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Moth - Cycnia oregonensis

Moth - Cycnia oregonensis
Puccoon Prairie, Chichaqua Bottoms Greenbelt, Polk County, Iowa, USA
July 29, 2011
BugGuide gathering_2011

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Your moth
How about Oregon Cycnia (Cycnia oregonensis)?

Babs & Loren Padelford
Bellevue, NE

Interestingly, we did a search on Cycnia
thinking this might be one, and your image popped up! You must have had Cycnia in the remarks when you first posted it. We don't know them well enough to be able to say for certain :(
We feel like we didn't get much time to spend with you in Ames, always going different ways. We got cheated!

But I don't
see any yellow along the wing margins.

There were at least 3 times that I was going to walk over and talk with Jane and each time she was engaged in conversation with others, which was good for them.

I'm always hard on myself after these sorts of gatherings (plants or insects) because I can think of all the people I didn't get to talk to, or didn't get to talk to enough, or the things I simply missed.