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Flower Spider - Misumena vatia - female

Flower Spider - Misumena vatia - Female
Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA
August 6, 2004

I am putting together a guide book for some students who do a yearly camping trip in the Black Hills for spiders that are common in our area. I would like to ask your permission to use your photo.

Beautiful lady :)
I used to have these in my roses. They are so much fun to observe! Thanks for sharing this lovely photo.

Nice picture.
Crazy how crafty they are with colors.

It looks EVIL!!!!!!

It looks beautiful.

I vote for beautiful

What is wrong with you?

Yeah, the females of this spe
Yeah, the females of this species actually possess an almost chameleon like ability of changing color. They're often found in fields of marigolds and can change from yellow to white. This is a species on the whiter side, because of the faintness, I'd have to say that she's probably starting to secrete all of her yellow pigment when this was taken. It'll take her nearly a month to go back to yellow if she finds herself some marigolds. Its venom really isn't anything to worry about... unless you're a small insect.

i think its classified as fam
thomisidae, the crab spider..
beautiful as usual..

Mcafees Knob
I seen one of these in virgina on Mcafees knob

Misumena vatia
Very, very beautiful! Remarkable colors! I'm in love =]

That's a really good looking spider and nice photo of it too! :)

that thing looks poisonous
or radioactive.
looks like it drinks neon water?

No. It's totally harmless. A
No. It's totally harmless. And gorgeous!