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Buprestis apricans? - Buprestis apricans

Buprestis apricans? - Buprestis apricans
Pocomoke River State Park, Worcester County, Maryland, USA
May 20, 2006
Size: 22 mm
Found dead in spider web by the park nature center. 38.1357, -75.4385
Note: you must first obtain a permit to collect insect in Maryland State Parks and State Forests.

Maryland Biodiversity Project (MBP)
New species for MBP:

Buprestis apricans?
I think this is B. apricans but I am not sure. I think apricans is usually bigger and I don't know if it ranges as far north as Maryland. The underside is brassy with no other markings. I hope Joshua Basham or Rick Westcott will help me out. I don't know how long it was in the spider web but all the legs and antennae fell apart when I tried to clean it off. Still it made a nice specimen after some elmers glue.

looks right
compare to this

What were we saying about luc
What were we saying about luck? I think this is B. apricans also but to be sure I'll forward it to Rick. He's been asking me to hunt one of these down for him for about 2 years now. Great find, great job putting it back together, and great photo.

Buprestis apricans
Rick agreed with me that this is B. apricans. Great find Frank.