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Green  ? whatever - Agapostemon - male

Green ? whatever - Agapostemon - Male
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
August 6, 2004
This was a very small insect, perhaps 3/8" long. The beautiful green caught my eye. There were a few about and I spent a bit of time trying to get a decent picture, this was the best I could do. Any idea what it is?

Virescent Green Metallic Bee?
It looks like it could be Agapostemon virescens (family Halictidae), which can be found in British Columbia. Can't say with absolute certainty, though.

This is a male Agapostemon, maybe A. femorata, but not virescens. The hind legs look inflated, which is typical of A. femorata.

Agapostemon texanum?
Looks like male Agapostemon texanum or angelicum.

Green Fly ID
Thanks again for your help. I checked an image in Google and it matched another image I had of it with the wings open. Really appreciate your help as I'm very new to bugs and insects.

Who are you?
Are you Derrick Ditchburn?
This is the exact same image from; htpp://

respectfully submitted.


Derrick Ditchburn
Yes, I'm him. When I get an insect ID.d etc. I put it in a web site. You can see a lot of mine, photos mainly, at How did you put the two images together?