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Ladybird Beetle without spots - Harmonia axyridis

Ladybird Beetle without spots - Harmonia axyridis
Springfield, Virginia, USA
August 6, 2004
This is some type of lady beetle. Its wings are red and spotless and its head and thorax are mostly white with a few black markings. Any help in identifying is appreciated.


This is an old post but I just noticed the fungus growing on its back. We have a few more of these, there is even a "fungus ridden" forum.

Harmonia axyridis
Gold star for Richard:-) This is indeed a Harmonia axyridis, the multicolored Asian lady beetle, an introduced and now dominant species over much of the continent. Black and white pattern on pronotum is most consistent, spots on wing covers (or lack thereof),are incredibly variable.

Incorrect caption
I would suggest the picture caption be changed, as in googling the web for "spotless" ladybird, return #1 is "Spotless Ladybird Beetle - Harmonia axyridis - BugGuide.Net", which is incorrect.

Good point,
I just came across this and have taken the liberty of changing Richard's title. Since the #2 on Google was Cycloneda sanguinea at BugGuide, it made us look a little confused. But hey, we were #1 and #2 on Google! Cool!

I think you just named it.
Try searching "spotless ladybird". I'm pretty sure I saw it leafing through "How to Know the Beetles" this afternoon (looking for tumbling leaf beetle).

Let us know if you find something.

spotless ladybird
I'm aware of a spotless variant of the nine-spotted ladybug (Coccinella novemnotata). My guess is that my ladybird beetle is a spotless variant of the Asian ladybird beetle (Harmonia axyridis), but I'm not certain.