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Caterpillar on parsley - Autographa precationis

Caterpillar on parsley - Autographa precationis
New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
August 12, 2011
I'm having trouble figuring out what this caterpillar might be. When I do a Google image search for "caterpillar on parsley", I get exactly one stock photo of this caterpillar (no species identification), and the rest is all Black Swallowtails. Does anyone know what it is? The caterpillar is about an inch long.

Moved from Bilobed Looper. Interesting - Wagner says Megalographa, pg 221 is easily recognizable by the fine hairlike spinules and you can see them in his picture but not in yours!

Moved from ID Request.

One of the Plusiinae

That looks right! What a cool-looking moth it turns into, too.