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A Buprestid? - Chrysobothris octocola

A Buprestid? - Chrysobothris octocola
Tucson, Rincon Foothills, Pima County, Arizona, USA
August 18, 2011
Size: ~12mm
Attracted my attention because it was tapping its abdomen on the tree branch to generate a clearly audible sound. Several were present on the dead wood of Palo Verde in my yard. After scanning the guide, I must say there are alot of these guys - can anyone point me in the right direction?

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A Buprestid? - Chrysobothris octocola A Buprestid? - Chrysobothris octocola

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Thanks for sending the specimens Jan! All three were C. octocola males.

Definitly a Chrysobothris and
Definitly a Chrysobothris and I'm leaning toward C. octocola. If there are still several on the dead wood would you be able to collect some for me?

this species is very common in Tucson.

I caught one, how many do you need? I saw at least one more, and heard the "noise" at another tree yesterday. Let me know how best to get them to you.

Thanks Jan, just sene me an e
Thanks Jan, just send me an email and I'll give you the details.

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