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Large caterpillar - swallowtail? - Eumorpha achemon

Large caterpillar - swallowtail? - Eumorpha achemon
Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
August 27, 2011
Size: 3 Inches
This caterpillar had one "eye" on it's rear end - the head was retracted like a turtle in this picture (the fatter end on the right). The head was the same light brown color as the majority of it's body. Is it a swallowtail? I can't find another swallowtail with quite the same markings - most seem to have two fake "eyes" near the head.

Moved from Sphinx Moths.

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Actually one of the sphinx moths...
Compare to this image , though I'm a bit rusty and I can't guarantee it's the same species. The "eye" on the back end replaces the horn after its final molt.