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Zygiella atrica - female

Zygiella atrica - Female
Marblehead, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA
August 7, 2004
The spider builds a silken tube as a retreat; proximate; i.e. not always close to the web. Daytime, it can be found there. The orb web is vertical and is a maximum of 20 cm inches diameter. The habitat is Rosehip shrubery/wood fence along an ocean road. Its preference may be rosehip and salt air. I counted 15 webs along a span of 100 feet. Some webs were close to each other in the shrubery while others festooned the fence. When displaced from its retreat, it falls to ground and lies motionless on its back or side; legs tight to body. Top of abdomen is silvery; slight sheen; similar to Silver Argiope. Dark to light rust color also evident. This subject is 8m

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