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High arctic bumble bee images requested

We are missing images of the following high arctic Bombus species in subgenus Alpinobombus:

B. hyperboreus
B. neoboreus (=strenuus Cresson)
B. polaris

These are found on the tundra in N Alaska, N Canada, and Greenland, so please post any bee images from there.

We are also missing images of two formerly common Psithyrus species, B. ashtoni and B. suckleyi.

Photos of reliably det. pinned specimens of any of these five species and of B. sandersoni would be useful to complete the Bombus guide pages.

It is still unconfirmed, but
It is still unconfirmed, but I may have to spend some time in Nunavik this summer. Are those 3 species to be expected there? What are the southernmost points where they are known to occur? If I have the chance to go, I'll keep an eye open for bumblebees and try to catch a few.