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Euschistus - Euschistus tristigmus

Euschistus - Euschistus tristigmus
Ledges State Park, Boone County, Iowa, USA
July 31, 2011

E. conspersus, perhaps? Adult male?

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Euschistus - Euschistus tristigmus Euschistus - Euschistus tristigmus

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Ah, whoops. I forgot to check out the range map. For some reason, I had it (falsely) in my mind that I'd seen conspersus in Missouri. Whoopsies.

"the range map"
if you mean the one under the 'Data' tab, forgetting to look at it is actually a wise idea. those maps only reflect whatever images are posted on that page in the Guide, not the known range of the species. do not rely on those maps, only on scientific literature.
info pages sometimes provide sound distribution data taken from trusted sources -- but make sure those sources are properly cited; otherwise you better double-check the data.

i strongly doubt conspersus could stray that far east