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Dasylechia atrox

Dasylechia atrox
Ledges State Park, Boone County, Iowa, USA
July 31, 2011

This one had taken a little trip in the river and was sitting in the sand, trying to dry off. Was happy to crawl onto my hand and let me move it out of the island in the middle and over to the far banks.

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From Dr. Stephen Bullington:
"That's it alright. As far as I know the photograph you linked to is the only one ever of a living D. atrox, at least that's public."

Oh, wow
I'll have to look back and see if I took any other pictures once I get back to the states.


Look closer
This isn't a Laphria, as the antennae are wrong, and the proboscis isn't visible. I think this is the very rare Dasylechia atrox. I'm checking with Bullington for confirmation. Do you have any more pics? Even marginal quality would be worth adding. There are no live photographs of this species.

Moved from Robber Flies.

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Well, I feel dumber than usual now. I thought something was off. Yeesh.

Antennae give it away.

So is this a bee-like robber
So is this a bee-like robber fly?