulvifrons - Mydas fulvifrons
Species luteipennis - Mydas luteipennis
Species maculiventris - Mydas maculiventris
Species tibialis - Mydas Fly
Species ventralis - Mydas ventralis
Species weemsi - Mydas weemsi
Species xanthopterus - Mydas xanthopterus
Genus Phyllomydas
Species bruesii - Phyllomydas bruesii
Species currani - Phyllomydas currani
Species parvulus - Phyllomydas parvulus
Species quercus - Phyllomydas quercus
Species phyllocerus - Phyllomydas phyllocerus
Species scitulus - Phyllomydas scitulus
Genus Stratiomydas
Species lividus - Stratiomydas lividus
Family Scenopinidae - Window Flies
Genus Belosta
Genus Brevitrichia
Genus Metatrichia
Species bulbosa - Metatrichia bulbosa
Genus Pseudatrichia
Genus Scenopinus
No Taxon fenestralis species group
Species fenestralis - Window Fly
No Taxon velutinus species group
Genus Caenotus
Genus Prorates
Family Therevidae - Stiletto Flies
Subfamily Phycusinae
Genus Palaeopherocera
Species scudderi - Palaeopherocera scudderi
Genus Pherocera
Species flavipes - Pherocera flavipes
Genus Schlingeria
Species ammobata - Schlingeria ammobata
Subfamily Therevinae
Genus Acrosathe
Species vanduzeei - Acrosathe vanduzeei
Species pacifica - Acrosathe pacifica
Species vialis - Acrosathe vialis
Genus Ammonaios
Species confusus - Ammonaios confusus
Genus Arenigena
Genus Brachylinga
Species pavida - Brachylinga pavida
Genus Breviperna
Species placida - Breviperna placida
Genus Chromolepida
Species bella - Chromolepida bella
Species mexicana - Chromolepida mexicana
Genus Cyclotelus
Species hardyi - Cyclotelus hardyi
Species pictipennis - Cyclotelus pictipennis
Species rufiventris - Cyclotelus rufiventris
Genus Litolinga
Species tergisa - Litolinga tergisa
Genus Lysilinga
Genus Nebritus
Species pellucidus - Nebritus pellucidus
Species tanneri - Nebritus tanneri
Species powelli - Nebritus powelli
Genus Ozodiceromyia
Species argentata - Ozodiceromyia argentata
Species flavipennis - Ozodiceromyia flavipennis
Species nanella - Ozodiceromyia nanella
Species nigrimana - Ozodiceromyia nigrimana
Species notata - Ozodiceromyia notata
Species signatipennis - Ozodiceromyia signatipennis
No Taxon mexicana-group
No Taxon levigata-group
Genus Pandivirilia
Species conspicua - Pandivirilia conspicua
Genus Penniverpa
Species festina - Penniverpa festina
Genus Spiriverpa
Species bella - Spiriverpa bella
Genus Tabuda
Species planiceps - Tabuda planiceps
Species varia - Tabuda varia
Genus Tabudamima
Species melanophleba - Tabudamima melanophleba
Genus Thereva
Species bakeri - Thereva bakeri
Species brunnea - Thereva brunnea
Species comata - Thereva comata
Species cordata - Thereva cordata
Species diversa - Thereva diversa
Species flavipilosa - Thereva flavipilosa
Species frontalis - Thereva frontalis
Species fucata - Thereva fucata
Species hirticeps - Thereva hirticeps
Species smithae - Thereva smithae
Subfamily Xestomyzinae
Genus Henicomyia
Species hubbardii - Henicomyia hubbardii
No Taxon Unidentified immatures
Superfamily Empidoidea
Family Brachystomatidae
Genus Brachystoma
Species robertsonii - Brachystoma robertsonii
Genus Ceratempis
Species longicornis - Ceratempis longicornis
Genus Heleodromia
Family Dolichopodidae - Longlegged Flies
Subfamily Diaphorinae
Genus Achradocera
Species barbata - Achradocera barbata
Genus Argyra
Species albicans - Argyra albicans
Species flavipes - Argyra flavipes
Species nigriventris - Argyra nigriventris
Species setipes - Argyra setipes
Species thoracica - Argyra thoracica
Genus Asyndetus
Genus Chrysotus
Species bellus - Chrysotus bellus
Species choricus - Chrysotus choricus
Species cornutus - Chrysotus cornutus
Species costalis - Chrysotus costalis
Species halteralis - Chrysotus halteralis
Species leucostoma - Chrysotus leucostoma
Species mundus - Chrysotus mundus
Species neopicticornis - Chrysotus neopicticornis
Species occidentalis - Chrysotus occidentalis
Species pallipes - Chrysotus pallipes
Species picticornis - Chrysotus picticornis
Species simulans - Chrysotus simulans
Species spectabilis - Chrysotus spectabilis
Species subcostatus - Chrysotus subcostatus
Species tarsalis - Chrysotus tarsalis
Species tennesseensis - Chrysotus tennesseensis
Species affinis - Chrysotus affinis
Species arkansensis - Chrysotus arkansensis
Genus Diaphorus
Species nigricans - Diaphorus nigricans
Species pseudopacus - Diaphorus pseudopacus
Subfamily Dolichopodinae
Genus Dolichopus
No Taxon acuminatus group
Species acuminatus - Dolichopus acuminatus
Species ovatus - Dolichopus ovatus
Species aethiops - Dolichopus aethiops
Species alacer - Dolichopus alacer
Species albiciliatus - Dolichopus albiciliatus
Species bifractus - Dolichopus bifractus
No Taxon brevimanus group
Species albicoxa - Dolichopus albicoxa
Species brevimanus - Dolichopus brevimanus
No Taxon comatus group
Species comatus - Dolichopus comatus
Species sincerus - Dolichopus sincerus
No Taxon cuprinus group
Species cuprinus - Dolichopus cuprinus
Species longipennis - Dolichopus longipennis
Species absonus - Dolichopus absonus
No Taxon eudactylus group
Species gratus - Dolichopus gratus
No Taxon lamellicornis group
Species aurifex - Dolichopus aurifex
Species consanguineus - Dolichopus consanguineus
Species crenatus - Dolichopus crenatus
Species idahoensis - Dolichopus idahoensis
Species longimanus - Dolichopus longimanus
No Taxon occidentalis group
Species canaliculatus - Dolichopus canaliculatus
Species occidentalis - Dolichopus occidentalis
Species superbus - Dolichopus superbus
Species tenuipes - Dolichopus tenuipes
Species pantomimus - Dolichopus pantomimus
No Taxon plumipes group
Species plumipes - Dolichopus plumipes
Species porphyrops - Dolichopus porphyrops
Species ramifer - Dolichopus ramifer
Species remipes - Dolichopus remipes
Species reflectus - Dolichopus reflectus
Species retinens - Dolichopus retinens
No Taxon scapularis group
Species domesticus - Dolichopus domesticus
Species funditor - Dolichopus funditor
Species pulchrimanus - Dolichopus pulchrimanus
Species sexarticulatus - Dolichopus sexarticulatus
Species scapularis - Dolichopus scapularis
Species variabilis - Dolichopus variabilis
Species distinctus - Dolichopus distinctus
Species setifer - Dolichopus setifer
Species sicarius - Dolichopus sicarius
Species vigilans - Dolichopus vigilans
No Taxon Eastern with narrow black and white fore tarsi
No Taxon Eastern with black femora
No Taxon Pale-legged Midwest species
No Taxon Ornamented Saskatchewan species
Genus Ethiromyia
Species violacea - Ethiromyia violacea
Genus Gymnopternus
Species barbatulus - Gymnopternus barbatulus
Species currani - Gymnopternus currani
Species difficilis - Gymnopternus difficilis
Species exilis - Gymnopternus exilis
Species flavus - Gymnopternus flavus
Species nigribarbus - Gymnopternus nigribarbus
Species opacus - Gymnopternus opacus
Species pseudodebilis - Gymnopternus pseudodebilis
Species scotias - Gymnopternus scotias
Species subulatus - Gymnopternus subulatus
Species vockerothi - Gymnopternus vockerothi
Genus Hercostomus
Genus Paraclius
Species quadrinotatus - Paraclius quadrinotatus
Genus Pelastoneurus
Species longicauda - Pelastoneurus longicauda
Species lugubris - Pelastoneurus lugubris
Species vagans - Pelastoneurus vagans
Genus Tachytrechus
Species angustipennis - Tachytrechus angustipennis
Species auratus - Tachytrechus auratus
Species sanus - Tachytrechus sanus
Species vorax - Tachytrechus vorax
No Taxon Paraclius, Pelastoneurus, or Tachytrechus
Subfamily Hydrophorinae
Genus Hydatostega
Species viridiflos - Hydatostega viridiflos
Genus Hydrophorus
Species chrysologus - Hydrophorus chrysologus
Species alboflorens - Hydrophorus alboflorens
Genus Hypocharassus
Species pruinosus - Hypocharassus pruinosus
Species gladiator - Hypocharassus gladiator
Genus Liancalus
Species genualis - Liancalus genualis
Species limbatus - Liancalus limbatus
Species querulus - Liancalus querulus
Genus Melanderia
Species mandibulata - Melanderia mandibulata
Genus Paraphrosylus
Genus Scellus
Species virago - Scellus virago
Genus Thambemyia
Species borealis - Thambemyia borealis
Genus Thinophilus
Species prasinus - Thinophilus prasinus
Subfamily Medeterinae
Genus Medetera
Species aberrans - Medetera aberrans
No Taxon apicalis species group
Species apicalis - Medetera apicalis
Species bistriata - Medetera bistriata
No Taxon petulca species group
No Taxon veles species group
No Taxon California species with pale fore coxae
Species arnaudi - Medetera arnaudi
Genus Thrypticus
Species violaceus - Thrypticus violaceus
Species willistoni - Thrypticus willistoni
Genus Systenus
Subfamily Neurigoninae
Genus Bickelomyia
Genus Dactylomyia
Species lateralis - Dactylomyia lateralis
Genus Neurigona
Species aestiva - Neurigona aestiva
Species aldrichii - Neurigona aldrichii
Species carbonifer - Neurigona carbonifer
Species dimidiata - Neurigona dimidiata
Species disjuncta - Neurigona disjuncta
No Taxon carbonifer or floridula
Subfamily Peloropeodinae
Genus Chrysotimus
Species delicatus - Chrysotimus delicatus
Genus Nanomyina
Species barbata - Nanomyina barbata
Genus Peloropeodes
Species cornutus - Peloropeodes cornutus
Subfamily Plagioneurinae
Genus Plagioneurus
Species univittatus - Plagioneurus univittatus
Subfamily Rhaphiinae
Genus Rhaphium
Species fascipes - Rhaphium fascipes
Species melampus - Rhaphium melampus
Genus Nematoproctus
Subfamily Sciapodinae
Genus Amblypsilopus
Species bicolor - Amblypsilopus bicolor
Species bradleii - Amblypsilopus bradleii
Species dimidiatus - Amblypsilopus dimidiatus
Species dorsalis - Amblypsilopus dorsalis
Species psittacinus - Amblypsilopus psittacinus
Species scintillans - Amblypsilopus scintillans
Species unicoiensis - Amblypsilopus unicoiensis
Species variegatus - Amblypsilopus variegatus
Genus Condylostylus
No Taxon caudatus group
Species calcaratus - Condylostylus calcaratus
Species caudatus - Condylostylus caudatus
Species connectans - Condylostylus connectans
Species graenicheri - Condylostylus graenicheri
Species nigrofemoratus - Condylostylus nigrofemoratus
Species flavipes - Condylostylus flavipes
Species inermis - Condylostylus inermis
No Taxon comatus group
Species comatus - Condylostylus comatus
Species crinitus - Condylostylus crinitus
Species villosus - Condylostylus villosus
Species inornatus - Condylostylus inornatus
Species longicornis - Condylostylus longicornis
Species melampus - Condylostylus melampus
Species mundus - Condylostylus mundus
Species occidentalis - Condylostylus occidentalis
Species patibulatus - Condylostylus patibulatus
No Taxon unidentified black legged
Species coloradensis - Condylostylus coloradensis
Species pruinosus - Condylostylus pruinosus
No Taxon sipho group
Species scaber - Condylostylus scaber
Species sipho - Condylostylus sipho
Species viridicoxa - Condylostylus viridicoxa
Species furcatus - Condylostylus furcatus
Species tonsus - Condylostylus tonsus
No Taxon sipho-like southern females
No Taxon unidentified species B
No Taxon unidentified species A
Genus Sciapus
Species pallens - Sciapus pallens
Species platypterus - Sciapus platypterus
Species tener - Sciapus tener
Species wiedemanni - Sciapus wiedemanni
Subfamily Sympycninae
Genus Calyxochaetus
Species frontalis - Calyxochaetus frontalis
Species nodatus - Calyxochaetus nodatus
Genus Campsicnemus
Species hirtipes - Campsicnemus hirtipes
Genus Neoparentia
Species caudata - Neoparentia caudata
Genus Sympycnus
Species lineatus - Sympycnus lineatus
Genus Xanthochlorus
Species helvinus - Xanthochlorus helvinus
Subfamily Microphorinae
Genus Microphor
Species robustus - Microphor robustus
Genus Parathalassius
Species abela - Parathalassius abela
Species uniformus - Parathalassius uniformus
Species infuscatus - Parathalassius infuscatus
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Family Empididae - Dance Flies
Subfamily Clinocerinae
Genus Clinocera
Species lineata - Clinocera lineata
Genus Dolichocephala
Species argus - Dolichocephala argus
Genus Trichoclinocera
Species dolicheretma - Trichoclinocera dolicheretma
Subfamily Empidinae
Genus Empis
No Taxon subgenus Anacrostichus
Species spectabilis - Empis spectabilis
No Taxon subgenus Coptophlebia
Species clausa - Empis clausa
No Taxon subgenus Enoplempis
Species geneatis - Empis geneatis
Species snoddyi - Empis snoddyi
Species tridentata - Empis tridentata
No Taxon long-beaked California group
Species leptogastra - Empis leptogastra
No Taxon hairy-legged southern species
Genus Hilara - Balloon Flies
Species lutea - Hilara lutea
Species seriata - Hilara seriata
Species umbrosa - Hilara umbrosa
No Taxon southeastern with modified anal cell
No Taxon undescribed yellow species
Genus Rhamphomyia
Species brevis - Rhamphomyia brevis
Species gracilis - Rhamphomyia gracilis
Species longicauda - Long-tailed Dance Fly
Species nana - Rhamphomyia nana
Species nasoni - Rhamphomyia nasoni
No Taxon scolopacea group
No Taxon subgenus Calorhamphomyia
No Taxon subgenus Megacyttarus
No Taxon subgenus Pararhamphomyia
No Taxon subgenus Eorhamphomyia
Species sudigeronis - Rhamphomyia sudigeronis
No Taxon orange with one black stripe and dark wings
No Taxon orange with one black stripe and pale wings
No Taxon orange with two black stripes
No Taxon orange with three black stripes
No Taxon dark-winged Northeastern species
No Taxon bicolored antennae and enlarged hind legs
No Taxon gray Alabama species
No Taxon swollen, fringed fore legs
No Taxon modified male hind knees
Subfamily Hemerodromiinae
Tribe Hemerodromiini
Genus Hemerodromia
Species superstitiosa - Hemerodromia superstitiosa
Genus Neoplasta
Tribe Chelipodini
Genus Chelipoda
Genus Phyllodromia
Species americana - Phyllodromia americana
Genus Anthepiscopus
Genus Iteaphila
Family Hybotidae - Hybotid Dance Flies
Subfamily Hybotinae
Genus Euhybus
Species strumaticus - Euhybus strumaticus
Genus Hybos
Species reversus - Hybos reversus
Genus Syneches
Species simplex - Syneches simplex
Species ater - Syneches ater
Species debilis - Syneches debilis
Species rufus - Syneches rufus
Species thoracicus - Syneches thoracicus
Species hyalinus - Syneches hyalinus
Species pusillus - Syneches pusillus
Tribe Bicellariini
Genus Syndyas
Subfamily Ocydromiinae
Genus Leptopeza
Genus Ocydromia
Species glabricula - Ocydromia glabricula
Subfamily Oedaleinae
Genus Allanthalia
Species pallida - Allanthalia pallida
Genus Anthalia
Species bulbosa - Anthalia bulbosa
Genus Euthyneura
Subfamily Tachydromiinae
Tribe Tachydromiini
Genus Platypalpus
Species discifer - Platypalpus discifer
Species flammifer - Platypalpus flammifer
Species melleus - Platypalpus melleus
Species mesogrammus - Platypalpus mesogrammus
Species tersus - Platypalpus tersus
Species trivialis - Platypalpus trivialis
No Taxon northeastern resembling harpiger and holosericus
No Taxon northeastern yellow species
No Taxon dark species from eastern Canada
No Taxon southern with black stripe
No Taxon western resembling flavirostris
Species harpiger - Platypalpus harpiger
Species holosericus - Platypalpus holosericus
Species impexus - Platypalpus impexus
Species aequalis - Platypalpus aequalis
Genus Tachydromia
Genus Tachyempis
Genus Tachypeza
Tribe Symballophthalmini
Genus Symballophthalmus
Species masoni - Symballophthalmus masoni
Tribe Drapetini
Genus Baeodromia
Species pleuritica - Baeodromia pleuritica
Genus Chersodromia
Species insignita - Chersodromia insignita
Species inusitata - Chersodromia inusitata
Species megacetes - Chersodromia megacetes
Species parallela - Chersodromia parallela
Genus Crossopalpus
Genus Drapetis
Genus Elaphropeza
Genus Stilpon
Genus Trichinomyia
Family Oreogetonidae
Genus Oreogeton
Family Acroceridae - Small-headed Flies
Genus Acrocera
Species bakeri - Acrocera bakeri
Species bimaculata - Acrocera bimaculata
Species melanderi - Acrocera melanderi
Species obsoleta - Acrocera obsoleta
Species orbicula - Acrocera orbicula
Species stansburyi - Acrocera stansburyi
Species subfasciata - Acrocera subfasciata
Species unguiculata - Acrocera unguiculata
Genus Eulonchus
Species halli - Eulonchus halli
Species marginatus - Eulonchus marginatus
Species marialiciae - Eulonchus marialiciae
Species sapphirinus - Eulonchus sapphirinus
Species smaragdinus - Eulonchus smaragdinus
Species tristis - Eulonchus tristis
Genus Lasia
Species purpurata - Lasia purpurata
Genus Ocnaea
Species auripilosa - Ocnaea auripilosa
Species boharti - Ocnaea boharti
Species sequoia - Ocnaea sequoia
Genus Ogcodes
Species borealis - Ogcodes borealis
Species canadensis - Ogcodes canadensis
Species dispar - Ogcodes dispar
Species eugonatus - Ogcodes eugonatus
Species incultus - Ogcodes incultus
Species pallidipennis - Ogcodes pallidipennis
Species rufoabdominalis - Ogcodes rufoabdominalis
Genus Pterodontia
Species flavipes - Pterodontia flavipes
Species johnsoni - Pterodontia johnsoni
Species misella - Pterodontia misella
Species notomaculata - Pterodontia notomaculata
Species vix - Pterodontia vix
Species westwoodi - Pterodontia westwoodi
Genus Turbopsebius
Species diligens - Turbopsebius diligens
Species sulphuripes - Turbopsebius sulphuripes
Family Nemestrinidae - Tangle-veined Flies
Genus Hyrmophlaeba
Species texana - Hyrmophlaeba texana
Genus Neohirmoneura
Species bradleyi - Neohirmoneura bradleyi
Species flavipes - Neohirmoneura flavipes
Genus Neorhynchocephalus
Species volaticus - Neorhynchocephalus volaticus
Species sackenii - Neorhynchocephalus sackenii
Genus Trichopsidea
Species clausa - Trichopsidea clausa
Family Xylophagidae
Genus Arthropeas
Species americana - Arthropeas americana
Genus Coenomyia
Species ferruginea - Coenomyia ferruginea
Genus Dialysis
Species dispar - Dialysis dispar
Species elongata - Dialysis elongata
Species fasciventris - Dialysis fasciventris
Species rufithorax - Dialysis rufithorax
Genus Rachicerus
Species fulvicollis - Rachicerus fulvicollis
Species honestus - Rachicerus honestus
Species nitidus - Rachicerus nitidus
Species obscuripennis - Rachicerus obscuripennis
Genus Xylophagus
Species cinctus - Xylophagus cinctus
Species decorus - Xylophagus decorus
Species gracilis - Xylophagus gracilis
Species lugens - Xylophagus lugens
Species reflectens - Xylophagus reflectens
No Taxon larvae
No Taxon "Aschiza"
Family Pipunculidae - Big-headed flies
Genus Chalarus
Genus Nephrocerus
Species acanthostylus - Nephrocerus acanthostylus
Subfamily Pipunculinae
Genus Pipunculus
Species hertzogi - Pipunculus hertzogi
No Taxon unidentified Bruchomorpha parasitoid
Tribe Cephalopsini
Tribe Eudorylini
Genus Elmohardyia
Species atlantica-complex - Elmohardyia atlantica complex
Genus Eudorylas
Tribe Tomosvaryellini
Genus Dorylomorpha
Genus Tomosvaryella
Species subvirescens - Tomosvaryella subvirescens
Family Syrphidae - Syrphid Flies
Subfamily Eristalinae
Tribe Brachyopini
Subtribe Spheginina
Genus Neoascia
No Taxon subgenus Neoascia
Species tenur - Neoascia tenur
Species metallica - Neoascia metallica
No Taxon subgenus Neoasciella
Genus Sphegina
No Taxon subgenus Asiosphegina
Species rufiventris - Sphegina rufiventris
Species campanulata - Sphegina campanulata
No Taxon subgenus Sphegina
Species brachygaster - Sphegina brachygaster
Species flavimana - Sphegina flavimana
Species keeniana - Sphegina keeniana
Species lobulifera - Sphegina lobulifera
Subtribe Brachyopina
Genus Brachyopa
Species daeckei - Brachyopa daeckei
Species flavescens - Brachyopa flavescens
Species gigas - Brachyopa gigas
Species notata - Brachyopa notata
Species vacua - Brachyopa vacua
Genus Chrysogaster
Species antitheus - Chrysogaster antitheus
Genus Chrysosyrphus
Species frontosus - Chrysosyrphus frontosus
Species latus - Chrysosyrphus latus
Species versipellis - Chrysosyrphus versipellis
Genus Myolepta
Species cornellia - Myolepta cornellia
Species lunulata - Myolepta lunulata
Species strigilata - Myolepta strigilata
Species varipes - Myolepta varipes
Species nigra - Myolepta nigra
Genus Orthonevra
No Taxon pictipennis species group
Species pulchella - Orthonevra pulchella
Species pictipennis - Orthonevra pictipennis
No Taxon bellula species group
Species bellula - Orthonevra bellula
Species flukei - Orthonevra flukei
Species nitida - Orthonevra nitida
Genus Hammerschmidtia
Species rufa - Hammerschmidtia rufa
Tribe Callicerini
Genus Callicera
Species duncani - Callicera duncani
Species erratica - Callicera erratica
Tribe Cerioidini
Genus Ceriana
Species abbreviata - Ceriana abbreviata
Species ancoralis - Ceriana ancoralis
Species mime - Ceriana mime
Species tridens - Ceriana tridens
Genus Monoceromyia
Species floridensis - Monoceromyia floridensis
Genus Polybiomyia
Species bellardii - Polybiomyia bellardii
Species macquarti - Polybiomyia macquarti
Species pedicellata - Polybiomyia pedicellata
Species sayi - Polybiomyia sayi
Species schnablei - Polybiomyia schnablei
Species townsendi - Polybiomyia townsendi
Genus Sphiximorpha
Species cylindrica - Sphiximorpha cylindrica
Species durani - Sphiximorpha durani
Species loewi - Sphiximorpha loewi
Species willistoni - Sphiximorpha willistoni
No Taxon undescribed FL endemic
Tribe Eristalini
Subtribe Eristalina
Genus Eristalinus
Species aeneus - Eristalinus (Lathyrophthalmus) aeneus
Species taeniops - Eristalinus (Eristalodes) taeniops
Genus Eristalis
No Taxon Subgenus Eoseristalis
Species anthophorina - Eristalis anthophorina
Species arbustorum - Eristalis arbustorum
Species bellardii - Eristalis bellardii
Species cryptarum - Eristalis cryptarum
Species dimidiata - Eristalis dimidiata
Species flavipes - Eristalis flavipes
Species fratercula - Eristalis fratercula
Species hirta - Eristalis hirta
Species interrupta - Eristalis interrupta
Species obscura - Eristalis obscura
Species rupium - Eristalis rupium
Species saxorum - Eristalis saxorum
Species stipator - Eristalis stipator
Species transversa - Transverse Flower Fly
No Taxon Subgenus Eristalis
Species tenax - Drone Fly
Genus Meromacrus
Species acutus - Meromacrus acutus
Species gloriosus - Meromacrus gloriosus
Species draco - Meromacrus draco
Genus Palpada
Species agrorum - Palpada agrorum
Species albifrons - Palpada albifrons
Species alhambra - Palpada alhambra
Species furcata - Palpada furcata
Species mexicana - Palpada mexicana
Species pusilla - Palpada pusilla
Species texana - Palpada texana
Species vinetorum - Palpada vinetorum
Subtribe Sericomyiina
Genus Pyritis
Species kincaidii - Pyritis kincaidii
Genus Sericomyia
No Taxon subgenus Sericomyia
Species bifasciata - Sericomyia bifasciata
Species carolinensis - Sericomyia carolinensis
Species chalcopyga - Sericomyia chalcopyga
Species chrysotoxoides - Sericomyia chrysotoxoides
Species flagrans - Sericomyia flagrans
Species lata - Sericomyia lata
Species nigra - Sericomyia nigra
Species militaris - Sericomyia militaris
Species sexfasciata - Sericomyia sexfasciata
Species transversa - Sericomyia transversa
Species vockerothi - Sericomyia vockerothi
Subtribe Helophilina
Genus Helophilus
Species fasciatus - Helophilus fasciatus
Species groenlandicus - Helophilus groenlandicus
Species hybridus - Helophilus hybridus
Species intentus - Helophilus intentus
Species lapponicus - Helophilus lapponicus
Species latifrons - Helophilus latifrons
Species neoaffinis - Helophilus neoaffinis
Species obscurus - Helophilus obscurus
Genus Lejops
Species curvipes - Lejops (Polydontomyia) curvipes
Species polygrammus - Lejops (Asemosyrphus) polygrammus
No Taxon subgenus Anasimyia
Species bilinearis - Lejops bilinearis
Species lineatus - Lejops lineatus
Species perfidiosus - Lejops perfidiosus
Species grisescens - Lejops grisescens
Species chrysostomus - Lejops chrysostomus
Species willingii - Lejops wilingii
Genus Mallota
Species albipilis - Mallota albipilis
Species bautias - Mallota bautias
Species bequaerti - Mallota bequaerti
Species diversipennis - Mallota diversipennis
Species illinoensis - Mallota illinoensis
Species mississippensis - Mallota mississippensis
Species posticata - Mallota posticata
Species sackeni - Mallota sackeni
Genus Myathropa
Species florea - Myathropa florea
Genus Parhelophilus
Species divisus - Parhelophilus divisus
Species flavifacies - Parhelophilus flavifacies
Species integer - Parhelophilus integer 0
Species laetus - Parhelophilus laetus
Species obsoletus - Parhelophilus obsoletus
Species porcus - Black Bog Fly
Species rex - Parhelophilus rex
Tribe Merodontini
Genus Eumerus
Species funeralis - Lesser Bulb Fly
Genus Merodon
Species equestris - Narcissus Bulb Fly
Genus Nausigaster
Species geminata - Nausigaster geminata
Species punctulata - Nausigaster punctulata
Species texana - Nausigaster texana
Species unimaculata - Nausigaster unimaculata
Genus Psilota
Tribe Milesiini
Subtribe Tropidiina
Genus Syritta
Species flaviventris - Syritta flaviventris
Species pipiens - Syritta pipiens
Genus Tropidia
Species albistylum - Tropidia albistylum
Species mamillata - Tropidia mamillata
Species quadrata - Tropidia quadrata
Subtribe Xylotina
Genus Brachypalpus
No Taxon subgenus Brachypalpus
Species oarus - Brachypalpus oarus
No Taxon subgenus Crioprora
Species alopex - Brachypalpus alopex
Species cyanella - Brachypalpus cyanella
Species cyanogaster - Brachypalpus cyanogaster
Species femorata - Brachypalpus femorata
Species undescribed-b - Southern Californian Species
Species undescribed - Boreal Forest Species
Genus Chalcosyrphus
No Taxon subgenus Xylotomima
Species anthreas - Chalcosyrphus anthreas
Species chalybeus - Chalcosyrphus chalybeus
Species curvarius - Chalcosyrphus curvarius
Species inarmatus - Chalcosyrphus inarmatus
Species libo - Chalcosyrphus libo
Species metallicus - Chalcosyrphus metallicus
Species metallifer - Chalcosyrphus metallifer
Species nemorum - Chalcosyrphus nemorum
Species piger - Chalcosyrphus piger
Species plesia - Chalcosyrphus plesia
Species satanicus - Chalcosyrphus satanicus
Species vecors - Chalcosyrphus vecors
Genus Hadromyia
No Taxon subgenus Chrysosomidia
Species aldrichi - Hadromyia aldrichi
Species crawfordi - Hadromyia crawfordi
Species pulchra - Hadromyia pulchra
Species aepalius - Hadromyia aepalius
No Taxon subgenus Hadromyia
Species grandis - Hadromyia grandis
Genus Pocota
Species bomboides - Pocota bomboides
Genus Xylota
No Taxon subgenus Xylota
Species angustiventris - Xylota angustiventris
Species bicolor - Xylota bicolor
Species flavitibia - Xylota flavitibia
Species quadrimaculata - Xylota quadrimaculata
Species segnis - Xylota segnis
No Taxon Xylota or Chalcosyrphus
Subtribe Temnostomina
Genus Pterallastes
Species thoracicus - Pterallastes thoracicus
Genus Temnostoma
Species alternans - Temnostoma alternans
Species balyras - Temnostoma balyras
Species barberi - Temnostoma barberi
Species daochus - Temnostoma daochus
Species excentrica - Temnostoma excentrica
Species trifasciatum - Temnostoma trifasciatum
Species obscurum - Temnostoma obscurum
Species venustum - Temnostoma venustum
No Taxon balyras, barberi, obscurum, or trifasciatum
Genus Teuchocnemis
Species lituratus - Teuchocnemis lituratus
Species bacuntius - Teuchocnemis bacuntius
Subtribe Milesiina
Genus Milesia
Species bella - Milesia bella
Species scutellata - Milesia scutellata
Species virginiensis - Yellowjacket Hover Fly
Genus Spilomyia
Species alcimus - Spilomyia alcimus
Species citima - Spilomyia citima
Species crandalli - Spilomyia crandalli
Species foxleei - Spilomyia foxleei
Species fusca - Spilomyia fusca
Species interrupta - Spilomyia interrupta
Species kahli - Spilomyia kahli
Species liturata - Spilomyia liturata
Species longicornis - Spilomyia longicornis
Species sayi - Spilomyia sayi
Species texana - Spilomyia texana
Subtribe Criorhinina
Genus Criorhina
Species aurea - Criorhina aurea
Species bubulcus - Criorhina bubulcus
Species caudata - Criorhina caudata
Species coquilletti - Criorhina coquilletti
Species kincaidi - Criorhina kincaidi
Species nigripes - Criorhina nigripes
Species nigriventris - Criorhina nigriventris
Species verbosa - Criorhina verbosa
Species tricolor - Criorhina tricolor
Species occidentalis - Criorhina occidentalis
Species fusca - Criorhina fusca
Species nasica - Criorhina nasica
Species villosa - Criorhina villosa
Genus Sphecomyia
Species brevicornis - Sphecomyia brevicornis
Species columbiana - Sphecomyia columbiana
Species cryptica - Sphecomyia cryptica
Species dyari - Sphecomyia dyari
Species hoguei - Sphecomyia hoguei
Species interrupta - Sphecomyia interrupta
Species oraria - Sphecomyia oraria
Species pattonii - Sphecomyia pattonii
Species pseudosphecomima - Sphecomyia pseudosphecomima
Species sexfasciata - Sphecomyia sexfasciata
Species vittata - Sphecomyia vittata
Species weismani - Sphecomyia weismani
Species metallica - Sphecomyia metallica
Subtribe Blerina
Genus Blera
Species analis - Blera analis
Species armillata - Blera armillata
Species badia - Blera badia
Species confusa - Blera confusa
Species flukei - Blera flukei
Species humeralis - Blera humeralis
Species nigra - Blera nigra
Species pictipes - Blera pictipes
Species robusta - Blera robusta
Species scitula - Blera scitula
Species umbratilis - Blera umbratilis
Genus Somula
Species decora - Somula decora
Genus Cynorhinella
Species bella - Cynorhinella bella
Species longinasus - Cynorhinella longinasus
Genus Lejota
Species aerea - Lejota aerea
Tribe Rhingiini
Subtribe Pelecocerina
Genus Pelecocera
Species pergandei - Pelecocera pergandei
Subtribe Cheilosiina
Genus Cheilosia
Species albitarsis - Cheilosia albitarsis
Species grossa - Cheilosia grossa
Species pallipes - Cheilosia pallipes
Species shannoni - Cheilosia shannoni
Genus Ferdinandea
Species buccata - Ferdinandea buccata
Species croesus - Ferdinandea croesus
Genus Hiatomyia
Subtribe Rhingiina
Genus Rhingia
Species nasica - Rhingia nasica
Tribe Volucellini
Genus Copestylum
Species anna - Anna's Bromeliad Fly
Species apiciferum - Copestylum apiciferum
Species avidum - Yellow-spotted Bromeliad Fly
Species comstocki - Comstock's Bromeliad Fly
Species florida - Florida Bromeliad Fly
Species fornax - Copestylum fornax
Species fraudulentum - Copestylum fraudulentum
Species haagii - Haag's Bromeliad Fly
Species isabellina - Isabelle's Bromeliad Fly
Species macrocephalum - Copestylum macrocephalum
Species opinator - Copestylum opinator
Species posticum - Copestylum posticum
Species satur - Spotted-wing Bromeliad Fly
Species sexmaculatum - Six-spotted Bromeliad Fly
Species tamaulipanum - Copestylum tamaulipanum
Species tricinctum - Copestylum tricinctum
Species victoria - Victoria's Bromeliad Fly
Species vittatum - Striped Bromeliad Fly
No Taxon marginatum group
Species caudatum - Hairy-horned Bromeliad Fly
Species lentum - Copestylum lentum
Species marginatum - Copestylum marginatum
No Taxon mexicanum-violaceum group
Species mexicanum - Mexican Cactus Fly
Species violaceum - Purple Bromeliad Fly
No Taxon vesicularium group
Species barei - Violet Bromeliad Fly
Species opalescens - Copestylum opalescens
Species vesicularium - Iridescent Bromeliad Fly
Genus Ornidia
Species obesa - Ornidia obesa
Genus Volucella
Species evecta - Volucella evecta
Species bombylans-complex - Volucella bombylans-complex
Species facialis - Volucella facialis
No Taxon Rat-tailed maggots
No Taxon Mallota or Merodon
Subfamily Microdontinae
Genus Laetodon
Species laetus - Laetodon laetus
Genus Microdon
No Taxon subgenus Chymophila
Species fulgens - Microdon fulgens
No Taxon subgenus Dimeraspis
Species abditus - Microdon abditus
Species globosus - Microdon globosus
No Taxon subgenus Microdon
Species aurulentus - Microdon aurulentus
Species lanceolatus - Microdon lanceolatus
Species manitobensis - Microdon manitobensis
Species megalogaster - Microdon megalogaster
Species tristis - Microdon tristis
No Taxon subgenus Omegasyrphus
Species craigheadii - Microdon craigheadii
Genus Mixogaster
Species breviventris - Mixogaster breviventris
Genus Rhopalosyrphus
Species guentherii - Rhopalosyrphus guentherii
Species ramulorum - Rhopalosyrphus ramulorum
Subfamily Syrphinae
Tribe Bacchini
Genus Baccha
Species cognata - Baccha cognata
Genus Melanostoma
Species mellinum - Melanostoma mellinum
Genus Platycheirus
No Taxon subgenus Carposcalis
Species confusus - Platycheirus confusus
Species stegnus - Platycheirus stegnus
Species trichopus - Platycheirus trichopus
No Taxon subgenus Platycheirus
Species coerulescens - Platycheirus coerulescens
Species hyperboreus - Platycheirus hyperboreus
Species nearcticus - Platycheirus nearcticus
Species kelloggi - Platycheirus kelloggi
Species obscurus - Platycheirus obscurus
Species quadratus - Platycheirus quadratus
Species russatus - Platycheirus russatus
Species scambus - Platycheirus scambus
Species scutatus - Platycheirus scutatus
Species thylax - Platycheirus thylax
Genus Pyrophaena
Species granditarsis - Pyrophaena granditarsis
Species rosarum - Pyrophaena rosarum
No Taxon Platycheirus or Melanostoma
Tribe Paragini
Genus Paragus
No Taxon subgenus Paragus
Species angustifrons - Paragus angustifrons
No Taxon subgenus Pandasyopthalmus
Species haemorrhous - Paragus haemorrhous
Tribe Pipizini
Genus Heringia
No Taxon subgenus Heringia
Species salax - Heringia salax
Genus Pipiza
Species femoralis - Pipiza femoralis
Species quadrimaculata - Pipiza quadrimaculata
Genus Trichopsomyia - Psyllid-killer
Tribe Syrphini
Genus Allograpta
Species exotica - Allograpta exotica
Species obliqua - Common Oblique Syrphid
Species radiata - Allograpta radiata
No Taxon obliqua or exotica
Genus Chrysotoxum
Species chinook - Chrysotoxum chinook
Species derivatum - Chrysotoxum derivatum
Species perplexum - Chrysotoxum perplexum
Genus Dasysyrphus
No Taxon tricinctus group
Species limatus - Dasysyrphus limatus
No Taxon venustus group
Species intrudens - intrudens complex
Species venustus - Dasysyrphus venustus
No Taxon pinastri group
Species creper - Dasysyrphus creper
Species laticaudus - Dasysyrphus laticaudus
Species occidualis - Dasysyrphus occidualis
Species pacificus - Dasysyrphus pacificus
Species pauxillus - Dasysyrphus pauxillus
No Taxon pacificus/pauxillus
Genus Didea
Species alneti - Didea alneti
Species fuscipes - Didea fuscipes
Genus Dioprosopa
Species clavata - Dioprosopa clavata
Genus Doros
Species aequalis - Doros aequalis
Genus Eosalpingogaster
Species cochenillivora - Eosalpingogaster cochenillivora
Species nepenthe - Eosalpingogaster nepenthe
Genus Epistrophe
Species grossulariae - Epistrophe grossulariae
Species nitidicollis - Epistrophe nitidicollis
Species xanthostoma - Epistrophe xanthostoma
Genus Epistrophella
Species emarginata - Epistrophella emarginata
Genus Eupeodes
No Taxon subgenus Eupeodes
Species volucris - Bird Hover Fly
No Taxon subgenus Metasyrphus
Species americanus - American Hover Fly
Species flukei - Eupeodes flukei
Species fumipennis - Eupeodes fumipennis
Species latifasciatus - Eupeodes latifasciatus
Species montivagus - Eupeodes montivagus
Species snowi - Eupeodes snowi
No Taxon americanus/pomus group
No Taxon fumipennis/pomus group
Genus Fazia
Species micrura - Fazia micrura
Genus Hybobathus
Species lineatus - Hybobathus lineatus
Genus Ischyrosyrphus
Genus Lapposyrphus
Species aberrantis - Lapposyrphus aberrantis
Species lapponicus - Lapposyrphus lapponicus
Genus Leucozona
No Taxon subgenus Ischyrosyrphus
Species xylotoides - Leucozona xylotoides
Species velutina - Leucozona velutina
Species americana - Leucozona (Leucozona) americana
Genus Megasyrphus
Species laxus - Megasyrphus laxus
Genus Melangyna
Species arctica - Melangyna arctica
Species coei - Melangyna coei
Species fisherii - Melangyna fisherii
Species labiatarum - Melangyna labiatarum
Species umbellatarum - Melangyna umbellatarum
Genus Meligramma
Species guttata - Meligramma guttata
Species cincta - Meligramma cincta
Genus Meliscaeva
Species cinctella - Meliscaeva cinctella
Genus Ocyptamus
Species antiphates - Ocyptamus antiphates
Species attenuatus - Ocyptamus attenuatus
Species cubanus - Ocyptamus cubanus
Species fascipennis - Ocyptamus fascipennis
Species fuscipennis - Ocyptamus fuscipennis
Species lemur - Ocyptamus lemur
Species parvicornis - Ocyptamus parvicornis
No Taxon cylindricus species group
Genus Orphnabaccha
Species jactator - Orphnabaccha jactator
Species coerulea - Orphnabaccha coerulea
Genus Parasyrphus
Species currani - Parasyrphus currani
Species genualis - Parasyrphus genualis
Species relictus - Parasyrphus relictus
Species semiinterruptus - Parasyrphus semiinterruptus
Species tarsatus - Parasyrphus tarsatus
Genus Pelecinobaccha
Species costata - Pelecinobaccha costata
Genus Pseudoscaeva
Species diversifasciata - Pseudoscaeva diversifasciata
Genus Salpingogaster
Species punctifrons - Salpingogaster punctifrons
Genus Scaeva
Species affinis - Scaeva affinis
Species selenitica - Scaeva selenitica
Genus Sphaerophoria
Species contigua - Sphaerophoria contigua
Species novaeangliae - Sphaerophoria novaeangliae
Species philanthus - Sphaerophoria philanthus
Species pyrrhina - Sphaerophoria pyrrhina
Species sulphuripes - Sphaerophoria sulphuripes
No Taxon contigua, novaeangliae, pyrrhina, or sulphuripes
Genus Syrphus
Species knabi - Syrphus knabi
Species opinator - Syrphus opinator
Species rectus - Syrphus rectus
Species ribesii - Syrphus ribesii
Species torvus - Syrphus torvus
Species vitripennis - Syrphus vitripennis
Genus Xanthogramma
Species flavipes - Xanthogramma flavipes
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae and Puparia
No Taxon Syrphus or Parasyrphus or Epistrophe or Eupeodes
Tribe Toxomerini
Genus Toxomerus
Species boscii - Toxomerus boscii
Species floralis - Toxomerus floralis
Species geminatus - Toxomerus geminatus
Species jussiaeae - Toxomerus jussiaeae
Species marginatus - Toxomerus marginatus
Species mutuus - Toxomerus mutuus
Species occidentalis - Toxomerus occidentalis
Species politus - Toxomerus politus
Species verticalis - Toxomerus verticalis
No Taxon Unidentified Florida Individuals
No Taxon Unidentified Immature Stages
No Taxon Unidentified immature stages
No Taxon missing taxa
Superfamily Platypezoidea
Family Lonchopteridae - Pointed-winged Flies
Genus Lonchoptera
Species bifurcata - Lonchoptera bifurcata
Family Phoridae - Scuttle Flies
Genus Aenigmatias
Species eurynotus - Aenigmatias eurynotus
Genus Myriophora - Millipede-killing Flies
Subfamily Chonocephalinae
Genus Chonocephalus
Species heymonsi - Chonocephalus heymonsi
Subfamily Metopininae
Genus Acontistoptera
Genus Apocephalus - Ant-decapitating Flies
No Taxon pergandei group
Species coquilletti - Apocephalus coquilletti
Species frameatus - Apocephalus frameatus
No Taxon subgenus Mesophora
Species borealis - Apocephalus borealis
Genus Gymnophora
Species luteiventris - Gymnophora luteiventris
Genus Lecanocerus
Species compressiceps - Lecanocerus compressiceps
Genus Megaselia
Species aurea - Megaselia aurea
Species barberi - Megaselia barberi
Species globipyga - Megaselia globipyga
Species limburgensis - Megaselia limburgensis
Species nantucketensis - Megaselia nantucketensis
Species rufipes - Megaselia rufipes
Species scalaris - Megaselia scalaris
Genus Metopina
Genus Phalacrotophora
Species epeirae - Phalacrotophora epeirae
Species longifrons - Phalacrotophora longifrons
Genus Pseudacteon - Fire Ant Decapitating Flies
Species curvatus - Pseudacteon curvatus
Species tricuspis - Pseudacteon tricuspis
Genus Puliciphora
Species borinquenensis - Puliciphora borinquenensis
Genus Trophithauma
Species rostrata - Trophithauma rostrata
Genus Trophodeinus
Genus Xanionotum
Subfamily Phorinae
Genus Anevrina
Species luggeri - Anevrina luggeri
Genus Borophaga
Genus Chaetopleurophora
Genus Conicera
Species tibialis - Coffin Fly
Genus Coniceromyia
Genus Diplonevra
Species nitidula - Diplonevra nitidula
Genus Dohrniphora
Species incisuralis - Dohrniphora incisuralis
Genus Hypocera
Genus Phora
Genus Spiniphora
Genus Stichillus
Genus Triphleba
Family Platypezidae - Flat-footed Flies
Genus Melanderomyia
No Taxon Unidentified Eggs, Larvae, Pupae
Subfamily Callomyiinae
Genus Agathomyia
Genus Bertamyia
Species notata - Bertamyia notata
Genus Callomyia
Species corvina - Callomyia corvina
Species venusta - Callomyia venusta
Genus Grossoseta
Species pacifica - Grossoseta pacifica
Genus Platypezina
Subfamily Platypezinae
Genus Calotarsa
Species pallipes - Calotarsa pallipes
Species insignis - Calotarsa insignis
Genus Lindneromyia
Species agarici - Lindneromyia agarici
Species flavicornis - Lindneromyia flavicornis
Genus Paraplatypeza
Species coraxa - Paraplatypeza coraxa
Genus Platypeza
Species taeniata - Platypeza taeniata
Species anthrax - Platypeza anthrax
Genus Polyporivora
Species polypori - Polyporivora polypori
No Taxon Calyptratae
Superfamily Muscoidea
Family Scathophagidae - Dung Flies
Subfamily Delininae
Genus Americina
Species adusta - Americina adusta
Genus Neochirosia
Species nuda - Neochirosia nuda
Genus Parallelomma
Species vittatum - Parallelomma vittatum
Genus Synchysa
Species tricincta - Synchysa tricincta
Subfamily Scathophaginae
Genus Ceratinostoma
Species ostiorum - Ceratinostoma ostiorum
Genus Cordilura
Species emarginata - Cordilura emarginata
Species munda - Cordilura munda
Species scapularis - Cordilura scapularis
Species setosa - Cordilura setosa
Species varipes - Cordilura varipes
Species fuscipes - Cordilura fuscipes
Genus Cordylurella
Genus Gimnomera
Species cerea - Gimnomera cerea
Genus Hydromyza
Species confluens - Hydromyza confluens
Genus Nanna
Genus Scathophaga
Species crinita - Scathophaga crinita
Species furcata - Scathophaga furcata
Species intermedia - Scathophaga intermedia
Species nigrolimbata - Scathophaga nigrolimbata
Species reses - Scathophaga reses
Species stercoraria - Golden Dung Fly
Species suilla - Scathophaga suilla
No Taxon suilla or nigrolimbata
Genus Spaziphora
Species cincta - Spaziphora cincta
Family Anthomyiidae - Root-Maggot Flies
Genus Acridomyia
Species canadensis - Acridomyia canadensis
Genus Alliopsis
Species angustitarsis - Alliopsis angustitarsis
Genus Anthomyia
Species obscuripennis - Anthomyia obscuripennis
No Taxon pluvialis section
Species illocata - Anthomyia illocata
Species oculifera - Anthomyia oculifera
Species procellaris - Anthomyia procellaris
No Taxon procellaris or ottawana
No Taxon punctipennis section
Species ochripes - Anthomyia ochripes
Species mimetica - Anthomyia mimetica
Genus Botanophila
Species fugax - Botanophila fugax
Genus Calythea
Species micropteryx - Calythea micropteryx
Genus Chirosia
Species betuleti - Chirosia betuleti
Species filicis - Chirosia filicis
Species flavipennis - Chirosia flavipennis
Species gleniensis - Chirosia gleniensis
Species pusillans - Chirosia pusillans
Genus Delia
Species pluvialis - Delia pluvialis
Species radicum - Cabbage Maggot
Species platura - Seedcorn Maggot
Genus Egle - Willow Catkin Flies
No Taxon brevicornis species group
Species ciliata - Egle ciliata
Genus Eustalomyia
Species vittipes - Eustalomyia vittipes
Genus Fucellia - Seaweed Flies
Species costalis - Fucellia costalis
Species intermedia - Fucellia intermedia
Species species-a - Fucellia species on northern Pacific coast with dark apical spot on wing
Genus Hydrophoria
Species lancifer - Hydrophoria lancifer
Genus Hylemya
Species alcathoe - Hylemya alcathoe
Species partita - Hylemya partita
Species urbica - Hylemya urbica
Genus Leucophora
Species apivora - Leucophora apivora
Species johnsoni - Leucophora johnsoni
Species marylandica - Leucophora marylandica
Species obtusa - Leucophora obtusa
Species unilineata - Leucophora unilineata
Genus Paregle
No Taxon Pegomya group
Genus Eutrichota
No Taxon affinis section
Species affinis - Eutrichota affinis
Species geomyis - Eutrichota geomyis
Species gopheri - Eutrichota gopheri
Species spinosissima - Eutrichota spinosissima
No Taxon cylindrica superspecies
Species fuscipes - Eutrichota fuscipes
Species cylindrica - Eutrichota cylindrica
No Taxon flavicans superspecies
Species lividiventris - Eutrichota lividiventris
Species lipsia - Eutrichota lipsia
No Taxon frigida, lipsia, or tarsata
Species nigrifemur - Eutrichota nigrifemur
Genus Pegomya
No Taxon Subgenus Pegomya
No Taxon bicolor section
Species bicolor - Pegomya bicolor
Species flavifrons - Pegomya flavifrons
Species pseudobicolor - Pegomya pseudobicolor
Species solennis - Pegomya solennis
No Taxon dorsimaculata section
Species atlanis - Pegomya atlanis
Species rufescens - Pegomya rufescens
Species wygodzinskyi - Pegomya wygodzinskyi
No Taxon hyoscyami section
No Taxon laticornis subsection
Species carduorum - Pegomya carduorum
Species depressiventris - Pegomya depressiventris
No Taxon hyoscyami subsection, hyoscyami species group
Species betae - Pegomya betae
Species exilis - Pegomya exilis
Species hyoscyami - Pegomya hyoscyami
No Taxon Unidentified mines on Chenopodium
No Taxon Subgenus Phoraea
No Taxon winthemi species group
Species winthemi - Pegomya (Phoraea) winthemi
Species disticha - Pegomya disticha
Species geniculata - Pegomya geniculata
No Taxon tabida species group
Genus Phorbia
No Taxon Possibly Hydrophoria or Zaphne
No Taxon dark legs and plumose arista
No Taxon red legs and plumose arista
No Taxon modified tarsi
Family Muscidae - House Flies and kin
Subfamily Azeliinae
Tribe Azeliini
Genus Azelia
Species cilipes - Azelia cilipes
Genus Drymeia
Species flavinervis - Drymeia flavinervis
Genus Hydrotaea
Species aenescens - Black Dump Fly
Species armipes - Hydrotaea armipes
Species floccosa - Hydrotaea floccosa
Species houghi - Hydrotaea houghi
Species ignava - Hydrotaea ignava
Species militaris - Hydrotaea militaris
Genus Thricops
Species diaphanus - Thricops diaphanus
Tribe Reinwardtiini
Genus Muscina
Species dorsilinea - Muscina dorsilinea
Species levida - Muscina levida
Species pascuorum - Muscina pascuorum
Species prolapsa - Muscina prolapsa
Species stabulans - Muscina stabulans
Genus Synthesiomyia
Species nudiseta - Synthesiomyia nudiseta
Subfamily Coenosiinae
Tribe Coenosiini
Genus Bithoracochaeta
Species leucoprocta - Bithoracochaeta leucoprocta
Genus Caricea
Species alma - Caricea alma
Species erythrocera - Caricea erythrocera
Genus Coenosia - Tiger Flies
Species atrata - Coenosia atrata
Species humilis - Tiger Fly
Species lata - Coenosia lata
Species nivea - Coenosia nivea
No Taxon tigrina species group
Species tigrina - Coenosia tigrina
Genus Neodexiopsis
Species ovata - Neodexiopsis ovata
Species major - Neodexiopsis major
Species calopyga - Neodexiopsis calopyga
Genus Pachyceramyia
Species robusta - Pachyceramyia robusta
Genus Schoenomyza
Tribe Limnophorini
Genus Lispe
Species albitarsis - Lispe albitarsis
Species nasoni - Lispe nasoni
No Taxon tentaculata group
Species tentaculata - Lispe tentaculata
Species sociabilis - Lispe sociabilis
No Taxon cf. uliginosa
Genus Lispoides
Species aequifrons - Lispoides aequifrons
Subfamily Muscinae
Tribe Muscini
Genus Eudasyphora
Species cyanicolor - Eudasyphora cyanicolor
Genus Mesembrina
Species decipiens - Mesembrina decipiens
Species latreillii - Mesembrina latreillii
Genus Morellia
Species podagrica - Morellia podagrica
Genus Musca
Species autumnalis - Face Fly
Species domestica - House Fly
Genus Neomyia
Species cornicina - Neomyia cornicina
Tribe Stomoxyini - Blood-feeding Muscidae
Genus Haematobia
Species irritans - Horn Fly
Genus Haematobosca
Species alcis - Moose Fly
Genus Stomoxys
Species calcitrans - Stable Fly
Subfamily Mydaeinae
Genus Brontaea
Species delecta - Brontaea delecta
Species humilis - Brontaea humilis
Genus Graphomya
Genus Hebecnema
Species vespertina - Hebecnema vespertina
Genus Mydaea
Species flavicornis - Mydaea flavicornis
Genus Myospila
Species meditabunda - Myospila meditabunda
Subfamily Phaoniinae
Genus Atherigona - Shoot Flies
Species reversura - Bermudagrass Stem Maggot
Genus Helina
Species evecta - Helina evecta
Species rufitibia - Helina rufitibia
Species troene - Helina troene
Genus Phaonia
Species apicata - Phaonia apicata
Species fuscana - Phaonia fuscana
Species subventa - Phaonia subventa
No Taxon resembling Phaonia fuscana
No Taxon yellow
No Taxon gray and white
Family Fanniidae
Genus Fannia
Species canicularis - Little House Fly
Species pellucida - Fannia pellucida
Species pusio - Chicken Dung Fly
Species sociella - Fannia sociella
Species subpellucens - Fannia subpellucens
No Taxon larvae resembling brevipalpis
Superfamily Oestroidea
Family Calliphoridae - Blow Flies
Subfamily Calliphorinae
Genus Bellardia
Species vulgaris - Bellardia vulgaris
Species bayeri - Bellardia bayeri
Genus Calliphora
Species coloradensis - Calliphora coloradensis
Species latifrons - Calliphora latifrons
Species livida - Calliphora livida
Species loewi - Calliphora loewi
Species vicina - Blue blowfly
Species vomitoria - Blue Bottle Fly
Species terraenovae - Calliphora terraenovae
No Taxon terraenovae or vomitoria
No Taxon images found unIDable beyond genus by T.L. Whitworth
Genus Cynomya
Species cadaverina - Shiny Blue Bottle Fly
Genus Cyanus
Species elongata - Cyanus elongata
Subfamily Chrysomyinae
Genus Chrysomya - Hairy Maggot Blow Flies
Species megacephala - Oriental Latrine Fly
Species rufifacies - Hairy Maggot Blow Fly
Genus Cochliomyia - Screwworm Flies
Species hominivorax - Primary Screwworm
Species macellaria - Secondary Screwworm
Genus Compsomyiops
Species callipes - Compsomyiops callipes
Genus Phormia
Species regina - Black Blow Fly
Genus Protocalliphora
Species sialia - Protocalliphora sialia
Genus Protophormia
Species terraenovae - Protophormia terraenovae
Subfamily Melanomyinae
Genus Angioneura
Genus Opsodexia
Species bicolor - Opsodexia bicolor
Species grisea - Opsodexia grisea
Genus Lucilia
Species bufonivora - Lucilia bufonivora
Species cluvia - Lucilia cluvia
Species coeruleiviridis - Blue-green Bottle Fly
Species cuprina - Bronze Bottle Fly
Species eximia - Lucilia eximia
Species illustris - Lucilia illustris
Species mexicana - Lucilia mexicana
Species sericata - Common Green Bottle Fly
Species silvarum - Lucilia silvarum
No Taxon sericata or cuprina
No Taxon coeruleiviridis or cluvia
No Taxon Images identified by Dr. Whitworth as “probable Lucilia”
No Taxon images reviewed by Dr. Whitworth and deemed further unIDable (
Family Oestridae - Bot Flies
Subfamily Cuterebrinae - New World Skin Bot Flies
Genus Cuterebra - Rodent and Lagomorph Bot Flies
No Taxon americana group
No Taxon buccata group
Species buccata - Rabbit Bot Fly
Species cochisei - Cuterebra cochisei
Species lepusculi - Cottontail Rabbit Botfly
No Taxon fontinella group
Species emasculator - Squirrel bot fly
Species fontinella - Mouse Bot Fly
Subspecies fontinella - Cuterebra fontinella fontinella
Subspecies grisea - Deer Mouse Bot Fly
Species abdominalis - Cuterebra abdominalis
Species albipilosa - Cuterebra albipilosa
Species americana - Woodrat Bot Fly
Species approximata - Cuterebra approximata
Species arizonae - Cuterebra arizonae
Species atrox - Cuterebra atrox
Species austeni - Cuterebra austeni
Species bajensis - Cuterebra bajensis
Species cuniculi - Cuterebra cuniculi
Species jellisoni - Cuterebra jellisoni
Species latifrons - Cuterebra latifrons
Species lepivora - Cuterebra lepivora
Species mirabilis - Cuterebra mirabilis
Species neomexicana - Cuterebra neomexicana
Species polita - Cuterebra polita
Species ruficrus - Cuterebra ruficrus
Species tenebrosa - Cuterebra tenebrosa
No Taxon sp. --expert-reviewed images [tmp. page]
No Taxon near lepivora
No Taxon larvae & pupae
Subfamily Gasterophilinae - Stomach Bot Flies
Genus Gasterophilus
Species intestinalis - Horse Stomach Bot Fly
Subfamily Hypodermatinae
Genus Hypoderma
Species tarandi - Reindeer Grub
Species lineatum - Common Cattle Grub
Subfamily Oestrinae - Nose Bot Flies
Genus Cephenemyia - Deer Bot Flies
Species apicata - Cephenemyia apicata
Species jellisoni - Cephenemyia jellisoni
Species phobifer - Cephenemyia phobifer
Species pratti - Cephenemyia pratti
Genus Oestrus - Nasal Bot Flies
Species ovis - Sheep Nasal Bot Fly
Family Polleniidae
Genus Pollenia - Cluster flies
Species angustigena - Pollenia angustigena
Species griseotomentosa - Pollenia griseotomentosa
Species labialis - Pollenia labialis
Species pediculata - Pollenia pediculata
Species rudis - Pollenia rudis
Species vagabunda - Pollenia vagabunda
Family Rhinophoridae - Woodlouse Flies
Genus Melanophora
Species roralis - Melanophora roralis
Genus Stevenia
Species deceptoria - Stevenia deceptoria
Family Sarcophagidae - Flesh Flies
Subfamily Miltogramminae - Satellite Flies
Genus Amobia
Genus Eumacronychia
Genus Gymnoprosopa
Genus Macronychia
Species aurata - Macronychia aurata
Genus Metopia
Species sinipalpis - Metopia sinipalpis
Species argyrocephala - Metopia argyrocephala
Genus Phrosinella
Species aldrichi - Phrosinella aldrichi
Species aurifacies - Phrosinella aurifacies
Species fulvicornis - Phrosinella fulvicornis
Genus Senotainia
Species vigilans - Senotainia vigilans
Genus Sphenometopa
Species nebulosa - Sphenometopa nebulosa
Species tergata - Sphenometopa tergata
Genus Taxigramma
Species hilarella - Taxigramma hilarella
Species heteroneura - Taxigramma heteroneura
Genus Euphyto
Subfamily Paramacronychiinae
Genus Wohlfahrtia
Species vigil - Fox Maggot
Subfamily Sarcophaginae
Tribe Johnsoniini
Genus Lepidodexia
Genus Rafaelia
Species rufiventris - Rafaelia rufiventris
Genus Arachnidomyia
Genus Blaesoxipha - Grasshopper Maggots
No Taxon subgenus Servaisia
Species hunteri - Blaesoxipha hunteri
Genus Boettcheria
Species bisetosa - Boettcheria bisetosa
Genus Helicobia
Species rapax - Helicobia rapax
Genus Oxysarcodexia
Genus Ravinia
Species stimulans - Ravinia stimulans
Genus Sarcophaga
Species aldrichi - Friendly Fly
Species bullata - Grey Flesh fly
Species johnsoni - Sarcophaga johnsoni
Species melanura - Sarcophaga melanura
Family Tachinidae - Parasitic Flies
Subfamily Dexiinae
Tribe Dexiini
Genus Ateloglossa
Genus Billaea
Species interrupta - Billaea interrupta
Species rutilans - Billaea rutilans
Species trivittata - Billaea trivittata
Genus Dinera
Species grisescens - Dinera grisescens
Genus Estheria
Species cinerea - Estheria cinerea
Genus Euchaetogyne
Species roederi - Euchaetogyne roederi
Genus Megapariopsis
Species opaca - Megapariopsis opaca
Genus Microchaetina
Species mexicana - Microchaetina mexicana
Species petiolata - Microchaetina petiolata
Species teleta - Microchaetina teleta
Species valida - Microchaetina valida
Genus Mochlosoma
Species illocale - Mochlosoma illocale
Genus Nimioglossa
Species planicosta - Nimioglossa planicosta
Species ravida - Nimioglossa ravida
Genus Opsotheresia
Species bigelowi - Opsotheresia bigelowi
Genus Phasiops
Species flavus - Phasiops flavus
Genus Phyllomya
Species pictipennis - Phyllomya pictipennis
Genus Prosenoides
Species assimilis - Prosenoides assimilis
Species flavipes - Prosenoides flavipes
Genus Ptilodexia
Species rufipennis - Ptilodexia rufipennis
Genus Trixodes
Species obesus - Trixodes obesus
Genus Zelia
Species gracilis - Zelia gracilis
Species metalis - Zelia metalis
Species ruficauda - Zelia ruficauda
Species vertebrata - Zelia vertebrata
Species zonata - Zelia zonata
No Taxon vertebrata or zonata
Genus Prosena
Species siberita - Prosena siberita
Tribe Dufouriini
Genus Oestrophasia
Species calva - Oestrophasia calva
Species clausa - Oestrophasia clausa
Species signifera - Oestrophasia signifera
Genus Dufouria
Tribe Epigrimyiini
Genus Beskia
Species aelops - Beskia aelops
Genus Epigrimyia
Species polita - Epigrimyia polita
Tribe Eutherini
Genus Euthera
Species bicolor - Euthera bicolor
Species setifacies - Euthera setifacies
Species tentatrix - Euthera tentatrix
Tribe Sophiini
Genus Cordyligaster
Species septentrionalis - Cordyligaster septentrionalis
Genus Euantha
Species litturata - Euantha litturata
Tribe Uramyini
Genus Uramya
Species halisidotae - Uramya halisidotae
Species indita - Uramya indita
Species limacodis - Uramya limacodis
Species pristis - Uramya pristis
Tribe Voriini
Genus Athrycia
Species cinerea - Athrycia cinerea
Genus Campylocheta
Species eudryae - Campylocheta eudryae
Species semiothisae - Campylocheta semiothisae
Species teliosis - Campylocheta teliosis
Species townsendi - Campylocheta townsendi
Genus Chaetoplagia
Genus Cyrtophleba
Species horrida - Cyrtophleba horrida
Species coquilletti - Cyrtophleba coquilletti
Species nitida - Cyrtophleba nitida
Genus Eulasiona
Species comstocki - Eulasiona comstocki
Genus Hypovoria
Species discalis - Hypovoria discalis
Species cauta - Hypovoria cauta
Genus Kirbya
Species setosa - Kirbya setosa
Genus Meledonus
Species californicus - Meledonus californicus
Species latipennis - Meledonus latipennis
Genus Muscopteryx
Genus Periscepsia
Species helymus - Periscepsia helymus
Species laevigata - Periscepsia laevigata
No Taxon helymus or laevigata
Genus Plagiomima
Species auriceps - Plagiomima auriceps
Genus Spathidexia
Species dunningii - Spathidexia dunningii
Genus Thelaira
Species americana - Thelaira americana
Genus Trochilodes
Species skinneri - Trochilodes skinneri
Genus Uclesia
Species varicornis - Uclesia varicornis
Genus Voria
Species aurifrons - Voria aurifrons
Species ruralis - Voria ruralis
Genus Wagneria
Species vernata - Wagneria vernata
No Taxon Wagneria or Periscepsia
Genus Eutrixa
Species exilis - Eutrixa exilis
Genus Freraea
Species montana - Freraea montana
Tribe Thelairini
Genus Telothyria
Species thecata - Telothyria thecata
Subfamily Exoristinae
Tribe Acemyini
Genus Ceracia
Species dentata - Ceracia dentata
Genus Acemya
Tribe Blondeliini
Genus Anisia
Species flaveola - Anisia flaveola
Genus Admontia
Species degeerioides - Admontia degeerioides
Species rufochaeta - Admontia rufochaeta
Species nasoni - Admontia nasoni
Species pergandei - Admontia pergandei
Genus Blondelia
Genus Calolydella
Species lathami - Calolydella lathami
Genus Celatoria
Species diabroticae - Celatoria diabroticae
Genus Chaetostigmoptera
Species manca - Chaetostigmoptera manca
Genus Compsilura
Species concinnata - Compsilura concinnata
Genus Cryptomeigenia
Species demylus - Cryptomeigenia demylus
Species simplex - Cryptomeigenia simplex
Species illinoiensis - Cryptomeigenia illinoiensis
Genus Eucelatoria
Species bryani - Eucelatoria bryani
Genus Istocheta
Species aldrichi - Winsome Fly
Genus Medina
Species quinteri - Medina quinteri
Genus Meigenielloides
Species cinereus - Meigenielloides cinereus
Genus Myiopharus
Species doryphorae - Myiopharus doryphorae
Genus Oswaldia
Species aurifrons - Oswaldia aurifrons
Genus Paracraspedothrix
Species angulicornis - Paracraspedothrix angulicornis
Genus Phasmophaga
Genus Phyllophilopsis
Species nitens - Phyllophilopsis nitens
Genus Thelairodoria
Species setinervis - Thelairodoria setinervis
Genus Vibrissina
Genus Zaira
Tribe Eryciini
Genus Acantholespesia
Species comstocki - Acantholespesia comstocki
Genus Carcelia
Species amplexa - Carcelia amplexa
Genus Drino
Genus Hubneria
Species estigmenensis - Hubneria estigmenensis
Genus Lespesia
Species samiae - Lespesia samiae
Genus Madremyia
Species saundersii - Madremyia saundersii
Genus Myothyriopsis
Species picta - Myothyriopsis picta
Genus Phryxe
Species vulgaris - Phryxe vulgaris
Genus Siphosturmia
Species phyciodis - Siphosturmia phyciodis
Genus Tsugaea
Species nox - Tsugaea nox
Tribe Exoristini
Genus Austrophorocera
Genus Bessa
Species harveyi - Bessa harveyi
Genus Chetogena
Species tachinomoides - Chetogena tachinomoides
No Taxon subgenus Stomatomyia
Genus Exorista
Species dydas - Exorista dydas
No Taxon larvarum or mella
Species larvarum - Exorista larvarum
Genus Phorocera
Species webberi - Phorocera webberi
Genus Tachinomyia
Tribe Masiphyini
Genus Masiphya
Tribe Goniini
Genus Atacta
Species brasiliensis - Atacta brasiliensis
Genus Belvosia
Species bifasciata - Belvosia bifasciata
Species borealis - Belvosia borealis
Species canadensis - Belvosia canadensis
Species semiflava - Belvosia semiflava
Species townsendi - Belvosia townsendi
Species unifasciata - Belvosia unifasciata
Genus Chaetogaedia
Genus Chrysoexorista
Species ochracea - Chrysoexorista ochracea
Genus Distichona
Genus Gonia
Species brevipulvilli - Gonia brevipulvilli
Species crassicornis - Gonia crassicornis
Species frontosa - Gonia frontosa
Species fuscicollis - Gonia fuscicollis
Species sagax - Gonia sagax
Species senilis - Gonia senilis
Genus Leschenaultia
Species bicolor - Leschenaultia bicolor
Species exul - Leschenaultia exul
Species halisidotae - Leschenaultia halisidotae
Species adusta - Leschenaultia adusta
Species reinhardi - Leschenaultia reinhardi
Genus Mystacella
Species chrysoprocta - Mystacella chrysoprocta
Genus Patelloa
Species pachypyga - Patelloa pachypyga
Genus Platymya
Species confusionis - Platymya confusionis
Genus Spallanzania
Tribe Winthemiini
Genus Nemorilla
Species pyste - Nemorilla pyste
Genus Smidtia
Species fumiferanae - Smidtia fumiferanae
Genus Winthemia
Species abdominalis - Winthemia abdominalis
Species rufopicta - Winthemia rufopicta
Subfamily Phasiinae
Tribe Catharosiini
Genus Catharosia
Species nebulosa - Catharosia nebulosa
Tribe Cylindromyiini
Genus Besseria
Species atra - Besseria atra
Species brevipennis - Besseria brevipennis
Genus Cylindromyia
No Taxon subgenus Apinocyptera
Species signatipennis - Cylindromyia signatipennis
Species nana - Cylindromyia nana
No Taxon subgenus Cylindromyia
Species propusilla - Cylindromyia propusilla
Species intermedia - Cylindromyia intermedia
Species interrupta - Cylindromyia interrupta
Genus Hemyda
Species aurata - Hemyda aurata
Genus Penthosia
Species satanica - Penthosia satanica
Tribe Gymnosomatini
Genus Euclytia
Species flava - Euclytia flava
Genus Gymnoclytia
Species immaculata - Gymnoclytia immaculata
Species occidua - Gymnoclytia occidua
Species occidentalis - Gymnoclytia occidentalis
Species unicolor - Gymnoclytia unicolor
Genus Gymnosoma
Species canadense - Gymnosoma canadense
Species par - Gymnosoma par
Genus Trichopoda - Feather-legged Flies
No Taxon Subgenus Galactomyia
Species lanipes - Trichopoda lanipes
Species pennipes - Trichopoda pennipes
No Taxon Subgenus Trichopoda
Species indivisa - Trichopoda indivisa
Species plumipes - Trichopoda plumipes
Species subdivisa - Trichopoda subdivisa
Genus Xanthomelanodes
Species arcuatus - Xanthomelanodes arcuatus
Species atripennis - Xanthomelanodes atripennis
Species californicus - Xanthomelanodes californicus
Species flavipes - Xanthomelanodes flavipes
Tribe Leucostomatini
Genus Clairvillia
Species nitoris - Clairvillia nitoris
Species timberlakei - Clairvillia timberlakei
Genus Leucostoma
Species perrarum - Leucostoma perrarum
Species aterrimum - Leucostoma aterrimum
Species gravipes - Leucostoma gravipes
Tribe Phasiini
Genus Phasia
Species aldrichii - Phasia aldrichii
Species aurulans - Phasia aurulans
Species fenestrata - Phasia fenestrata
Species subopaca - Phasia subopaca
Tribe Strongygastrini
Genus Strongygaster
Species didyma - Strongygaster didyma
Species triangulifera - Strongygaster triangulifera
Tribe Trichopodini
Subfamily Tachininae
Tribe Bigonichetini
Genus Triarthria
Species setipennis - Triarthria setipennis
Tribe Ernestiini
Genus Bombyliomyia
Species soror - Bombyliomyia soror
Genus Gymnocheta
Species ruficornis - Gymnocheta ruficornis
Genus Linnaemya
Species comta - Linnaemya comta
No Taxon subgenus Ophina
Genus Loewia
Species foeda - Loewia foeda
Genus Melanophrys
Species flavipennis - Melanophrys flavipennis
Genus Panzeria
Species ampelus - Panzeria ampelus
Species arcuata - Panzeria arcuata
Species manitoba - Panzeria manitoba
Tribe Graphogastrini
Genus Graphogaster
Genus Phytomyptera
Species flavipes - Phytomyptera flavipes
Species johnsoni - Phytomyptera johnsoni
Species melissopodis - Phytomyptera melissopodis
Species ruficornis - Phytomyptera ruficornis
Species tarsalis - Phytomyptera tarsalis
Species vitinervis - Phytomyptera vitinervis
Tribe Iceliini
Genus Icelia
Species triquetra - Icelia triquetra
Tribe Leskiini
Genus Aphria
Species ocypterata - Aphria ocypterata
Genus Clausicella
Species floridensis - Clausicella floridensis
Species geniculata - Clausicella geniculata
Species opaca - Clausicella opaca
Species setigera - Clausicella setigera
Species turmalis - Clausicella turmalis
Genus Crocinosoma
Species cornuale - Crocinosoma cornuale
Genus Drepanoglossa
Species tenuirostris - Drepanoglossa tenuirostris
Genus Genea
Species aurea - Genea aurea
Species pavonacea - Genea pavonacea
Species texensis - Genea texensis
Species tenera - Genea tenera
Species brevirostris - Genea brevirostris
Genus Ginglymia
Species johnsoni - Ginglymia johnsoni
Genus Leskia
Species depilis - Leskia depilis
Species similis - Leskia similis
Species occidentalis - Leskia occidentalis
No Taxon Leskia or Genea
Tribe Megaprosopini
Genus Megaprosopus
Species regalis - Megaprosopus regalis
Genus Microphthalma
Species disjuncta - Microphthalma disjuncta
Tribe Minthoini
Genus Paradidyma
Species affinis - Paradidyma affinis
Species apicalis - Paradidyma apicalis
Species bicincta - Paradidyma bicincta
Species conica - Paradidyma conica
Species melania - Paradidyma melania
Species petiolata - Paradidyma petiolata
Species singularis - Paradidyma singularis
Genus Vanderwulpia
Species atrophopodoides - Vanderwulpia atrophopodoides
Species sequens - Vanderwulpia sequens
Tribe Myiophasiini
Genus Cholomyia
Species inaequipes - Cholomyia inaequipes
Genus Gnadochaeta
Species nigrifrons - Gnadochaeta nigrifrons
Species metallica - Gnadochaeta metallica
Tribe Nemoraeini
Genus Macromya
Species crocata - Macromya crocata
Genus Xanthophyto
Tribe Ormiini
Genus Ormia
Species brevicornis - Ormia brevicornis
Species reinhardi - Ormia reinhardi
Species ochracea - Ormia ochracea
Species lineifrons - Ormia lineifrons
Tribe Polideini
Genus Chromatocera
Species setigena - Chromatocera setigena
Genus Chrysotachina
Species longipennis - Chrysotachina longipennis
Genus Exoristoides
Species blattarius - Exoristoides blattarius
Species johnsoni - Exoristoides johnsoni
Genus Homalactia
Species harringtoni - Homalactia harringtoni
Genus Hystricia
Species abrupta - Hystricia abrupta
Genus Lydina
Species americana - Lydina americana
Genus Lypha
Species setifacies - Lypha setifacies
Genus Mauromyia
Genus Ostracophyto
Species flavicaudalis - Ostracophyto flavicaudalis
Tribe Siphonini
Genus Actia
Species diffidens - Actia diffidens
Species interrupta - Actia interrupta
Species dimorpha - Actia dimorpha
Genus Ceromya
Genus Goniocera
Species io - Goniocera io
Genus Siphona
Tribe Tachinini
Genus Adejeania
Species vexatrix - Adejeania vexatrix
Genus Archytas
No Taxon analis complex
Species apicifer - Archytas apicifer
Species californiae - Archytas californiae
Species analis - Archytas analis
No Taxon aterrimus or instabilis
Species aterrimus - Archytas aterrimus
Species lateralis - Archytas lateralis
Species marmoratus - marmoratus species group
Species metallicus - Archytas metallicus
Species rufiventris - Archytas rufiventris
Genus Copecrypta
Species ruficauda - Copecrypta ruficauda
Genus Deopalpus
Species contiguus - Deopalpus contiguus
Species hirsutus - Deopalpus hirsutus
Species parksi - Deopalpus parksi
Genus Epalpus
Species albomaculatus - Epalpus albomaculatus
Species rufipes - possibly Epalpus rufipes
Species signifer - Epalpus signifer
Genus Jurinella
Species lutzi - Jurinella lutzi
Genus Jurinia
Species pompalis - Jurinia pompalis
Genus Juriniopsis
Species adusta - Juriniopsis adusta
Species aurifrons - Juriniopsis aurifrons
Species floridensis - Juriniopsis floridensis
Genus Paradejeania - Spiny Tachina Fly
Species rutilioides - Spiny Tachina Fly
Subspecies nigrescens - Paradejeania rutilioides nigrescens
Subspecies rutilioides - Paradejeania rutilioides rutilioides
Genus Pararchytas
Species decisus - Pararchytas decisus
Genus Parepalpus
Species flavidus - Parepalpus flavidus
Genus Peleteria
No Taxon subgenus Panzeriopsis
No Taxon subgenus Peleteria
No Taxon subgenus Sphyrimyia
Species haemorrhoa - Peleteria haemorrhoa
Species anaxias - Peleteria anaxias
Species iterans - Peleteria iterans
Genus Protodejeania
Species hystricosa - Protodejeania hystricosa
Species echinata - Protodejeania echinata
Genus Rhachoepalpus
Species olivaceus - Rhachoepalpus olivaceus
Genus Tachina
Species latianulum - Tachina latianulum
Genus Xanthoepalpus
Species bicolor - Xanthoepalpus bicolor
No Taxon Peleteria or Deopalpus
No Taxon Tachina or Archytas
No Taxon Resembling Thelaira
No Taxon golden-fronted males from Erebidae
No Taxon Temporary page -- submissions reviewed/commented by Dr Woodley
No Taxon immature stages · parasitized hosts · metamorphosis
No Taxon hairy eyes and parafacial
No Taxon unidentified immature parasitoids
Superfamily Hippoboscoidea
Family Hippoboscidae - Louse Flies
Subfamily Hippoboscinae
Genus Hippobosca
Species longipennis - Dog Fly
Subfamily Lipopteninae
Genus Lipoptena
Species cervi - Deer Ked
Species depressa - Lipoptena depressa
Species mazamae - Neotropical Deer Ked
Genus Melophagus
Species ovinus - Sheep Ked
Subfamily Ornithomyinae
Genus Icosta
Genus Microlynchia
Species pusilla - Microlynchia pusilla 0
Genus Ornithoctona
Genus Ornithomya
Species anchineuria - Ornithomya anchineuria
Genus Pseudolynchia
Species canariensis - Pigeon Fly
Family Nycteribiidae
Genus Basilia
Species boardmani - Basilia boardmani
Species forcipata - Basilia forcipata
Family Streblidae - Bat Flies
Genus Nycterophilia
Genus Trichobius
Species corynorhini - Trichobius corynorhini
No Taxon "Acalyptratae"
Superfamily Ephydroidea
Family Braulidae - Bee lice
Genus Braula
Species coeca - Bee Louse
Family Camillidae
Genus Afrocamilla
Species bispinosa - Afrocamilla bispinosa
Genus Camilla
Species atrimana - Camilla atrimana
Family Curtonotidae
Genus Curtonotum
Species prolixum - Curtonotum prolixum
Species helvum - Curtonotum helvum
Family Cryptochetidae - Scale Parasite Flies
Genus Cryptochetum
Species iceryae - Cottony Cushion Scale Parasite
Family Diastatidae
Family Drosophilidae - Vinegar Flies
Subfamily Steganinae
Genus Amiota
Species minor - Amiota minor
Species humeralis - Amiota humeralis
Genus Cacoxenus
Species indagator - Cacoxenus indagator
Genus Leucophenga
Species maculosa - Leucophenga maculosa
Species varia - Leucophenga varia
Genus Phortica
Species variegata - Phortica variegata
Species picta - Phortica picta
Genus Pseudiastata
Species nebulosa - Pseudiastata nebulosa
Genus Rhinoleucophenga
Species obesa - Rhinoleucophenga obesa
Genus Stegana
Species vittata - Stegana vittata
Subfamily Drosophilinae
Genus Chymomyza
Species aldrichii - Chymomyza aldrichii
Species amoena - Chymomyza amoena
Species procnemoides - Chymomyza procnemoides
Genus Cladochaeta - Spittlebug Flies
Species inversa - Cladochaeta inversa
Species sturtevanti - Cladochaeta sturtevanti
Genus Drosophila
Species busckii - Drosophila (Dorsilopha) busckii
Species cardini - Drosophila (Drosophila) cardini
No Taxon (Drosophila) funebris species group
Species immigrans - Drosophila (Drosophila) immigrans
No Taxon (Drosophila) melanica species group
Species colorata - Drosophila (Drosophila) colorata
No Taxon (Drosophila) quinaria species group
Species deflecta - Drosophila deflecta
Species falleni - Drosophila falleni
Species guttifera - Drosophila guttifera
Species quinaria - Drosophila quinaria
No Taxon (Drosophila) repleta species group
Species hydei - Drosophila hydei
Species repleta - Drosophila repleta
No Taxon (Drosophila) testacea species group
Species putrida - Drosophila putrida
Species tripunctata - Drosophila (Drosophila) tripunctata
Species lutzii - Drosophila (Phloridosa) lutzii
No Taxon (Sophophora) affinis species group
No Taxon (Sophophora) melanogaster species group
Species melanogaster - Laboratory Fruit Fly
Species suzukii - Spotted-winged Drosophila
Genus Microdrosophila
Species quadrata - Microdrosophila quadrata
Genus Mycodrosophila
Species dimidiata - Mycodrosophila dimidiata
Species claytonae - Mycodrosophila claytonae
Genus Scaptomyza
Species adusta - Scaptomyza adusta
Species flava - Scaptomyza flava
Species graminum - Scaptomyza graminum
Species montana - Scaptomyza montana
Species pallida - Scaptomyza pallida
Species paravittata - Scaptomyza paravittata
Species wheeleri - Scaptomyza wheeleri
Species terminalis - Scaptomyza terminalis
Genus Zaprionus
Species indianus - African Fig Fly
Genus Scaptodrosophila
No Taxon Eggs and larvae
Family Ephydridae - Shore Flies
Subfamily Discomyzinae
Genus Ceropsilopa
Genus Clanoneurum
Species americanum - Clanoneurum americanum
Genus Cressonomyia
Genus Leptopsilopa
Species atrimana - Leptopsilopa atrimana
Genus Psilopa
Species compta - Psilopa compta
Species leucostoma - Psilopa leucostoma
Species loewi - Psilopa loewi
Species aeneonigra - Psilopa aeneonigra
Genus Trimerina
Species madizans - Trimerina madizans
Genus Discomyza
Species incurva - Discomyza incurva
Genus Diasemocera
Species petrolei - Petroleum Fly
Genus Rhysophora
Species robusta - Rhysophora robusta
Subfamily Ephydrinae
Genus Brachydeutera
Species argentata - Brachydeutera argentata
Species longipes - Brachydeutera longipes
Species neotropica - Brachydeutera neotropica
Species sturtevanti - Brachydeutera sturtevanti
Genus Cirrula
Species austrina - Cirrula austrina
Species gigantea - Cirrula gigantea
Species hians - Alkali Fly
Genus Coenia
Species curvicauda - Coenia curvicauda
Genus Dimecoenia
Species spinosa - Dimecoenia spinosa
Genus Ephydra
No Taxon subgenus Ephydra
Species cinerea - Ep