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Amphizoa insolens

Amphizoa insolens
Coquitlam, Pritchett Creek nr. Crystal Falls, British Columbia, Canada
July 30, 2011
Size: 12 mm
View of crenulate pronotum; note also rugulose sculpture on both pronotum and elytra base.

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Amphizoa insolens Amphizoa insolens

Tim, do your above-mentioned
Tim, do your above-mentioned characters separate this species from A. lecontei? I finally collected a couple specimens, and could really use some help identifying them.

Hi Jonathan..this is a bit la
Hi Jonathan..this is a bit late of a reply..the above characters best distinguish A. striata from A. insolens (together with A. insolens having a broader and less tapered body shape).
To distinguish A. lecontei from A. insolens, look for a carina on the 5th elytral interval- if it's there it's lecontei. A. lecontei also has the elytra with a relatively flat area medially and a concave area on each side.
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