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Face Mostly Pale - Blattella asahinai

Face Mostly Pale - Blattella asahinai
Russ Pitman Park, Bellaire, Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA
July 23, 2011
Size: ~12 mm to wingtips
came to uv light. There were many flying around that looked superficially like this one, the only one I collected. I don't know for sure if this one flew.

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Face Mostly Pale - Blattella asahinai Face - Blattella asahinai Face  - Blattella asahinai

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I highly doubt that this is B. vaga. They usually don't look slender as the specimen pictured above, and the pronotum marking matches with B. asahinai than B. vaga.

I missed this series when you initially posted it- thanks for bringing it to my attention. Texas is the meeting point for the Asian Cockroaches that are spreading westward along I-10 and the Field Cockroaches that are moving westward. Both are easily distinguished from German cockroaches by their ability to fly and reproduce outdoors. Nice images!

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Thanks, John. Somehow I misse
Thanks, John. Somehow I missed your comment till now.

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