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Fly - Anthrax irroratus

Fly - Anthrax irroratus
Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia, USA
This fly is very hairy and has designs on its wings. Any ideas?

Moved to guide--A, irroratus
Found excellent matches for this photo at two sites:
Insects of Cedar Creek
Giff Beaton
So I'm being bold and moving it to a guide page for Anthrax irroratus.

Patrick Coin
Durham, North Carolina

Anthrax species, prob. A. irroratus or similar
This is a Bee-fly (Bombyliidae), and looks like genus Anthrax. I'd even hazard a guess that it is Anthrax irroratus based on Giff Beaton's page on Bee Flies. Giff has had a Bee-fly expert look at his images.

Patrick Coin
Durham, North Carolina

For the ID and the awesome link!

Thank you
Thank you for the great shot, Erik:-)