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Enfungusated Harvestman

Enfungusated Harvestman
Ames High Prairie, Ames, Story County, Iowa, USA
July 31, 2011
When in doubt, make up the term. Anyhow, this harvestman was engulfed in fungus.


Amazing photo, Stephen!
Oh, and I am a big fan of inventing the word you want too. Nice job with "enfungusated".... I think I've used the term "fungified" in the past. *grin*

Native speakers
You can play with words like this in English. I only dare to do it in Spanish. :-)

Thanks for commenting, Harsi and Beatriz!

Beatriz, your name looks so French I am surprised to learn you are a native Spanish speaker.

Muy enfungusado? Enfungadisimo?

Melting pot
Argentina is as much of a melting pot as this country. I kept my maiden name. My ancestors were French, Spanish and Italian. I married in this country and my son is even more of a product of melting different ancestries. His last name is English, but that is just because some ancestor anglicized the German spelling. I forget the rest of the mixture.

Beatriz, I make up words in Spanish too...
...but (sadly) it's not usually on purpose. *grin*

5+ years of EspaƱol back when I was in school and I still can't carry on a decent conversation.