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Caterpillar - Xylena nupera

Caterpillar - Xylena nupera
Sitka County, Alaska, USA
July 22, 2011
My son found this crawling across a sidewalk and my daughter wanted to try and take care of it. It occurred to me that it might be looking for a place to burrow, so we put it in a container with dirt, and it proceeded to dig down into the soil.

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Caterpillar - Xylena nupera Adult Moth - Xylena nupera

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but be prepared
it looks as if it has bugs...parasites.

Isn't it satisfying
when you figure out what they want!

If you keep the container undisturbed and place it where the conditions are similar to those outdoors, or actually outdoors but protected against creatures that want to eat the caterpillar/pupa, you're likely to get an adult within a few months.

Unfortunately the container didn't remain undisturbed (getting bumped and dipped over once or twice) but that seems to have not kept the moth from maturing. I've linked the photo of it as an adult to this, but in case this isn't proper, here's a link to the picture of the adult.